Staying Warm in Winter

Staying Warm in Winter

Today I have a YouTube video for you with tips for dressing warmly while still wearing dresses.  There are tons of options for you if you prefer wearing dresses even in the cold temperatures.

Happy dressing!

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Come to the Summit!

Come to the Summit!

Are you thinking yet about what to do after the Christmas excitement is over?!  ‘Cuz only weeks after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the new year is the best thing this side of the Mississippi.  The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit.  It’s a boatload of encouragement, refreshment and renewal!



If you’re wondering what it is, here are some recaps of past Summits from different attendees:

And here you can see for yourself what attending The Summit looks like.

And now, for the first time ever, there is a way to attend The Summit FOR FREE! Here’s how:

  • Round up 5 friends who have never been.
  • Print off 3 of these registration forms.
  • Fill in the info for yourself and your 5 friends.
  • Collect the money and write one check to cover the registration for those 5. (YOURS IS FREE!)
  • Mail to:

Winter Summit
c/o Roxanne Parks
2612 Meadow View Road
Edmond, OK 73013

Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t have 5 homeschooling friends, but I would love to meet some like minded ladies!” We would love to have you at The Summit, and to help you get there we are offering a $10 discount code. When you register, simply apply the code “Pennington10“.

Okay, who’s ready to win a $50 Amazon gift card??? Anyone can enter and there are multiple ways, so be sure to increase your chances by visiting each blogger who will be attending The Summit!

AND as a special bonus, one lucky winner will receive the cost of their registration refunded in a drawing on January 1st!

Simply, leave a comment on this post to enter. Then, hop on over to the the other participating blogs to enter there, too. You will be given one entry per blog, for a maximum of 5 entries. One winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, December 17 to receive the $50 Amazon gift card.

See you at The Summit!

Christmas Workout Playlist

Christmas Workout Playlist

This post contains affiliate links.

I can’t stop myself from sharing my favorite holiday tunes with you.  I listen to these when I am working out these days.  It’s not always about the song itself but the artist’s rendition of it that makes it fun and peppy for working out.

You can click on the links to go straight to iTunes and get them for yourself!


1. Light of Christmas by Owl City

2. Marshmallow World by Francesca Batistelli

3. Christmas This Year by Toby Mac

4. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by City Harbor

5. What Christmas Means to Me by Mandisa

6. Holly Jolly Christmas by Group 1 Crew

7. All Creation Sing by Fee

8. Silver Bells by Relient K

9. Christmas Talk by Byron Chambers

10. Jingle Bells by Ayiesha Woods

11. It’s Christmas by Mandisa

12. Christmas Together by Jamie Grace

(special thanks to my daughter Hope for finding all of these songs for me!)


3 Helps for Dealing with Rejection

3 Helps for Dealing with Rejection

This week I am sharing on YouTube about dealing with rejection.  I have gotten a lot of questions lately from women who are really hurting from being rejected by someone and I can SO relate with that topic!  It is very near to my heart these days.

Isn’t it beautiful how God uses our pain to lift up and encourage others?   Ultimately our struggles are an opportunity to overcome and glorify God!

In this video I share with you three things I have learned that have helped me in dealing with this struggle.

Believe me when I tell you that I am no stranger to rejection.  My most recent situation is that my entire extended family has not spoken to me for over 2 months with no explanation.  It could, and some days almost does, take me to the pit of despair and discouragement.  But then God reaches into my broken heart and reminds me that I am loved by a Father who will never reject me.  I am adored and pursued by the King of all creation.

My precious friends, you are loved by a God who is so trustworthy that you can’t fathom the depths of it.  It’s so hard for me to imagine that kind of trustworthiness because not only have I been betrayed, but I have also failed and hurt people in my life and I am sure, will do it again.  Being loved is not about what we deserve, because we don’t deserve any of it.  Being loved, truly loved, is about God’s unshakable mercy.  And as a Christian you have that kind of love….all day long.

If you are facing painful rejection, watch the video.  Be encouraged.  Don’t lose your faith because someone has let you down.

1 Peter 2:4 “As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious”



The Scan

The Scan

(I am an Invisalign MAB member and my son is receiving complimentary treatment but all opinions completely my own!)

If you remember, my son Noah is about to start orthodontic treatment using Invisalign.  He just had his iTero scan and it was so easy that we thought it would be fun to share with you how it went in his own words.

Now, being a 15 year old boy who is mostly interested in archery and getting through high school, he doesn’t have all of the facts that a mom would want to know.  For instance, it takes more than 2 weeks to get the aligners.  It will be more like 6 weeks.  And while he says something about scientists, I don’t know if it’s that’s how it actually works.  But to him that seemed cool….so he grabbed onto that idea.  I’m sure he has a mental image of men in white coats doing something akin to what they did in Jurassic Park with the DNA studies.

Isn’t he cute?  (don’t tell him I said that…..)

We really wanted you to know how painless and simple the process was.  I stood by and watched the technician do the scan and was fascinated by the level of detail she was getting with the scan.  From a mom’s viewpoint, it was so great because it was easy on him and I felt confident that they were getting really thorough information.  I could see the image the whole time and the screen next to him and it was so detailed…..I was amazed!

Next month we’ll share about his first experiences with Invisalign.  I’ll share more then about how they work and ho you use them.  If you have any questions about Invisalign let me know and I will try to find out the answers for you!

Again, I am an Invisalign MAB member and my son is receiving complimentary treatment.  My opinions are completely my own and I only work with companies whose products I believe in.  Click HERE to read the full disclosure statement.


3 Days to Get a Great Deal!

3 Days to Get a Great Deal!

I am so passionate about using essential oils throughout the winter that I am looking for ways to get them into as many homes as I can.  I wish I could just send you all a Premium Standard Kit and an extra bottle of Thieves.  If I ever win the lottery that’s what I’d do.

YOU get a Kit and YOU get a kit and YOU get a kit….everybody gets a kit!!! (I’ve always wanted to be Oprah for a day)

But since I can’t do that, I am hoping to help you by giving you some extras to make it easier for you to stock up for winter.  I am going to send everyone who signs up with the Premium Standard Kit in the next three days….drum roll please….

My favorite reference book, a package of Thieves Lozenges, a tin of Thieves Breathmints (we used these like crazy when we were at Disney) and a $20 Visa gift card!

Seriously.  I am not kidding!


Get yourself ready for the winter and get the kit.  I will help you learn how to use the oils that you get and give you tons of support.  I don’t want anyone to feel lost.  The learning curve is easy.  And these extra gifts I am sending will help to pay for a little of it and give you some extra support for the upcoming season.

Here’s the thing….when your kids get sick you run to the all night pharmacy and pick up over-the-counter medications because it’s scary.  And then you catch whatever they had and you run for the grown-up version.  But if you get these oils you will be ready for all ages when it hits.  There are a few other oils that I would suggest also, but this is a starting place and soon you will have an arsenal of supplies to help when those winter bugs strike.


And Young Living has some AMAZING sales happening this week!  If you join you can take advantage of those and if you’re already a member be sure to check them out!


Let me know if you have any questions.

Update:  Alice asked a great question in the comments and I think lots of you may be wondering…exactly WHAT is in the Premium Standard Kit?!  It is a little hard to tell on the Young Living website.  So here’s a list….

It’s the Everyday Oils Kit which includes: 5 singles – frankincense, lemon, lavender, peppermint, melaleuca and 5 blends – StressAway, Purification, Thieves, Joy, PanAway.  These are 5 ml bottles, they are the smaller bottles and have approximately 85 drops in each bottle.  Click HERE to see how I use the oils in this kit.

The Premium Standard Kit also comes with a bottle of Citrus Fresh, the fabulous diffuser, 2 Ninxia Red samples and several small samples of the oils.  It’s a great deal!


When You’re Feeling Like a Failure

When You’re Feeling Like a Failure

This week on YouTube I am sharing some encouragement for you who are dealing with really hard times.

In the past couple of weeks many of you have opened up to me in letters and messages about feeling like a failure as a mom.  Oh my sweet friends!

Let me assure you that your child’s success in life does not depend on your level of perfection.

It would be impossible for you to not leave large gaps in your child raising.  That’s where God steps in and fills those gaps in ways you never could.  Yes, you mess up and sure, you could have done better.  I KNOW I COULD HAVE!!!  But I also know that my children have a heavenly father who is perfect in all ways and He will fix what I did wrong.

And your kids aren’t perfect either.  They will make some doozy mistakes in their lives and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Trying to keep them from ever suffering will only keep them from knowing the truth of a God who is there for them in their deepest time of need.

Isaiah 41:10  “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Read the whole chapter of Isaiah 41 for some deep encouragement!  When you are feeling like you are alone, turn to the Bible for comfort.  When you are consumed with the pain of heartbreak….He is there.  When He feels so far away and you don’t sense His presence like you used to, He is still there behind the cloud and taking care of your every need.


I am walking through my own trials now too and I know the depth of the grief many of you are experiencing.  Some days I think my heart will literally break in half from the pain I am feeling.  Then I read a passage in God’s Word that comforts me and gives me a break from the hurting.

And remember, He lost His son too.  He knows your pain.  He cares.  He is ready to rock you to sleep and give you unexplainable peace.

Be sure to check my YouTube channel for more encouragement.


The Most Magical Place on Earth

The Most Magical Place on Earth

I was quiet on the blog last week because my family went on vacation….to Disney World!


It was a dream come true kind of trip.  We had been planning it for about 6 months and even though we didn’t know it then, the timing was amazing.  We all needed a break from the difficulties going on at home.


It’s more proof that God knows what is ahead for us and sets His plans into motion to take care of us. 

With so many of us there, it was hard to stay together so we ended up splitting up most of the time and meeting all together for dinner each day.  We tried to stay connected, but you know how it goes.


We did manage to ride a few rides all together.


We would divide into groups and I ended up spending most of my time with the two youngest boys.


It was fun just to ride whatever they wanted and see the shows they were interested in.  We rode the train around Magic Kingdom and the carousel and everything the older kids had no interest in.


But don’t think I had a slow paced time.  I love the roller coasters and occasionally I would sneak off with the fast action crew for some thrill rides.  The more loops and twists and turns the better in my opinion. (the girl on the end is a sweet friend who went with us)


We would use our fast passes then run right back around to wait in line to ride the ride again.  Fun, Fun and more Fun.

Speaking of fast passes, I want to shout out how amazing our Disney travel agent was.  Amy, from Polka Dots N’ Wishes planned the whole thing for us and got us a great deal!  Plus she gave us tips for things we would never have discovered on our own.  I was thrilled with their service and will use them to plan another trip again for SURE!  If you’re going to Disney, contact them and let them know I sent you.


It’s so great to be in a place where you look normal wearing costumes.  But my Minnie Mouse ears were hurting my head, so the next day I made my own.  I may start wearing my hair like that all the time.


We met quite a few celebrities….including the biggest celebrity of all.


I even made friends with a Lego muscle man.  He’s a little angry, but he’s still cute.


While it was an amazing trip and I would do it all again, I am hoping to go back again with just James and I.  It seems weird at first to think of going without our kids, but then we realized we were spending the entire time doing what everyone else wanted, taking people to the bathroom, looking for lost hats, finding people to trade pins with, etc.  It’s what a parent does and we were totally glad to do it.  But it also sounds nice to do whole thing at our own pace.  So we are thinking of calling Amy and having her set up a “Mommy and Daddy only” kind of trip.  (ignore the black man in the photo with me – it’s from a ride – just pretend that’s James)


And another great thing about the trip….it was our Christmas gift to the family.  So my Christmas shopping is done except for a few friend and teacher gifts which I have already ordered.  Booyah!!!

Have a very merry week!


What I’m Giving for Christmas This Year

What I’m Giving for Christmas This Year

Y’all know I love essential oils.  It’s becoming a trend, but I have used them for about 8 years and found them to have been amazing for dealing with all kinds of issues our family has dealt with from common sniffles to depression and test taking.  I only share them with you because I want to bless you with ways to build your family’s health using natural remedies instead of synthetic medication.

And another thing I love is gift giving……so…..I am combining two of my passions and giving essential oils for Christmas!  To everyone (well, not my kids but that’s a whole different post).  Now, don’t you wish you had been nicer to me?


Seriously, I wish I could send you all a bottle of Thieves for the winter.  I’ve been relying on it for years to get us through the season of cold weather and being shut in the house for days.

Who doesn’t want to give a gift that is unique, thoughtful and lasts a long time.  Plus you’re contributing to someone’s wellness.  I just LOVE that!

I may add a little note with each gift to make sure whoever gets it how to use it….in case they’re all like, “Gee thanks,” to my face and, “What on EARTH is this stuff?!?!” after they walk away.

If you’re already using Young Living oils then you know how great they are.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now!  I am sending a package of Thieves Lozenges and my favorite reference book to anyone who signs up this month with a Premium Starter Kit.

We have varying amounts we spend on people, depending on their relationship with us.  So I’ve broken down some ideas for you in price ranges.  Now, these are the wholesale prices.  You can get those prices when you join!  {hint-hint}

1. For the small gift – between $10 and $15

Thieves Spray ($9 – in fact, if you buy the three pack it only costs $7.92 each!), Christmas Spirit ($10.25), Orange Oil ($10.75), Lemon Oil ($11.25), Thieves Breathmints ($12.75)

I will give these to my mail carrier, the lady who helped me so much this year with cupcakes for a couple of parties, the receptionist at my dentist’s office who has been so patient with me, etc.


2. For the medium gift – between $15 and $26

Citrus Fresh ($15.25), Thieves Lozenges ($18.50), EnRGee ($20.25), Peppermint ($21.50), Lavender ($23.50),  Melaleuca ($26)

I’ll be giving some of these to people like the kids’ piano teacher, our pastor, a few friends that I exchange gifts with, etc.


3. For the larger gift – when money is no object….

What about getting someone you love started by gifting them the Premium Starter Kit?!  They’d get 11 oils and a diffuser plus a few samples.  AND I would send you (or them, whichever you want) the reference book and Thieves Lozenges from ME!  Ya can’t beat that for a great gift idea!


If you have any questions feel free to ask!  I love helping people find their groove with the oils and learn more about them.  I know it seems overwhelming, but if I can figure it out anyone can!

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A Shameless Plug

A Shameless Plug

So, we have this YouTube channel that we started a couple of months ago.  It’s going really well and I really do like doing the videos as a way to share with you. When my daughter Patience came to me with an idea she had to make a promotional video for me I told her to go for it!  She could just do whatever she wanted and we would follow her lead. It turned out so sweet and I love her style. I had to show you…..feel free to share it with people who you think might be blessed. And it would bless me so much if you hopped over and subscribed to our channel. Out of curiosity, what do you use YouTube for anyway?  I like to watch Tim Hawkins videos and music videos. when I want a break.