What I’m Wearing for Spring

What I’m Wearing for Spring

Since I am heading to Salt Lake City tomorrow I thought I’d show you some of what I’ll be wearing.  Actually it’s what I have been wearing, but it’s all the same thing since I only have about 4 outfits.  It’s been interesting having to replace your entire wardrobe.

I have changed my philosophy over the years and now I am of the mind that one or two more costly things is better than 7-8 cheaper things.  I will probably need to fill in with some things from the thrift store soon since summer needs are different….I have to change often from excessive heat.

This first outfit was from one of the chilly days we had a week ago.  I wore a sweater for probably the last time this season.  The skirt is really old and the striped top you have seen many times before.  The necklace is old too, don’t remember where I got it.  But it’s easy to find cheap, chunky necklaces these days.

Modest, cute outfits for spring -- The Pennington Point

Be warned, you never know who is standing behind you photoboming.

Modest, cute outfits for spring -- The Pennington Point

Another cooler weather outfit is my favorite anthropologie top.  I will miss it when it’s hot.  But with this cute yellow skirt from Versona I can at least spring it up a bit before I pack it away.

Modest, cute outfits for spring -- The Pennington Point

The cat and the plunger in the background just proves the lengths of professionalism we go to for these photos.

Recently I got a couple of tops from Whole Earth Provisions.  They are linen and really pretty, but not fitted.  My stomach still won’t do fitted.  I may forever look pregnant.  This red top is a new fave and I will definitely be wearing it to the conferences the next 2 weekends.  But not with a scarf….I get too hot in them.  And the shoes, they are my new loves….from Otz.  The look of Toms but with support.  They make my heart got pitter pat.


This last pic is what I wore for Easter.  The top, again, is from Whole Earth Provisions and the rest is a mix of stuff I have had for a long time.  But the hat…..well that’s what is so great.  Even if you lose weight your accessories still fit.

Modest, cute outfits for spring -- The Pennington Point

Except rings.  I have no rings to wear and my wedding ring keeps falling off.  I am waiting until I lose it all then I am going to get it resized and buy myself a pretty something for my right hand.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy spring!

My Four Favorite Essential Oils and a Giveaway!

My Four Favorite Essential Oils and a Giveaway!

Four great essential oils that you must try! -- The Pennington Point

You already know that I am wild over my Young Living essential oils.  Joy and Valor are running rampant around here.  The oils have helped so much with not only the occasional runny noses and sunburn, but also with things like the kids’ concentration and my random moodiness.

I even read some info last week that said lemon, frankincense and lavender can help with wrinkles.  Oh, you can bet I am trying that.  If anyone asks me if I have had work done on my face you will be the first to know!

To get James through tax season I diffused oils in his office for the past month.  I am sure the clients that stopped by to pick up their tax return wondered what that lovely, but un-CPA-like scent was.  Not that CPAs have a specific scent, but how often do you go into an accountant’s office and immediately feel relaxed and clear headed?

The oils in the Premium Kit are fantastic and if you haven’t tried them that’s the very best place to start.  I am having a love affair with every one of them!  But there are a few others that I love too, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re looking for something new to try.

  Four great essential oils that you must try! -- The Pennington Point

1. Abundance – this oil is so rich and lovely.  I have used almost a whole bottle just sharing it with friends because I want everyone to try it.  It’s one that I use every day.  There’s just something about it.  Since using it I have noticed that I am more open to opportunities that come my way and I’m better able to decide which path to follow when faced with a conflict.  I have definitely had an increase of success lately.  I don’t think the oil does that of course, but it opens me up to the possibilities.

2. Clarity – I travel so much that I always, always take this oil with me.  I tend to get easily overwhelmed when I am running to make a flight or being patted down by the airport security.  This oil helps me keep my wits about me.  I also need it at the grocery store, in traffic and most definitely when going over my receipts with my husband.

3. Magnify Your Purpose – I bought this oil for my older kids…to help them as they find their way in life.  But then I discovered it is great for me too!  I diffused it while I was working on my book and it really helped.  My essential oil reference book says, “This blend stimulates the endocrine system for greater energy flow to the right hemisphere of the brain, activating creativity, motivation, and focus.”  Yes, please.

Four great essential oils that you must try! -- The Pennington Point

4. Into the Future – When I was at the Summit last January I met another Young Living friend who had this oil with her.  Of course I had to try it and WOW!  I really loved it.  I felt so alive!  You can imagine how much it elevated the experience of being with a group of women who were on this homeschooling journey with too.  It is supposed to help you leave the past behind and progress with vision and excitement.  I use it anytime I am feeling apprehensive or a need to look forward instead of wallowing in the past.  In other words, I use it a lot.

I have built up a wonderful collection of oils that have been a blessing to me in so many ways.  But these four are my current faves.  And I can’t stand not to give some of it to you.  So here’s what I want to do…..

I am going to randomly choose one of you to give ONE of these oils to (choose from Abundance 15ml, Clarity 15 ml, Magnify Your Purpose 5ml or Into the Future 5ml) along with an essential oil pocket reference.

Pocket reference giveaway I use my pocket reference all of the time….like several times a day.  I used to keep it in the bathroom just to read through it because I find it so fascinating.  So I have to share that too!  That’s one bottle of fabulous oils and a Pocket reference….a $55 value!!!

Just because I love you so.

And if you are interested in getting started with Young Living oils you can CLICK HERE to learn a little more about that.  I would love to have you join me on this great adventure!

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By the way, I am not a doctor.  The testimonies I share here are my experience and not intended for diagnosis or cure.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself and if you are dealing with a serious situation I encourage you to seek professional help.

April Acoustic Playlist

April Acoustic Playlist

I can’t believe I let the whole month of March get past me without sharing some new tunes.  Since I listen to music when I go for my walk every morning, I am always needing something fresh to keep it interesting.

It all depends on my mood, you know?  One day I’m all TobyMac and the next I just want to chill out.  So this time I am gonna share some of my favorite acoustic songs.  In case you’re in the mood for something lighter than a full band.

  A great playlist for when you're in the mood for more mellow and simple music.  -- The Pennington Point

1. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been by Relient K
2. Be My Escape by Relient K
3. Forgiven by Sanctus Real
4.  If We Are the Body by Casting Crowns
5. Only You by Casting Crowns
6. Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns
7. Where the Spirit if the Lord is by Chris Tomlin
8. Our God by Chris Tomlin
9. Stand Amazed by 33 Miles (this link goes to the album because you can only get the acoustic songs if you buy the album…but it’s good!)

I will look for more to share another time.  It isn’t easy to find really good ones.  I’d love to hear what your favorite songs are!

This post contains affiliate links.

Taking Care of Your Hair Using Essential Oils!

Taking Care of Your Hair Using Essential Oils!

I am super-duper excited to be joining Kerri and all my oily friends this week to share tons of ways to detox your home!  Did you see her homemade mouthwash?!  Cool!

I am sharing about hair care using Young Living oils…..we have an abundance of hair around here, as you can see.

Taking care of your hair with essential oils! -- The Pennington Point

My girls and I all work hard to keep our hair healthy and nice looking.  Several of my daughters have used the no-poo method (where you don’t use shampoo at all) and they liked it in some ways, but it was hard to keep up with.  Right now we are using natural shampoos, but we are always looking for new ideas that are natural, easy and less damaging to our hair.

So when I tried this recipe for “Sweet & Sassy Hair” from the book, “The Chemical Free Home” by Melissa Poepping I was thrilled!  It is easy to use and makes your hair so shiny and bouncy!  I just put it into a little glass spray bottle (I buy these where I buy my rollon bottles) and keep it with my hair products.  After I wash my hair, I spray this on while it’s still wet and let it dry.  I am thrilled with how healthy my hair feels!

My recipe is slightly different than the one in the book because I didn’t have one of the oils she suggests.  So I’ll share my altered recipe (which I love!) for you.

Hair care using essential oils!

Sassy Hair Spritz

Fill an 8oz. amber glass bottle about 2/3 full with distilled water and 1 TBSP of witch hazel (this helps it last longer).  Add 12 drops lavender, 8 drops lemon, 8 drops rosemary and 4 drops geranium.  Shake well before using.  Spray on wet hair.

Yep.  That’s it.  It smells WONDERFUL and it’s so good for your hair and scalp.  You could also add Melaleuca if you have a problem with dandruff or scalp irritation.

You can make a scalp/hair conditioner by using jojoba oil as a base instead of water.  Just mix it into a cup and massage it into your scalp and let it sit while you’re in the shower and then wash it out.  Add a little peppermint to it for a scalp tingling extravaganza.  And if you (or someone you love) deals with stinky hair, add some Melrose to it.  That’s one oil I use often with my teens!

So, are you ready to jump in to this wonderful world of caring for yourself and your family naturally with essential oils?? The time is now! Click HERE to learn more or contact the person who introduced you to the “Detox Your Home” Spring blog series! :) We are all offering a FREE copy of The Chemical Free Home to anyone {in the U.S.} who signs up with premium starter kit through April 7th!!

Taking care of your hair using essential oils!

Next up is my good friend Brandy from The Marathon Mom!

To check out all 30 posts in the “Detox Your Home” Spring blogger series, click here.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily ideas about essential oils!


My Modest Workout Clothes

My Modest Workout Clothes

Weight loss is great, but it has its bad side, like my britches falling down every time I go for my morning walk.  And I’m not going to even mention the underwear situation.

So I went on a hunt for something new to wear when I exercise.  I had a specific vision and I searched high and low.  I found exactly what I wanted, putting things together from several different stores.  I must warm you, these things weren’t cheap.  In fact, it may be the most expensive everyday outfit I’ve ever had if you put it all together.

But I felt like since I will wear it constantly plus when I travel, I decided to just get what I needed and not worry about the price.

I apologize in advance for the pictures….we took them right after I did my morning workout.  Sweat, bad hair and no make-up.

Modest Workout Clothes

Even though I bought them in all kinds of different places, I found them for you on Amazon.  I am all about making it easy for you.

Pants -Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Stay Warm Relay Capri Running Pants (I wanted capris to cover my legs but still be pretty cool in summer)
Shirt – Nike Women’s Legend V-Neck Night Factor (this isn’t the same shirt, but similar)
Skirt – prAna Daphne Skirt (this was my find of the season.  It’s very light and I love it.  I even got one in taupe for just summer wearing because it’s so comfy!)
Bra – Natori Womens Power Yogi Bra (I would normally not talk about undergarments but this has been a great thing and it holds everything right where it should. It’s not cheap, but check every color because the price varies a LOT)

Modest workout clothes

My shoes are New Balance and the socks are also made for running (I don’t remember the brand).

Great ideas for modest workout clothes -- including where to buy them! -- The Pennington Point

I really want to say thanks so, so much for all of your support through my health journey!  Your emails and messages have been a huge encouragement to me.

7 Days of Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight

7 Days of Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight

7 lunch ideas for losing weight! -- The Pennington Point

While I am going to share what I eat for lunch, I must warn you that I am not a wiz-kid in the kitchen and I don’t have a talent for making delicious meals and drumming up a variety.  I like it plain and easy.  I’d basically eat Chick-fil-A for lunch every day if that was an option (salad, of course!).

But since there isn’t a Chick-fil-A within an hour from me I am forced to come up with food I can make at home.  Sad, right?

My diet is based on a book called, Diet Evolution, and once I got over the shock of making so many changes, I found it pretty easy to follow.  It took me a little time to get used to not eating chips and bread with lunch but it’s normal to me now.  Click HERE to read what I originally wrote about the diet.

Also, there are a lot of things you can do with almond flour and coconut oil and various other tricks, but I’m just not good at that stuff.  I’m sure you will have great ideas for these ingredients, but I’ve made it work for me without them.

I do this for a week then kind of mix it up, but eat basically the same thing each week:

1. Tuna mixed with a teeny bit of mayo over lettuce with chopped carrots, hard-boiled egg, chives, almonds, pumpkin seeds and broccoli (I don’t like tomatoes but if I did I would add them).  I use sugar snap peas instead of crackers.

2. Burger patty (turkey or beef) with avocado slices on top, on the side is carrots, broccoli and blue berries.

3. Grilled chicken (I love my George Foreman Grill for this and the burger patty!), fresh green beans cooked with almonds and onions, kale chips.

4. Huge Mexican salad with spinach, spring greens, carrots, broccoli, chives, ground beef (cooked with taco seasoning), avocados, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, grated hard cheese (like fresh Parmesan) and salsa.

5. Shrimp salad (boiled shrimp mixed with a teeny bit of mayo, onions and celery) over lettuce, side of snap peas and carrots (again, insert tomatoes if you like them!).

6. Nuts and Fruit.  If I’m really in a hurry I grab a handful of various nuts and some berries.

7. Egg salad over spring mix with broccoli

I don’t always need salad dressing anymore.  I have developed a taste for salad without it.  But if I want dressing I usually mix these in the blender: pumpkin seeds, crushed garlic, lemon juice, dijon mustard, olive oil, salt & pepper.

That’s it….pretty easy, right?  And I usually feel like I had a nice lunch and I’m very satisfied.

In case you missed it, here’s what I am eating for breakfast.  Click HERE to read what I originally wrote about the diet.

Happy lunching!!!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for fun pictures of my daily exercise!

Essential Oils for Homeschooling

Essential Oils for Homeschooling

I’m combining passions today.   Homeschooling and essential oils.   Like chocolate and peanut butter….so, so good together.

What oils are great for helping with focus and concentration in your school!  -- The Pennington Point

I don’t know if any of you have this issue in your homeschool….but sometimes my kids can have trouble concentrating.  They stare out the window and start playing with their pencil and when I ask if they are finished with their work they look surprised, as if they didn’t have any idea that half an hour had passed.  Then they may start to cry for no reason or maybe I start to cry….good times.

My essential oils have helped me so much with my moods and mental clarity that I knew they would help for school time too.  So I started to experiment with them.  I got some that are specifically blended for helping focus and concentration.  I put some on the kids directly and some in the diffuser.  It has made a HUGE difference.

Literally….night and day.  I mean, I haven’t cried over school for at least 6 weeks.

(Of course….these will work for any school or learning.  It’s not exclusive to homeschoolers!  I even used these same oils for my husband while he was studying for the Bar Exam last month.)

These are the oils I use the most: Brain Power, Clarity and Common Sense


I have noticed that my boys focus much better when I am diffusing Clarity and I like to also add rosemary if they are really struggling. Rosemary is said to restore mental alertness.  Yes, please.

Another oil that I have heard is great for helping kids’ calm down and focus is called Vetiver.  I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard so many great things about it that I’m adding it to my next order.  I’ve read that it has really helped kids with ADD/ADHD.

So here’s exactly what I do….

1. I start the diffuser a few minutes before getting school going.
2. I add Clarity and sometimes rosemary.
3. I will often add something else like Purification (if we’ve been closed up a lot and need “fresh” air), peppermint (if we need a perk-me-up) or basil (to wake us up).  It just depends on what seems right.  You can’t really mess up, that’s what is so great about using the oils.
4. Then I apply diluted Brain Power and Common Sense to the backs of their necks and across their foreheads.  They all really like it when I apply the oils because I give them a quick massage to go with it.

Then we’re ready to start school.  We take a long, deep breath and dig into the day’s subjects.  Less stress, more focus.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

If you have been thinking about getting started using essential oils CLICK HERE to sign up and also see links to my other posts about these amazing oils.  And feel free to ask me questions….I love sharing more about what has our family so much!

If you like learning about oils, follow me on Instagram where I share what I use throughout the day!

By the way, I am not a doctor.  These are just my experiences and not intended for diagnosis or treatment.

A Little Makeover & Other Stuff

A Little Makeover & Other Stuff

There’s been a lot going on around here in the past week.  I have things to say.  Important things like the fact that I have a headache from jump starting my diet again.

I was on the plateau from you-know-where for the whole month of February.  I figured when it lasted more than a week that I needed to do a little jump start, so I went back to the beginning on Monday.  I am watching my food more carefully and not veering one bit.  Apparently I have been eating little cheats that I didn’t realize ‘cuz I’ve already lost a pound and I’m climbing the walls wishing for a snack.

I have to keep reminding myself that it will pass.

The good news is I figured out how to maintain without trying.  The bad news is I still want to lose about 25 more pounds, so I need to cut the snacking out.

Did I tell you that I am doing a 5K at the end of this month.  I know, it’s crazy huh?!

Speaking of short marathons, last week while James was in California the kids and I worked out some big surprises for him.  We gave the front of his office a budget makeover.

His office is a garage that we enclosed a long time ago.  It was in desperate need of some TLC.  I mean it was sad folks.  So sad.  I’d walk out there every day and wonder how he could stand it.  But he’s a guy.  He didn’t think much of it.  Sooo maybe the makeover was more for me.  I’m starting to see that now.


a little budget makeover

We built a deck across the front with old lumber and made a small awning for above the door.  We painted the door and touched up the wall, cleaned everything and added accessories.  It was such fun to work on it all together!

a little budget makeover

Oh, and we made him a new sign.  The whole thing was a graduation gift for finishing law school.

a little budget makeover

He was so surprised when he got home.  I managed to miraculously keep it all hidden for the whole week.  I had to hold back complaints, questions and my general excitement at doing this project without his help.

I am a pretty good secret keeper, except from him.  Him I tell everything.  Even when his eyes start to glaze over I just keeeeeep talkin’.

Thanks for listening.  Have a great week!

Thieves Kit Giveaway!!

Thieves Kit Giveaway!!

I’m kicking off March with a bang!  My good friend Brandy, The Marathon Mom, and I are sharing our love of Young Living essential oils with y’all by giving away a Thieves Essential Rewards Kit!  I am so excited because this kit is amazing and I love Thieves and Thieves loves me.

Thieves was my first Young Living oil and I was immediately hooked on it.  I would not go through a winter without it.  It is highly effective in supporting the immune system.

Here’s what you get in this kit:2 – Thieves Household Cleaner
1 – 15ml Thieves Essential Oil Blend
1 – Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste
1 – Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
2 – Thieves Spray
2 – Thieves Hand Purifier
2 – Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

Say what?!  It’s true.  One of you will win this baby.

If you’ve been thinking about starting to use these incredible oils now’s the time!  You get TEN extra entries when you sign up with me or Brandy as a wholesale member and order the Premium Kit.


If you’re interested in learning more about using essential oils click here to see a list of posts I’ve written about my experiences with them.   And be sure to check out Brandy’s post too…she’s got some great information over there as well!

A fantastic giveaway of a whole Thieves kit!  You'll love this!

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The Cabinet I Built in a Day

The Cabinet I Built in a Day

As much as I miss my husband being gone, I do enjoy the time to get projects done that, if I’m being frank, I couldn’t do if he was here because he would feel the urge to stand there and watch me.  I can’t work under that kind of pressure.

This project was a problem solving venture.  I had 3 issues with my bathroom.
1. I had never really covered my water heater and just had burlap stapled over the opening
2. I didn’t have a full length mirror so to see if my shoes matched my outfit I had to stand on a chair in my bedroom and try to use a mirror hanging on the wall
3. I had all of my necklaces on 3 hooks, which, became a tangled mess every day

So I put my thoughts to this and conquered all three problems at once.

This was the spot before:

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

It wasn’t horrible looking, but I still wanted to improve it.  I built a cabinet that covers the entire space side to side, floor to ceiling.  It’s 4″ deep.  Then I used 3 $9.99 IKEA mirrors to create a full length mirror.  And here it is…..

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

Here’s another angle:

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

But wait!  There’s more!  You can open the mirrored door and voila!  A place to hang my necklaces…

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

It counts as a time saver too since I won’t be spending 10 minutes finding and untangling the necklace I want each morning.

The scale in front of it is perfect there because I can still open the cabinet without moving anything.  I couldn’t be happier with my new cabinet/problem solver. (although I won’t be weighing myself naked anymore for obvious reasons)

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

I thought about doing a tutorial for you, but after about an hour of building I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  I kind of just made it up as I went along and had to figure out each step as I ran into issues.  Plus, let’s be real here….I actually have no idea what I’m doing and anyone with skills would read my tutorial and turn me into the Carpenter’s Association as a fraud.

But if you decide to make one I will say it was pretty easy and I finished the whole thing, including paint, in one day.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

In order to save money I used old slats from my pile of junk wood for the inside back, but you could easily use pallet wood also.  The burlap behind it is what was hanging on the wall before.  Free.  The paint was leftover from another project and the crown molding is a piece I had left from putting crown in my bedroom last year.
The rest breaks down like this:
hinges/screws/cup hooks $10
luan  (I made the door with this) $15
wood  $50  (the bulk of this was in the trim around the mirrors)
mirror glue  $5

Hardware store total : $80

IKEA mirrors  $30.00

Grand total: $110 (plus tax)

I’d love to have added more trim, but I was on a budget so it didn’t happen.  I’m still super-duper happy with it.

And my husband will be so surprised that I did it without being heavily observed.