Sentimental Sunday

Sentimental Sunday

When I saw that my friend Cha Cha over at Sit, Relax and Read was hosting a link party called Sentimental Sunday….well I knew JUST what I would share.

The shelves in my nursery.

The crib may be out, but the vintage toys on the shelves stayed the same.  Most of these treasures were either mine or James’ when we were little.  Several belonged to other family members and a few I found at flea markets.

These shelves are so full that I had to do a diagram.

The outfit in the front was the first thing James’ mother ever put on him.  She insisted that I take a picture of each of my boys in it when they were born.  And I just love the idea that my sweetie played with this little wooden truck for hours when he was a boy.

Every single thing on these shelves has a story.  I love telling Levi all about his special toys (that he’s not allowed to play with, I’m a good mom like that).

My very favorite thing…..the teddy bear that belonged to my father when he was a baby.  When I was a girl, it sat way up high on a shelf in his closet.  I used to look at it and think about what it must have been like when my dad was little.  He was my hero, and this represented his life before me.  I love it!

I am a sap when it comes to things from our families’ past.  I love having them around me.  It’s like history and future merge.

OK, now I’m getting all choked up.

I need my teddy bear!

If you have sentimental things, go over and link to Cha Cha’s party.  But you’ll have to excuse me.  I need a Kleenex.  :::snort::::

Sit Relax and Read

Crib is Out

Crib is Out

It has been a sad day for this mommy.  My baby has moved from the crib to a bed.  Excuse me while I take a moment to reflect the squishy baby-ness that is lost.  I think I need a moment of silence.  And maybe some chocolate.

It was unplanned….kind of like him.

He fell out of his crib this morning and I knew.  It was time to move on.  I was squeezing his three year old body into the baby bed for my own pleasure.

He has been a little bit excited all day.  He’s been running from person to person squealing, “I’m getting a BIG BOY BED!”

Faith and I spent the morning taking the nursery apart and putting it back together.  She’s my rearranging buddy.  She’s the one that understands when I say something like, “Move that table to the left.”  The rest of the kids kind of stare, obviously trying to figure out which way is left.  It makes me so proud.

This was a zero budget project.  Just move things around, put baby things in storage & pull out the toddler bed we already owned.

Here is what is used to look like:

And now:

The other side before:

After complete exhaustion:

The baby toys are out and the big boy toys are in.  It’s like Project Runway.  “Auf Wiedersehen Leap Frog Puppy Pal, you’re OUT.”

I like that it still has that little boy feeling.  I can’t take too much growing up at once.

I could probably edit out more stuff than I did, but I’m tired.  I’m old.  I’m busy pondering the passage of time.

When he put his chubby little hand on my face this morning and said, “It’s OK Mommy.  Now I can be like Daddy and Jacob,” I almost lost it.

But I’m fine now.  Someone brought me a few of the little snicker bars that are only available this time of year.

My family really does understand me.

My Nursery, Part 2

My Nursery, Part 2

You’ve seen three walls in my nursery.  The fourth wall is so packed with “stuff” that I waited to overwhelm you with it….until today.

Welcome to my shelves full of vintage toys.  Most of these toys belonged to either me or James or someone in our family.  Some were used by our older kids.

If you were standing in the crib this is what you would see.

OK, if you were actually standing in the crib….I’d have to insist that you see a psychiatrist.  But that’s for another post.

The white, center cabinet is from IKEA.  I added the green fabric inside the glass doors.  It holds the diaper bag, winter clothes, etc.

I got the green shelves on each side at Canton (9 days until my next trip to Canton….YES! )

There is no way I could tell you about everything on the shelves.  But here are a few highlights….

A closer view of James’ baby things….

The other shelf…..

I’ve always loved Dad’s bear.  He kept it in his closet when I was a little girl and I used to love to look at it.

On top of the shelf on the left are pictures of me with my babies.  And the ballet dress hanging on the side is one I wore when I was five.

I still remember swirling and twirling in that thing.  If you’re wondering if my girls ever tried it on….no.  I am fairly confident that it would crumble to dust if anyone tried to stretch it.  I’m old, people.  That tutu is old too!

My goal with the nursery was to create a place where memories flow easily and new memories were made every day.  The kids and I will talk about the things on the shelves and I share my childhood memories with them.

I love the way the room welcomes you to stop and ponder life.  I never go in there without being reminded of the sweetness of childhood, which I guess in turn helps me remember to let my children enjoy these precious days.

Thanks for sharing my nursery with me.

My Nursery, Part 1

My Nursery, Part 1

I have decided to slowly show you around my house.  You’ve seen my kitchen.  Next I’ve got to show you my vintage nursery.

It has been two and a half years since Levi was born.  I did the nursery for him, but I didn’t know if I was having a boy or girl so it’s very neutral.  He plays in there most of the time. There’s so much I want to show you in this room that I will make it into two posts.  I don’t want to overwhelm you.

It’s a narrow room behind my bedroom.  When we were adding these rooms onto the old house, someone gave us these 3’x6′ windows.  I just knew they would be perfect for the nursery.  It makes such a bright, cheery room.

Here’s the view when you walk in the door….

The glider rocker is your typical glider.   I made a slipcover with chenille for the body and linen for the skirt.  I just love sitting here while I nurse my babies.  It’s so peaceful.  I’ll keep a book on the little shelf and read quietly and enjoy my baby.  The blanket over the back of the chair was a gift that Grace crocheted for me when I was pregnant.

The walls are the color of coffee with lots of cream.  It is warm and welcoming and relaxing.

Patience made the quilt that hangs over the crib.  She used leftover fabric from the bumper pad (which I removed when Levi started pulling up).  The little picture is an original painting of a girl in a swing that is by one of my favorite artists.

The wall with the windows….

I found the floral fabric for the window valances and knew it was just what I wanted.  I lined them with a plaid.  Then I used scrim to make a layer under the valance and I pulled out the thread in the bottom 2 inches.  I folded the valances back in the center and used some buttons from my James’ mother’s button box to hold the flap back.  I did a scallop on the top of the valances.  I love that touch of the unexpected.

The basket of toys is Levi’s stash.  He pulls them all out and cleans them all up several times a day.  The wooden box next to the toys is full of books that Levi likes to read.  My brother, who passed away 5 years ago made us that box.  It’s a treasure.  But you’ll see…..the nursery is full of treasures.

Like the “turtle table”….

This sweet table is from my childhood.  I remember sitting at it and drawing pictures with my brother and sister.  It’s funny, I don’t remember what we used for chairs.  These chairs are from IKEA.

Over the little book holder that hangs on the wall is a picture of me that my grandmother painted.  It always hung by her front door.  Every time I see it memories of her house rush into my mind.

I love this next little shelf.  The baskets, liners and chalkboard labels are from Pottery Barn.  The shelf itself is IKEA.

I found these metal boxes and knew they were perfect for holding the diapers and wipes.  The cross stitch behind them is one I made for Levi while I was pregnant with him.  I’ve made one for each of the children.

The last thing I want to show you is what I made to hang over the changing table.  I had all of these little bits of history and I wanted to use them in this room.  So I found a discount frame and I made pockets with fabrics I had leftover from this or other projects.

Then I tucked all kinds of fun things in the pockets.  I copied old family photos.  There are also books from my childhood, my baby shoes, a baby hat James’ grandmother gave me, my birth announcement, some socks Grace made for Adam when he was a baby…oh it’s all so special to me!

In the bottom row of pockets I keep things for Levi to play with while I’m changing his diaper.  He loves that.

Coming in this room is like a walk down memory lane and a promise for the future all at once.  I know it isn’t your typical nursery.  I wanted my nursery to be a tribute to all of those that poured themselves into this baby’s life.  I wanted to use all of those tiny things that had been in a box for so long.

Next time I’ll show you the other long wall.  It’s loaded with treasures!