My Modest Workout Clothes

My Modest Workout Clothes

Weight loss is great, but it has its bad side, like my britches falling down every time I go for my morning walk.  And I’m not going to even mention the underwear situation.

So I went on a hunt for something new to wear when I exercise.  I had a specific vision and I searched high and low.  I found exactly what I wanted, putting things together from several different stores.  I must warm you, these things weren’t cheap.  In fact, it may be the most expensive everyday outfit I’ve ever had if you put it all together.

But I felt like since I will wear it constantly plus when I travel, I decided to just get what I needed and not worry about the price.

I apologize in advance for the pictures….we took them right after I did my morning workout.  Sweat, bad hair and no make-up.

Modest Workout Clothes

Even though I bought them in all kinds of different places, I found them for you on Amazon.  I am all about making it easy for you.

Pants -Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Stay Warm Relay Capri Running Pants (I wanted capris to cover my legs but still be pretty cool in summer)
Shirt – Nike Women’s Legend V-Neck Night Factor (this isn’t the same shirt, but similar)
Skirt – prAna Daphne Skirt (this was my find of the season.  It’s very light and I love it.  I even got one in taupe for just summer wearing because it’s so comfy!)
Bra – Natori Womens Power Yogi Bra (I would normally not talk about undergarments but this has been a great thing and it holds everything right where it should. It’s not cheap, but check every color because the price varies a LOT)

Modest workout clothes

My shoes are New Balance and the socks are also made for running (I don’t remember the brand).

Great ideas for modest workout clothes -- including where to buy them! -- The Pennington Point

I really want to say thanks so, so much for all of your support through my health journey!  Your emails and messages have been a huge encouragement to me.

What I’m Wearing for February

What I’m Wearing for February

I may be down to just a few articles of clothing, but I am still enjoying putting together fun outfits and accessorizing.  I have some new things and I am cinching up some old things and playing with mixing patterns.

Some fun modest outfits for February! -- The Pennington Point

Since it’s the month of love, here’s a cute sweater I found on clearance at Macy’s and a striped skirt that I took in to fit me.  Black tights finish it with a kick.


On a quiet day at home I throw on my old sport shirt and simple skirt.  I love the gray striped t-shirt.  I shall miss it when it doesn’t fit me anymore.


I wore the same t-shirt again to church one week under a navy shirt (which I tied at the waist to make it fit) and flowy skirt I got at Versona.


But my favorite new top is the one I bought with my birthday discount at anthropologie.  And my favorite vintage style necklace….be still my heart.


I wore that same necklace again with this brown and black combo.  You can mix brown and black by the way.  I belted this blazer because it’s way too big.  But that made it fun.  Then I put it all over a little brown calico style skirt.  Weird, but I like the unexpected.


My last outfit to show you is from a couple of days ago.  I dug around and put this cuteness together.  The polka dot scarf was different for me, but I liked it.


Thanks for stopping by!  As the weather warms up I can’t wait to play around with some new combos!

I Finally Found My Superpower

I Finally Found My Superpower

I may have accidentally discovered my superpower this weekend…..doing 12 things at once and still not having anything to show for it.  Maybe all of those colored tights I love will come in handy!

This past weekend was filled to the brim with activity, yet I can’t think of anything to talk about.  It’s a contrast to my usual riveting report of weekend adventures of house cleaning and excessive napping.

On Friday I spent the whole day celebrating love and avoiding candy.  Before I went on my early morning walk I left piles of goodies at each child’s place at the dining room table complete with teeny boxes of Nerds that were supposed to be stuck through a little card with playful Valentine’s Day saying on them.  The Nerds and cards were sold together with pictures on the package of the little box adorably slid through a pre-punched slit in the card.  Cute, right?  Um, no.  I ripped so many of those dumb cards trying to force the box of Nerds through that I ended up leaving 9 ripped cards loosely wrapped around the candy boxes.  I eventually had to walk away.  This, my friends, is not my superpower.

On Saturday I worked on Shop24 orders then in the afternoon I had a funeral to go to.  My friend Sara lost her precious mother-in-law and it was a sad day.  After I got home Adam was waiting for me at the door, “Want to go for a bike ride with me?!”  Despite being worn out, I couldn’t say no to that hopeful little face, so I hopped on my bike and we rode for a while.

He talked all about his ideas for making a bike track in our field and maybe could he go fishing sometime and he wondered if there were any family members in our genealogy that liked biking or fishing.  I just rode and listened and thought about how much I love him.  Tired-schmired.  It was fun.

Sunday was my big party at Michael’s.  Several friends stopped by and we had a blast chatting and doing chalkboard lettering.  Crafting with other women is so inspiring.  Thanks Faith, Colleen, Stacy, Jenn and Sara for being my special guests!

This week is another opportunity to use my powers of getting 12 things done at one time.  James is preparing to take the Bar Exam next week which puts my loving-wife skills to the test.  I will be sliding trays of food under his office door and diffusing essential oils in his office to help him magically absorb law facts and hold them in his brain.

Yes, now you know the whole truth.  He is the one in our family with super powers.  I just bounce around his awesomeness.

Have a great week!

Moonwalking in Macy’s

Moonwalking in Macy’s

What do you get when you put 4 young women and a mom together with a mall and half a day of nothing to do?

Right.  That’s exactly what I got last Friday.

My girls got wind of some sales going on and asked me if we could go into the city and do some shopping.  I couldn’t say no since they worked their tails off for me the 2 previous weekends for the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit.  So off we went into the world of retail and elevator music.

Speaking of music, in Macy’s they were playing 80′s rock and that can only mean one thing.  Momma’s gonna dance.  I can’t help it.  One bar of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” makes me start moon walking and grabbing my pretend fedora.  I got moves and I can’t hold them in.

My girls have mixed feelings about me trying to break dance in public.  It’s not pretty.

While I was there I picked up a couple of things on the clearance racks.  Oh, and I must tell you that if you’re looking for pretty, long skirts now is the time!  They are everywhere.  The key to having a good wardrobe that’s modest is to buy it when you see it and you will find plenty out there right now.  Rush to the mall and pick up yourself something nice.  Tell your husband I told you to.

On Saturday we filled shop orders and generally poked around at cleaning the house and putting away piles of random things that had accumulated since we recovered from the Great Flu of 2013.  There was a mound in a corner of the living room containing donation clothes, a can of paint, some playing cards and a CD that I have been looking for.  How does this happen?  I haven’t even bought paint recently or painted anything.  Where did the can come from?  And where are the rest of the playing cards?

I’m a thinker.  A thinker and a pile maker.  And a break dancer.

Sunday was looking to be a normal go-to-church-come-home kind of day until our big van wouldn’t work.  In order to get all 11 of us where we need to be, we have to have all vehicles in full running order.  So I skipped my morning walk and drove Jacob to his church (he attends a different church…long story) and then came back to pick up the home crew and we took 2 cars to church, then afterward swung back through town to pick up Jacob.  What did I learn from all of this carting people around you ask?  I learned to take the big van to the mechanic first thing Monday morning, that’s what.

Besides my extreme driving experience it was an uneventful day.  Mostly filled with naps and some afternoon cold temps (which is getting old….this is Texas….home of warm weather).

Have a great week.

What I’m Wearin’ for January

What I’m Wearin’ for January

Even though I’m finished with my modesty series, I will still be sharing what I wear from time to time.  Since I’m losing weight, it’s fun to try to put together something to wear with what I can find in my very sparse closet.  Most of what I have is way too big for me.  I took in a bunch of skirts so they fit better, but they’re still a little large so I have to work to find ways to wear them.

This first look is my no make-up, no hair fix, hanging out at home but I put on a necklace anyway look.

I got the skirt and sweater at Target and the long sleeved tshirt at JCPenney.

This next little number is something I found in a thrift store.  It a vintage style dress which got me so excited!  Especially since it’s a little longer than usual.  It’s sleeveless, so I put a sweater from Target over it (the same one as above but in a different color) and some of my fave colored tights.  I felt so dolled up.

Here’s a cute skirt I got on clearance at Dillard’s.  It’s kind of blankety and it hangs nicely.  The sweater is the same one from above (I wear that thing to death) and the tshirt is JCPenney.  My daughter made me the fabulous necklace.

And here’s a day when I was shopping and having lunch with a friend.  It’s the same black tshirt from above.  The lace vest is 100 years old, like I have no idea where I got it.  The lace overskirt is from Forever 21 a couple of years ago.  I also wear it under things sometimes.  Under that I have on a pair of really full black pants.  They are very skirt looking, but I stood for this picture with my leg bent so you can see that it’s actually pants.  Just something different.

That’s it for my January fashion show.  Thanks for stopping by!

Embracing Modesty, No. 51

Embracing Modesty, No. 51

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this series.  I intended to simply share what we wore each week, but it turned into so much more than that.  You all showed up and started leaving comments that blessed us and we got excited to share.  The girls would say, “Hey Mom, let’s be sure to take a picture of Grace today….she looks so cute!” or I would grab a shot of myself on my way out the door and think of sharing it with you each Friday.  Your daughters emailed me to say how much they look forward to seeing what we are wearing and then….unexpectedly, I started on an amazing weight loss journey.

I really never thought I would be able to lose the weight and I am still only about halfway to my goal.  But that naturally became part of this series as I started to look different and had to get new clothes.  Here’s a picture of me in the first post of 2013 next to the last one I shared….

Our summer swimsuit modesty edition was our most popular post in the series.

And when we shared what we wear for exercise

We have all of the posts from the whole series here in our gallery.

I will be starting a new series next year, but I will keep posting modesty pictures once or twice a month.  Y’all said you still want to see them, plus I will have all new clothes this year, so there will still be something new to show you occasionally.

Thanks so much for blessing us with your comments and encouragement this past year.  We have enjoyed spending this time with you.  See ya in 2014!


Embracing Modesty, No. 50

Embracing Modesty, No. 50

This week I have been doing a lot of running around.  I have a limited wardrobe right now, but that’s OK….I love to mix and match. I really buy things with that in mind since I like to play with my clothes.

This first outfit is a mix of old and new.  The red shirt is from JCPenney, silver tank from Target, but the skirt is old as the hills.  And of course, my new obsession with tights shall be a running theme this week.

This next picture is the same silver tank with a gray and white striped top (also from JCPenney) and a red skirt from Versona.  I’m feeling very festive these days.  And don’t you love the trash can in the background?  It’s all about style around here.

This next outfit is, again, old and new.  The black cardigan is from Target, but everything else is old.  I had them in the back of my closet waiting for if I ever lost weight and now they are almost too big for me, so I am wearing them before they go in the pile.  The lace skirt I sometimes also wear under other skirts….it just depends on my mood.

On this day the sun came out so we got a little bit of rays in the photo.  All of these clothes are old except for the purple tshirt (another JCPenney Black Friday purchase).  The shirt is so big on me that I probably won’t be able to wear it again, so I had to give it one last moment.

Lastly, we make it back to the front porch. Al of this is new.  The silver shirt and skirt are both from target.  And the tights….oh yeah baby.

I am enjoying playing with my clothes and putting together outfits.  You never know what I will be wearing when I come out of my room each morning.

Thanks for stopping by and have a very, very Merry Christmas!!!!

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Embracing Modesty, No. 49

Embracing Modesty, No. 49

Wow!  Only 3 more modesty posts to go and the year will be over.  I can’t believe how much we have enjoying doing this series.

Which makes me wonder….what do you want to see for next year?  More modesty pictures?  Or something else like our meal plans?  Or maybe homeschool ideas?  I’d love to hear from you!!!

For this week I am going to show a few things my girls have been wearing.  They are such cutie pies that I have to share some of their looks.

This first look was on a day before it got so c-c-cold.  Faith is wearing a skirt she got at Versona and a layer of t-shirts and a vest.  She made the necklace with 3 bullet cases she found in the yard.

I’ve said before that my youngest daughter, Patience, likes a more sporty look and this picture proves it.  This outfit is her personality to a T.  Most of it we got at thrift stores.

This next picture of Hope shows her personality too….she likes a simple outfit with a teeny twist (as in the tights).  She got the sweater and skirt at JCPenney.

Grace is my classic girl.  Scarves and hats are the name of her game.  And oh my this green is her color!  Knowing what colors look good on you is a great way to know how to shop.

And oh the red hat… adorable is that?!  I am not a hat person….I mean I want to be then I try one on and realize, nope, not good.  But Grace wears them so well.

It’s such a delight to see what outfits my girls put together each day.  Winter is a fun time to play with layering and leggings. And boots….how could I forget the boots?!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the Embracing Modesty Gallery with all of the posts from this series!

And don’t forget to let me know if you have a preference for what series we should do for 2014!

Embracing Modesty, No. 48

Embracing Modesty, No. 48

Ok so I may be going a little overboard on the tights.  I can’t help it.  I love them so.

Plus I found a couple of great skirts to wear them with, so that’s fun.

Some of the kids and I did a little local Black Friday shopping and I finally got some clothes that fit me.  I am so shocked that I actually fit into clothes in the regular sections now.  It’s at the back of the rack (as in XL for those of you that have never had to dig to the back of a rack before), but still.  No more plus-sized stores.  I can’t believe it.  I haven’t been able to do that since….well I don’t even remember doing that.

Here’s a black sweater I got on sale at JCPenney put together with tights and a teal skirt I got at Target.  My daughter Faith made me the necklace several years ago. (sorry it’s blurry….one of my younger kids took the picture)

A few new things I got on Black Friday

This is another pair of tights…red.  Oh yes I did.

The silver top is from Target and the red tank is from Old Navy.  I stitched up the tank in the shoulder about 2″ so it wouldn’t be so low.  The skirt is old and I took it in to fit me.  All of the accessories are old.  Thankfully, accessories still fit even when you lose weight.

Some cute new things from my Black Friday shopping

Speaking of accessories….you’ve got to have a cute purse to go with your outfit!

Wearing a few cute things I got on Black Friday

This last look is from yesterday and does not involve tights, although if I had some pink ones I might have….

The only new piece here is the striped t-shirt.  I got it for $4 at the JCPenney sale…score!  I had the pink vest for a long time, maybe before I had kids….seriously.  The gray skirt was from Cato a couple of years ago and I took it in to fit.  I love the little bird necklace.  I don’t remember where I got that, sorry!

Having fun wearing some of my Black Friday purchases

While we were out taking this picture a cold front came through.  I’m not kidding….I think the temps dropped 10° in 5 minutes.  So I put on a sweater and decide to take another picture for you.

Enjoying my clothes I got on Black Friday

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Embracing Modesty, No. 47

Embracing Modesty, No. 47

I only have 2 pictures for you today because, frankly, I’m sleepy and want to go to bed.  Thanksgiving wore me out and I can’t think of nothing but lying my head on my pillow and dreaming of a clean kitchen.  And pie.

I went out a couple of times this past week and so I will show you what I wore.  I am very quickly running out of shirts that I can wear.  I have been able to take in some skirts and found a couple of new ones.  But the tops are a problem.

This is what I wore on Thanksgiving day.  I wanted to be comfortable (which is why I am wearing slippers instead of shoes) and warm.  The black skirt and top are old, maybe 10+ years.  The silver top I got at Target last week.  It’s longer in the back than front, which is a cute look.  Just a few accessories and I was comfy but still dressed up for the day.

A mod holiday

This other look is from a shopping day with my girls.  I didn’t get a photo before we left the house, but I took one (kind of blurry, sorry) in one of the dressing rooms when they were trying on clothes.  This red skirt is from Versona and the velvet jacket was one of my favorites from back in my skinnier days.  I want to get a few wears out of it before it gets to be too big for me!

The brown boots are my faves this winter.  They are made my Danskin….dreamy!

A mod holiday

Thanks for stopping by!

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a mod holiday