A Galactic Christmas

A Galactic Christmas

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new Star Wars movie that opened this weekend.  We are sci-fi people.  Not me really….I just tolerate it.  But my children, they love it.  I blame my husband.  He plays Star Trek trivia with them and teaches about the differences between lasers and phasers.

But, we aren’t crazy enough to want to go to a crowded movie theater at 3 in the morning to see something on opening weekend.  We all agree to wait until it’s less crowded.  No thank you to paying $10/person to share an armrest with a stranger who talks all through the movie.

I have a soapbox about talking during movies and you do NOT want me to get up on that.  It’s part of my OCD (I am not kidding…it’s real) and I can’t tune out noises.  Every little sound.  Drip.  Sniff.  Click.  Whistle.  They all enter my brain like they’re vital and I can’t help it, it distracts me terribly.  So when someone starts to talk in a movie it immediately tears me away from what’s happening on the screen and I have lost the storyline.

Sometimes a noise can’t be helped (sneezes, a baby fidgeting, the occasional throat clearing, etc.) so even though those distract me, it doesn’t annoy me.  But if you’re just talking to your friend while I am trying to enjoy the show then I will ask you to stop.  I’m nice about it, but people don’t like to be shushed.  I’ve had people yell at me, throw their popcorn at me, keep talking only louder, it can be a hard decision because people aren’t always kind.  But I’m like, “Oh well….it’s a risk I am willing to take.  I don’t like to hear all about your thoughts of what is happening in the movie.  I don’t even know you.”

OK, I can see that I got on my soapbox.  Sorry.

While we are on the subject of movies, I have tested my limits of Hallmark Christmas movies this year.  I generally watch the Hallmark channel or HGTV.  Hallmark has made both channels all Christmas all month.  The stories are all the same: girl in trouble meets a guy she doesn’t like, they end up falling in love and he proposes.  There.  Now you don’t need to watch any of them.  You’re welcome.

I have seen so many of these movies that I am starting to feel like I am in a close relationship with Candace Cameron Bure.  (she’s adorable, by the way…have you read her book?).  Even though I am tired of them, these movies definitely have gotten me in the mood for Christmas.  I don’t know, I just wasn’t sure I would get there this year.  But thanks to the Hallmark channel I am ready for some hot cocoa and gift wrapping.

Star Wars never did that for me.

This week I will be reviving some old posts while I take some time to spend with my family.  I hope you have a galactic sized amount of joy over Christmas and enjoy a few cheesy movies while you’re at it.

Merry Christmas!

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The Christian Walk…or Is It a Climb?

The Christian Walk…or Is It a Climb?

I went to see the movie “Everest” yesterday.  I normally don’t go for those blockbuster, adventure thriller kind of movies because, frankly, they scare me.  I get so nervous watching them that I have to run to the ladies’ room at least twice during the movie since my bladder can’t take the tension.

But I felt like I was supposed to go see it, I can’t explain why.

The film is about the 1996 Mount Everest disaster.  There were times in the movie when I stayed tightly curled up in my seat with my eyes closed.  As the climbers made their way up to the summit I was so moved by the effects of the blizzard that I kept wishing for a furry coat to wrap around me.  I could have sworn I was freezing in that theater.  I am easily influenced.

What kept striking me as the story played out was how the mountain seemed to call these people.  I mean, WHY would you risk your life for something like that?  One character explained it best when he said that he only felt real peace on the mountain despite the agonizing physical difficulty.

And right there in the middle of than torturous story it hit me.  This is the Christian experience.  God calls us and we must follow Him.  Despite having to lose everything in the answer to the call, we discover that the only real peace is on that harrowing climb.  It is filled with trials and tribulation, yet we stay the course.

The Christian walk can be more like a climb to a mountain summit.

John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Christianity is not easy, friends.  But the peace that accompanies it is unexplainable to those who simply can’t see it.

Sometimes I get it in my head that I am doing things wrong if I am feeling pain or discomfort.  When people call me crazy, it hurts and I don’t want to be disliked.  When I lose possessions or people that I value, it makes me want to quit.  But there is no peace in going back down the mountain and trying to rejoin the world.

Romans 8:18 “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

Being a Christ follower does not mean a pain-free life, nor does it mean we won’t have troubles.  Trouble happens to all of us no matter who we are!  Being a Christian means that the trials draw us to become more like Christ and in our suffering He is glorified.  I know…. it sounds kinda crazy!  But I have experienced that kind of unexplainable peace and I tell you that the joy found there is no less than reaching the summit of Everest.  It is a-mazing!

1 Peter 4:12-13 “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange wee happening to you.  But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when His glory is revealed.”

When I am injured, I still bleed.  When people hate me, my heart breaks.  And when I am rejected for my faith, it stings like the dickens because I love those who reject me and want them to have the peace that I experience.  God doesn’t promise to save me from the pain.  He does promise to increase my character and my hope.

Romans 5:3-5 “More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts though the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

Oh boy do I need some of that hope more and more each day!

I won’t be making a trip to the summit of Mt Everest, or any mountain for that matter.  I’ll just stay right here at my low altitude thankyouverymuch.  Just watching the movie was enough for me to know that I wouldn’t have even made it to the first camp.  I have my own, more personal mountain too climb.  Motherhood, marriage, work, friends, so many areas that I have to learn hard lessons from.

But amidst the loss and pain and suffering that I have experienced as I climb this mountain that calls me, the sense of peace and joy are with me, carrying me to the end.

Go see the movie for yourself and be amazed.  Oh, and take a heavy coat.

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Feeling SpOILed

Feeling SpOILed

This past weekend was a heap o’housecleaning and packing.

It began on Saturday morning after my walk.  When I got home we all sat around in the living room going over plans and schedules and who needed to be where and when for the week.  We talked about budgets and how to juggle the cars and when to do the grocery shopping, etc.  You’d think after all these years it would be simple, but it never is.

My husband James and our oldest son were planning a trip together for the week, leaving at 4:30 on Sunday morning.  So we all needed to plan for their exit needs.  In addition to that, the rest of us had gotten a little tired of the house staying messy, so we decided to make Saturday a deep cleaning day.

OK, maybe that’s a little exaggeration.  *I* was tired of the mess.  I think they were too, they just didn’t know it.

We divided up the household chores and each person had an area they were responsible for.  I had the dining room and my own bathroom (which was a little sneaky on my part since I cleaned my bathroom a couple of days before.  Shhhh….).  Levi was going to be my “cleaning assistant” which basically meant more work for me than if I had just done it by myself.  He likes to talk a lot and forgets that we are supposed to be working.  But that’s OK….I like hanging out with him so it all evens out.

In the morning I poked around doing a few other jobs like 8 loads of laundry and giving the puppy a bath and then I told Levi, “I’m ready.  Let’s clean the dining room now.”  He acted excited at first, under the false assumption that it was gonna be a picnic.  Like we would just erase the random drawings on our white board, sweep and we’d be done.


Mom clean is different than kid clean

When Mom cleans it is a serious thing.  We pulled books off of shelves and dusted, we moved furniture and scrubbed under it.  We cleaned out baskets of junk and polished all of the furniture.  At one point he disappeared under the guise that he had to go to the bathroom, but this isn’t my first rodeo, mister.  I am onto that trick.

After a few hours we were mostly finished and it was time for me to move onto to helping James pack for his trip, so I told Levi we could finish the rest tomorrow.  “Tomorrow?! How much could there be left to do?!?!” he exclaimed as he slapped his palm to his forehead.  I hated to tell him that I could work on just that room for 2 more days.

To make it up to him I let the boys watch a movie, even though we don’t usually watch movies on Saturday.  That soothed his tired little self.

Poor James had been feeling queasy all day, so I offered to pack for him while he told me what to do.  It was also a great way to spend time together before they left.  He sat in our bedroom recliner and pointed while I located what he needed and put it in the suitcase.  By the time we were finished he was looking a little green so he went straight to bed with the plan to get up at 4:15 the next morning in order to be at the airport by 5:30  (in case you don’t like math, that’s an hour drive to the airport from our house).

But the next morning when my backup alarm went off I checked on him and it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t going to be able to go on the trip.  He was just too sick.  Jacob and I made the quick decision that I would drive Jacob to the airport and hopefully James could catch up with him the next day after 24 hours of rest.  I literally flew out the door without even drawing my eyebrows on.  By 4:45 we were on the road.

Even though I was unprepared for the early morning drive, I did enjoy spending that time with Jacob.  We were talking and then about 15 minutes before we got to the airport he realized that all of his supplements and oils were in James’ suitcase.  They had planned to check one bag and filled it with the liquids and that bag was still at home.  Uh oh.

When you get used to having oils in you life it’s hard to live without them.

I said, “Let’s just see what’s in my purse.  Maybe I have at least some peppermint (Jacob’s favorite oil and one I always travel with!).  I set my purse next to me and started digging around in the bottom of it as I drove, going by feel alone.  If you’re wondering why he didn’t just look in the purse for me, it’s an unspoken law of nature….men don’t look in ladies’ purses.

As I blindly rummaged for the familiar shape of the bottles, I pulled them out one at a time.  “Here’s some Thieves!” He grabbed it from my hand, “Oh cool, I’ll take that!” as he shoved it into his bag.  I dug again, “Oh,” I held out a bottle, “I found peppermint!”  “Hey thanks!” he liked that.   “Here, I have a bottle of Abundance…”  He took it saying he had always wanted to try that one.  On and on it went until he had about 8 oils, 2 packets of NingXia Red and several NingXia Nitros to take with him.  And there were several more he didn’t want to take (in case you’re wondering, he opted out of lime, Slique, Valor II and Northern Lights Black Spruce.  My purse was like a clown car of Young Living products.

I don’t think I realized how many oils I carry with me since I just toss them in there and use them individually.  I saw for how spoiled I am and had a moment of gratitude for these gifts.

The only bottle I may shed a few tears over is the Abundance.  I use it every day and I have a feeling I’m not getting it back.  It’s one of those oils that every time I recommend it to someone they message me a month later and say they never want to be without it ever again.  And being the mom in this situation….well we all know the rules.  The kids don’t feel they have to return moms’ things.

I’ll be ordering myself a new bottle this week.

Once I got home it was time to dress the boys and head off to church.  The sermon was wonderful, which kept me awake.  Well, that plus I drank a NingXia Zing mixed with lemon, frankincense, Light the Fire and an ounce of NingXia Red on the way to church.  Nothing was holding me down after that.

After church I helped James a little and then settled the kids in for some down time.  One of my girls and I decided to watch “The Karate Kid” because she had never seen it.  It was a flashback of the 80s complete with big shoulder pads and music by Survivor.  By the time it was over I was thinking about popping open a can of Tab and playing with my Rubik’s Cube.


This morning James was feeling well enough to go so he headed to the airport to catch up with Jacob.  Those of us staying home will be doing our normal weekly activities of swimming, sweeping and trying to keep up with laundry.

And I’ll be refilling my purse with oils, of course.

Have a great week!

This May Not Be My Best Week

This May Not Be My Best Week

I have something I need to get off my chest.

Daylight Savings Time.  Seriously.  Why must we endure this torture?

I do not adjust well to change.  So as you may imagine, Sunday was a long day for me (therefore it was a long day for my family).  I could barely crawl out of bed in the morning.  It was tempting to get that extra sleep instead of walking, but I am determined to get a workout in every morning and I knew I would really be disappointed in myself if I didn’t.  So I arose an hour earlier than I am used to and walked and did my TTapp.

As soon as we got home from church I fell into a deep sleep.  I didn’t even warn the kids.  I just dropped onto my bed and I slept for two whole hours.  It was the deepest nap I’ve had since 1997.

True story.

One day in 1997 after my fifth child was born and I had gone without sleep for two weeks, I was a walking zombie, my mom stopped by my house.  Her plan was just to say hello, see the baby and get back to her job.  But I was so sleep deprived that I handed her the baby and said, “I have to take a nap.”  I never heard her trying to tell me that she had an appointment.  I just walked away…..straight to my bedroom and closed the door and left her with a newborn, a 14 month old, 3 year old, 5 year old and 7 year old.

Even though this may not sound unusual, I seriously think I would have done the same thing to anyone who had the misfortune of knocking on my door that day.  Hello mailman, thanks for the package, here’s my baby, I’m taking a nap.

Four hours later (but it seemed like seconds) I awoke to my mom shaking me.  She had to leave, the baby needed to eat and I had no idea where I was or what was happening.  Baby?  What baby?

Sunday’s nap was like that.  But without the part where I woke up being soaked in milk.

I am hoping not to take my typical 10 days to recover from the time change.  I don’t do well with these kinds of shifts to my sleep schedule.

In other news, I got a lot of work done on my book this weekend.  It’s been a long process since I never have more than 12.5 minutes at a time to work on it.  I have tried to convince James to send me on a cruise so I can get all of my writing done on the lido deck, but he isn’t falling for it.  He’s probably right.  There is the slightest possibility that instead of writing I would spend the whole time asleep in a lounge chair holding onto a tall cup with a tiny umbrella in it.

This coming week some of us will be at the Christian Worldview Film Festival.  There’s still time to get your tickets!  Or just show up….it’s gonna be a great opportunity to be around other families who are interested in wholesome, meaningful entertainment.

If you go and want to find me, I will be the woman dragging myself along yawning.  Or if it’s later in the afternoon, I may be in the car getting a little post-daylight-savings-time shuteye.

This may not be my best week, but I’ll do my best given the difficult circumstances.

Christian Worldview Film Festival

Christian Worldview Film Festival

Did you know that my older kids went through a film making phase?  My son Jacob made 2 animated movies and entered them into a Christian film festival several years ago and was a semi finalist with one of his films.  My oldest daughter also entered 2 films.  It was such a blessing to watch my kids develop skills that they both use today.  My son is still into animation and hopes to develop that into a career.

So imagine my excitement when I heard about a new festival in town!

Don't miss the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio TX!

The Christian Worldview Film Festival is coming.  Yep.  It’s right up our alley.  And if you like to see good, wholesome films made with purpose you should think about going.  If the 60 films, incredible speakers, wonderful music (our friends the 4 Proches will be playing live!) aren’t enough….then come to spend time with us!

Here’s a great list of reasons to attend this event!

The festival starts Thursday, March 13 at noon and goes through Saturday night.  There’s also a Filmmakers Guild (which we are super excited to go to!) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  You can buy tickets to just the festival or the whole event.  If you have anyone in your family that is interested in making movies or being involved in the media industry you would be wise to go to the whole thing.

AND if you use the code “PENNINGTON” you will get 25% off of your ticket.  How’s that for an added blessing?

10 Things I Would Want for Christmas If I Didn’t Already Have Them

10 Things I Would Want for Christmas If I Didn’t Already Have Them

This post contains affiliate links.

There are so many things that I love and would love to get for Christmas if I didn’t already have them!  So I thought I’d share this list with you.  Maybe it will help you do some of your shopping or be a great thing for your husband to read for ideas to fill your stocking.  Let me know if you need me to “mysteriously” email him this list.

I am putting it in order from least to most expensive.  Whatever you want to spend, there’s something for you here.  Unless you want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, in which case you’re in the wrong place.  Maybe Donald Trump has a list you could look at.

10 things this blogger loves that would make a great Christmas gift!

1. Mason Jar Straw Lids — It’s such an affordable gift and I use mine every.single.day.  My kids love them, my guests use them….a set would be a great family gift!

2. Runt the Brave — Our favorite family read aloud!  After I read it to my kids they all took turns reading it again.  It’s soooo good and would make a great stocking stuffer or gift for a young person in your life.  Since it’s so hard to find a good book, I had to put this on my list!

3. Burlap Pouch — this is one of my favorite shop products.  I carry 2 of them in my purse….one with my business cards in in (I also put cards in that people give me) and the other I use as a little emergency kit (bandaids, safety pins, bacterial wipes, etc).

4. Games! — We are a game lovin’ family  One of our favorites is Mind Trap Brain Teaser Board Game.  It’s full of challenging puzzles and mysteries and fun for the whole family!  Another one we love is Wits & Wagers.  We play this one a lot when company comes over.

5. Pink Tool Set — Even though I have a workshop, I keep a small set of tools in the house.  And what I love about this set is it’s pink, so that means if someone (I have 5 boys and a husband after all) takes any of it I can tell for sure that it’s my hammer lying in the yard.  Plus it comes with 4 small screwdrivers, great or opening those teeny battery compartment screws.

6. Movie Gift Card — Going to the movie is so expensive, so it would make a great gift idea!  If you can, make it enough for a drink and popcorn too…that really makes it a fun night for the recipient of your gift.

7. Lift Caps — These supplements have made such a huge difference in my life that I wish I could send you all a bottle.  They would make a great stocking stuffer or gift for a friend.

8. Orthaheel Slippers — These are no ordinary slippers.  I have heel problems and have to wear a good arch support, so wearing slippers around the house used to be impossible.  I had to wear my shoes even walking from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Then I found these slippers and oh-my-heaven.  They have arch support!  They are expensive for slippers.  But I have fallen so in love with mine that I had to tell you about them!

9. UP Band — My UP band is another part of my recent fitness routine.  It keeps track of my steps and my sleep and holds me accountable every day to get moving.  I plug it into my iphone at night and an app keeps track of everything.  For the techie in your life, this would be a great gift!

10. Young Living Oils Premium Starter Kit — If you’ve been wanting to start using essential oils this is the best place to start!  Why not ask for this for Christmas?!

That’s it….my favorites list for the Christmas season.  I’d love to hear about some of the things you love too!

Movies, Money and Marriage.

Movies, Money and Marriage.

I’ve spent the past 2 days trying to get things done, but I keep drifting to my recliner.  Yesterday after filling a few orders and doing some school with the kids I found myself accidentally watching the entire movie “Titanic.”  I’m not sure how it happened.  I don’t usually watch a movie in the middle of the day.  At one point James walked into the room with a paper in his hand and I shouted, “Don’t talk to me!  This is the best part!”

He backed away slowly.  It’s nice to have a husband who understands my deep need to be in the moment when Rose pulls Jack Dawson’s frozen hand from hers and goes for the whistle.

You just can’t stop right there and have a conversation about money.  It’s practically cruel.

We have a lot of talks about money.  What was the $17.51 for that I spent at Target?  What did I buy on Amazon for $10.95?  Where’s the rest of the $100 he gave me yesterday?  Stuff like that.

It’s always him wanting to know what I spent and what column he should put it in.  Sometime being married to an accountant that balances our finances every.single.day can get tiring.  But then I remember that if it were left to me we wouldn’t know where any of our money was or where it went.  When it came time to pay a bill I’d just be like, “Oh, I don’t know where the money is, sorry.”

Then I realize how blessed I am and I just answer his questions.  Hopefully in my efforts to remember where/why I spent the money he will also realize how blessed he is to have a wife that, despite her natural tendency to be carefree, tries to make a small effort to keep the receipts.

Emphasis on the word small.

On our drive to Houston last weekend he pulled a Sonic receipt out of the trash in the van and said, “Why did you throw this receipt away?  I told you we need to keep all of the receipts from the trip.”  I looked puzzled, “That’s not a receipt,” I said, “That’s just the thing they stick to the side of the cup.”  He rolled his eyes as if to communicate that his life is sooo difficult and how does he manage with such an airhead wife.  Then I rolled my eyes to reply, if your life is so hard then how is it that you haven’t done laundry since 1987?

After 26 years this is how we show our love….by not actually saying what we are thinking and just moving on.  It’s all good.

Today I am heading to the big city to run a few errands, like I do almost every Wednesday.  I’ll be buying groceries, burlap and other basic things we need around here.  And yes, I will keep the receipts.  I can’t promise they will ever get into James’ hands, but I will keep them somewhere.

Have a great day!

Movie Previews for Children

Movie Previews for Children

I don’t generally like to suggest movies for other people’s children.  Everyone has different standards for entertainment and I have no desire to set the standards for your family.  But so many of y’all have asked what I thought of “War Horse” that I wanted to first tell you how we choose movies.

We believe that as parents it is our job to protect our children’s purity.  While they need to be prepared for the world, they don’t need that at a young age.  When they are young they need to use their incredible minds to soak up wisdom and godliness, goodness and fruits of the Spirit.  Then, when they are ready, this is the foundation upon which they will build their lives.  So we are careful what we put into their hearts and minds.  It is with that in mind that we preview every movie before we allow any of the children to watch it.

Also, we do not try to teach fairness or equality.  There are some movies that one child can see but their brother cannot.  Each child has different needs, strengths and weaknesses.  We make decisions about who can see a movie based on each individual child and not the group as a whole.  Also, each movie is handled differently.  Sometimes we will allow some of the kids to see it once, but we don’t buy it or bring it into our home.  Sometimes we’ll Netflix it, which means they might watch it a couple of times then out it goes.  Sometimes we’ll decide it’s OK to see once at home but not in the theater on the big screen.  It just depends on the movie.

These are some of the things we look for….

1.  Violence.  Is it necessary? Is it too intense?  Is it sending a message?

Of course, more sensitive children react differently than others and you have to know your own child.  An example would be “Prince Caspian.”  It had sword fighting and danger so we were careful which children got to see it.  Our boys react much less sensitively to war than our girls.  We are careful to respect their God given differences.  In this case, the boys and the older girls got to see it (not the little boys, just the ones over the age of 8).

2.  Witchcraft/sorcery/magic.  What is its source and what is its purpose?

We don’t mind some magic in movies as long as it has a positive message.  We like the “Narnia” movies because their source of magic is very defined and the whole story is an allegory of Christ.  Another example, we never, ever would watch nor allow our children to watch the “Harry Potter” movies.  They are, in our opinion, about evil.

3.  Sensuality and romance.  This includes flirting, intimacy (even kissing between unmarried people) and immodest dress.

If a movie has any cleavage or tight clothing on women, we will not watch it.  Even Disney characters tend to be immodestly dressed.  If there is any intimacy, we do not watch it.  Last year 2 movies came out that were centered around swimming, “Dolphin Tale” and “Soul Surfer.”  “Dolphin Tale” had no immodesty in it and the kids were generally respectful to their parents so we did let our kids see it.  “Soul Surfer” on the other hand had too many bikinis in it so we didn’t let the boys see it and the girls only saw it once.

4.  Swearing.

We do allow the older kids (as in, 17 and up) to see movies with some swearing in it.  They are grounded enough by then to keep from using foul language even though they hear it occasionally.  We will not, however, purchase a movie with swearing in it.  Seeing it once on Netflix or at the theater might be OK, but we don’t want it playing in our home over and over.  One example where swearing kept us from allowing our children to see a movie is “The King’s Speech.”  It was a great movie in every other way but the swearing was horrible so we didn’t let them see it….not even once.

5.  Drunkenness or drug use.

We want to avoid any film that makes drunkenness look appealing or fun.  I’m not talking about a single drink, but getting drunk or high.  Yuck.

6.  Family relationships.  How do the children talk to their parents?  Is the father absent or treated like the family idiot?  How do the siblings treat one another?

This is one of our BIG requirements.  A film must have either positive family relationships or be leading to that in the end.  We don’t watch a movie that shows the kinds of children that hate their brothers and sisters and slam their door with a “Keep Out” sign on it.  Parental disrespect is something we are careful to avoid.  “How to Train Your Dragon” for example, is the classic story…the parent is uncaring, selfish and dumb so the child takes matters into his own hands and saves the day.  This is not the message we want beaten into our children’s minds.  We did allow the children to see it, but not over and over.

7.  Message.  What is the overall message of the film?

Even if #1-6 are fine, we still want to be careful of the message a movie is sending.  For example, “Secretariat” seemed like it filled all of the requirements, but when you step back and look you realize that the whole movie was about a woman that left her family without the blessing of her husband and did whatever she wanted.  She spent large amounts of time with another man (even though it was a strictly business relationship) and she only served her own desires.  The overall message is not one that we could support, so we didn’t let our children see it.

With those things in mind we preview every movie before our children see it.  We never assume it is good no matter how innocent it seems on the surface.  I have previewed three movies recently.  Here’s what I thought of them.

“War Horse” was very violent.  The love of a boy and his horse, the determination and strength was uplifting, but it was way too violent, intense and upsetting for young children.  We won’t let any of our kids under 13 see it.

“The Adventures of Tin Tin” was interesting.  The animation was incredible and the story was an old fashioned Nancy Drew style adventure/mystery.  The problem I had with it was that one of the main characters was either drunk or seeking alcohol for the entire movie.  He gets so desperate at one point that he drinks rubbing alcohol from a first aid kit.  We will let the kids over the age of 10 see the movie once, but we won’t buy it.

“We Bought a Zoo” was a simple family movie.  It was nice how the family did something different, but the son is extremely disrespectful and there is a swear word that will keep me from allowing our children to see it.  There is also a kiss, which might not have stopped me from letting the older kids see it, but it adds to the negative column.  Two thumbs down for that one.

If you have any movies that you are wondering about feel free to ask me.  It can be hard to decide sometimes, but the main point to remember is that it is just entertainment and we don’t need it.  If in doubt, skip it.  A bad experience cannot be undone.

I’m like Dora Without The MAP

I’m like Dora Without The MAP

It’s been a quiet week here at the Point.  People call and say, “How are you?  What are the kids up to?”  Umm….nothing.

I could tell them how Jacob fixed the garage door or that Faith had to find a leak in the pool, but that seems awkward.  Our lives are just not that interesting.

I did make my usual trip into the big city.  Since I only had four places to go I decided to take a big risk and not make a list.  “I will remember,” I thought.  Bad idea.

As soon as I got down there I felt the pressure so I started saying it over and over in my head, “Sam’s, Target, Hobby Lobby, health food store.  Sam’s, Target, Hobby Lobby, health food store.”  I was like a larger, older, less Hispanic version of Dora the Explorer.  If only I had the map maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so off course.

But I decided to stop in Best Buy.  I needed to find a replacement for the little rubber thing on my bluetooth that goes into my ear.  It keeps falling off causing me to scrape my ear cavity every time I try to answer the phone.  See?  I told you my life isn’t interesting.  These are my big problems.

Best Buy threw me off.  It’s like when you’re in the shower and you decide to wash your face first and THEN rinse out the shampoo.  This never works out well.  I get out of the shower and wonder, “Did I rinse?  Did I condition?”  Then I have to get back in the shower and do it all again for fear of having dirty hair.  Will I never learn to just stick with the routine?!

The same principle applies to Best Buy.  Because I stopped in there I messed up my little chant and forgot to go to Hobby Lobby.  Ugh!

Now I have to go back down there.  So I’m going to make the best of it and take the kids with me this time and we’ll go see “Dolphin Tale.”  I previewed it last week and it is cute. They will be very excited!

As I write this they are all dumping out their piggy banks to get their money.  They have to pay for their own movies, so it’s pandemonium around here.

I am making a new chant…”Dolphin Tale, Hobby Lobby.  Dolphin Tale, Hobby Lobby….”

Maybe I should write it down.

Do You Preview the Movies Your Children Watch?

James and I strongly believe in preserving our children’s purity and protecting their childhood.  As parents it is our job to guard their hearts.  This means that our kids don’t watch TV, read books we haven’t read first, play violent or sensual video games and they never, EVER see a movie that we haven’t previewed.

This summer there are several movie releases that our children have expressed an interest in seeing.  It doesn’t matter how sweet the movie looks, it must have been viewed by Mom (or sometimes Dad) before any of them can watch it.  They almost always pay for their own movie tickets, so it’s just a matter of me being able to preview it.

It takes time and money to make this happen.  I have to pay for myself to go see it once, then pay for myself again if the movie gets my stamp of approval.  I have to find a free afternoon or evening to get away alone, which isn’t always easy.  Sometimes we just don’t have the time or money for me to see it twice, so we simply don’t see the movie.  It’s just a movie.  We wait for it to come out on Netflix which still means I have to find the time to watch it first, which I often do late at night after everyone has gone to bed.  Then I watch it again with the children, at least the first time they see it.

I’ve already previewed 4 movies this summer and there are several more on the horizon.  A couple of them we will let the kids see, most of them we won’t.  Our children understand completely and I know if you asked them they would tell you they appreciate being protected.  Sometimes, when asked if she minds being so sheltered, Grace will reply, “Why would I?  My parents just want what’s best for me and that movie/book/show will still be there when I am ready to see it.”

It can be a pain…using my precious alone time to see movies that I have no interest in watching.  I don’t mind.  Motherhood is filled with doing things that aren’t my first choice of how I want to spend my time.  I am happy for my children to be able to see a movie every once in a while, but not at the expense of exposing their hearts and minds to things we would normally shelter them from.

It is never worth potentially damaging your character for the sake of entertainment.  Never.