My Four Favorite Essential Oils and a Giveaway!

My Four Favorite Essential Oils and a Giveaway!

Four great essential oils that you must try! -- The Pennington Point

You already know that I am wild over my Young Living essential oils.  Joy and Valor are running rampant around here.  The oils have helped so much with not only the occasional runny noses and sunburn, but also with things like the kids’ concentration and my random moodiness.

I even read some info last week that said lemon, frankincense and lavender can help with wrinkles.  Oh, you can bet I am trying that.  If anyone asks me if I have had work done on my face you will be the first to know!

To get James through tax season I diffused oils in his office for the past month.  I am sure the clients that stopped by to pick up their tax return wondered what that lovely, but un-CPA-like scent was.  Not that CPAs have a specific scent, but how often do you go into an accountant’s office and immediately feel relaxed and clear headed?

The oils in the Premium Kit are fantastic and if you haven’t tried them that’s the very best place to start.  I am having a love affair with every one of them!  But there are a few others that I love too, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re looking for something new to try.

  Four great essential oils that you must try! -- The Pennington Point

1. Abundance – this oil is so rich and lovely.  I have used almost a whole bottle just sharing it with friends because I want everyone to try it.  It’s one that I use every day.  There’s just something about it.  Since using it I have noticed that I am more open to opportunities that come my way and I’m better able to decide which path to follow when faced with a conflict.  I have definitely had an increase of success lately.  I don’t think the oil does that of course, but it opens me up to the possibilities.

2. Clarity – I travel so much that I always, always take this oil with me.  I tend to get easily overwhelmed when I am running to make a flight or being patted down by the airport security.  This oil helps me keep my wits about me.  I also need it at the grocery store, in traffic and most definitely when going over my receipts with my husband.

3. Magnify Your Purpose – I bought this oil for my older kids…to help them as they find their way in life.  But then I discovered it is great for me too!  I diffused it while I was working on my book and it really helped.  My essential oil reference book says, “This blend stimulates the endocrine system for greater energy flow to the right hemisphere of the brain, activating creativity, motivation, and focus.”  Yes, please.

Four great essential oils that you must try! -- The Pennington Point

4. Into the Future – When I was at the Summit last January I met another Young Living friend who had this oil with her.  Of course I had to try it and WOW!  I really loved it.  I felt so alive!  You can imagine how much it elevated the experience of being with a group of women who were on this homeschooling journey with too.  It is supposed to help you leave the past behind and progress with vision and excitement.  I use it anytime I am feeling apprehensive or a need to look forward instead of wallowing in the past.  In other words, I use it a lot.

I have built up a wonderful collection of oils that have been a blessing to me in so many ways.  But these four are my current faves.  And I can’t stand not to give some of it to you.  So here’s what I want to do…..

I am going to randomly choose one of you to give ONE of these oils to (choose from Abundance 15ml, Clarity 15 ml, Magnify Your Purpose 5ml or Into the Future 5ml) along with an essential oil pocket reference.

Pocket reference giveaway I use my pocket reference all of the time….like several times a day.  I used to keep it in the bathroom just to read through it because I find it so fascinating.  So I have to share that too!  That’s one bottle of fabulous oils and a Pocket reference….a $55 value!!!

Just because I love you so.

And if you are interested in getting started with Young Living oils you can CLICK HERE to learn a little more about that.  I would love to have you join me on this great adventure!

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By the way, I am not a doctor.  The testimonies I share here are my experience and not intended for diagnosis or cure.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself and if you are dealing with a serious situation I encourage you to seek professional help.

Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers Around

Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers Around

This week for homeschool month I want to share some ideas for you moms trying to juggle teaching older kids when you have babies and toddlers around.  It sure is a challenge….but you can do it!!!

Tips for homeschooling when you have babies and toddlers around!  PLUS a giveaway!

Babies: When I had a new baby (which I did for almost 2 decades!), I always kept a rocking chair in the room where we did our school.  That way I could comfortably hold baby and teach at the same time.  I also would take school into my bedroom or the nursery when necessary.  This season is really about being flexible.  Take 20 minute breaks while you nurse.  Relax and enjoy your baby.

Toddlers: Once they are big enough to move around and play a little, it’s a whole new situation.  This time takes training and work and patience.  Here are a few things I did while I was homeschooling and raising toddlers.

1. Teach them to play alone in small increments.  Depending on their age, they can play in one spot with just a few toys for 10 minutes or so.  I’d keep a special set of toys that are a favorite set aside for this time.  I’d spread a blanket or create a spot where they have to stay, give them the toys and tell them to stay there until the timer goes off.
2. Fifteen minutes of sibling time.  Yes, an older sibling can play with a toddler for 15 minutes while you work with other kids.  It should be time with a purpose that is teaching the toddler and keeping them safe.  This time is not for the older child’s enjoyment, but for them to serve. (I used a timer a lot during these years to remind myself not to expect them to be still and quiet for too long)
3. Work during nap time.  Toddlers tend to have regular nap times that you can count on, so why not use a little of that time to get some school work done?
4. Tactile activities.  Toddler respond really well to doing things with their hands.  A 9X13 pan filled with rice or a sink with water and bubbles can entertain a child for 10-15 minutes.
5. Videos.  Yep, I’m just gonna say it.  There are some days when I needed to really occupy the littles to get a big chunk of school done.  I tried not to do this more than twice a month.  So if I was going to use electronics, I just tried to be sure it was “educational.”  Here are a few fun ones:
*I Will Trust God (a sweet, simple message about trusting God)
*My First Signs (learning sign language)
*What’s in the Bible? (a really cute series)
*Creation Proclaims: Climbers & Creepers (a little older, but great lessons about creation!)

AND I am giving away a copy of “I Will Trust God” to one blessed winner!
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PaintStick Mini Contest and Giveaway!

PaintStick Mini Contest and Giveaway!

Y’all know I love me some HomeRight tools.  My Steam Machine that powered through my filthy stove top (which has stayed clean, by the way) and the car washing AutoWash Stick that I am crazy like a lunatic about (this thing cleans my car so well!) both make me happy.

Since I am a part of the HomeRight Ambassador Program, I got to try the PaintStick Mini…you know…for those smaller jobs when you don’t want to make a mess.  Well, I really never like to make a mess.  But I do like painting things.  It’s my therapy.

For this project I had 2 dressers that I bought at different flea markets, totally separate, a year apart.  But when I set them next to each other a few weeks ago to see if they would work as a console for my TV in the bedroom I was shocked to discover that they were exactly the same dresser!  It’s even more shocking that I haven’t noticed it for the past year and a half since I have owned them.

And HomeRight is having a Super fun contest that is going to be so much fun to join that you really must enter!  You can see the official rules here.

This is such a fun contest!!  Plus a giveaway....come'll love it!

This is my contest video…..I thought I’d share it here so you can see the PaintStick Mini and get inspired to make your own video!

Look what you might win….

1st Place:  iPad Air 64 G WiFi version (valued at $699)

2nd Place prize: $200 Cash

3rd Place prize: $100 Cash

Not only can you enter the video contest, but you can also enter to win a PaintStick Mini right here!  And don’t forget that you can buy them on Amazon, and Lowes!

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Check out some of my friends’ other posts about the PaintStick Mini! Bliss at Home, Makely School for Girls, My Repurposed Life,

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Thieves Kit Giveaway!!

Thieves Kit Giveaway!!

I’m kicking off March with a bang!  My good friend Brandy, The Marathon Mom, and I are sharing our love of Young Living essential oils with y’all by giving away a Thieves Essential Rewards Kit!  I am so excited because this kit is amazing and I love Thieves and Thieves loves me.

Thieves was my first Young Living oil and I was immediately hooked on it.  I would not go through a winter without it.  It is highly effective in supporting the immune system.

Here’s what you get in this kit:2 – Thieves Household Cleaner
1 – 15ml Thieves Essential Oil Blend
1 – Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste
1 – Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
2 – Thieves Spray
2 – Thieves Hand Purifier
2 – Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

Say what?!  It’s true.  One of you will win this baby.

If you’ve been thinking about starting to use these incredible oils now’s the time!  You get TEN extra entries when you sign up with me or Brandy as a wholesale member and order the Premium Kit.


If you’re interested in learning more about using essential oils click here to see a list of posts I’ve written about my experiences with them.   And be sure to check out Brandy’s post too…she’s got some great information over there as well!

A fantastic giveaway of a whole Thieves kit!  You'll love this!

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Cleaning My Stove with HomeRight Steam Machine

Cleaning My Stove with HomeRight Steam Machine

OK, I am about to show you something gross, I don’t want you to be caught unaware.  Pictures and descriptions will follow.  I can no longer hide my shame.

So brace yourself.

This is what my stovetop looks like.

stove cleaning with my HomeRight Steam Machine

Here’s the way it looks with the grates removed.


In my defense, we have tried and tried to clean it.  This stuff is so baked on that it doesn’t even scratch off with a steel wool pad (which I am sorry to say I did try a few months ago and scratched the finish).

When I read my friend Lyndsay’s post about cleaning her oven glass with the HomeRight Steam MachineI wondered….would it possibly clean my awful, impossible stove?  Could my dream of having a clean stove without using harsh chemicals actually come true?

HomeRight sent me a Steam Machine, so I got everything set up.  Also known as pouring water and plugging it in.  Then I started.  I worked on the front burner and in only about 5 minutes this was the way it looked.


All of the little scratches are from my unfortunate steel wool incident.  I was shocked to see how much came off just using the steam machine.  For the rest, I used a little plastic scraper in combination with the machine.  Steam a little, scrape a little, and so on.  After 30 minutes the front burner was clean.


Dreams really do come true!  Seriously, I could NOT believe it.

I took a break for lunch then I worked on the back burner.  It was tougher and took about an hour.  I just kept steaming and scraping and look…..


Here it is with both sides of the stove showing.  I plan to do the right side next weekend.


Then my fantasy of having a clean stove again will be complete.  It really is a small miracle.

Win a HomeRight Steam Machine and get your stove clean too! -- The Pennington Point

And….here’s the part where you will be glad you hung all the way through this post and looked at the gross pictures….I get to give away one of these incredible machines!  It does so many things besides clean stoves.  It removes wallpaper, cleans grout (this is my next use for it), sanitizes bathrooms, and so much more!  Come on and try to win it, then your dreams can come true too!

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This post is sponsored by HomeRight. 

Great Homeschool Conventions!

Great Homeschool Conventions!

If you’re a homeschooler you know it’s not easy figuring out what curriculum to use and how to get it all done.  That’s why I love homeschool conventions so much!  They help me with all of that plus I always meet new friends and get encouraged by the fellowship of other homeschool families!

I am excited to share a new convention that is taking place in Greenville, SC, Cincinatti, OH, Ontario, CA and Ft. Worth, TX.  Great Homeschool Conventions will have speakers, workshops and exhibits….plus a Friday night comedy night.  How fun is that?!

Go check out their website AND you can enter below to win this awesome family prize package!!!

This is so great!  I can’t wait to see who wins!!!

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“Every Day a Blessing” Giveaway

“Every Day a Blessing” Giveaway

This contains affiliate links.

Last week I shared our teen devotional and today I get to tell you about the one we are using for the younger kids.  It’s called “Every Day a Blessing: A Year of God’s Love” and it’s precious.

Each day there is a Bible verse and a small story to read.  Very short and simple.  Then it ends with a prompt like, “What can you pray for today?” or “Which is your favorite ocean animal?” and leads to sweet discussions.  We have had some doozies already!

I hope you’re spending a few minutes each day reading Bible verses with your kids and discussing how they fit into our lives.  It is so, so good for your kids! (and you too!)

Go get yourself a new devotional to get you started!

And I’m giving away one of these to one of you!  Just enter below….

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A Great Christian Workout Playlist

A Great Christian Workout Playlist

(This post contains affiliate links)

Since I workout every morning (who IS this stranger in my body?!) I listen to a lot of music.  I need some new stuff so last week I asked on Facebook for suggestions for some new workout music and BOY did I get a LOT of ideas!  Hundreds.

It took me a few days, but I sorted through them all and listened to parts of a lot of the songs.  Then I took my favorites, added some I already had, and made myself a new playlist.  It’s got be good to keep me bouncing down the street on these c-c-cold mornings.  I thought I’d share it with you in case you’re looking for some fresh tunes.

I chose a variety of artists, hoping maybe you will explore them and find some new ones that you like.  I also put it in the order I like, but that shuffle feature is fun too….keeps me on my toes.

Playlist for Your Morning Exercise/Worship

1. Good Morning by Mandisa (this is my current FAVE)
2. Something Different by 33 Miles (This song inspires me every time I hear it!)
3. Holy One by Rush of Fools (I like to do two fast then one slow song)
4. Ready to Be Myself by David Dunn
5. Speak Life by TobyMac
6. Maker of the Wind by Big Daddy Weave
7. Gold by Britt Nicole
8. Thank You for Saving Me by Chris Tomlin with Phil Wickham (slowing it down again)
9. Overcomer by Mandisa (let’s face it, you can’t have too much Mandisa)
10. Circles by Anthem Lights (I don’t love the style but it’s growing on me and the message of this song gets me every time)
11. Let Your Light Shine by Bethany Dillon
12. Sandcastles by 4 Proches (I told you how much I love this family band….it’s perfect for what need right before I walk back in the door to my family)

I will be posting a new playlist every month, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

AND….that’s not all folks!  I’m giving away a $25 iTunes gift card so you can buy all of these songs for yourself.  Oh yes…..that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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If you have some songs you’d like to share I would love to hear about them!  Enjoy!

4 Proches (and a giveway!)

4 Proches (and a giveway!)

I’ve got another great giveaway for you today!  This one is personal to me because it’s from a precious family that we have known for years and we love them!!!

Introducing 4 Proches!

Beautiful family band!

This is a sibling group that is so talented it kind of makes you sick, in a good way of course.  Their songs are part flashback to the old folksy songs from my childhood and part current family togetherness.  They even write some of their own songs, making it more special.

They have just released an album, “Wayfaring Stranger”.  If you like to listen to talented people and if your own kids need a little boost of inspiration AND if you are on the lookout for good, wholesome music….you want this CD!

I went to hear them play last weekend and they were wonderful!  I am giving their CD to some friends for Christmas (if you’re my friends forget you read that).  It would make a perfect gift, but you’ve got to order quick to get it in time!

I even have a discount code for you….yippee!  If you use the code ‘PENNSHIP’ you will get 15% off your order.  Not bad, huh?

And I get to give away a signed CD to two of you!  Whoop!  It’s like a party every day around here.

Sweet family band CD giveaway just in time for Christmas!

Just enter below and be sure to sign up for their newsletter, which is one of the entries.  You will be richly blessed by this family band.

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Kitchen Holiday Goodness (but not cooking)

Kitchen Holiday Goodness (but not cooking)

Remember my new shutters for my bedroom? Well I also added some in my kitchen and oh my goodness I love them so much!

No more dusty curtains and strings.  Happiness by shutters.

beautiful holiday kitchen! is my favorite new friend of 2013.  They have been so helpful and so caring, even checking on me about a week after my shutters arrived.  Who does that?!

They were super easy to install, even with my odd sizes and shapes.  Well, not my personal odd shape and size, but my kitchen window.

beautiful holiday kitchen!

To add some old house character to the window, I made a holiday sign to hang over it.  It is so much fun to have something Christmasy in the kitchen.

Make a Christmas sign for the kitchen!

Plus I can just flip the sign around after Christmas and have a whole new look.  And….you’ll love this….it cost me nothing!

Add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen!

Later this week I will show you how I made the sign, but for now I have something better.  The great folks at are letting me give one of you a $100 gift card to get your own new window coverings!

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