If You Really Loved It Then It Wouldn’t Be on the Floor

If You Really Loved It Then It Wouldn’t Be on the Floor

I have apparently gotten some kind of bug.  Not the sneezing or stomach ache kind, but the kind that drives your family insane from your a constant need to organize and clean.

Today, unfortunately for my younger boys, I will be cracking the whip on the Lego situation.  I have had it up.to.here as we say in the south.  You don’t need to even show where “here” is.  It’s understood to be too high to even reach anyway.

Last week we emptied their loft bedroom of everything except the beds and gave the room a fresh coat of paint.  Then we built shelves to hold the Legos and I picked up some storage boxes at IKEA while I was in Houston.  The boys tried to convince me that it would take way too long to organize all of the Legos, but they are out of their league when it comes to convincing.  Once I get a notion in my brain to straighten something it can’t be unconvinced no matter how many car washes you offer me.  Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.

I think they don’t want me in their room because they know that I can get a little aggressive with the trash bag.  I would never throw away a Lego (mainly because they cost more than all of my jewelry combined) but I wouldn’t think twice about tossing the cereal boxes they like to save to build tiny forts with or any craft projects.  One of my boys has a thing for using pencils that no one else wants because they are too short to go in the sharpener.  So he sharpens it with his pocket knife and does his schoolwork with these nubs.

But my motto is, “If you really loved it then it wouldn’t be on the floor.”  #TRASH

Cleaning the Lego room -- The Pennington Point

After I get that done I plan to keep the momentum going by cleaning out what used to be a study room for the kids and making it into an office for myself.  I’m not trying to hog the space, but they really never study in there. Instead they sprawl across the couch or front porch to do their work.  I can’t let a perfectly good 6′x10′ space go to waste.  Especially when I am working from a recliner in my bedroom with no desk or flat surface of any kind.  I just balance my computer on my knees while typing.  It works OK, but a desk and real chair are appealing.

Plus, if I had an office I might actually get something done besides sitting down to work then instead Googling everything that pops into my head.  I wonder about things….like the age of various celebrities or where to buy baby chicks.  I am hoping that being in a big-girl space will encourage me to focus like a real business woman.  Or at least enough to get over this cleaning bug.  Before my family has had it up.to.here with me.

Well, back to work.  Have a great weekend!

A Little Makeover & Other Stuff

A Little Makeover & Other Stuff

There’s been a lot going on around here in the past week.  I have things to say.  Important things like the fact that I have a headache from jump starting my diet again.

I was on the plateau from you-know-where for the whole month of February.  I figured when it lasted more than a week that I needed to do a little jump start, so I went back to the beginning on Monday.  I am watching my food more carefully and not veering one bit.  Apparently I have been eating little cheats that I didn’t realize ‘cuz I’ve already lost a pound and I’m climbing the walls wishing for a snack.

I have to keep reminding myself that it will pass.

The good news is I figured out how to maintain without trying.  The bad news is I still want to lose about 25 more pounds, so I need to cut the snacking out.

Did I tell you that I am doing a 5K at the end of this month.  I know, it’s crazy huh?!

Speaking of short marathons, last week while James was in California the kids and I worked out some big surprises for him.  We gave the front of his office a budget makeover.

His office is a garage that we enclosed a long time ago.  It was in desperate need of some TLC.  I mean it was sad folks.  So sad.  I’d walk out there every day and wonder how he could stand it.  But he’s a guy.  He didn’t think much of it.  Sooo maybe the makeover was more for me.  I’m starting to see that now.


a little budget makeover

We built a deck across the front with old lumber and made a small awning for above the door.  We painted the door and touched up the wall, cleaned everything and added accessories.  It was such fun to work on it all together!

a little budget makeover

Oh, and we made him a new sign.  The whole thing was a graduation gift for finishing law school.

a little budget makeover

He was so surprised when he got home.  I managed to miraculously keep it all hidden for the whole week.  I had to hold back complaints, questions and my general excitement at doing this project without his help.

I am a pretty good secret keeper, except from him.  Him I tell everything.  Even when his eyes start to glaze over I just keeeeeep talkin’.

Thanks for listening.  Have a great week!

PaintStick Mini Contest and Giveaway!

PaintStick Mini Contest and Giveaway!

Y’all know I love me some HomeRight tools.  My Steam Machine that powered through my filthy stove top (which has stayed clean, by the way) and the car washing AutoWash Stick that I am crazy like a lunatic about (this thing cleans my car so well!) both make me happy.

Since I am a part of the HomeRight Ambassador Program, I got to try the PaintStick Mini…you know…for those smaller jobs when you don’t want to make a mess.  Well, I really never like to make a mess.  But I do like painting things.  It’s my therapy.

For this project I had 2 dressers that I bought at different flea markets, totally separate, a year apart.  But when I set them next to each other a few weeks ago to see if they would work as a console for my TV in the bedroom I was shocked to discover that they were exactly the same dresser!  It’s even more shocking that I haven’t noticed it for the past year and a half since I have owned them.

And HomeRight is having a Super fun contest that is going to be so much fun to join that you really must enter!  You can see the official rules here.

This is such a fun contest!!  Plus a giveaway....come enter....you'll love it!

This is my contest video…..I thought I’d share it here so you can see the PaintStick Mini and get inspired to make your own video!

Look what you might win….

1st Place:  iPad Air 64 G WiFi version (valued at $699)

2nd Place prize: $200 Cash

3rd Place prize: $100 Cash

Not only can you enter the video contest, but you can also enter to win a PaintStick Mini right here!  And don’t forget that you can buy them on Amazon, homedepot.com and Lowes!

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

The Cabinet I Built in a Day

The Cabinet I Built in a Day

As much as I miss my husband being gone, I do enjoy the time to get projects done that, if I’m being frank, I couldn’t do if he was here because he would feel the urge to stand there and watch me.  I can’t work under that kind of pressure.

This project was a problem solving venture.  I had 3 issues with my bathroom.
1. I had never really covered my water heater and just had burlap stapled over the opening
2. I didn’t have a full length mirror so to see if my shoes matched my outfit I had to stand on a chair in my bedroom and try to use a mirror hanging on the wall
3. I had all of my necklaces on 3 hooks, which, became a tangled mess every day

So I put my thoughts to this and conquered all three problems at once.

This was the spot before:

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

It wasn’t horrible looking, but I still wanted to improve it.  I built a cabinet that covers the entire space side to side, floor to ceiling.  It’s 4″ deep.  Then I used 3 $9.99 IKEA mirrors to create a full length mirror.  And here it is…..

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

Here’s another angle:

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

But wait!  There’s more!  You can open the mirrored door and voila!  A place to hang my necklaces…

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

It counts as a time saver too since I won’t be spending 10 minutes finding and untangling the necklace I want each morning.

The scale in front of it is perfect there because I can still open the cabinet without moving anything.  I couldn’t be happier with my new cabinet/problem solver. (although I won’t be weighing myself naked anymore for obvious reasons)

A cabinet that solved three problems in the bathroom!

I thought about doing a tutorial for you, but after about an hour of building I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  I kind of just made it up as I went along and had to figure out each step as I ran into issues.  Plus, let’s be real here….I actually have no idea what I’m doing and anyone with skills would read my tutorial and turn me into the Carpenter’s Association as a fraud.

But if you decide to make one I will say it was pretty easy and I finished the whole thing, including paint, in one day.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

In order to save money I used old slats from my pile of junk wood for the inside back, but you could easily use pallet wood also.  The burlap behind it is what was hanging on the wall before.  Free.  The paint was leftover from another project and the crown molding is a piece I had left from putting crown in my bedroom last year.
The rest breaks down like this:
hinges/screws/cup hooks $10
luan  (I made the door with this) $15
wood  $50  (the bulk of this was in the trim around the mirrors)
mirror glue  $5

Hardware store total : $80

IKEA mirrors  $30.00

Grand total: $110 (plus tax)

I’d love to have added more trim, but I was on a budget so it didn’t happen.  I’m still super-duper happy with it.

And my husband will be so surprised that I did it without being heavily observed.

Come Join Me for a Pinterest Party!

Come Join Me for a Pinterest Party!

I’ve been in a crafty mood lately.  It must be the cold weather mixed with my lack of time for getting whole rooms remodeled.  But I felt a need to get my craft on.

So I made a few things, just simple stuff really.  And the fun part is I am going to be at a local Michael’s this Sunday from 1-3 to show how I made them.  And to hang out with those of you who stop by!  I am joining Hometalk and Michael’s for a party all over the country.  If you can’t come to mine, I’ll bet there’s one near you!


Juts look at the cuteness hanging over my couch!  It was so easy to make I am almost embarrassed to be doing it at the party.


I may have to redecorate my whole living room around these lovelies!


It just makes me happy.


And because I can’t stop with just one thing, I also made this little bunting.


I love the combination of decorating and inspiring.


And if you follow Michael’s on Hometalk  you could win one of five $100 gift cards!  Go, Go!  I will wait while you go do it.

Follow to win!!!

Thanks for coming by and letting me show you my crafts.  And if you want you can follow me on Hometalk too.  (but I won’t give you a gift card for it)


See you there!

Top Posts of 2013

Top Posts of 2013

2013.  It’s almost over.  Can you believe it?  Why does it surprise me every year?

I’ve been reflecting back on my blog posts and wanted to re-share my top posts from each month. It’s actually a baker’s dozen….I have trouble deciding sometimes.

January: I shared about some trouble I was having with 2 of my boys not doing their chores and how we handled it.

February: I attended a conference where no one talked to me and I told y’all about how I cried in my room….so sad.  But it turned out to be a blessing because so many of you identified with it.  I was so glad I shared it here!

March: I got on my soapbox about moms calling themselves “mean.”  Be strong and firm, yes.  Be mean, no.

April: My recipe for my fabulous Energy Bars was by far my biggest post that month.  I am not kidding…these things are a-mazing!

May:  This is one of our most visited posts….the modesty swimsuit edition.  It’s pretty much like the Sports Illustrated version, but with much less skin showing.

June: Hands down the hottest post in June was my summer home tour.  Come back next summer when I do another one.  I change things a lot around here.

July: I started my fitness journey in July.  While it had yet to be proved then, my following success in losing weight and getting healthy made my post about that one of the most visited that month.

August:  My boy’s bathroom makeover was the big project in August and the most visited post.

September: I shared with you about my favorite supplements…these have changed my life and I have heard from so many of you that you love them too.  Really, if you’re still thinking about trying them….don’t wait!

October:  You’d think the top post would be the one where I announced that I had lost 50 pounds.  But no.  It was when I told you about how I took my shirt off in the middle of the street.  You all are a sad, sad bunch.

November: There were two top posts this month that I couldn’t choose between, so here they both are….My Christmas coffee table was a big hit!  I just took it apart yesterday and I miss it already.

And this one when I told you how we use all of the oils in the Young Living Premium kit.  It has been a huge blessing to us and I had to share it with you!

December: Another Christmas decoration that I made was this sign.  It was so easy to make and cost me nothing.  Yeehaw!

How to Make a Christmas Sign

How to Make a Christmas Sign

Last week I showed y’all my cute kitchen shutters and sign I made for Christmas when I told you how much I love Blinds.com.   So now I want to share how we made the sign.  You won’t believe how easy it was!

I got 3 fence pickets that are 6′ long.  I happened to have some already, but it would cost around $12 at the hardware store.


My son Jacob helped me so I could take pictures.  But I didn’t need help.  It’s SO easy to do and I’m not afraid of power tools.  We wanted both ends of the boards to be the same, so we held the cut end up and marked where to cut so the angles would match.

Make a sign with fence pickets

While we were at the saw we cut 3 pieces 9″ long from the third picket.

Make a sign with fence pickets

Then we simply used our handy dandy stapler to attach them all together.  Be sure to measure the same from each end so they are even.

That’s it…no sanding or heavy measuring.  Seriously.  10 minutes.

Next it was time to add the words.  Unfortunately, I lost all of the pictures I took while I was doing it, so I will just have to ‘splain.

I cut printed the letters out (see below for the printable) then cut them out.  Then I traced them onto the sign.  I couldn’t do it with carbon paper like I did when I made my address sign because the boards are so rough that it wouldn’t show.  So I just traced the cutout.  It was easy.

Be sure to use painter’s tape to get them all in a straight line.

Then….you won’t believe this…..I filled them all in with a red Sharpie.  Yes, that’s right.  SUPER easy!  I just did it one night while James and I watched “The Amazing Race”.  By the time the last team got eliminated I was finished.

Not bad for a quick, free project and after Christmas I will flip the sign around and show you what I put on the other side….hee hee.  I’m not telling you yet.  Nope, sorry.  You’re going to have to wait.

Here are the printables: PEACRTH

It’s just the letters I used and you will need to cut them out and line them up on your boards.

Now you can make your own sign!

Kitchen Holiday Goodness (but not cooking)

Kitchen Holiday Goodness (but not cooking)

Remember my new shutters for my bedroom? Well I also added some in my kitchen and oh my goodness I love them so much!

No more dusty curtains and strings.  Happiness by shutters.

beautiful holiday kitchen!

Blinds.com is my favorite new friend of 2013.  They have been so helpful and so caring, even checking on me about a week after my shutters arrived.  Who does that?!

They were super easy to install, even with my odd sizes and shapes.  Well, not my personal odd shape and size, but my kitchen window.

beautiful holiday kitchen!

To add some old house character to the window, I made a holiday sign to hang over it.  It is so much fun to have something Christmasy in the kitchen.

Make a Christmas sign for the kitchen!

Plus I can just flip the sign around after Christmas and have a whole new look.  And….you’ll love this….it cost me nothing!

Add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen!

Later this week I will show you how I made the sign, but for now I have something better.  The great folks at Blinds.com are letting me give one of you a $100 gift card to get your own new window coverings!

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This is a sponsored post. I only promote products and companies that I really love and believe in.

Make Your Own Christmas Coffee Table!

Make Your Own Christmas Coffee Table!

I felt like a change this year….not the same old holiday decor that I have been using for years.  And since none of my old stuff has any real sentimental value, I decided to try some new things….just for fun!

I started with my coffee table.  It’s the centerpiece of my living room, so why shouldn’t it be Christmas-adorable?

I started with a furniture dolly that I bought at the flea market last summer.  I plan to make it into a permanent coffee table, but it’s been sitting in the corner of my living room waiting for me to have time to do something with it.  So I used it as a base for my holiday-licious table.

Then I cut up some heavy duty boxes.  You know, the ones my husband makes me keep from appliances that we have had for over a year.  My daughter, Hope, and I cut the boxes into sizes we needed to fit the space, then taped them together using duct tape.

Make a Christmas coffee table!

Then I wrapped them in cute wrapping paper (that I bought at Target).

I used the glass top from our old coffee table and voila!  A whole new holiday look!

Make your own Christmas coffee table!

Don’t you love it?!  And all it cost was a few rolls of wrapping paper, which I have enough left to wrap quite a few presents.

Make your own Christmas coffee table!

Last year we made a candy cane fence for the front porch from a pallet….I love free Christmas decorations!

Make your own Christmas coffee table!

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How to Add Trim to Make Your Shutters Reach the Ceiling

How to Add Trim to Make Your Shutters Reach the Ceiling

Last week I showed you my beautiful new shutters and how they have improved my lifestyle.  I no longer have to wedge myself between my chair and the wall to open the curtains in my bedroom.  I can have easy privacy when necessary and let the sunshine in with one flip of the wrist.

I love, love, love them.  BUT my bedroom needed height at the windows and the new shutters were only the size of my windows.  I thought, while I loved them with all my heart, that they needed some tweaking.

I wanted to make them look a bit more grand, more substantial.  So I hopped in the van and went to the hardware store for some trim.  I wanted to widen the windows a bit, so I got a 4″ trim and I wanted to stretch the windows to the ceiling, so I got a package of beadboard and some smaller trim.

In less than 3 hours I was finished with the whole project and my windows are perfection.  Mwah!

First we cut the 4″ trim to fit along the sides of the window from floor to ceiling.

How to add trim to your shutters

We also added this same trim across the top, below the crown molding that was already there.  If I didn’t have crown I would have just taken it all the way to meet the ceiling.  We mitered those corners.  Mitering corners isn’t scary…you just need the right tool. (my oldest son was sweet to help me with the project)

How to add height to shutters

The only hitch was that we had to notch around the window sills.  After cutting the side piece the exact length to fit floor to ceiling we held it up to the window and marked where the notch needed to be.

How to add trim to your shutters

Then we measured how far in we needed to cut and we marked that.

How to add trim to your shutters

Until we had our mark exactly where we needed it.

How to add trim to your shutters

There are several ways to cut a notch.  This is just how we do it. We use the miter saw (we also used it for the mitered corners above) to start the cuts.

How to add trim to your shutters

Then used a chisel to chip out the rest.  It only took about a minute.

How to add trim to your shutters

And it was ready to put up.

How to add trim to your shutters

Then we cut the beadboard to fit into the opening above the windows.  I attached everything using a brad nailer, but you can also use finish nails.

Next I cut some narrow trim into a frame to fit inside of the beaded board.  I just did that to add a paneling feeling.  After it was all caulked and painted it looked like this:

How to add trim to your store bought shutters

Below the window I just painted the exposed wall with the white paint, but I didn’t add beadboard there.  I was too cheap to buy another package when I really didn’t need it.

How to add trim to your shutters

To show you what a huge difference the trim makes, I did one window at a time so you could see them before and after side by side.

How to add trim to your shutters

Here it is finished….nice, huh?

How to add trim to your shutters

I am in love.  Real, true, deep love.

How to add trim to make your shutters look bigger

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