R & R & More R

R & R & More R

What do you get when you cross a whirlwind trip to Ft Worth with a woman who has been detoxing from Disney and sugar?  I think you can imagine.  It’s not pretty.

I’d say that sums me up for the past weekend.  I’ve been tired and feeling low and pretty much taking naps between my naps for 2 days.

Last Thursday I popped out of bed early and my son and I drove for 6 hours, picking up a friend along the way.  The 3 of us had a nice visit while we drove and we were giddy about the Young Living meeting we were going to attend (OK, just my friend and I, my son doesn’t get giddy).  It was actually really fun and inspiring and on the way home Friday we talked about all we learned almost the entire way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my adult son.  He and I rarely have one-on-one time together, but now that he’s doing Young Living with me, we spend more time together and it feels like a Mom-Bonus!


But no rest for the weary because we were having people over for dinner on Friday night.  Yes, that’s right, as soon as we walked in the door from the trip it was time to get ready for company.  Craziness.  A missionary from India was in town and this was the only night he could come over and we really wanted to hear his stories of miracles and God’s goodness to the beautiful people of India.  So we invited some friends and we threw together some tacos and picked up some store-bought cookies (none for me ‘cuz I’m sugar free) and really was a fabulous night!  My kids were especially blessed to hear about another part of the world.


After our friends left, believe it or not, one of my girls needed me to run an errand with her.  It only took about an hour, but that still put me getting home at 11:30 and by the time I rolled into bed I was so tired I wondered if I would be able to get up and exercise the next morning.  I actually wondered if I would be able to get up at all.

I did sleep an extra 30 minutes on Saturday, but then I made myself get up and go for my morning walk.  It does me so much good and since I had missed it for the past 2 days I was glad to back on my little road.

The kids had breakfast ready when I got home and we were all there together for food and sharing, which is one of my favorite times all week.  We sit at the table for most of the morning and talk over everything from the schedule for the week to why cows can’t walk over cattle guards.  It’s like a roller coaster conversation….up with rolling laughter then down into deep, theological discussions.  More flips and turns and it’s really a get-to-know-you time.

After that we kind of all go our own direction for the day.  Me, I took a nap.  Then I did a LOT of writing and ended the day with another nap before bed.  I think all of my travels were really getting to me because on Sunday morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck and I told James, “I don’t think I can go to church this morning.  I feel totally worn out.”

He took the kids to church and for the first time since 1989 I was completely alone in my own home.  I had no idea what to do with myself.  Sure, I could sleep more.  But the urge to clean my bedroom hit me so I started picking up clutter and putting it where it belongs.  I hung a few pictures and organized some drawers and hung some vintage style posters (that I bought in March and have been in the corner of my bedroom ever since) in the hallway.


Then I cleaned out my purse and filled a trash bag with junk and by the time the fam was home from church I felt a lot better.  I may have to make this a semi-annual event.  Or a semi-weekly one.

I spent the rest of Sunday just letting my soul relax.  It’s been a long, hard few months and I think my mind and spirit are telling me I need to chill out for a bit.  So I plan to just lie low for the next few days and let myself unwind.

I’ll be doing pretty much nothing this week but hanging with my kids and maybe even see a movie.  I’m ready for swim weather when I can jump in after my walk and float until the kids come looking for me.

Hey….speaking of Young Living (yes, we were speaking of Young Living in the beginning…the trip to Ft Worth, remember?!), I am sending some special things to all of my new May members!  I get so many questions about how I dilute my oils to make them last longer.  So this month I am giving you a hand with 10 ready-to-use roller bottles, a little sprayer and my favorite reference book!

Go HERE to join with the Premium Starter Kit and I’ll send you that stuff as a gift from me!

Have a great week!!!!

A Second Honeymoon

A Second Honeymoon

Last week was BIG for me!  James and I, for the first time since having kids over 25 years ago, went away for the week.  Just the 2 of us.  It was a second honeymoon and where did we go?  Disney World of course!

Yes, just me, James and thousands of couples with small children.

We had a wonderful time together.  We flew to Florida early last Sunday morning and had the entire day to wander around the different resorts and see what they are each like.  It was something I have always wondered about….those fancy places that I’ll never be able to afford.  We texted pictures to the kids because I was feeling pretty awkward being there without them.

I did get over that after the first day.  They were having a great time at home watching all of the movies they wanted and eating pizza.  They kept telling me to go enjoy myself.  So I did.

That first step into Magic Kingdom gave me such a thrill.  It’s so clean and cheerful, like walking into a dream.  We ran around all day and unwound amidst the crowd and lines.  I kept looking at the castle and thinking, “I can’t believe I’m here!”

On day 2 we went to Hollywood Studios (my favorite park!) and I decided to do my hair in honor of the starlets of past eras.

Fun hairstyles for Disney!

It was fun to go glam for a day!  So much fun that I went all animal kingdom the next day.

fun Disney hairstyles!

I made a crown with my hair…..It was a lot bigger in person than it looks in the photo.  I plan to mess around with more if I ever go back to Disney so I can really make a BIG hair crown!

By my last day I was in the mood to really play, so of course I did it total Disney style.  Minnie Mouse ears!!!!

fun Disney hairstyles!

The whole week we ran around like youngsters, riding rides and eating snacks and really had a grand time!

One of the things I enjoyed the most was watching the young families.  There was plenty of time while we waited in lines or on buses to just people watch.  The men especially interested me.  Young guys, in their late 20s/early 30s who were there with their wives, a few young kids and their in-laws.  I kept looking at their faces and imagining these guys who only a few years ago were in college working toward their dreams.  I thought that they must have never pictured themselves walking around Disney World lugging a stroller and wearing a t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse silhouette that said “Daddy” on it (matching the “Mommy” t-shirt his wife wore, of course!).  At first I thought these guys seemed a little defeated, as if he would rather be doing pretty much anything else.  But then I’d see it….the twinkle.  Every time he looked at his kids.  Every man.  On every bus and in every line, lit up when he looked at his little princess or pirate.

And it just warmed me inside.  I know that James and I twinkle when we look at our kids, but to see so many families really enjoying their children was such a delight.  I didn’t notice that on my last trip, probably because I was too busy staring at my own adorable crew.

On Friday night as we drove home from the airport I said to James, “Hey, I don’t think we talked about kids or money or the house falling apart even once while we were gone!”  It was like a teeny tiny miracle.  Total relaxation mixed with eating too much sugar and watching a lot of 3D shows = heaven.

And now we are planning our NEXT Mom and Dad only getaway.  Only next time we think we might want to do something a little less….um…..tiring.  Like maybe a beach somewhere that has cabana boys bringing you drinks and the waves just come to you.

I mean, it was great, but I was so worn out when we got home that I wasn’t sure if I would recover.  I’m still exhausted.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Good Thing I’m Not Keeping Score

Good Thing I’m Not Keeping Score

In case you’re keeping score in the challenge between me and my messy closet, it’s closet 1-Lisa 0.

A week has gone by since I stepped into the disaster and declared war on the pile.  I have done, oh, pretty much nothing to get it cleaned up since then.  I did pick up a few things and either threw them away or found a place for them.  But then I also moved some more junk into the closet that takes up more space than the 3 things I removed.  So it’s a wash.

And the next 2 weeks aren’t looking promising for getting any closet cleaning done.  Please tell me I am not the only person who looks at their calendar and sees a light schedule, then a week later it’s full beyond what seems humanly possible to accomplish.

I thought I had a few weeks of free time before James and I leave for our second honeymoon.  But, as life inevitably goes, I now have something planned for almost every day between now and then.  Oh well.  for every point my closet racks up, I will throw away two unnecessary items later.  No stinkin’ tiny room with shelves is going to beat me!

Speaking of full schedules, I sometimes long for the days when we were less mobile and less busy.  Although, if that means I’d also have no A/C I might have to stick with the hustle and bustle of 2015.  I’m useless if it gets above 73°.

I’m serious.  When it’s 73°, I’m comfortable.  If it hits 74°, I’m sweating and leaning over the oscillating fan.

James says I’m like the princess and the pea, only with the thermometer.

We had a lovely weekend.  On Friday night we went to a wedding where we were friends with the families of both the bride and the groom.  That makes it fun because there are very few strangers and you get to kick it up with people you haven’t seen in a while.  It was absolutely lovely, we were outside for the ceremony and inside for the reception and, while I am sure there were plenty of headaches going on behind the scenes, to those of us not in-the-know, it seemed to go off without a hitch.

All of us agreed that one of our favorite, so simple, things was the Oreo “cake” that they had instead of a groom’s cake.  It was a fun dessert!  There was a milk station right next to it.


And the great thing about having the wedding on Friday night is that it left the whole weekend free for us to do other things.  My older kids went back out on Saturday to play volleyball with the wedding party friends while the younger boys and I worked on my front porch.  It was entirely too gorgeous outside to be stuck inside my closet, plus I really just wanted some mom/boy time.  So we took it slow and cleaned off everything around the porch and rearranged and added some new plants.  It took us almost all day but we had a great time.


The flowers perk up the whole place!  Of course, with my black thumb they’ll be dead in 6 months.


Sunday was church and naps.  I’m pretty sure when God said to rest on the 7th day He meant to take a 2 hour nap that is so deep you wake up not sure where you are or what your name is.  And so I did.

This coming week we have something happening every day from birthdays to dinner parties to appointments in the city.  Can’t complain about that!

Have a great week!




Procrastinate or BUST

Procrastinate or BUST

Having our kitchen finished added a nice air of relaxation to the weekend.  Or it could have been the fact that there weren’t paint supplies and orphaned dishes covering the kitchen island.  Either way, good times.

Now I can start to think about my next project, which is my most dreaded project of all time….cleaning out my closet.

I keep the things I use most often very tidy in there.  The clothes are on hangers and in drawers all folded and nice, but on the floor there is a pile of mystery items almost as high as my waist.  I am starting to have to move things out of my way just to get to the clothes I need.  When that happens it’s my signal to start thinking about maybe cleaning it out.  Then I wait for six months to be sure then I start really gearing up to actually do it.

It is my way.  Procrastinate or bust!


But I can’t avoid it any longer.  I have a small window of time available before the summer rush hits and life gets filled with swimming pools and movie stars.  (Name that show)

Speaking of pools, that is another project to be done.  We have to get the deck area clean and set up and the pool floats all out and washed and inflated.  That, however, is only an afternoon project and the kids will be excited to help, so I am not dreading that project.  No one gets too excited about helping me clean out my closet.

I don’t actually have them help me with that job anyway.  Who knows what forgotten Christmas gift lurks at the bottom of that pile?  If they see it then I can’t use it for next Christmas.

My Saturday was spent mostly doing edits on my book.  We are down to correcting grammar and punctuation, which, if you have been around here for long, you know is not my strong area.  I like to make up my own words and use whatever punctuation key is closest to my finger when I am typing.  My copy editor has probably been driven to drink after going through my book with his red pen.  I definitely need to send him a balloon bouquet and a Starbuck’s gift card…..and maybe leave out the all caps words and excess commas in my thank you note as an extra measure of gratitude.

On Sunday we visited a new church.  That is always daunting….you never know how it will go.  Are they friendly?  Will they pressure you to put your kids in another room during church (we like to stay together)?  Will you feel uncomfortable?  As an introvert, I really hate those situations.  I am so not good at small talk and meeting new people!

Really, those of you with that social skill amaze me!  I don’t have much to say to anyone until I have known them for a while and even then I am not a chatty-Kathy.  I am happy to listen, but it feels rude to put the whole weight of the conversation on the other person so I fumble through.  If you ever meet me in person you should know that so I don’t majorly disappoint you.  At least, not over my talking skills.  I have met people who have also told me I am not as funny as they expect.  I am sorry about that…I may look for a joke app on my phone so I can crank up the comedy when necessary.

I could have used that at church yesterday when the conversations would hit a lull after the initial “Hi, are you new here?” and we would tell them our names.  A good knock-knock joke would have helped right about then.

But anyway…..I got off topic there.  The new church was nice.  Our goal is to find a place closer to home than where we have been going.  It is hard to get really involved when you have a long drive.  We would love a more day-to-day relationship with our church family.  We will likely keep visiting there for a few weeks then decide if we want to continue or try somewhere else or go back to where we were.  Its a long, grueling process.

Thank God for Sunday naps!

So that’s it for my weekend update.  Exciting, huh?

Have a great week!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

We sure have been enjoying the lovely spring weather!  It’s been, to quote my mentor Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.”  I am not normally so cheerful, but the Texas wildflowers have that affect on me.  It’s just something about the explosion of colors and 70° temps that make me want to skip and dance.

Unfortunately it only lasts a few weeks, then I revert back to my regular personality.

This time of year we eat outside for most of our meals.  We added an outdoor dining area about 7 years ago and never regretted the effort.  It makes life so sweet to all sit together in the cool of the evening and often we find ourselves lingering long after we have finished eating to just talk and enjoy the breeze.  front01It was GREAT spot for our anniversary party a few years ago and our daughters’ graduation party last summer. It’s “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

But I wasn’t here this past weekend to enjoy the outdoor dining because I was in Dallas.  I drove the 5.5 hours on Friday morning and stopped to visit an old friend that I haven’t gotten to see for years.  We talk on the phone sometimes, but with 23 kids between us there’s not much time for getting together one-on-one.

We sat on her porch and talked for just 2 hours before I had to leave and it felt like we were there for 10 minutes.  She’s just one of those friends who loves me no matter what and our hearts just connect no matter how long it’s been.  I hope you have a few of those friends.  They are worth more than gold!

That night I got a second treat and had dinner with my sister-in-law and her family.  I got to be entertained by my sweet nieces and nephews complete with a choreographed routine to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.  I can die happy now.

On Saturday morning I headed to Grapevine, TX to attend an event hosted by some amazing Young Living leaders.  I didn’t really have any expectations, but I was blown away and left inspired and encouraged.  It definitely got me pumped to be more vocal about how much I love my oils.  I tend to be kind of, oh, you know, all introverted and “you might like them, maybe” about it.

In case I haven’t been clear….I love these oils!  (and you don’t need a spoonful of sugar the get them down)

They have been a vessel God has used to change my life and why am I not shouting it from the rooftops?!  I don’t know.  I don’t want to be pushy so I use the excuse that I want to be reserved.  But in truth a little bit of it is fear.

So…..I am getting out of my comfort zone.  In the words of Mary, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and the job’s a game.”

I decided to share the love, so I am hosting a Facebook event on Tuesday night (yep, tomorrow, the 14th) sharing ways the oils have helped me find balance and joy.  I want to encourage y’all to find your own balance and even if you never buy a single product through me, I want to encourage you!

Do you ever, like me, feel like areas of your life get out of balance?  Then come on by and let’s talk about it!


It’s also kind of a celebration of the end of tax season.  Just THREE MORE DAYS and I get my husband back.  I thought spending my last night alone with you would be a great way to wrap it up this year.

The rest of my week looks empty if you look at my calendar, but you just don’t write down things like “find those shoes you lost” or “watch the boys do magic tricks”.  Nevertheless, my week is full of that stuff.  I keep it all up in my mind, it’s s steel sieve.

Besides my Facebook class at 8:00 (central time) on Tuesday, what do you have going on this week?

Be sure to follow me on Facebook!


Which is Worse…Traffic Jams or Easter Egg Hunts?

Which is Worse…Traffic Jams or Easter Egg Hunts?

Am I the only one who is shocked that it is April?  And that Easter is behind us?  In fact, I’m still warming up to the idea that it’s 2015.  My mind says “2007” over and over.  Frozen in time.  I relate strongly to the song lyric, “Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999,” not because I’m a partier, but because I refuse to accept that we have actually survived Y2K.

I also wrangle with the fact that it took me 2 hours last Friday to drive one mile.  My friend Sara and I got up at 5:30 in the am and drove the 3 hours to Round Top, TX where the world’s best junk was waiting for us.  It was a gorgeous drive with Texas wildflowers flanking the freeway and spiced nuts from Buc-ees.

In case you’ve never been to Texas, I urge you to add “stop at Buc-ees” to your list of must do items when you come here.  It may look like just a truck stop on the outside, but inside it’s a little slice o’ Texas heaven.

After almost three hours, we got a couple of miles from our destination when we hit a trail of cars on the rural highway.  It was dead stopped….occasionally inching forward.  Sure the bluebonnets are amazing, but we didn’t need to see them each individually.


I kid you not.  I know I tend to exaggerate, but this is 100% true….we took TWO HOURS to drive ONE MILE.  Several times we discussed turning around and leaving, but we had already driven 3 hours to get there so we stuck it out.

By the time we finally got to a parking space and started shopping the flea market we had a great time.  We didn’t consider that it would take us about hour and a half to get back out at the end of the day, so all in all we spent about three times as much time sitting in the car as we did shopping.  But I bought a beat up old shutter with some slats missing, so of course…it was all worth it.

We found out later through Instagram that the whole Duck Dynasty cast was there plus some HGTV people.  That plus it being a nice Friday probably caused the crowd.  I have been to Round Top many times and never hit traffic like that.  Cuh-razy!

On Saturday morning I was good and tired from flea marketing and several of my older kids were going to an all day photo-meet-up.  So I decided to skip the kitchen work I had planned (I am getting close to finishing!) and just rest.  It was just what I needed.  I literally slept, woke up and watched a mystery movie, went back to sleep, repeat steps one and two.

So I have nothing to report to you about Saturday except that a huge box of books came from my publisher and I am having trouble deciding which ones to read first.  So many of them look good!  So good, in fact, that I am thinking of just passing them along to y’all after I read them.  I want to share the goodness.  I’m thinking I’ll just read a few then do a simple giveaway.  I could never choose one of y’all over the rest, so a random draw is the way to go.


On Sunday, after church, we had a little egg hunt for the kids.  On Saturday night I filled some plastic eggs with candy and wrote the kids names on them so they would all get the same amount.  I used a sharpie to write the names and draw some little pictures on each egg.  The older/adult kids each got 2 eggs….one with candy and another with money.  The under 18 crowd got 10 eggs each filled with candy.  Like, lots of candy.


Since pretty much the only other time all year they get candy is for Christmas, it’s a treat and they love it.

Our Sunday afternoon egg hunt turned ugly when, after searching for nearly 2 hours we still couldn’t find 2 of the eggs.  I had been the one to hide them and I was super careful to make it pretty easy, except for my 23 year old son who I tried to make practically impossible because, well, it was fun for me.  But he found his after about 20 minutes and the other kids all found theirs until we were down to 2 eggs missing.  I wanted to give up and just call it done, but the boys whose eggs were missing were highly driven to find them.

Another half hour and we found one of them.  The other kids each kind of went in the house and it was down to me, James and two boys.

Finally I stopped looking and went inside.  As far as I know they are still out there looking.

This week ahead is full.  In addition to the last touches to the kitchen, I will be running errands for James (tax season….CPA….lots of errands) and I am taking the boys to some thrift stores to find new jackets.  On Easter we made the annual sad discovery that nothing fits them.  So off we go to look for clothes that other people don’t want anymore.  Then on Thursday I have 2 ortho appointments and that night I am speaking to a women’s group.  Then on Friday, maybe, if I play my cards right, I will get y’all some finished kitchen pictures.

Don’t hold your breath though.  I don’t want to be held responsible for anyone dying.

Have a good one!  And remember….it’s April 2015.  You’re welcome.

In My Mind I’m the Hare but in Reality I’m the Tortoise

In My Mind I’m the Hare but in Reality I’m the Tortoise

Will it bore you to know that I am still working on my kitchen?  I used to be fast as lightening at these kinds of projects.  But that was when I was not only younger, but my kids were younger and I could just put them in a room with a new Lego set and a box of sugar cereal and they barely noticed I wasn’t paying attention to them.

These days my kids require more effort than I can buy with toys and Fruit Loops.  They need school lessons and to be driven here and there.  They have their own agenda that often requires my assistance, which can slow down a kitchen makeover.  And myself, I move more slowly.  It’s weird isn’t it?  I feel like I am moving at a normal pace.  But I am proven wrong when I am in front of one of the kids in the hallway and it causes a traffic jam, complete with honking.

I hope the fable is true, “slow and steady wins the race.”  If so, then I am going for grand champion.

I’d say we are 2/3 finished.  The white cabinets are all painted and ready to be waxed.  I like the look of wax over chalk paint.  I have been doing that technique since before it was cool and will likely still be using doing it long after Pinterest is flooded with a new trend.  It’s durable and looks professional.  The axing does add more work, but it’s so worth it!

This weekend, in addition to painting, we hung a new cabinet and new microwave.  It sounds great until you have to figure out how you are going to add trim to all of it to hide the flaws in your hanging skills and make it look like the rest of the old kitchen.  The shininess of the new microwave is already putting my electric range to shame.  But not to worry, it will be grimy in no time and fit in with the rest of my appliances just fine.

Yesterday was my oldest child’s 25th birthday, so of course I got very little done because I was wallowing in a deep depression.  I can’t figure out how this happened.  She was born, she hopped around the house with a pacifier between her teeth telling us all what to do, she was a grown up.  1-2-3.  Where was the middle?!

We did our usual special birthday breakfast where they get to choose anything they want to eat.  Then we opened gifts and just hung around talking.  The weather here has been amazing, so the doors were open and I put peppermint in the diffuser to keep us all uplifted.  It did help my general despair over how fast she grew and I got a bit of painting and cleaning done as well.  So hooray for peppermint and 75°.

Later this week we have another birthday (I may go into a puddled mess over this one….someone send Kleenex!) and some light plans.  We try to stay close to home and uncommitted toward the end of tax season to make it easy for James, who needs to completely focus on work.  And in case you’re looking for help, he has a website.

Last week I read on Facebook about a friend who fell asleep while doing her taxes.  That would be me.  Truth be told, the fact that he does taxes and bookkeeping is the thing that I find most attractive about my man.  I mean, six pack abs are nice, but what good are they when the IRS calls?

Have a great week!


A Little Building Up and a Little Tearing Down

A Little Building Up and a Little Tearing Down

The weekend was a frenzy of…well…nothing.  I have been continuing to catch up on rest and just hang out with m’kids.  I barely did anything meaningful and it was the best weekend I can remember in a long time.

On Friday I took one of my girls shopping.  Her wardrobe had some gaps and I had been hoping for some time to spend with her to catch up on her life.  It seems like they grow up and get all busy and doing their own thing and occasionally Mom wants a whole day to hear about their plans and dreams.  It’s one of my favorite ways to build our relationship, just spending a whole day together.  So we shopped all day and found some really cute stuff for her to wear.

I also like to see what the new trends are so we hit lots of shops and she tried on tons of different outfits to see what looked best on her.  It was exciting to see all of the little dresses in the stores.  If you’re looking for a knee length dress for the summer….go get it now.  They’re everywhere!

While we were out we went to see a movie called, “Do You Believe?”  We knew nothing about it, so we took a chance and I have to say….it was pretty good.  It’s a Christian film and we both really liked the storylines and it had some really famous people in it, which was fun.  I like seeing famous people.  I don’t know why.  I’m a sucker for it.  If you get the chance….go see the movie.

On Saturday my boys and I spent the morning tearing down some cabinets in the kitchen.  It wasn’t an enormous job, and the boys really enjoyed aggressively ripping down the moldings and hitting things with hammers.  It’s funny to see their individualness come out in these projects.  One boy would be very tidy about how he took care of the wood scraps he was pulling off while another literally didn’t even notice what he did with the pieces after he ripped them down.  One of them loved just going after it with full force and another liked the detail work….carefully pulling out nails that got left behind and cleaning up the 2″ layer of dust on the tops of the cabinets.

Tell me honestly, do you frequently dust the very top of your kitchen cabinets?  If you say yes, then you will go into my housekeeper hall of fame.

After we finished the demolition and cleaned up our mess, I sat and stared, again, at what was left.  I am challenged to find a creative way to get the look I want without spending much money.  I know I can get close.  But I have to wait on the inspiration to hit me.  It doesn’t always happen as quickly as I want.  Which might become an issue since all of the dishes that used to live in those cabinets are now sitting on my kitchen island.  I have a very limited tolerance for construction messes.

Today I am going to return the paint I originally bought and try a different kind (I can return it because I bought a pre-mixed color).  I found a shop nearby that sells a new brand of paint that I want to try.  So let’s all cross our fingers and a few toes that I like the new paint.  It’s a small company, but their YouTube videos look impressive so I am gonna go for it.  I’ll let you know!

After we get all of the grime scrubbed off of the old cabinets and the dust cleaned up, which we are working on this week, we will start painting.  Some of the older kids are going to help me for a small fee.  I don’t mind paying for this kind of work.  It’s getting my kitchen freshly painted AND I get to spend more time with them while we work.  If it costs me a little moola, it’s totally worth it.

Have a great week!

Yucks & “Stuff”

Yucks & “Stuff”

My kids call me Mom, nurse, cook, house-cleaner, launderer…

I call myself exhausted.

For the past few days we have had a houseful of sickies.  The yuck-bug has hit the Pennington home.  I would love to tell you details about what kinds of stuff is draining from our pores, but I am going to mention a few essential oils later in this post and the FDA has all kinds of rules about what I can say.  So let’s stick with Yuck and Not-Sleeping-Well.  You get the picture.  No stomach stuff.. .all above the waist problems….mostly above the neck.


The older kids and I are OK….just a little draggy.  But the younger set has been hit pretty hard so I am spooning warm tea and potato soup into them.  Today I have a batch of my famous Taco Soup (OK, it’s not that famous but it should be because it’s so easy to make!) on the stove and the house smells divine.

I have 3 diffusers going, one in the living room (aka the infirmary) another in the dining room (which is a walkthrough for the whole house) and the last in a bedroom.  I am alternating between diffusing Thieves & RC (4 drops each) or Melaleuca & Eucalyptus G (same).  At night I will add lavender.

I am also putting Thieves on the bottoms of everyone’s feet and depending on their specific situation I am applying RC to their chest and/or putting diluted peppermint on the back of their neck.  I am putting Breathe Again behind everyone’s ears and down the side of their neck and some of them need it rubbed over their sinuses as well.  I have had a couple of them take a warm bath with Epsom salts mixed with lavender.  Lastly, a few of the kids have a weird eye gunk problem, so I am putting frankincense in a carrier oil (I use Young Living’s V-6) and rubbing that around their eye socket, making sure not to get it too close to their eyes.  And I am also putting plain V-6 on their eyelashes at night so they can open their eyes in the morning.

I know…gross, but necessary.

I, on the other hand, am getting some deep cleaning done.  Every time I wipe the floor I see a dirty spot behind something and start scrubbing.  Last night I took all of the plates down from the cupboard and scoured them.  It seems that occasionally the dishwasher doesn’t get them clean and they get put away like that. When I found a filthy one I got pretty grossed out and started a cleaning frenzy.  If the kids are still feeling yucky tomorrow (hopefully not!) I may scrub behind the washer and dryer.  For sure we are getting sheets washed and under the beds swept out and old toys throw away.

I know how to make fun out of anything.

It’s been quiet really.  Everyone resting and watching an endless stream of movies while I happily boil pots of steaming deliciousness and buff things to a shine.  I hope they get better soon, but I do love bringing them goodies and attending to their needs in the meantime.  I make them tea and after I hand them their mug I tuck the blanket around their feet and feel their forehead and ask if there is anything in the world I can do for them.  They send me on weird errands like looking for a favorite stuffed animal that seems to be lost or to make a piece of toast with peanut butter, apple slices and cinnamon.

I am staying busy, that’s for sure!

Before I go back to my work of kids and house cleaning, I want to be sure to let you know about a deal I am running for the month of March.  If you’ve been thinking of signing up to start using Young Living essential oils, now is a great time.  I am sending all new signups that join this month and order the Premium Starter Kit (which includes 11 oils and a diffuser plus some samples!) my favorite reference book AND a tin of Thieves Mints.  These are my absolute favorite…fresh breath and a health feeling all rolled into one little sugar-free tablet. 


A great deal for my March members!!!

By the way, I am not a doctor – I am just a mom who uses essential oils in her own family.  This information is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your health care provider.

Have a great week!

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

It’s been birthday week here.  The day after my birthday was one of my boys’ birthday and that means we pretty much do nothing but entertain ourselves for 4-5 days.  We can’t just stop after 2 birthdays in a row.  We’ll just roooolllll it into the weekend.

I had a nice birthday.  James and the kids really went all out to make it special for me.  What a blessing they are!  They got me some presents and made me a little book that’s filled with their thoughts about me (it’s called “What I Love About Mom” and you fill in the blanks).  I pretty much bawled while reading it.  They took turns filling in answers and really blew me away with their sweetness.  Several of them wrote that they think I’m wise……which makes me consider making a bunch of copies and framing them and hanging them around the house.  You know.  For the other 364 days when they forget they said that.

After the gifts and I read my little book, my oldest daughter handed me this gorgeous, hand painted, half-gallon sized jar.  One of my other daughters painted it and I just thought, “Oh what a cute jar…I love it!”  Then she told me it had notes of encouragement from friends inside.

She had contacted people and asked them to send me a note of encouragement.  That jar was PACKED FULL of the nicest notes a girl could even imagine.  I sat and read them, humbled by not only what each note said, but that my darling girl would go to so much trouble to tackle this project.  I couldn’t believe how crammed full that jar was.  Talk about encouraging!!!

If you’re looking for a special gift for someone, this is it….it will carry me through when I feel low.  I set it by my chair and whenever I want I can just pull a note out and feel the love.

A great idea to encourage someone for a special event or birthday!  #blessingsjar

(the little chalkboard art was a gift from one of my sweet boys and the flowers were from a friend)

You can’t really tell in the photo, but the jar is huge.  I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate and I felt like all of my friends that contributed a note or letter were right there with me.

Thank you so much if you were a part of this beautiful gift.

Now that we are past the birthdays and my husband is busy with tax season, it’s time for my annual project to begin.  I am going to paint the kitchen cabinets and do a small remodel project in there, just moving a few things around.  I have been keeping a list of what is not working for me in the kitchen and I am ready to do some repairs and sprucing up.  This will be my focus for the month of March.  It helps me forget that my husband can’t pay any attention to me and gives the boys a little money since I will pay them to help.

I’ll be spending the next week or so gathering supplies that will bring my ideas to life.  I’ll keep you updated….it’s so fun to perk up a draggy room!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a terrific weekend filled with joy and even if you don’t get a huge jar filled with notes, know that you are loved beyond measure by God and me and LOTS and LOTS of other people!