I’m Trying Not to Be a Mom-Zombie

I’m Trying Not to Be a Mom-Zombie

The Focused Conference in Virginia last weekend was wonderful!  We laughed, we learned, we ate…..pretty much in that order.  I got to meet so many amazing women….it never ceases to amaze me how many brilliant people are out there.

Right now I’m sitting in the airport trying to figure out a way to sum up the past few days.


I would normally do that on Monday morning, all casual and lounging in my recliner with my kids around me chatting me up.  But that won’t be possible since I have to pile my boys in my car tomorrow morning by 8:00 and drive them to their orthodontist appointments in the city.

I really love our ortho, but I do occasionally wonder about the wisdom of choosing one so far away.  Most of the time it’s no big deal, but after flying home from Virginia the day before and getting back after dark….I really don’t much feel like waking up early and leaving home.

But I really DO want to spend some quality time with my boys who I am missing like crazy right now, so I need to look at it as a gift instead of a burden.  I can sleep another time.  Not sure when, but I am confident it will happen someday.

And as a double treat my boys get to go with me after the orthodontist while I get my haircut.  I get it cut at ULTA where there are plenty of makeup and hair products for them to peruse while I am in the chair.  I had to promise them In & Out burgers PLUS a trip to the Lego store to make up for the torture.

Tuesday and Wednesday are turning out to be really full days also.  So I will need to pick up some under eye repair cream while I’m at ULTA tomorrow or I will start to look like a mom-zombie.

Speaking of busy, I will only be home for a few days before heading back to Dallas (by car this time since several of my kids are going with me) for the Young Living International Grand Convention.  It’s no big deal….just 12,000 of my closest friends hanging out together.  The word “madness” comes to mind.  I plan to pack a LOT of food to take with us, not to save money but because I expect the lunch lines at even the fastest food places to be so long you will be ready for dinner by the time you get to eat.

It’s a good thing I like raw fruits and veggies.

If you have tips for packing up food for traveling over a week hop over to my Facebook page and share them with all of us!

Have a great week!



Do you go to retreats?  It has been a long, long time since I attended any kind of retreat where I wasn’t speaking or working.  But this past weekend I got to go to one and let me tell ya…..I was not prepared for the deep introspection and personal conviction.

It was a good/hard kind of experience.

Good….God dug deep and pulled some weeds from my heart.

On Friday morning my daughter and I drove to Dallas, where the retreat was being held.  She rode with me so she could spend the weekend with my older daughter who lives there and visit my wonderful sister-in-law and her family.  We had a fantabulous ride up just talking and listening to podcasts and sharing ideas.  We arrived and I took my 2 girls to lunch and really just enjoyed some down time together.  Afterwards, I left them and headed to my retreat.


It was hosted by my Young Living leader and oh-my-lands she is good at making you feel cared for!  Every detail down to the light fixtures in the hotel was perfection.  We played team building games and ate amazing food and had NingXia Red at every meal. #spoiled

The real learning of the retreat was on Friday when we attended sessions about building a vision and understanding what motivates you and knowing your purpose.  It got pretty deep and for a while I felt like I had been hit by an emotional mac truck.  I have been through the ringer over this past year and it kind of just all came down around me.  I know we were supposed to be learning business ideas and being inspired in our Young Living dreams….but I had so many aha moments that were personal mixed in with all of the lightbulbs flashing over my head for my business that my brain nearly exploded.  In a good way.

I was taking notes as fast as my little hand would write.

At around 3:00 on Friday we took a break for a few hours before dinner.  Most of the ladies headed to the pool, but I just couldn’t take the extreme temps so I went to my hotel room and spent some time with my notebook and my Bible.  Me and God had a long talk.


I definitely felt refreshed and made some decisions about how I spend my time and where God wants me to focus.  I got to talk with my leader about my thoughts, which was amazing to be together in person so we could really connect and have a meeting of the minds.  And my roommate was so great too, she let me spill my thoughts out to her and helped me think through some things well into the wee hours of the night.  #blessed

On Saturday morning I went for a facial before heading to pick up my daughter and drive back home.  Have you ever had a facial?  I had never had one before and Lord-have-mercy, it was unbelievable.  If I could I would get one every week.  My skin is still thanking me.

On the Saturday afternoon drive home my daughter and I talked a lot about what we had each done while in Dallas and made plans for the next few days.  She and I are traveling together again next weekend.  We are going to the Focused Conference in Virginia.  More time together.  More learning.  More bonding over everything from gluten-free food to books we love.

When I got home it was hard to decide….to unpack or not to unpack.  Ultimately I could have just left it all on the suitcase and used it again next weekend.  The problem is that one trip was driving and the other is flying.  Flying requires a whole different kind of packing.  Little bottles, Ziploc bags, shoes that slip off easily….for my driving trip I just kept tossing things in the car like I hadn’t a care in the world until I had, in addition to my suitcase, several tote bags full of random, completely unnecessary stuff. So I decided it would be best to go ahead and put everything away (except the suitcase) and get it all back out again in 3 days.  I do feel more organized with it all put in its place instead of living out of a suitcase in my own home.

For the next few days I will be reflecting on all that God showed me last weekend and asking Him to help me keep those nasty weeds OUT of my heart and help me plant something beautiful and fruitful in its place.  I have let too many unwanted things grow in there lately and I am glad to be rid of them.  I’ll be reading my Bible and pouring God’s Word over those recently touched areas.

And I will be thanking God for His mercies….I sure am feeling His goodness these days.

How about you?  When was the last retreat you went on?

A Testimony to the Power of Prayer

A Testimony to the Power of Prayer

Back in the day when my kids were little, my husband would walk in the house at the end of his workday and say, “Hi honey, what did you do today?”  And I had nothing to say.  I felt like I had been crazy busy, but when someone asks you and you can only think of small things like diaper changes and spilled crackers and crying babies and nursing the baby it feels like you did nothing.

And that’s how I feel about last weekend.  My thoughts are a blur of activity, none of which are worth telling you about.

Unless you want to start on Friday morning.  That was pretty exciting.

I woke up and decided instead of doing my morning run I would exercise in the pool.  I just felt like a change of pace.  But it was a bit of a “if you give a mouse a cookie” situation because I discovered a big mess of pool toys left out from the boys swimming the night before. I so stuck my head in the house and called for the boys to come out and clean them up.  One of them was in the kitchen and he came out and started cleaning up with me.

But then as we put away the toys I noticed that there was rain water (from who knows when!) in the container where they keep the smaller toys, so we cleaned that out, and then I saw that the large toy storage was a mess, so I called another boy out and I had him straighten that and another boy came out and I had him start trimming some overgrown limbs that were dragging in the pool and the last, unfortunate son came to see where everyone was so I had him carry the cut limbs to the burn area in the back of the yard.

I finally got in the pool after half an hour of working with the boys. But only about 10 minutes into my exercises someone came running to tell me that our 16 year old son Noah had been bitten by “something”.  I got out of the water, wrapped myself in a towel and went into the kitchen where he was sitting with ice on the sting.  As I was assessing the situation he said he was starting to feel worse.  His hand (where he was bitten) had swollen to nearly double its normal size and he was covered in hives.  He said he felt like he couldn’t breathe and that’s when I started to freak.  My husband was walking in the house so I yelled for him to take our son to the hospital.  He rushed over to us and immediately agreed and while I helped Noah to the van while my husband ran to get his keys.  Our oldest son, Jacob, came out to see what was going on (I may have been screaming, I really don’t remember) and he jumped in the car with them.  They drove off and I ran to change out of my wet suit and I followed right behind.

Oh.  My.  Lord.

That was pretty much all I could say in prayers as I drove.  We live about 15 minutes from the hospital if you’re speeding.  A few minutes into my drive I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to ask people to pray.  I knew my son was already having blurred vision when they left so my mind was not working and I couldn’t think of who to call….so I just put it out on Facebook.

“Y’all please pray for my 16 year old son.  We are rushing him to the hospital.  More later. XO”

Two minutes after I asked for prayer my husband called me and said as they were pulling into the emergency room driveway our son just started breathing.  He kind of woke up, didn’t feel faint, could see and was breathing fine.  He said the swelling and redness was going down.


A beautiful testimony about how God answers prayer!

We decided that they would sit right outside of the emergency room while I ran to the pharmacy and got whatever the pharmacist recommended.  As long as he was breathing fine and didn’t have any other symptoms we didn’t think we needed to spend the morning in the ER.  But at the same time….we didn’t want to be far away if it happened again.  I took the bottle of Benadryl the pharmacist suggested to the hospital parking lot and gave the OTC meds to Noah, but honestly….except that his hand was still very swollen you couldn’t tell anything was happening to him.  He was completely fine.  I just stared at him amazed by God’s miracles.

Then I did what any mother would do…..I started to cry and pet him and kiss him and be generally annoying.  I announced that when we got home I would be sitting next to him and staring at him for the next 24-48 hours.

And here’s the message for you kids who might be reading this: If your mom was just scared out of her mind that you might die any second and she tells you that you will have to sleep next to her that night so she can listen to you breathe….there’s no point in arguing about it.

We waited there for a while then decided it would be OK to take him home.  He announced that he was really hungry and could we get him some food.  These boys are always, always, always hungry.

It’s as it should be.

So we fed him burgers and let him sit on the couch all day eating ice cream and playing wii because frankly I was too worn out from the morning to even think about him going back outside.  Plus his swollen hand was useless and he was a little sluggish from the Benadryl I gave him in the parking lot.

And the rest of the weekend after that is a blur.  While I am sure I did some other things, I really don’t remember much.  We cleaned house and went to church and to my friend Sara’s beautiful anniversary party and we shopped a little and I worked on book stuff and I barely recall any of it because the only thing on my mind was hugging my kids and thanking God for them and trying not to cry.

On Sunday evening I asked my husband if we could buy our son a pony…..or maybe a car.  He gave me this shocked look, “A car?!?!”

I know, I know.  I just wanted to do something for Noah so he would always know how glad I am that he is here.

He will have to settle for all the burgers he wants ‘cuz I can’t afford a pony or a car.

Have a great week!

Puppies & Parades

Puppies & Parades

Well, we have a new family member and it will come as a surprise to many of you who know me to be not-so-much-of-a-dog-person.  I mean, I like dogs, I have one outside that I love to death, but I don’t feel a need to make googly eyes at them or think of them as people.

All that to say, yes, we got a puppy.  It just kind of happened (it was definitely a God-thing) and now we are all in love with him.  He is so little and fun and playful and happy and just what we needed around here.

I wub him.


He’s very wiggly and hard to photograph.  So the best I could do was press him against my face to keep him still for a flash of a second.  Immediately after we snapped that photo he dashed off to chase a piece of knotted rope.

We had a nice Fourth of July weekend.  It started early on Saturday morning as some of the kids and I went to a nearby town to be in a parade.  We rode in/walked with a float for the local pregnancy center and handed out candy and toys to the kids in the crowd.  I didn’t make it the whole time because I wore the wrong shoes and my feet were killing me.  But my kids stayed on the float ’til the end while I watched from the sidelines for the last half.


After the parade was over I was so tired, I guess from the heat of the day, that I went home and pretty much slept until it was time to watch fireworks.  It was just a plain old American Saturday.

The next day was just like every other Sunday.  1. Church 2. Lunch 3. Nap

That’s it.

Sunday at its best

James and I have been trying to squeeze out some alone time on Sunday evenings so we locked ourselves in the bedroom and ate dinner and talked.  It was nice, but too short.  With so much going on this summer we need to really make the time to stay connected.  I was so tired that I think I fell asleep once while he was talking.  I tried to hide it, but snorting myself awake probably gave me away.  There’s just no casual way to recover from that kind of faux pas.

This week I will be putting together some promos for my book that’s coming out in September and I am actually now writing my next book to release in 2016.  God has surely blessed me to allow me to be used for His glory in this way.  I give Him all the credit!

I want to close this Monday weekend update with a bit of the message from yesterday’s sermon on 1 Peter 5:6-9…

We can expect that the devil is prowling around just watching for an opportunity to devour us.  The only sure repellant of that hungry lion is a person who is FIRM in the FAITH!  Hang onto your faith, spend time in the Word, keep your weapon sharp and be watchful.  The victory belongs to the Lord!

Have a great week!

Planes, Buses and Friends

Planes, Buses and Friends

I have been home from Utah for 2 days now and I am still worn out from it all!

I left the house at 4am on Thursday morning to catch my flight.  I have gotten pretty good at flying over the past few years with all of my traveling.  I have some Bose Noise Cancelling headphones that drown out all of the airplane noise and I always have an audiobook ready to go and I have a mellow playlist for when I am ready to fall asleep (think ocean waves and harps).

I get into my seat, put my Travel Pillow behind my neck and my headset on and fall right to sleep….often before we even get off the runway.  And of course, my essential oils are a great help!  StressAway at the beginning of the flight/peppermint at the end and I am in good shape.

Once I landed it was go-go-go for three days.  I got to tour the Young Living farm and see how the distillation happens (that was my favorite part!).  I met so many amazing people and asked a zillion questions.  I love hearing people’s stories and how they have made their Young Living business work for them.

Plus I got a hotel room to myself, which if I am being totally honest, may have been some of my favorite moments.  At the end of each day I literally just laid there in the quiet and did nothing, thought nothing, planned nothing, learned nothing.  I turned my mind completely off.  It’s unlikely that I will have that again for years, so I soaked in every bit of it.

Most of the time I hung out with these two gorgeous ladies…

Two of my favorite people!

That picture was taken while we were having lunch at the corporate offices.  We were trying to be professional.  But most of our pictures looked like this…

Two of my favorite people!

We spent hours being transported around on buses so we entertained ourselves by trying to take selfies and telling stories.  I laughed so much my sides were sore at the end of each day.  They made my trip a million times better than I expected!!!!

On Sunday I flew home and went straight to church for a time of prayer for our country.  Even though I was tired from traveling, I didn’t want to miss that after what’s been happening for the past week.  It was the perfect ending to a long weekend.

On Monday morning I started my clean eating challenge and it’s going OK so far.  I am getting my head around doing the 5 day cleanse next week, so this week I am just sticking to fresh veggies and protein.  It’s not too late to join me if you want to clean up your diet and take back your health!

Thankfully I have a couple of quiet-ish weeks ahead before the travel picks up again.  I plan to swim with my kids, nap then hang with my kids some more.

Have a wonderful week!

(If you are interested in knowing more about Young Living leave me a comment and I will send you some info!)

Let’s Have a Cleanse Party!

Let’s Have a Cleanse Party!

Well my big week of driving kids all over the place is behind me.  I am not sure how I survived it except to say that I ate my way through the week, gaining 3# and wondering how other moms do it all year long.

I have 3 days to lose that weight before Thursday when I will be heading to Utah for a Young Living retreat where I will likely gain it back.  That’s OK, next week I plan to start a month of personal boot camp to lose the weight I have gained lately.  It’s just life I suppose…the scale goes up and down.  Life.

But I am needing to get my head back in the game of taking better care of myself and July is going to be my month.

So in addition to losing a few pounds by Thursday, I have to pack for my trip and I haven’t even given a thought to what to pack.  I have no idea what to wear for the day labeled as “business attire.”  When I think of great business attire I picture those suits that Doris Day used to wear, so fashionable and figure flattering.

A beautiful fashion

I just can’t pull that off.  Partly because I’m more of loose and comfy with red cowboy boots girl and partly because my figure is more like a Dr. Seuss character.  I will look around in some stores today to try to find something smart to wear, possibly from the Gap.

I am really looking forward to the retreat, despite the attire situation.  I will be learning more about this amazing company and these products that I adore.  They have changed my life in so many ways and not to get all cheesy, but I don’t know how I would have made it through this past year without them.  You never know what’s around the corner, my friend.  Having these oils and supplements helped me manage some tough emotional lows plus spiritual and physical trials.  That’s why I can’t shut up about them….they are amazing!

Which brings me back around to my personal boot camp next week.  Beginning next Monday, June 29, I am starting a month of clean eating.  No sugar, no junk food, lots of veggies and protein.  Then on Monday, July 6, I am going to do a 5 day cleanse that will really get my body/mind back in focus.  I did this same cleanse a few weeks ago and really liked it.  So I am going to do it again and I am hoping to get some friends to do it along with me!

Last time I did it with my friend Pattie and it was so helpful to know that she was enduring the same difficulties and feeling the same resolve.  We held each other up, made jokes and just got through it together.  She made it SO MUCH easier!

If you want to join me in this effort…..go order the Young Living 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse.  It comes with everything you need (except for a few real foods you’ll be eating).  I felt so great afterward, lost a few pounds and I noticed I wasn’t craving junk when it was over.  That was nice….plus there’s no thinking.  Just follow the recommended diet (you can Google it and find the pdf from Young Living with everything you need to know).

You can do it!  It’s only for 5 days and I am giving you 2 weeks to mentally prepare and order your products.  After it’s done, we will keep clean eating for the rest of the month as best we can (but you can just join for the cleanse if you want).

I’d love to add you to the Facebook group where we can support each other for the month!  Pattie is going to host it with me, so you’ll have both of us to cheer you on!  We will be frequently sharing other YL products that are helping us too.  But the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse is all you need to join us!


Spend a month cleaning up your eating habits and start with a 5 day cleanse!

Leave me a comment here, on my Facebook page or ask to join the party through Facebook.  The more the merrier!  We can suffer and succeed together!

And if you are not yet a member of Young Living, now’s a great time to join!  The kit is all new and so beautiful!  Let me know if you have questions.  Click HERE to learn more and get started! (and when you join through me with the Premium Starter Kit I’ll send you a great reference book and extra goodies to help you get started!).

Have a great week!

I’m a Very, Very Good Driver

I’m a Very, Very Good Driver

I never, ever got smart enough to prepare for this phase of my parenting journey.  I have apparently moved into the “always-in-the-car” season of my life, and along with it I am noticing a widening of my backside and very pale skin.  I suppose it is because I sit and eat snacks all the livelong day without actually getting any sun as I drive my children all over Timbucktoo.


I have made 6 trips to the city in the past few days with 3 more trips before Friday, plus driving to the next small town 30 minutes away in the other direction every single day this week while I wait for 3 hours for my little guys to do a summer camp.  My car and I deserve a prize….perhaps in the form of a large cup of Sonic ice followed by a nap.

Over the past few months as these plans all came together, each child requesting to take this class or attend that camp, it seemed doable.  But I didn’t coordinate schedules while I was saying YES and before I knew it we were going so many different directions that we need a military strategist to organize it all.  The older kids and I have to have a meeting every night to figure out who will drive where in what car with which child the next day.

In the middle of all of that activity James and I had our 29th anniversary to celebrate.  We decided to kill two birds with one stone and go out to a nice dinner on Saturday night in the city since we had to pick up a couple of the kids there at 10:00pm anyway.  It’s been a long time since we went out on a Saturday night since I would rather have a root canal than stand in a crowded restaurant for an hour waiting for a table.

But we had a surprisingly good time despite our table being 8″ from the diners next to us and not being able to hear what each other was saying the whole time.


After dinner we still had a couple of hours to kill so we took a stroll down to the bookstore and wandered around in there for a while looking at books.  Our shopping adventures go something like this (after 29 years together we have this down):
Me: Hey!  This looks like a great book!  Let’s buy it!
Him: We don’t need any more books.
Me: But this would be so good for the kids and look….here’s another one we need! {I begin to collect a large pile of books in my arms as I walk through the store}
Him: Lisa, we really don’t need those books and we are watching our budget, remember?
Me: OK, I will sit here in this chair looking through every book and choose 2 to put back.  Will that make you feel better?  If we only buy 8 books instead of 10?
Him: No.
Me: OK, how about this….I will choose 2 to put back and then I will pick a few more that I can get cheaper on Amazon and….hey look!  There’s another one that we NEED!

On and on it goes.  Me finding things we “need” (you know…for the kids!) and him telling me what we really need is to stay on budget.  In the end we bought 2 books and a game.  The game was for him.

It was always what would happen in the end.  It never changes, but we MUST go through the motions.

One super-duper cool thing that happened while we were at the bookstore is James decided to see if my book was on their computer and it was!  Right there with a description and preorder info.  I took a picture, of course!  Who cares if it’s a dork move?  My book is for sale at Barnes & Noble for goodness sake!


But it doesn’t really change anything in my life.  I still have to drive my kids to their activities all week while figuring out when I will be able to get to the grocery store and if I don’t get some sun people will assume I have an illness.  Being a published author is cool, but I’m still just Mom.

Have a great week!

I Got Big Thighs and I Cannot Lie

I Got Big Thighs and I Cannot Lie

I can’t hide it.  No matter what size I am, my thighs stay the same.  Large and in charge.

Last week a sweet friend shyly whispered to me, “Can I ask you something delicate?  While you were at Disney World, how did you keep your thighs from rubbing raw?”

Girl!  Do I have some tips for you!!!

Years ago I got a heat rash where my thighs touch and it took me months to get that to go away.  It was pain when I walked, pain when I sat, pain, pain, pain.  And you can’t get rid of it easily because it gets irritated anytime you move.


There’s actually a name for it.  Chub Rub.


After that nightmare I was determined to do anything I could to keep that from happening EVER AGAIN!  If you are a big thigh girl, this list is for you!

Thigh rash is the WORST!  Prevention is key!!!

1. SPANX.  If there was ever a product that deserved a poem written in its honor….it would be Spanx.  They cover what bike shorts would cover, but they don’t make you as hot on a warm summer day.  Lots of big girls say they don’t like that they make you hot, but I have never had that problem.  I love them!  But you have to know a few things before you buy.

Here are my Spanx tips….
a. Get the RIGHT size!  If you’re like me you might try to fit in a smaller size because that number on the label is depressing.  Let it go!  Get a size that really fits your body and I am telling you….you will thank me.
b. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, get the higher power version.  Those are the kind that reach right up to your bra line and they might be great on smaller gals with flat tummies, but they are not a friend to the big girl.  Nobody likes the feeling of their underwear s-l-o-w-l-y rolling down their midsection while they are out to dinner with friends.  No thank you.  You want the Power Panties (there’s a link above).  They stop at the waist.
c. You can get an off brand called Assets Mid-Thigh Shapers. They are made by the same people who make Spanx and they are about half the price.  Now, they don’t last as long and if you’re going for support in addition to thigh protection you are better off investing in the name brand.  But if you’re like me and need some for every day, get a few of the off-brand pair too so you always have a backup (again, use the link above so you don’t get confused…there are a lot of styles!).
d. I tried one style called Assets Remarkable Results .  This pair was still comfortable (but not as comfy as the Mid-Thigh Shaper and a bit pricier) and it….ahem….really brought out the best in my behind.  I didn’t think “bootylishous” would look good on me, but it really made my skirts fall nicely.  I definitely will wear these when I am dressing up!

2. Powder.  When it gets hot, you can bet I carry powder or cornstarch in my purse.  You want to be sure you use powder made for that area of your body.  You don’t want any perfumes or toxic ingredients.  Since powder tends to come in large containers, I pour some into a small, empty McCormick spice container and carry that in my purse, or when traveling.  When I am really working to keep it away (like during extreme heat or activity) I will reapply the powder anytime I use the restroom.  It instantly cools me off.

3. Stay clean.  Let’s be real….the problem here is skin rubbing together with sweat.  Sweat is salty and irritating.  So you have to keep the rash prone area clean of that irritant.  When I am home I use a damp rag to just wipe anywhere my skin rubs together.  When I am out I like to grab a towel from the restroom dispenser and put a little water on it before going into the stall.  Then I wipe off any sweaty places, and I have lots of them…not just my thighs.  (sorry, TMI, but somebody needs to talk about it…it’s a real struggle!)

4. Jockey Skimmies Wicking Slipshort These have similar coverage as Spanx but they are very different.  They don’t offer any support (which I want….I’m not into the jiggle in my walk).  But they are cool and definitely do a nice job of protecting thigh rub.  And they have colors, which is something Spanx doesn’t have, so if you want the look of a bike short instead of looking nude under your skirt, these are good.  For only $20 I like them and will use mine when my Spanx are in the wash.  You definitely want more than one option!  And if you’re wearing jeans this might be a better option for you since the jeans already kind of hold everything nice and snug.

5. Natural Anti-chafe Balm Stick This stuff is kind of amazing.  There are several brands on the market, but I like this one because it’s all natural.  I don’t like using chemicals at all (you know about my essential oil obsession), but especially in delicate areas.  This stuff doesn’t feel slimy or messy.  It stays on for a long time and really helps with chafing.  I always use it if I know I am going to do a lot of walking!

Those are my 5 TOP ways to avoid the dreaded thigh heat rash.  If you’ve ever had this struggle then you know.  You NEVER EVER want to go through that again.

If you are traveling or active you will want to have several of these on hand.  Don’t go to Disney World or on a weekend camping/hiking trip with only one pair of Assets and a stick of balm.  Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to this problem, so stock up and be prepared.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have a different tip!  We big thigh gals have to stick together #nopunintended.

 Be sure to follow me on Facebook for more tips and encouragement!

A Rainbow with Sprinkles Weekend

A Rainbow with Sprinkles Weekend

In case you haven’t heard, we have had a little bit of rain around here lately.  Thankfully our home hasn’t floated away and since the weather app says no more storms this week I feel safe in saying we don’t need to buy that boat.

Normally I like to sum up our weekend in a simple theme for y’all, to make it easy to follow.  But this past 2 days was so all over the place that it can’t even be gathered in my brain.  Between the big party my kids had that lasted much later than James or I expected, to my drive to Austin, to the weird audiobook I listened to…and that’s just Saturday, Sunday had its own share of busyness, I can’t give it a theme.  Unless we want to call it “rainbow with sprinkles“.

That’s what it was….every color of activity and emotion and then some extras.


Photo Credit Sweet Bake Shop

My drive to Austin on Saturday was excellent.  Did I tell you that I got a new (3 years old but new to me) car?!  Yep.  It’s such a blessing!!  I drove it to Austin as my first big outing in it and felt so low to the ground.  After driving only a minivan or 15-passenger van for the past 17 years, it feels weird to be cruising around in a regular sized vehicle again.  It’s like a Mom-graduation-present.

“Here are the keys to your car that only fits 5 people.  Congratulations!  You are on the downhill slide and next thing you know you will only be paying for 2 meals when you go out to eat.”

But I can’t start counting that extra money yet.  I still have 4 kids in homeschool and a long way to go. #worthit

On Saturday I had an audiobook ready for when I got tired and about an hour into the drive I turned it on.  It was, let’s just say, not keeping me awake {{yawn}}.  So I turned it off and went back to jammin’ with TobyMac.  He will definitely keep you awake!

For the drive home I decided to download a different audiobook and it was so much better!  The first was a children’s story  that I was going to check out for my boys and the second was a success-in-business type of book.  You’d think the second would have been the most boring, but the narrator was so good and the author tossed in a bunch of surprise funny lines and it kept my attention.  PLUS it inspired me in several ways with my business.  SCORE!

I got home from Austin around 6:30 and my kids’ big party was still in full swing.  James and I took our youngest out to dinner and when we got home at 9:00…yep….the party was still going.  It gave me flashbacks of my own young adult parties and seeing my parents slip up the stairs and go to bed long before my friends went home.  I never knew how nerve wracking that must have been for them until last Saturday night when a houseful of “kids” (who probably wouldn’t want to be called kids) were here.  James and I sat in our bedroom in the recliners trying to stay awake, but we just couldn’t.  Our old age and full day got the better of us and we gave up and went to bed long before the party ended.

OK kids, you win.  Mom and Dad can’t outlast you anymore.  That may seem like good news to you now, but it’s only a few years from us needing you to buy Ensure and show us how to change the channel every half hour.  Don’t get too excited.

On Sunday after church I had a nice, long nap then worked on some final edits for my book.  Afterward I made the mistake of watching “Little Women”, which, as you would expect, made me cry buckets for an hour.  Why-Oh-WHY can’t they all just be together?!

Although it may not be just the sweetness of Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy that got to me.  These days tears seem to be right below the surface and I have myself a little cry at least once a day.  It’s usually over something sweet and the gratitude I feel, but once in a while I tear up because a crowd of 20-somethings are in my living room at midnight.  OK, I didn’t actually cry over that because I was sound asleep at midnight.  I can’t pull anything over on y’all.

Looking back, my rainbow sprinkle weekend was great.  Our home is intact, our family is still strong, I got to drive my new-to-me car, I learned some business stuff and I have a boring audiobook to give to my kids.  (and if I wasn’t off of sugar I would be wanting a slice of that gorgeous cake in the photo above!)

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I MUST Know What Time It Is!

I MUST Know What Time It Is!

As of the writing of this post I have no idea what time it is.  The power has been out since 2AM and just now it came back on and my clock is flashing 12:00. 12:00. 12:00.

I have a time “thing”.  I must know what time it is – always.  The clock in my head usually is pretty close, but I test it by looking at an actual clock.  I don’t even realize I do this until I have no clock to check (power out/iPhone dead).  Then, in a matter of seconds, I am thrust into panic, feeling like I am being experimented on like a lab rat.  “Let’s see what happens when we take away her ability to know what time it is….mwahahaha!”

I did just now realize that my computer has a clock and I am looking at it while my phone charges, hoping it is correct.


This past week has been unusual with all of the rain and a friend visiting from out of state and Monday being a holiday.  I always get thrown off by holidays.  We aren’t doing regular school since our friend is here all week and the rain is making extra work to try to keep the animals dry and fed.

All of that to say….I am feeling not quite myself.

So yesterday I decided to right the world by, what else, cleaning my bathroom.  I mean, nothing says “life is good” like a freshly scrubbed toilet and a shiny faucet.  Can I get an amen?

We rotate the job of bathroom cleaning so when it’s my turn I like to dig deep and get it so clean that Queen Elizabeth could come for a visit.  I mean, she could only go into my bathroom because the rest of the house is a mess. But that’s OK, right?  I’m sure she appreciates a really clean loo as much as the next person.

I spent half an hour just cleaning the potty.  It wasn’t filthy, it just needed a really good scouring and I scrubbed all up under the rim and between the wall and toilet.  It is so clean today that when the queen comes she is going to wonder if it’s brand new.  Then I tackled the other areas in the bathroom and even went outside and washed the windows.  Yep, my world needed some serious setting right.

The smell in there is great!  I put a little diffuser in there with lemon and pine and let it do its thing while I scrubbed with my Thieves cleaner and listened to praise music.  The smells really put the final touch on my already nice feeling.

clean bathroom = happy mom

This Saturday (tomorrow) I am traveling to Austin for a Young Living meeting and to run some “city” errands.  I will get to ride for 2 hours (each way) in the car alone, so I’m making myself a playlist to turn up loud and crank the windows down.  All upbeat.  All uplifting.  All the way to Austin, baby.

While I am gone for the day my older kids are having a party.  A bunch of their friends are coming over so we are hoping that the rain has stopped long enough for them to hang outside and play some Frisbee sports.  I’m sorry I’ll miss that.  But frankly, if I were home I would be hiding in my clean bathroom anyway, giving them the run of the place.

OK, no more lollygagging.  Since the power has stayed on for long enough to finish writing this, I probably should go find out officially what time it is and go set the clocks.

Happy weekend to you….and may you enjoy some fresh air and loud music!

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