I Shouldn’t Make Up Slogans

I Shouldn’t Make Up Slogans

This weekend I am going to Alabama for a Young Living 3 day event.  It’s called “Beauty School” and I hope it means I will become beautiful while I’m there.  Maybe a little frankincense for my wrinkles and lemon for my complexion.  Or something exotic to add years to my overall look? They need a slogan like, “Beauty for the not so beautiful”.

Or maybe not.

I am hoping to learn all about the YL beauty products and I am super excited about it!  So that makes me want to be sure you know all about what I am using lately and how to get some free stuff.  Really, it makes me so happy to share about the oils with you.  They have been a blessing to our family and I want to pass that along to you!

Earlier this week I shared on Facebook Live about what oils I use every morning.  I got a lot of interest, so I thought you’d like to know too.  First thing after I wake up I go to the potty then brush my teeth and apply a few oils.  Literally first thing.  It’s so simple to incorporate into your routine if you do a couple of things.

Number one, put the oils where you can see them.  It’s the opposite of out of sight out of mind.  This is in sight in mind?  No, that doesn’t make sense.  But you get my meaning.

Second, Line them up in the order you use them.  This makes it a snap to apply….no thinking necessary.  There’s another slogan for you, “Be brainless.”  No, that doesn’t sound right.

I put on these 4 oils first thing every day:

  1. Endoflex – I put 2-3 drops in my hand (on my fingers actually, not the palm) and rub that over my thyroid (the front of my neck) then rub it over my adrenals (my lower back).
  2. Myrtle – I put a drop of this on my same fingers and rub it over my thyroid too.
  3. Abundance – I roll it on behind my ears (there’s a roller top in your kit and I put in on my bottle of Abundance).  This oil helps me see the abundant blessings in my life, in my relationships, my work, my home, my prayer, my salvation, etc and I want that to be the focus of my day).
  4. Valor or Valor II – This goes on my wrists for strength and courage.  I never go a day without using Valor.

It takes me about 30 seconds to apply them and then I go do my morning exercises.  Of course, I use other oils after I shower and get dressed, but that’s what I do first thing.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s nice, but did you say FREE stuff?”  Why yes, yes I did.  This month you can get all of this for free —> 5ml Clove, 5ml Lavender Vitality, 5ml Palo Santo, Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, Thieves Cleaner, and last-but-not-least a gift set with 4 wool dryer balls and a 5ml Lavender.  Yep, that’s about $110 worth of free stuff and that’s not counting the points you’ll earn toward whatever products you want!

Great deal for October....look at all the free stuff you can get!!!

It’s pretty simple, how much you spend determines how much you get free.  If you order it all on your Essential Rewards order (that’s the YL monthly ordering system which I’d be happy to ‘splain if you need me to….just email me and I’ll send you all the deets) you can get the most.

I keep thinking how this could turn into a bunch of really unique and useful Christmas gifts.  The Thieves Cleaner could be divided up into spray bottles (it’s highly concentrated) and given to teachers, church friends, co-workers.  To the Fruit & Veggie Spray you could add a kitchen towel or the bottle of Clove could go together with a toothbrush cup.  Or what about the dryer ball gift set for Grandma who’s so hard to buy for?!  And it’s all FREE!!!

Not just free gift ideas, but things your friends will love!!!

If you haven’s started using YL yet, what’s holding you back?!  Get your Premium Starter Kit and get going man!  There’s no time like the present to equip yourself to take better care of your family!  Here’s a list of the oils in the kit and how to use them.

What questions do you have?  Hop over to Facebook and share them so we can all help each other out.  Or shoot me an email and I can fill you in.  My brain is your brain.  Wait, no, that’s just weird.

Maybe I should stay away from creating my own sayings and stick with what I know best.  The oils and how God has given them to us as a blessing and sharing them with YOU!

Get started now and get ya some free goodies.

Email me at: [email protected]

Connect with me on Facebook too!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

I Solemnly Swear Never to Send You Scary Stories

I Solemnly Swear Never to Send You Scary Stories

September is over.

It’s been a whirlwind month and now that the cooler weather has arrived, I feel like I can stop and smell the….well…dead leaves.  Here in south Texas we pretty much go straight from green to brown.

Since I have been busy finishing up edits on my next book (released in Feb 2017…woohoo!) I have only been posting here on the blog once a week.  There are only so many hours in the day and I can’t write a book, 2 blog posts a week and keep up with homeschooling and my Netflix marathons.  Something has to give.

But I miss y’all when I don’t get to connect.  I wonder what you’re up to and so many of you will reach out to me and ask how I am if I don’t post as often.  You’re just the sweetest and I wish we could all have an afternoon sitting on my front porch and drinking oil infused water over Sonic ice.  Oh I get all goose-bumpy just thinking about it.

Since we can't sit on my porch and talk for hours, come follow my blog and be encouraged!!!

Since I adore you all so much I came up with a fun new way to connect with you.  I have a new service for sending you texts and I am so excited about it!  I mean, I only have 160 characters in the text so it’s short and sweet.  And I am sending them out only once a week, so it won’t use up your data or time.

Don't be the only one not in on the fun! Once a week you'll get a text of encouragement and brightness!  Text the word "pennington" to 31996!!! <3

Also, in case you’re not subscribed, I do have a newsletter.  Just look to the left and sign up at the bottom of my sidebar on the blog.  I only send out a newsletter about every 6-8 weeks because I am too tired.  But they’re fun and full of bonus info, so be sure you’re subscribed.

When they make space phone for the people living on Mars I will find a way to send you a message that bounces off the moon.  I can’t live without you.

I have a peaceful weekend planned.  I am going to read some books, watch some Netflix, hang out with friends and, unlike last weekend, NOT get 78 mosquito bites on my ankles.  I didn’t even realize I was getting bit until I woke up scratching like a flea covered dog at 3:00 in the morning.  I had just gotten a new bottle of Purification and don’t think I didn’t sleep with it under my pillow.  Not because it would give me sweet dreams, but because I am too lazy to get up twice so I wanted it to be within reach in case I woke up scratching again.  The only thing that can get me up more than once during the night is my bladder.  Occasionally it gets mad at me and we argue about who is in charge.  That’s when I grab a bottle of K&B (a little talked about Young Living product) and put it under my pillow too.  (y’all, seriously, K&B is amazing for telling your bladder who’s in charge!)

Now, I am not recommending putting bottles under your pillow.  That’s what bedside tables are for.  But I had a traumatic incident once that keeps me from using my table during the night.  A few ears ago I groped for something on the bedside table in a half asleep stupor, knocked it onto the floor, reached down to the floor between my bed and table to find it, then felt something touch my hand.

I screamed, it ran off and I have never used my bedside table since.  Now its only use is holding a lamp and other things I never need between 11:00pm and 6:00am.

Kids, don’t ask Aunt Lisa if there are really monsters under your bed because she will shout “YES!” and run away crying.

Now that we have that story out of the way, be sure to go get your phone while you’re thinking about it and text the word “pennington” to the number 31996.  I promise not to text you any scary stories like the one I just shared.  I will send be fun things about God loving us and being joyful in any situation (like when a mouse touches your hand, just as an example) and good news.  You’ll love it!!

Have a great weekend!

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“Sticky Candy Weekend”

“Sticky Candy Weekend”

This past weekend was one of those rare times when almost all of our kids were home.  With more than half of them all grown up and living in different cities, we don’t get to see them all together anymore.  On Friday night we had a bunch of friends over for burgers.  It was a delightful way to start the weekend!  Then on Saturday eight of the nine kids were here and we spent most of our time just hanging out and eating.

In preparation for the weekend, I went to Costco last Tuesday to load up on groceries.  I got stuff to make burgers, fancy sandwiches, big breakfasts and snacks.  One of the snacks I decided to get was an enormous bag of candy that’s meant for handing out on Halloween.  It had tiny chocolate bars, Gobstoppers and little cardboard boxes of Nerds inside.  These seemed perfect for putting in a big bowl on the c 2offee table so everyone could just grab a piece when they felt like it.

The one hitch in my idea was that the day I bought the candy it was 100° outside.  Since I was running other errands I decided to put the big bag of candy in the cooler with ice so the chocolate wouldn’t melt.  I was so proud of my decision until I got home that night to discover that the ice had mostly melted and had seeped into the big bag.  I took it out of the cooler, cut open the top and drained the big bag of pink water.

“Why is the water pink?” I wondered as I dumped the tiny wrapped candies onto a towel that I had laid out on the kitchen counter.  After investigating, I saw that about 15 boxes of Nerds had gotten wet and dissolved in the water.  Oh well….I just threw those away, left the rest of the candy on the towel to dry overnight and didn’t give it another thought.  I mean, who worries about tiny wet candy?

But this seemingly insignificant detail turned out to be a central problem all weekend.  All of the little bitty candy bars, I found the next day when I picked them up to put them in a bowl, were so sticky that every time anyone ate a piece of candy they had to go wash their hands.  Also, some of the chocolate bars had a weird cherry flavor to them (even though, as far as I could tell, no water got inside of the individual packages).  It became the joke of the weekend, whether or not it was worth the effort to eat a piece of the sticky, icky candy.

But they all braved the  stickiness and ate whle we played games and talked all day.

Our favorite game lately is called Heads Up.  It’s an app that is kinda like charades but easier and funnier.  You hold the phone up to your forehead and try to guess what the screen says.  My family is particularly good at the Super Heroes and Villains category.  Everyone but me that is.  I don’t know any of those answers unless it is Batman, Superman or Spider-Man.  And even those would take me way too long to figure out.  I’ll be staring at 10 people all yelling at me at once with clues about capes or sidekicks and I don’t know the difference!  Then the timer buzzes the end of my turn and they look at me like they feel sorry for me because I don’t know Batman’s true identity or how Superman got his powers.

It’s fun because we don’t really keep score, we just take turns and enjoy the process.  There’s too much laughing to worry with writing down points.  And besides, our fingers were too sticky from eating candy from the bowl.

By Sunday afternoon everyone was gone or doing their own thing and I was so worn out from 3 days of family and friends (plus a church service that knocked my socks off and challenged my spirit), that I wanted to sleep from 2-6:00.  So I stopped by Redbox on my way home from church and rented myself an afternoon nap.  When I got home (we were in separate cars) I tossed the movie to the kids and said, “Boys, the house is clean, there is plenty of leftover food and sticky candy, we’ve had a nice weekend together and Mom is tired.  Here’s a movie.  Eat what you want and watch it twice.”

And I slept.  I barely woke up to eat a bit of dinner and went back to bed.

And if my family time and long nap weren’t enough of a blessing, I woke up Monday morning to rain and cool weather.  I am a huge fan of dark, gloomy, cool weather.  It feeds my soul.

I learned several lessons over the weekend.  1. Don’t put candy in a cooler of ice on a hot day 2. I don’t know enough about superheroes to play that category in Heads Up and 3. Redbox is like magic.

Have a good one!

First Day of School Happiness

First Day of School Happiness

I am so happy to be back to normal life this morning!  We are starting school today and after a full month of doing nothing but entertaining ourselves and not cleaning the house, I am ready.

A week ago we were in Florida running around at Universal Studios, then came straight home to a houseful of company.  Before we left for Universal I tried to get it all clean so when we got home the guest beds would be ready and all I’d have to do is wipe off the bathroom mirrors and go to the grocery store.  But somehow that theory never actually works and there seemed to be more work than we could do to get ready for our weekend.

We spent last Wednesday putting away our suitcases and scrubbing the bathrooms and restocking the pantry.  I think the washer and dryer ran all day and night so we would be ready for our friends to come and stay for the weekend.  I also knew a little secret, which was that our oldest daughter was going to come down and surprise everyone.  So I had to discreetly have a bed ready for her too.  It wasn’t easy….I am not good at that kind of sneakiness.

I can barely get Christmas presents into the house without being discovered.  I try to do little surprises for the kids all the time, like buy their favorite drink to surprise them with for Friday movies only to find them sipping on them one afternoon because they found them in the back of the fridge.  Or I get up really early to make a special breakfast and wake people up with my clanging around in the kitchen.  So last Wednesday when my boys kept asking me why I needed extra sheets I got panicked and almost blew the secret about a dozen times.

The main reason we had so much company was because there was a conference happening here in our little town and we offered our house as a place to stay for some families.  So we were piled up and overflowing and I loved it.

I attended the conference as much as I could, but I had to do some catching up on work at home so I kept slipping back and trying to get some work done.  There are definitely disadvantages to having the event in our own town.  I ended up only being there about half the time.  But even with only hearing some of the talks at the conference I was really uplifted and encouraged.  There’s really nothing like being around other like-minded Christians to fill your tank.

One session was about being content with what God has given you and it was especially encouraging to me.  It was not only a great message, but the speaker was a young man who is a close friend of my son and that made it even sweeter.  To see these boys grow up and develop wisdom from their personal relationship with the Lord melts my heart.  The message of trusting God and understanding His sovereignty washed over me and I was so thankful for the words.  One thing the speaker said that I wrote in my notes was, “The world tells us that to be content we must get away from what makes us uncomfortable.  But Paul clearly teaches us that we must be content with wherever we are.”  Good stuff.

It was just what I needed as I move from the carefree times of the summer into full time school with my boys.  It won’t be easy to get us all up at the crack of dawn and stick to our school year schedule.  We kinda like sleeping late and not cleaning the house and going to theme parks.

So now we are back to our fall schedule and daily routine of school in the mornings and I will do my personal work in the afternoons which includes grading papers for the next day.  Having homeschooled for over 20 years, I know that I have to keep up with grading their work every day or I fall so far behind that I can’t catch up.  It’s like laundry.  Miss a couple of days and you have an overwhelming mountain to deal with.

I won’t be taking any of those “first day of school” pictures though.  It’s just not my thing and I tell you that in case you didn’t do it either and you’re feeling guilty.  Let it go, my friend.  Life’s too short to sweat that stuff.  Do what you can and release the rest to the list of things you didn’t really need anyway.

Have a great week!

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We’re Ba-ack!

We’re Ba-ack!

I am back from vacation and not so raring to go.  In fact I slept until 9 this morning, which is very unusual for me!

My husband and I got home yesterday after a week at Walt Disney World.  We went with another couple, my BFF Sara and her husband, and had an action packed Mom & Dad vacay.  It was wonderful!  We planned to just go slow and enjoy the days instead of the rushing around like we do when the kids are with us.  We didn’t spend the whole week together as couples, but more just on and off got together.  James and I slept in almost every morning, went to bed around 10:00 all but one night, ate way too much food and strolled around holding hands.  That makes it sound like I should be well rested, but even with all of that sleep I got in over 20,000 steps each day and lots of sun, which always wears me out.  Plus we had to rise before 4:00 am yesterday to make our flight.  So I am preeeetty tired.

I am going to share some tips for Disney travel later this week, so today I will just tell you some of the more personal stuff.  James and I do enjoy ourselves and we like to get silly.  I like to dance with the street music and I don’t care what it looks like.  And he has no problem acting like a junior high boy trying to beat my score in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (it’s a target shooting competition ride).  In fact, he was so intensely shooting that he couldn’t open up his hand for 10 minutes after the ride was over.  I may have had the lower score, but at least I could use my fingers afterward!  Who’s the smartie now, huh?

Husband vs Wife

We did get some rain while we were there. One night after dinner with our friends, we left the restaurant to discover that it was absolutely pouring.  There was so much rain that the streets of Hollywood Studios were flooded. I made a run for the next overhang and when I got there I discovered that none of my group was with me.  I didn’t know where they were, but I was concerned about my phone getting wet, so I dashed into a shop to buy myself a poncho (I had left the one I brought with me back at the resort) and when I finally caught up with my husband he had gotten himself one too.  Now we each had TWO ponchos.  But, of course when we went out the next day to Disney Springs (it’s a great shopping area) and it started to rain and we didn’t have the ponchos AGAIN.  So, we are now also the owners of new Disney umbrellas.

You can bet after that we carried the ponchos and umbrellas everywhere with us and, of course, it never rained again.

This is a great time of year to go because it’s the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.  The grounds are INCREDIBLE!  I loved walking around and looking at the beauty of it all.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is amazing!

One challenge for me while I was there was my sunglasses.  It was very sunny, but you’re in and out in and out of the sun.  Even on a single ride you’re in the sun and then in a tunnel, then in the full sun again.  My eyes are very sensitive and if I don’t have sunglasses on I will get a headache within minutes.  I tried keeping them in my pockets or on a chain, but I still continually lost them.  By lost I mean they were on my person somewhere, I just wasn’t sure where.  One morning at a bus stop we dumped everything out of my backpack trying to find them.  We discussed missing the bus and running back to our room OR me just buying a cheap pair at the park.  That’s when James saw them buried under my hair on the top of my head.  Another day I actually went into a shop to buy some because I had been searching my pack, hair, etc for 15 minutes with no luck.  Then I brushed against a counter and felt them in the left pocket of my dress.  I didn’t even know that dress had a left pocket.  When I strike it rich I am going to hire someone to walk behind me with a pillow to carry my sunglasses on.


One thing we did that was really fun and I would recommend it to anyone is the Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour.  It was affordable and we got to learn all kinds of fascinating facts about Walt and how the park was made.  It was definitely a highlight for us.  You have to call to sign up for it.  We also did something called Early Morning Magic that was great!  If you’re going to Disney, you will want to look into the tours and extra options to make your trip so much better!


We got home on Sunday and after spending a few hours with the kids, I slept.  And slept.  And slept.

That brings me to today, which is so full that I am thinking of going back to sleep.  But I can’t because I am only home for three days and then I am off to the Republican Convention in Texas.  I’ll be pulling out my super-mom cape in an effort to get everything done that I need to do.

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Weddings & Water & Wrecks….OH MY!

Weddings & Water & Wrecks….OH MY!

I expected this past weekend to be long, but I had no idea it would be like a piece of taffy being stretched, and stretched and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.  It just wore me out.

We had 2 weddings to attend, each in different towns.  “OK,” I told myself, “You can do this, you just have to be prepared.”  I got the clothes ready in advance and made sure the car was gassed up and cleaned out.  Meals ready – check.  Plans for the kids that need rides – check.  Hard working husband taken care of – check. (he couldn’t go to any weddings because he’s a CPA and it was tax season weekend)

My 5 youngest kids and I headed early Saturday morning to Austin (2.5 hours away) for the wedding of one of my son Jacob’s best friends.  This is a precious family and I was looking forward to what I knew would be a Christ-centered ceremony.  It was absolutely lovely and I was glad we went.  But as an introvert, I find those things hard, mainly the reception.  I didn’t really know anyone and wasn’t likely to start up a new relationship, so I sat there at my table being mostly anti-social.  I did chat with a few people here and there, but overall I kind of felt out of place.  I wondered as I looked around the room if that happens to everyone or if I am the only person who often feels like a bird in the wrong cage.  What do you do in those situations?  Do you just walk up and talk to people?  Do you pretend to be busy feeding your kids?  Do you sit like a wallflower not talking?  I don’t expect answers to these questions.  I’m just pondering out loud.  Introvert problems.


We left the reception and headed to have dinner with my daughter who lives in the same town.  We had a nice time with her and just as we were wrapping up and getting ready to drive the 2.5 hours home I got a call.  My oldest son Jacob (who had taken his own car to the wedding and stayed after to hang out with his friends) had been in an accident.  He wasn’t hurt and the woman in the other car was fine, but his vehicle was not drivable.

Now, this kind of thing shakes a mama to the core.  I had that angry/terrified/panic/relief feeling that sends adrenaline through your system and turns you into a mother bear.  “Get in the car kids…drop the burger and let’s go!! Jacob needs us!”  We left the restaurant, dropped my daughter off at her apartment and headed back to the area where the accident had taken place (near the wedding venue).

When I saw my son I may have hugged him a little too hard and hung on too long.


Once I saw that he was OK I felt a little better.  We said our goodbyes (again) to the wedding party and made the long drive home in the dark, trying to forget the traumatic end to what was otherwise a lovely day.  We made it home and I was so tired, but still pretty wired from the excitement, so it took me a couple of hours to fall asleep.  If not for my oils I probably would have been awake all night.

Then it was Sunday and another wedding.  This time it was the son of one my MY best friends and in the opposite direction of the Saturday wedding.  We all decided earlier in the week that only two of us would go, the younger kids really don’t know this family well and we knew we would be wiped out from the day before.  My daughter and I would attend alone and enjoy some togetherness.  We ran a few errands in the city then headed to the wedding venue in the late afternoon, which was a bit out in the country.  We got about 6 miles away when it started to rain.  Hard.  Like, I can’t see the road at all kind of rain.


I slowed to about 20 mph and inched my way to the location.  Each time we contemplated just pulling over and waiting it out the rain would let up enough that we could see a little better.  Finally, after a few scary low water crossings we made it.  Whew!  Next problem: we had to park about 50 yards from the building and we had no umbrella.  We sat in the car trying to decide what to do.  Do we sit and hope it lets up or do we make a run for it?  We ran.

And I am not kidding you, we may as well have jumped in the river.  We were soaked down to our panties, hair was stuck to our heads, my makeup was smearing all down my face.  Have you ever been to a wedding with no eyebrows?  ‘Cuz I have and it’s not pretty.


I want to say here that earlier in the day when it was time to get ready to go I started to blow my hair dry and had a sense not to, so I left it curly and more natural.  I am taking this as a sign that I really do hear God’s voice…..I just wish I’d been listening when He was telling me to make sure we had an umbrella in the car.

Wedding #2 was gorgeous, even the rain pounding on the roof as they said their vows made it seem a little magical.  What wasn’t magical was the sound of my dress dripping on the floor beneath my seat.  I was still soaking wet 3 hours later when we got back to our house.  The drive home was no picnic either….hail and storms pounding on my car in the dark.  My knuckles are still white.

Even though it was sweet and scary and sometimes humiliating, nothing that happened this weekend was really about me.  I was simply an observer in all of it, which was nice.  I got to just smile and sit and drip quietly.  Everyone else that attended these weddings also has their own story and this is only mine.  I like to remind myself of that when I lose perspective and feel like complaining about not knowing anyone or looking like a drowned cat.

This next week it’s predicted to keep raining and I think I will just stay inside and recover from my harrowing wedding weekend.  And maybe hug all my kids a little extra hard, just to be on the safe side.

Have a good one!

I Was Cleaning, but then I Got Sleepy

I Was Cleaning, but then I Got Sleepy

Spring.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…..

I can’t help it, I get poetic about the amazing weather and flowers popping out everywhere.  It’s such a nice change from brown grass and chilly rain.  It doesn’t get super cold here, but it’s still enough to make your bones feel frozen.

We’ve been spring cleaning around here.  Every afternoon I work on one spot in the house, cleaning and organizing it.  I am doing it slowly in an attempt to trick myself into thinking I’m not really working.  It’s just one drawer or a bookshelf or cabinet, right?  No biggie.  And so far the illusion seems to be successful.  I am getting things done and not feeling overwhelmed.

Since we have a houseful of company this week the cleaning is going to slow down, but that’s OK.  We can pick it back up next week.  It’s not like the mess is going anywhere.

My oldest daughter is home from Dallas with her favorite guy.  All of our older kids will be attending the Christian Worldview Film Festival together this week.  It’s something they look forward to every year.  Another daughter made a short film that’s playing in the festival, so we are all excited to see it on the big screen.  I may cry during the showing, ‘cuz that’s what my mother heart does when I see one of my kids reaching for their dreams.  When she goes to the Academy Awards in a few years to accept her award for Best New Screenplay, she should probably not ask me to be her +1.  I’ll cry the ugly cry and embarrass when she is being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest.

We also have a couple of other friends staying here this week so it’s a full house.  That means lots of extra food and toilet paper and laundry detergent.  I went to Costco and stocked up as best I could, but I am sure there were holes in my plan and I will have to make a few grocery runs during the festival.  It’s my goal to make that part of their week easy so they can just enjoy the fellowship.

Last night a few extra young adults joined us all for dinner and it was such a special time.  In our dining room there are 2 tables, a long one where our whole family eats our daily meals and a shorter table where we generally do school and it doubles as an extra when we have a lot of people over.  The 20-somethings all sat around the long table with a few of my teens.  James and I sat at the shorter table with our little boys and were supposed to be talking to eat other.  But I couldn’t focus on my table conversation because I was too busy soaking in the joy of having a table full of godly, smart, laughing, young adults next to me.

I promise I wasn’t listening in on their conversations.  I really was not paying attention to what they were saying at all.  I just absorbed the joy of it.  This is my dream…..happy kids with happy friends all helping each other find their way in the world.  Watching a toddler learn to walk is amazing, but it’s really just a shadow of watching your grown child learn to walk into their adult life.  It makes my heart explode with the sweetness.

The only negative to my whole weekend was the ridiculous annoyance of Daylight Savings Time, which has thrown my internal clock into a tizzy and I can’t wake up.  Like, all day.  I practically fell asleep last night at 8:00, which shouldn’t happen because doesn’t my body think it’s 7:00 and I should be fully awake?!  But NO!  I think I have DTS induced narcolepsy.

So I will be half sleep-walking through my week with all of these house guests and my beautiful daughter visiting and the film festival.  I hope I can wake up enough to at least get the rest of the groceries we need.

Have a great week…..I’ll be soaking in the sun, the kids, their friends a few naps and my partially clean house.

5 Days of Learning How to Use Essential Oils

5 Days of Learning How to Use Essential Oils

I’m so excited to share with you this week!  I get tons and tons of questions about getting started with essential oils and what to do after you’ve gotten your kit.  So I decided to cover a few basics this week but never fear…..I will be sure you have fun while you’re here!  After all, Joy is a fruit of the Spirit AND one of the best oils!  😉

So, I’ll bet if you don’t already have some essential oils you have heard a lot about them.  They are getting so popular that they’re popping up everywhere…in the grocery store, in your sidebar ads, it’s getting to where you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone starting to sell oils.

But it’s not a trend to me, it’s a lifestyle.  Our family has been using high quality essential oils for over 10 years and we will still be using them when these other companies have long since moved on to the next big thing.

I URGE you NOT to use those brands you can buy at the store!  They are not the quality that you should be using for your health.   If you get some of those you’ll be all like, “These don’t do anything and I can’t see what Lisa sees in these oils!”  You will be disappointed by using the cheap, or just-getting-started brands.

So, HOW do you get Young Living oils then, if you can’t buy them in a store?  Well you have to become a member and order for yourself.  It’s easy really….just go to their website, click “become a member” at the top and fill in the form (be sure to use the member number of the person you want to work with as your sponsor, for example mine is #1386112) and then get yourself the Premium Starter Kit.

I remember when I got my first kit.  I was worried about how much it cost (it’s $160 for 11 oils and a great diffuser) and if it would become another one of those things my husband could point to when I mention wanting to do something and say, “Uh, is this going to be another one of your crazy ideas like when you spent all that money on those OILS that we never used?!”  But I actually found that they easily adapted into our home and, while at first I only used a few of the oils in the kit, I slowly started using the rest of them too and within a few months I was completely hooked!  Now he’s almost as crazy about the oils as I am!

Getting started can feel overwhelming, so take it one bottle at a time.  This week I am going to share with you the How, What, When, Where and Why of getting started.  Hang with me and by Friday you will be better informed and ready to go!

Today’s topic is How:

  1. How do I join?
    Oops!  I already answered that above.  Just go HERE and sign up and order your Premium Starter Kit.
  2. How do I know who to join through?
    You may have other friends doing Young Living too and aren’t sure who to join with.  I always tell people to be sure they sign up through someone who will offer them support and will keep them updated about product changes and monthly sales and someone who is ready to help.  If your friend who does YL is really keeping up with new products and educating herself then you should consider signing through her.  But if she doesn’t seem to know anything about the company or how the business end works (or she doesn’t have a great support system in place) then you should consider joining with someone who can give you the support you need.  Of course I would LOVE to have you join through me and add you to my team.  I send out books and other gifts to my new members that get the Premium Starter Kit and we have a great Facebook group where you can ask questions, but I want you to know that who you sign with is an important part of getting a great start with essential oils.
  3. How do I make sure I am ready for my kit to arrive?!
    If you just ordered your kit and you’re waiting for it to arrive, I’d suggest jumping on Google and reading about how to use those oils.  There are lots of great oily blogs and Young Living has wonderful info on their site to help you get started.  Then be sure to come back and read through this series and I’ll give you some tips.  I was so excited for my first kit to arrive I practically tackled the mailman when he walked up to the house with a big package that said “Young Living” on the side.

You have got this!  Getting started with oils is not hard, in fact it’s fun!

Essential oil fun fact: Did you know that it takes massive amounts of plant matter to produce a small amount of essential oil?

In fact, depending on which plant is processed will depend on how much essential oil it makes. For example, 100 pounds of Lavender produces 1 pound of essential oil, while it takes over 4000 pounds of Rose petals to produce the same amount of essential oil. Because of this, essential oils come in different prices.

Day 2: The WHAT of Getting Started with Essential Oils
Day 3: The WHEN of Essential Oils
Day 4: The WHERE of Essential Oils
Day 5: The WHY of Essential Oils

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Do NOT Miss This!

Do NOT Miss This!

The one thing I look most forward to all year is coming up in a few weeks!  The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit is everything I need to refill my tank, my worn out mom tank.

I am talking about hundreds of other women in the same place you are….tired, needing encouragement, many in struggling marriages and with hopelessness.  Even though I am a total introvert, I love this event and wouldn’t miss it unless God dropped a 2 ton steel beam in my driveway so I couldn’t get out.  And if it helps, there are lots of prizes all weekend.

The first time I went a few years ago in Oklahoma I was not sure what I was getting into.  I had been invited and decided to check it out.  It was a long drive, 8 hours, but I felt it was something I should do.  I can’t tell you why now….it was instinct.  And the first night I was like, “What IS this thing?!”  There were women from all walks of life, some dressed up, some dressed down, some in heels and others in denim jumpers with sneakers.  There was a sense of excitement and peace at the same time.

Then one by one onstage women in costume marched across being described by the announcer, there was Debbie Drowning and Peggy Perfect and Sara Sporty and Helen Hanging-On.  They were funny, but tapped into deep issues we all face as moms.  After that there was worship and I was hooked.  Women being real, speakers encouraging us, praise and laughter?!?!  SIGN ME UP!

It was that same year I grabbed the founder and told her I had to be a part of this.  I wanted to bring it to Texas and do whatever I could to help.  And here we are now about to host the third Summit in Texas!!!  Hallelujah, isn’t God amazing?!?!

This year we are doing a few new things, including a blogger dinner and time of fellowship.  Connie from Smockity Frocks, Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and I will all be there.  We want to meet you and spend time ministering to each other.  You can sign up for the dinner when you register. (the blogger dinner is only in Texas, but I will also be at the Oklahoma event!)

And at the Texas Summit we will also be doing a panel answering your questions.  Are you struggling with something?  Do you wonder how other moms do it all?  Have you reached the end of your rope?  Well, bring on the questions and we will do our best to answer them and let you know you’re not alone.  You can head over to my Facebook page and leave a question there.  We will answer some of your questions here too, so if you can’t come to the Summit, please go ahead and ask anything.

I hope you will consider attending the Summit.  I’d love to see you at either one, but the Texas Summit is near to my heart and I am hoping to bring a bunch of you with me!  And don’t tell me it’s too far because I drive 8 hours each year to go to the one in Oklahoma and I would fly anywhere in the USA to be there.

If you are worried because you don’t know anyone else going then I have a couple of solutions for you.  First, bring a friend (or 2 or 3)!  This is a great girlfriend trip.  Share a room and ride together and have a grand adventure!  Or, if that doesn’t work out you can consider me your friend to hang around with.  Even though I will be moving around a lot, I will make sure you meet some of the other amazing women there and help plug you in.

I have a $10 off code you can use, so be sure you plug that in when you register!  It’s PENNINGTON10

Here is my recap of the 2014 Summit.  You really don’t want to miss this.

Come join us!  January 22-23 in Oklahoma and February 5-6 in TEXAS!!!


Come to the Summit! (plus a note to your husband)

Come to the Summit! (plus a note to your husband)

Well?  Have you made up your mind or not?  It’s time to just jump on in and register for the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit.

Look, I know it’s hard to get away and we can feel guilty spending time for ourselves and we wonder how the family will survive without us for a few days.  But this, my friend, is what you need to fill your tank.

Moms get worn out, burned out, tuned out….. we NEED a break!  And it is OK!!  You can’t just go-go-go without stopping and being refreshed with energy and enthusiasm and God’s love.

And the best part is that you will get all of that AND MORE at the Homeschool Mom’s Winter Summit!  It takes place in Norman, OK January 22-23 and again in San Marcos, TX February 5-6.  The speakers, the prayer time, the worship, the laughter (OH so much laughter!) will all feed your soul and lift your heart.

The speakers will cover everything from marriage to motherhood to mere survival.  These are moms in the trenches just like us and they’ll minister you to all weekend while you hang out with your friends (and make NEW friends!).  Then we laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh.

It is my personal mission to make sure no one is there without a friend, so if you don’t know anyone come sit by ME!  I WANT to know you!  I want to spend time together.  You WILL NOT be bothering me!!!!!!

Please, don’t let doubt and fear or lack of funds keep you from this event.  If you have to travel, make it happen.  If you have to farm your kids out for a couple of days…. do it!  For the Texas event, Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers is traveling across several states to come!  And Connie from Smockity Frocks will be there too!  And many, many other amazing women…. including YOU, I hope!

Use the code: PENNINGTON10 to get $10 off your registration fee.  And hop over to Facebook to let me know you’re going!  I will be glad to answer any questions you have and do what I can to help you get there.


I promise friends, this is WORTH it!  Ask for it for Christmas!!! If you share a hotel room with 3 other ladies (these are all suites and they’re HUGE!) it’s only $60 for both nights (not counting tax which might literally double that ‘cuz hotel tax makes me crazy and I can’t even get on that soapbox).  Let’s do a little math….

$109  (Registration)
– $10  (using my discount code: PENNINGTON10)
+$10  (to attend the blogger dinner if you’re in Texas)
+$60  (hotel)
+$25  (various food and miscellaneous)
= $194

For $200 plus the cost of getting there you get all of your food, nice hotel, time with friends, meet new amazing people, get prayed with, get loved on, hear wisdom, laugh ’til your sides hurt….GIRLFRIEND WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?!?!

(OK, now I want to talk to your husbands so just turn your computer over to him right now or screenshot this part and text it to him: Guys, my husband wants you to know how much going to the Summit refreshes me.  He makes sure I get there every year because I come home happier, more in love with him, more excited about the kids and feeling like I can handle what I have to face every day.  He wants to encourage YOU to send your wife to the Summit.)

Back to you friends….please come.  I want to help, I want to pray for you, I want to be a part of making your life better.

Summit or BUST!

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