Pinterest Friday, Holiday Edition #1

Pinterest Friday, Holiday Edition #1

My little Christmas board is smoking hot….it’s chugging along trying hard not to burst with all of the great holiday ideas I’ve pinned lately.  I can’t stop.  It’s too wonderful.

Here are a few of my favorites….

I am working on a new wreath for my front door.  Tonya from Love of Family and Home shows 16 beautiful ideas!

This afternoon I am filling our advent calendar with candy and I found this great idea from NurtureStore with printable jokes for kids.  I’m going to put a joke in each opening with the candy.  My boys will LOVE it!

Speaking of my boys….no more explanation is needed when you see this post from Our Forever House:

This adorable “cake” from Jen at 4tunate is making me crave rice crispy treats.

Myra from My Blessed Life has a whole gallery of Christmas ideas….I love that!

This water bottle printable and drink station idea from Hostess with the Mostess is the MOST adorable thing ever!

And don’t forget all of my free stocking stuffer ideas from a few weeks ago.

Now I’m all motivated to go finish my Christmas decor and invite some friends over.

Are you all decorated for the holidays yet?

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Pinterest Friday Numero Trientaiuno

Pinterest Friday Numero Trientaiuno

Friday and Pinterest just go hand in hand.  Looking at pretty things and being inspired by other people is just what this tired girl needs at the end of a long week.

But before I show you a few of my favorite pins of the week, I want to share a couple of my favorite tips for using Pinterest.

#1  Be sure to put a description and picture in your bio.  Whenever I get an email letting me know I have a new follower, I am less likely to follow them back if their page looks like this:

I just can’t tell enough about them.  But if their page looks like this then I can see if they are a person that has the same general interest that I have:

#2 If you are a blogger or have a business, put your website in the place where you can put your location (under settings).  It makes it easy to find you.

#3 Be sure you pin things that represent you well.  For me personally, I won’t follow someone if I see swearing in their pins.  Also, It helps to organize your boards well.  That way if I like following you, but I don’t share your fascination with pug dogs, I can just unfollow your pug dog board but still keep up with the rest of your pins.

Like my board called “Hair.”  Maybe you don’t care about that.  But I’m telling you, there are some rockin’ hairstyles on Pinterest.  Here’s my favorite from this week.  Biblical Homemaking shows her favorite drug store hair products.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Speaking of gorgeous, this Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo from HOME made simple would stop me in my tracks!

My friend Cyndi has a great 3 day series on fashion for women over 40. Her post about eyeglasses is just what I need to keep from looking like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies.

That’s it for today!  Come follow me on Pinterest for more GREAT pins!

Pinterest Friday Numero Trienta

Pinterest Friday Numero Trienta

OK, are y’all getting tired of the Spanish numbers?  I didn’t really think it through the first time I used it and now I find myself Googling for the next number every time I write one of my Pinterest Friday posts.  I wish I had paid more attention in high school.  Then I might not be having this problem….along with quite a few other gaps in my education.  Like multiplication tables.  And grammar.

With that in mind, I’ll share some of my favorite pins from my “Homeschool” board.

I am dying to try making this stuff for the boys from Skip to My Lou.  When hit it acts like a solid; when touched slowly it acts like a liquid.  COOL!

And this from hands on: as we grow showing a bunch of experiments for seeing what will dissolve in water.

And of course, water makes me think of, what else, watermelon.  And this post from Fifteen Spatulas on how to pick the perfect watermelon and then how to slice it has rocked my world.

As long as we’re discussing tips, this tip from embroitique on how to get that dreadful gunk out of the refrigerator water tray is awesome.  I can’t wait to try it.

Last, but not least is this great post full of ideas from my friend Becky at Organizing Made Fun.  I could have used this in high school!

Don’t forget next Saturday I’m co-hosting a party where we can all link up our social media accounts…Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  I’m always wondering how to find good people to follow, so this will be a great way to do that!

Come back and join me on the 29th for a great party!  Fortunately for you, I DID learn how to do that in high school.


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Pinterest Friday Numero Veintinueve

Pinterest Friday Numero Veintinueve

Hello and we’re back around to another Friday edition of……My Favorite Pins! {applause}  And now heeeeere we go!

I’m not sure why I’m talking like a game show host, but I can’t seem to stop.

Behind door number one we have zucchini chips from Vittles and Bits.  I made some of these a couple of nights ago because I was starting to feel like I might kill someone in my sleep if I didn’t have a chip soon.  They were very satisfying and I will definitely be making them on a regular basis.  The only thing I did differently was to add the spices after I cooked them.

Our next contestant is this list of 30 Kid tested jokes from Childhood Beckons.  My kids love corny jokes and these will freshen up their repitoir.

Door number three is a plethora (see my fancy game show host words?) of tips for how to use Instagram from Marmalade Moon. If you haven’t joined the Instagram party yet, you’re missing out.  It’s my new obsession. (and you can follow me there @PenningtonPoint)

And our grand prize, selected especially for you, is this beach bungalow.  I searched and searched and can’t find the original source.  But I still had to show it to you because, well it will be obvious when you see it.

Just give me a week there and I will be the most relaxed woman you ever came across. I love my backyard above ground pool but it’s not exactly a beach house where no one can reach me. Even thought I sneak out there at night, tiptoeing as quietly as I can, people find me.

And that’s it folks.  I hope you’ll join us here every Friday where we will give away nothing but cheer and fun ideas!

Happy pinning!

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Pinterest Friday Numero Veintiocho

Pinterest Friday Numero Veintiocho

I just got home from my trip to visit Becky and I am still recovering.  I don’t travel as well as I used to, when I was young and my body hadn’t birthed a bunch of children and gotten all confused about which way is up.

Since the kids have been busy entertaining themselves these past few weeks, I thought I’d share some great kid ideas from Pinterest today.  We need some freshening up around here.

Love this super easy bird feeder from Here Comes the Sun.

Ten games to play with a ball from Free Stuff 4 Kids is great.  A simple games is just what we need.

Have you ever made Cloud Dough?  This idea from Juggling with Kids makes me want to dig into some!

My boys will FLIP over this Pirate Scavenger Hunt idea from The Flourishing Blade.

I don’t want to leave the big girls out of the fun.  They need something to do sometimes too….

Grace would love making these adorable birthday hats by Petit Purls.

And this nut bracelet by Rent the Runway on Campus are right up Faith’s alley.

I think I will pull out some of these ideas and play with the kids this weekend.

There are a lot more fun kid ideas on my Pinterest boards.

Happy Friday!

Great Summer Kid Activities

Great Summer Kid Activities

This week I’m mixing it up. I’m showing you some summer ideas for kids plus a couple of greats from my friends Gina and Andrea.  Don’t you just love blog friends?  They ROCK!

Now that we’ve heated up I need some fun things for the kids to do.  They can’t just swim for the next 3 months…or can they?

I am definitely going to try this game from The Taylor House.  It’s simple and the kids will LOVE it.

How about water balloon games? has some great ideas!

Oh we all need a snake….this strawberry shortcake snake from Disney’s Family Fun would be a huge hit around here.

For those long trips in the car, I love this coloring case made out of a DVD box by handmade by stacy vaughn.

For more GREAT summer ideas hop over to The Shabby Creek Cottage and see Gina’s outdoor light fixture she made.  I am amazed!

And my sweet friend Andrea at The Cottage Market has 25 outdoor ideas that will knock your socks off.

If you need a Pinterest invite let me know.  I’ll be happy to send you one!

Pinterest Friday Numero Veintiquatro

It’s been a while since I showed you some of my favorite pins of the week.  But I’m still Pinning away….not stopping me.  I know what’s important in life.

Working so hard on the house and yard lately means James and I have lots of “conversations” about how things should look.  This pin from Geeks in Heels describes these conversations perfectly.

Speaking of James, this pin from imgfave describes him perfectly.

My Backyard Board on Pinterest is so full of great ideas that I couldn’t decide which one to show you.  My kids would love this simple game from Family Fun.

And Mommy loves this better….dreamy.  From Whimsical Raindrop.

And even better is this from Star of the Show.  If I had this you’d here all day long, “Where’s Mommy?”

After a hot day of working outside I need a cool drink.  Here in the Texas Hill Country the peaches are ripe, so how about some peach lemonade from my recipes?

And last but not least, some words of encouragement by More than Sayings.

If you need a Pinterest invite I’m happy to send you one!

Pinterest Friday Numero Veintitres

I’ve been missing Pinterest Friday.  I just love looking back over my pins from the week and remembering the moment I pinned that and thinking about how much there is to do.

Since I’m at SNAP this week, I am pinning things I needed to prepare for the conference.

Like what to wear….this gorgeous combination is exactly what I would love to wear.

Or maybe this from Dorotheas…when I’ve been reading Jane Austin I get in the mood for that romantic look.

And how to wear my hair….isn’t this pretty?

But I’ll probably look more like this (lots more where this came from on bee in our bonnet!)

The kids will need something fun to do while I’m gone.  Wouldn’t the boys love this idea from Muddy Boots?  Light sabers from pool noodles and tape!  I heart clever people.

While I’m there with 325 other amazing bloggers I will need to remember that I have my own purpose.  I love this message from and Spiritually Speaking….

Oh this one really blesses me….

And when I get home….I need someone to set out some stones for my tired feet like they do on Martha Moments.   You are supposed to sit them in the sun and they will relieve the pressure of the day.  Yes please.

Have a great weekend!

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Pinterest Friday Numero Veintidos

Pinterest Friday Numero Veintidos

This week I’m inspired to share with you some of the vast knowledge and information I have found on Pinterest.  If you are a blogger or online retailer you will like these.  If you’re none of those things then, I don’t know, maybe get something to drink and go to the bathroom and when you come back I will be finished talking.

This article from Copyblogger (one of my favorite sites about blogging, my other fave is ProBlogger, but that fact is irrelevant to this conversation) is called, “56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest.”

And this article, “How to Pin from Facebook,” is written in German.  So here’s the translation, which you must read with a German accent….If you want to pin a picture directly from Facebook.. 1. Install the “Pin it”-Bookmarklet 2. Click on the Facebook picture you want to pin 3. Right-click and choose “view image” 4. Make sure the .jpg-URL is shown in your in your browsers address bar. 5. Pin it! 🙂


And this hint from Karen, The Graphics Fairy, rocked my world.  She shows how to find a source using just the image.  I had no idea you could do that!

And Mom Blog Magazine wrote an article on ways to make money from your blog.  I have not mastered this yet, but I’m open to ideas!  Plus the woman in the picture looks so happy, it must be good!

Lastly, he’s one for those of you that just came back from the bathroom and I’m still here.  It’s just a cool idea that has nothing to do with growing blogs.  This idea comes from Completegarden’s Weblog.  How to make a wasp trap for free.  I am definitely trying this.

There’s so much incredible information out there.  That’s what is so great about Pinterest…you can easily find it again when you need it.

If you need a Pinterest invite let me know!  I’ll be happy to send you one.


Pinterest Friday Veintiuno

Pinterest Friday Veintiuno

Well Pinterest has changed its look and I am not happy about it.  Pretty much in the same way I get upset that my children grow…I know it has to happen but if something was working why change it?  I mean, Elijah is fun and adorable at 9 years old.  Why can’t he just stay like that forever?

So now when you go to your Pinterest page it has a new layout.  This upsets me mostly because I had old-lady-trouble figuring it out the first time.  But I did it.  I learned where to click and how to find my way around.  The new look is pretty, but I don’t like having to learn new things.

So I am rummaging around this morning trying to find the pins that I wanted to show you.  Since I won’t be figuring out the new system anytime soon…I’m just going to show you random yumminess.  I know I am usually quite organized with my thoughts here, so you’ll have to adjust.

With the springlike weather, I am looking at pins of clothing.  This Alana Denim Skirt has a beautiful shape.

And this look from Sunday Crossbow is how I would dress all of the time if I had a waist.

In other springtime news (see how hard I work at keeping the theme going?) I’ve been pinning backyard ideas.  I love this from Houzz, I wonder if it would work if we just mowed a curve and left the weeds on the edge.  Or does it have to be that sweet ground cover to look nice?  Shoot.

For some reason I’ve been craving cold, sweet, carbonated drinks lately.  This from heatherross sounds heavenly! (when I linked back to the post I saw that it is from 2009, Heather…where have you been in my life?!)

I also really want to try this lavender lemonade by sophistimom.

Oh, how fun would this be for the kids?  An Angry Birds party by Kara’s Party Ideas…so clever!

We don’t do birthday parties, but this would be great for anytime!

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite word pin of the week from someecards….

If you need a Pinterest invite let me know.  I’d love to send you one!