How to Paint a Houndstooth Rug

How to Paint a Houndstooth Rug

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

Last week I promised to share how I painted the rug on my front porch.  And while I often break those promises and truthfully wonder why you ever trust me, I am happy to say that I actually pulled myself together and am doing it.  I know.  It’s as big a surprise to me as it must be to you.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

It started with a freshly painted surface.  We cleared the porch, scrubbed it and gave it a new coat of paint.  It’s SO good to have that floor clean again!  If only for 5 minutes.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

For the base of the rug, we marked off a rectangle the size of the rug we wanted.  We didn’t tape it off because the last time I did that it pulled up the other paint and it just works better to draw a line and carefully paint up to it.   For this we used some leftover semi-gloss paint from another project.  You can use pretty much any water based paint.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

By the way, I keep saying “we” because my daughter Hope helped me a ton with this project!

Next I made a stencil.  I found a houndstooth pattern online, blew it up and printed it out.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point
Then I cut it out of four pieces of foam sheets in that shape.

How to paint a houndstooth rug -- The Pennington Point
Next, and this is the best part, (I felt a little proud of this idea) I glued three of the foam cutouts together then glued them to a piece of glass (I had from a broken picture frame).  Be sure to put duct tape on the edge of the glass so you don’t cut yourself!  Also, you really must use three layers of foam sheets so it’s high enough to make a nice thick “stamp”.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point
The fourth piece will be used for spacing.  Yep.  It’s awesome.  You can say it.

We used a foam brush to put black (again, leftover from another project) paint on our handmade stamp.  After a few times we were able to make one application of the paint work for two stamps.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point
We snapped some lines to keep it straight.  Although, if I were doing it again I would snap a line for almost every angle instead of just the few we did.  It went a little crooked.  But live & learn.  You’ll do it better.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

We stamped the first one in a corner then used the “spacer” to guide how far down to put the next one.  That’s why the glass was so great.  We could see exactly where we were placing the image.  If the image didn’t stamp out all the way, it was easy to add a little paint and place it right back down and rock it a little if necessary.  But I wasn’t going for a fully filled in image.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

Occasionally we had to peel the black paint off our stamp because it would get too thick and not stamp well.  But it was pretty easy to do.

Along the edges we would paint up/prep the stamp, then lie a piece of newspaper down along the edge so the stamp would only paint the rug and not go beyond that.  Make sense?

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

I used a pencil eraser (just dip the eraser in the paint and make a little circle) and a clean sponge brush to make fringe along the edges. (sorry for the blurry picture, but if we had to wait for me to take another one then this promised post would not have happened)

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point
The whole project took about a day and a half.

How to paint a houndstooth rug! -- The Pennington Point

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How to Add Trim to Make Your Shutters Reach the Ceiling

How to Add Trim to Make Your Shutters Reach the Ceiling

Last week I showed you my beautiful new shutters and how they have improved my lifestyle.  I no longer have to wedge myself between my chair and the wall to open the curtains in my bedroom.  I can have easy privacy when necessary and let the sunshine in with one flip of the wrist.

I love, love, love them.  BUT my bedroom needed height at the windows and the new shutters were only the size of my windows.  I thought, while I loved them with all my heart, that they needed some tweaking.

I wanted to make them look a bit more grand, more substantial.  So I hopped in the van and went to the hardware store for some trim.  I wanted to widen the windows a bit, so I got a 4″ trim and I wanted to stretch the windows to the ceiling, so I got a package of beadboard and some smaller trim.

In less than 3 hours I was finished with the whole project and my windows are perfection.  Mwah!

First we cut the 4″ trim to fit along the sides of the window from floor to ceiling.

How to add trim to your shutters

We also added this same trim across the top, below the crown molding that was already there.  If I didn’t have crown I would have just taken it all the way to meet the ceiling.  We mitered those corners.  Mitering corners isn’t scary…you just need the right tool. (my oldest son was sweet to help me with the project)

How to add height to shutters

The only hitch was that we had to notch around the window sills.  After cutting the side piece the exact length to fit floor to ceiling we held it up to the window and marked where the notch needed to be.

How to add trim to your shutters

Then we measured how far in we needed to cut and we marked that.

How to add trim to your shutters

Until we had our mark exactly where we needed it.

How to add trim to your shutters

There are several ways to cut a notch.  This is just how we do it. We use the miter saw (we also used it for the mitered corners above) to start the cuts.

How to add trim to your shutters

Then used a chisel to chip out the rest.  It only took about a minute.

How to add trim to your shutters

And it was ready to put up.

How to add trim to your shutters

Then we cut the beadboard to fit into the opening above the windows.  I attached everything using a brad nailer, but you can also use finish nails.

Next I cut some narrow trim into a frame to fit inside of the beaded board.  I just did that to add a paneling feeling.  After it was all caulked and painted it looked like this:

How to add trim to your store bought shutters

Below the window I just painted the exposed wall with the white paint, but I didn’t add beadboard there.  I was too cheap to buy another package when I really didn’t need it.

How to add trim to your shutters

To show you what a huge difference the trim makes, I did one window at a time so you could see them before and after side by side.

How to add trim to your shutters

Here it is finished….nice, huh?

How to add trim to your shutters

I am in love.  Real, true, deep love.

How to add trim to make your shutters look bigger

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The New Room Reveal!

The New Room Reveal!

It was two weeks ago today that we started the new room. But we only worked on the room 7 of those days. The rest of the time we lived normal lives. OK, normal may be a stretch.

Before I show you the results, here’s a reminder of what the front porch looked like 2 Saturdays ago:

And here it is today:

A closer look before:


And remember the mess?


Now, come on inside….

This is what the boys’ room looked like before:

And today:

Here’s the new room!

To take this next picture I was standing in the dining room. The door into the new room is the original front door on the house.

Because it opens to our living areas, I had to find a balance between fitting with my style, yet keeping it masculine and an obvious room for an 11 year old boy.

So I kept the colors similar with the rest of the house, whites with green walls and I added a touch of black. Although this green is not the same color I used in the living areas. I thought a darker, deeper green was better for a boy’s room.

This is the wall on the left as you walk in:

I hung a framed chalkboard and wrote his morning chores there. Check out chore number 8. That’s the most important one.

If you’re wondering about the big, white thing on the wall over the bed….that’s a giant paper airplane. This boy loves to make paper airplanes. I gave him a huge piece of paper and had him make it. I thought it was a good compromise of my taste (whites, clean lines and a little whimsical with a touch of vintage) with his personality.

Besides needing a bed for him, we needed storage for our enormous Lego collection. I used several different types of containers and labeled them. I told the kids to sort the Legos into the containers and make me a list of what the labels should say. I think it’s funny that it looks so cute, but the labels say things like, “Weapons”.

I used vinyl in my die cut machine to make the geometric shapes on the striped wall. To me it gives the room a modern, whimsical look, but it’s maintenance free. Great for a kid.

These picture show the texture I did on the walls. It looks a little bit like linen. I really like it. And I made it up all by myself. But before you admire my creativity you should know, it was mostly born of laziness because I didn’t want to go to the trouble of renting a machine and cleaning it up afterward.

The shelves needed something to soften the look. I came up with the idea of making giant Legos and covering them with vintage math papers. I’m working on a tutorial to show you how to make them, if you’re interested in having huge, paper covered Legos in your house. Which I’m sure you are. I mean, who doesn’t need that?

The wall to the right is the old exterior wall of the house. It is stucco. 80 year old, hard as a rock stucco. I probably could have drilled into it with a masonry bit and used wall anchors to hang pictures. But I move things around so much, that I didn’t want to be limited by that. So instead, I hung eye hooks from the ceiling and used chain from the hardwork store and that is what holds the wall decor. I love the texture that the chain adds to the room.

The picture is of our five boys. My photographer friend took it for me. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, so I just bought the image file from her. I used my MCP actions to change it to black and white with just a touch of blue. Then I had it made into a 20×30. I just used a poster frame with plastic instead of glass. That way we don’t have to worry about it being bumped into and breaking.

Down that same wall, past the doorway to the other boy’s room, there’s a tiny corner. I put a little dresser there that I had already painted white. The mirror is from IKEA. It adds to the geometric shape thing that’s going on in the room. Again, it’s hung with chains.

A closer look shows a framed report that my dad wrote when he was 12. It’s all about where he lived and what he liked to do. It’s one of my favorite possessions.

I got the bed frame at IKEA. It’s just black with white legs. Very simple. But the box spring was going to show and I didn’t want a dust ruffle. So I bought this fabulous fabric at our local quilt store and stapled it to the box spring. I am thrilled with the way it turned out.

Before I wrap up this ridiculously long reveal, I thought you might want to know a few of the nitty gritty details.

The room is about 12 feet by 6 feet. Very small and hard to photograph.

It cost just under $1,000. But keep in mind that is including everything. From the nails, sheetrock and Hardy Plank to the curtains, pillows and mirror. The only thing we didn’t have to buy was the flooring. We had just enough leftover from last year’s project of installing it in the other three bedrooms.

As for time, you already know it took 7 days. But each of those days were WHOLE days….sun up to sun down. If it hadn’t been for the front porch mess I might have let it last a little longer so I wouldn’t be so worn out from it.

My only regret is the black rug I bought to put by his bed. It shows every little speck of dirt. I got it on clearance, so when I find something else I will get rid of it. But I just hate wasting money.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my little project. Keep checking back. I’ve got plenty more of them swimming around in my mind just waiting to get started!

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Day Three: Mom with Power Tools
Day Four: Texture and Trim
Day Five: Paint and Floor
Day Six: Starting to Lose my Mind
Day Seven: The Details are Going to Break Me


The Mess

The Mess

So many of you have been concerned about the pressure I am putting on myself to get the room finished.

I appreciate your concern. I am going to give myself a break. I listen to my advisors.

But there’s something you should see.

Brace yourself.

You must promise me that you will still come to visit if I show you.

Here’s why I’m in such a rush to finish…..

Welcome to the entrance to our lovely home.

Don’t step on the electrical cords on your way in.

Believe it or not, I have been trying to keep it neat.

I’m so glad I took the time to hang my Easter wreath on the door.

My beautiful front door decor.

So now you know. It’s a mess. We’ve already had company several times and they had to walk through that disaster.

I can’t put any of it away until we’re completely finished.

THAT’s why I’m so ready to get this job done.

Day Seven

Details, details, details! I’m ready to be finished with the details!

The new room seems soooooo cloooose to being finished.

I didn’t work on it yesterday. I needed a break.

Today when I woke up I just KNEW that with a little elbow grease and some bribery for my 18 year old son I could get it finished.

But NOOOOO. There are so many teeny-tiny, miniscule, seems-like-they-don’t-matter-but-they-do type of things that I didn’t make it. I am STILL not finished.

Before you start to throw tomatoes at me and boo and hiss and declare me a failure, never to read my blog again….let me remind you:

This is an 85 year old house and there is nothing straight, even or level about it. Every miter cut is different. You can’t nail or screw into the walls. I have so much liquid nail residue stuck to the tips of my fingers that I may never be able to do needlework again.

My sweet husband and son must have started to feel sorry for me. The crying may have helped. It’s sad, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

The two of them offered to finish putting up the exterior siding (don’t forget, we have to finish the exterior porch section as well as the inside) for me. So today they finished that and tomorrow the girls and I will paint it. Then we’ll trim the new window and paint the trim.

I am so close I can taste it.

But I can’t lick the taste of victory off of my fingers or I just might liquid nail my tongue to the roof of my mouth.

Pictures by Saturday….I promise!

Day Six

Day Six

I didn’t make my own personal deadline of finishing the new room in a week.

It was just too much. Today I felt like I was possibly losing my mind and nothing was going right.

I was the only person that could measure with reasonable accuracy and the only person that could use a saw. That meant I was in-out-in-out-in-out over and over and over. And, well, a cold front came through and I just got tired of the whole thing.

I am down to details now. I ran out of trim, even though I really thought I measured carefully. Isn’t that always how it goes?

So another run to the hardwork store tomorrow. Plus I have a little more sewing and embroidery to do. I can’t have a new room without monogramming something for it.

Here are a few teasers to make you want to come back in a couple of days and see the finished room.

Finished or not, the boy WILL be sleeping in a bed tonight.

No more girly light.

I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with the shelves!

If you decide to come see it in person, bring a Diet Dr Pepper with extra ice and some Tylenol.

I’m gonna need it!

Day Five

Day Five

Another long day of working on the new room. It’s going to be great!

I’m glad there’ll be a bed in there so I can fall upon it and sleep for three days after this is all over.

We got it primed (pe-yew!) and then started painting.

I decided to paint stripes on the short wall. I saw the idea here and I knew it was just what our tiny room needed.

Then my floor crew took over while I stayed outside with the power tools.

They’d hand me floor boards through the window and I’d cut ’em. Between cutting their boards I worked on the shelves for the striped wall.

All I had to do was cut the boards to fit the space and attach the brackets where the studs are. I can build a whole room….but I tell you, building those shelves was a mess. I kept making mistakes. It got really frustrating.

I did finally manage.

And we got the floor done.

Tomorrow I have a lot of details to finish. Trim around the floor, ceiling, shelves and the opening between the rooms, touch up paint.

Plus I’ve been instructed that the light is too “girly” for a boys’ room. So I need to change that. Can’t have a girly-light.

Then it’s one more day after that. We still have the exterior to finish.

Next week I need to think about decor. That’s the best part.

It’s like the icing on the cake.

Day Four

Day Four

Whew! I spent the day working on the new room.

I textured the walls, painted trim, cut, painted the ceiling and door (Painting doors is my LEAST favorite painting job).

I didn’t want to deal with renting a texture gun, so I decided to design my own texture pattern. This can be dangerous. Sometimes these ideas work great and sometimes (most times) they don’t. I say this because I want to stress that I mess this stuff up all of the time. But it’s no big deal. Just scrape it off and do something else. Don’t be afraid to try!

But I think my texture job is turning out great. I’ll post more on that later.

I just have a few pictures to post before I hit the sack. I’ve got to get those walls primed and painted tomorrow. Plus we’re hoping to get the floor in tomorrow afternoon.

It’s getting so close…..we’re very excited.

I still need to add a trim piece below the window sill. But I want to wait until I finish the walls.

Here’s something that made the whole job a little easier. The front porch had a bead board ceiling already on it. So I just scrubbed it and painted it. It’s perfect.

It seems so odd to me that for the past 85 years that bead board was outside and now…it’s part of the inside of the house. You just never know where something will end up, huh?

That’s my deep thought for the day. Free of charge and just for you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Mom with Power Tools

Mom with Power Tools

So far so good…..

I got math done, piano practice started, co-op class preparation underway and I was off to work on the new room.

We had to remove the window between the boys’ room and the new room. This is the view from inside of the boys’ room….

You can see the new room on the other side of the window. That’s a piece of sheetrock leaning against the other side of the window.

And by 1:00 it looked like this…..

A couple of kids are cleaning up the debris while Mommy “takes a break” (read: collapses on her bed with the door closed).

There is stucco on the outside wall. And that had another layer of siding behind it. It took all of my strength and then some to get that opening cut. But I did it. If I could move my arms I’d pat myself on the back.

These are some of the nails I was up against….

Moms and power tools, we don’t always do it right, but we get the job done.

I couldn’t find any safety goggles, so I used my “onion chopping” glasses.

And of course there must always be a Diet Dr Pepper nearby.

I’m at a stopping point now. I have used all of the materials I bought and now I have to make another run to the hardwork store.

Then it’s texture, prime and paint. SWEET!

Day Two….

Day Two….

Last night I couldn’t move my arms.

Tonight I can’t move anything…my arms,my legs, my hair…

I’m not sure what happened, but the size of my crew diminished significantly.

Yesterday there were six of us working plus the occasional floater.

Today this was the insulation team:

When we started putting up sheetrock another daughter took pity on us and jumped in to help, so there were three.

But by the time night fell and dinner was being served and it was time to tape and float,

there was one…..

The walls are up.

Tomorrow afternoon, if we can get school finished in a timely manner, we’ll cut the opening from the other room and then it’ll be officially part of the house.

I wonder if there will be anyone left to lend a hand.