I Simply Can’t Stick to One Subject

I Simply Can’t Stick to One Subject

Well friends, I have officially reached code red status of exhaustion.  As much as I love to travel, it wears me out and takes me a week to recover from.  Add that to the time change recovery period and we’re talkin’ deep sleep deprivement that only a cruise or quiet beach house would cure.

I thought about trying to take a three day nap, but my life of homeschooling and OCD house cleaning doesn’t lend itself to being asleep for days at a time.  I wonder what would happen if I just closed my door and fell asleep at odd hours.  Would my children survive?  If they did, would I survive the state of the house afterward?  Would I have to notify everyone or could I just disappear?  These are the questions I ask myself in my sleepy stupor.

Last Wednesday I was just home from a quick trip to California and spent the day catching up with the kids.  I went though their school work and played games with them and generally laid on the couch while they told me stuff that was in their head.  I learned that Elijah has decided not to become a grocery store manager and now he is planning to become a hurricane chaser.  Boy, you leave for three days and all kinds of changes happen!

On Thursday I went to the city with my 2 best friends for a fabulous evening of eating on the Riverwalk and seeing “Wicked.”  No kidding…this play was so amazing I just sat there glued to every word.  I used to wish for a trip to Hawaii but I am now dreaming of a trip to New York so I can go see more of these incredible works of art and talent.  My dreams change frequently.  Wait.  I am starting to understand Elijah a little better.

Then as if all of that wasn’t enough, I went on Friday to see the new Muppet movie, which I have been waiting for since forever!  Even though I was worn out, I wouldn’t be able to call myself a true Muppet fanatic if I didn’t see their new movie on opening day.  It was so cute….I loved it.  But I’m not objective since I have a huge crush on Kermit.  He’s my kinda frog.

I took my daughter, Hope, with me to see the movie and we talked and talked and had such a good time with just the 2 of us.  I want to bottle her up and keep her in the closet ‘cuz she’s so sweet.  More impossible dreams.

We spent the weekend filling Shop24 orders and trying to stay healthy since several of the kids were getting a cold.  I kept putting essential oils all over everyone and they’re feeling better this morning.  What would I do without my Thieves?!  And lemon…oh and peppermint….I could go on and on….

This week I am getting ready to do a 5K on Sunday.  I wish I could say that I did an intense Couch to 5K training, but I really haven’t prepared.  I am doing it with my sister, so I have warned her that I will be slow and she is welcome to run ahead of me.  I doubt that 5 days of preparation will really help much.

I’m off to try my idea of disappearing and randomly falling asleep.  I’m hoping to get down to a code orange by tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Christian Worldview Film Festival

Christian Worldview Film Festival

Did you know that my older kids went through a film making phase?  My son Jacob made 2 animated movies and entered them into a Christian film festival several years ago and was a semi finalist with one of his films.  My oldest daughter also entered 2 films.  It was such a blessing to watch my kids develop skills that they both use today.  My son is still into animation and hopes to develop that into a career.

So imagine my excitement when I heard about a new festival in town!

Don't miss the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio TX!

The Christian Worldview Film Festival is coming.  Yep.  It’s right up our alley.  And if you like to see good, wholesome films made with purpose you should think about going.  If the 60 films, incredible speakers, wonderful music (our friends the 4 Proches will be playing live!) aren’t enough….then come to spend time with us!

Here’s a great list of reasons to attend this event!

The festival starts Thursday, March 13 at noon and goes through Saturday night.  There’s also a Filmmakers Guild (which we are super excited to go to!) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  You can buy tickets to just the festival or the whole event.  If you have anyone in your family that is interested in making movies or being involved in the media industry you would be wise to go to the whole thing.

AND if you use the code “PENNINGTON” you will get 25% off of your ticket.  How’s that for an added blessing?

Birthday Week

Birthday Week

I would tell you about my weekend, but it would be pretty much a reprint of last weekend.  Fill Shop24 orders, clean house, then add in some packing for my husband since he left yesterday to be gone all week.  He is taking the Bar Exam in California and it’s an intense 3 day test.  This is the grand finale of his 4.5 years in law school.  I am so excited to have my husband back after all of this.

When I write my memoirs the chapter about these past 4.5 years will be titled, “I Know I’m Married, but Where’s My Husband?!”.

So I will instead tell you about my upcoming week because it’s much more interesting.

First of all….this is my birthday.  Yes, I still like to celebrate despite being old.  If I could get away with having a princess party complete with pony rides I would do it.  My birth certificate may make it seem like I am mature, but on the inside I’m one sparkly tiara and a bowl of Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal away from elementary school.

Then tomorrow is my son’s birthday.  So it’s birthday-palooza around here!

I’m gonna have a week long party.  From today until my husband gets home I will be in celebration mode.  I have many plans including a bowl of the best chocolate frozen yogurt on Wednesday night.

Why Wednesday?  I’m glad you asked.  I have had so many inquiries about using essential oils that I decided to host a class on Wednesday night.  I’ll be talking about how I got started and ways to use them; let’s end the mystery.  If you’re in the San Antonio area and want to pop by, I will be at Sweet CeCe’s at 1604 & Blanco at 7PM with some fun oils info and a 20% discount on your yogurt.  Bring on the birthday treat!

An essential oils class in San Antonio....come join us!!  -- The Pennington Point

In addition to that fun, I decided to build myself something for my birthday.  My parents sent me $100, so I decided to use it to build a jewelry holder/full length mirror in my bathroom.  The only problem is that the supplies cost double what I expected.  So I spent Sunday afternoon picking through piles of old scraps and putting some of my purchases back in my van to return.  As God is my witness I will make this project fall within the birthday money budget.

Before I get struck by lightening I will give myself the out that I bought the mirrors a few weeks ago at IKEA and those won’t fall in that amount.  But after that if I have to make hooks out of rusty farm tools I am gonna do it.  I will not exceed this money.

I promise you will be the first to see it when I am finished (hopefully later this week) and I will give you a full financial report.

Have a great week and be sure to stop by and see me on Wednesday night!

Beautiful Summit Memories

Beautiful Summit Memories

I wish I could pour the blessing of this past weekend into each of you.  Just pour it straight over your head so you could feel the love of God for you!!!

But we’ll have to settle for blog posts and Facebook conversations.  I’ll try to get the message across, but it sure is hard to really express how amazing the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit is without being able to hug you while I’m talking.

The weekend was filled with laughter, tears, prayer and food for the soul!!!  Oh, and real food too!  The prizes, the skits, the worship, the speakers….oh. my. goodness.

Y’all know I go to a lot of conferences and I really do enjoy them all.  But this was different.  These are my peeps.  My Homies.  My tribe.

It was love, love and more love from the minute you walked into the event.

I got to visit and pray with many of the women there.  What a privilege!  I even snuck in a few minutes to ask for some wisdom from one of the speakers….she blessed my socks off!

I am renewed in my strength to homeschool, raise my children with truth, build my marriage and feed my spirit.

Next year’s Summit will be in Texas on January 16-17 and Oklahoma January 23-24.  Put it on your calendar friends….you do NOT want to miss this beautiful, God filled weekend.

Come read what my friends Connie and Smockity FrocksCandace at Sacred Mommyhood had to say about her weekend at the Summit!s

Tips for Storing and Stretching Your Essential Oils

Tips for Storing and Stretching Your Essential Oils

I’ve been telling y’all about my essential oils and how much I love them.  But once you get your oils, where do you keep them?  How to take care of them?  And what about carrying some with you….just HOW do we manage this new thing?!

Well have no fear…..Lisa is here!

The first tip I want to share is how to stretch those oils so they last longer.  With a family of 11 and a tight budget, I need to stretch things as far as possible.  So here’s what I do.

I get little rollon bottles and I fill them about 2/3 full with a carrier oil (I love Jojoba Oil because it’s the least expensive and it’s good for your skin!).  Then I add 25-30 drops of essential oil (you can add as many drops as you want and you can even mix some together!).  Pop the roller on and now I have an easy to use diluted oil!  Bam!

The reason I have different size bottles is because where I buy them doesn’t always have the same bottles in stock.  So I just get whatever they have.  I’m not as picky as I seem.

If you get clear bottles, you want to cover them so the light doesn’t get to your oils.  Light will decrease the efficacy of your oils (look at me using big words).  I used washi tape for mine and it was so pretty that I put some on the amber bottles just because.  Then I used my handy dandy label maker to finish the job.  But you can just write on a piece of paper and tape it to your bottle if you’re not into supreme cuteness.

Abundant Health has carrying cases that fit these bottles, so when I travel I use that.  It makes it easy to keep the real deal at home and just carry your rollons.  I also have a teeny version that holds just enough to carry in my purse.  It is the size of a change purse and very lightweight.  And when you open it up in public people think you are some kind of crazy potion maker; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

OK, so now I have all of the bottles and rollons but good grief how do I manage them at home so they are easy to find and don’t fall over constantly?  Do I have a solution for you!

I made shelves that will hold up to 10 bottles of Young Living Oils or 13 of the rollon bottles.  AND I am so in love with them that I decided to sell them in my etsy shop….yes, I love you that much.  I have 4 different styles, with or without a chalkboard back, wire mesh across the front or wood trim.  These hang beautifully above each other on the wall, so you can just keep adding them as you add oils, because once you get started with the oils you’re going to want them all!  You can thank me later.

Here are all 4 styles stacked together in my bathroom.  Look how easy it is for me to find the oil I want and keep them all neat and tidy.  Plus it look nice…double score!

If you’re looking for how to get started using Young Living Oils, click here and sign up!  PLEASE keep it selected as Independent Distributor and not change it to customer.  You don’t have to distribute anything (I never have!) but it gives you the discount prices and there are no obligations to sell or promote.  You can be a distributor and only buy the oils for yourself.  After you sign up and get your kit I will send you more info and we’ll get you started!

Next week I will be sharing a day in my life of using oils.  There are a whole bunch of other bloggers doing it too….so you can get a good feel for what it’s like to really use these day to day.

Displaying Day In The Life of an Oiler With Border.jpg

See ya then!

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Merry Christmas 2013!!!

Merry Christmas 2013!!!

It’s only 2 more days before Christmas and our family is closing our doors and celebrating with just us.  We will have more of a family party on Christmas Eve with lots of appetizers and games.  Then on Christmas day, as I shared with you already, we will be quieter and calm.

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to stop and tell you all how much you mean to me.  It blesses me every day that you stop here and give me a bit of your precious time.  That is never lost on me….it touches my heart.

Here’s just simple message that I wanted to share before the holiday completely takes over.  Merry Christmas!

4 Proches (and a giveway!)

4 Proches (and a giveway!)

I’ve got another great giveaway for you today!  This one is personal to me because it’s from a precious family that we have known for years and we love them!!!

Introducing 4 Proches!

Beautiful family band!

This is a sibling group that is so talented it kind of makes you sick, in a good way of course.  Their songs are part flashback to the old folksy songs from my childhood and part current family togetherness.  They even write some of their own songs, making it more special.

They have just released an album, “Wayfaring Stranger”.  If you like to listen to talented people and if your own kids need a little boost of inspiration AND if you are on the lookout for good, wholesome music….you want this CD!

I went to hear them play last weekend and they were wonderful!  I am giving their CD to some friends for Christmas (if you’re my friends forget you read that).  It would make a perfect gift, but you’ve got to order quick to get it in time!

I even have a discount code for you….yippee!  If you use the code ‘PENNSHIP’ you will get 15% off your order.  Not bad, huh?

And I get to give away a signed CD to two of you!  Whoop!  It’s like a party every day around here.

Sweet family band CD giveaway just in time for Christmas!

Just enter below and be sure to sign up for their newsletter, which is one of the entries.  You will be richly blessed by this family band.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

6 Reasons I Won’t Miss the Summit

6 Reasons I Won’t Miss the Summit

I realized that I have talked a lot about the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit but I haven’t told you why I love it so much.

6 Reasons I Won't Miss the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit

1. Renewing my strength:  As a homeschool mom (although this really applies to any moms and all are welcome!) I find myself needing a time of renewal about January.  School is back in full swing after a really busy season, finances are tight, it’s cold outside and there’s still half the year to go.  A little adult time and being taken care of for a couple of days is just what this mamma needs!

2. Feeling loved:  I felt so loved at last year’s Summit….so cared for…..so wrapped in God’s arms.  I can’t tell you how it washed over my soul.  He was right there loving me through the women at the Summit.  He met me there and every woman I talked to had a similar experience. (I later found out that every attendee is prayed for by name…..and you can feel it!)

3. It wasn’t scary:  I’m an introvert; I do not like large groups or crowds or having to make small talk.  I just don’t.  I am not good at those things.   But the Summit felt like a welcome group of friends almost immediately.  I don’t know how they did it, but it’s true.  I never felt uncomfortable.

4. The lessons:  The sessions and speakers are wonderful!  I learned so much that I am still chewing on and inspired by.  This next January I am honored to be added to that list.  I will be doing a session on finding time for yourself.  It’s a subject near and dear to my heart.  I will be at both events, Oklahoma and Texas…..and I would really love to see you there!

5. Hanging with my peeps:  At the last Summit the refreshing time kept going even after the sessions were over.  We had a big group of gals hanging out in my room at night and this year I would love for you to be there too.  If it’s too many, we can move it from the room to the gorgeous Embassy Suites lobby.  In other words, there can’t be too many!  Plus there are meals together and plenty of time for sharing hearts and joy and pressures and victories.  It was just delightful!

6. It’s really FUN!   The whole weekend was fun, but especially Saturday night.  It was playful and silly and a grand night together.  We have some stuff planned for January’s Summit that will make you laugh so hard we may need to have some Depends ready.  Nothing brightens a cold, hard season like laughing with your friends. 

Just a few of the amazing ladies you could come hang with at the Homschool Mom's Winter Summit!

Just a few of the amazing ladies you could come hang with at the Homschool Mom’s Winter Summit!

I’ve had several people ask me if they would like the Summit even though their kids are not school age yet.  My answer is YES!  You will be encouraged in your faith, your marriage, your resolve to stay the course with this mothering thing.

I really, really hope you will consider coming to the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit this January.  It would be a great Christmas present.  And the hotel rooms are so big that it would be easy to share with 3 other moms….making it affordable.  I want you to stay both Friday and Saturday night so you don’t miss a moment.

I did a little math and if you share a room for both nights with 3 other gals, the cost of the registration plus room (not including tax) is $143.50….that’s a great price for an amazing weekend!  It includes breakfast and Saturday lunch, so all you need in addition to that is gas and dinner on Saturday!

Come on friends….come join me for a fabulous weekend!

Do You Know That You Are Loved?

Do You Know That You Are Loved?

This past weekend was my first of 4 weekends in a row where I am busy, busy, busy.

I took 3 of my daughters to the Women of Faith Convention on Friday and Saturday.  It was supposed to be my older 3 girls and my mom going with me, but as God knows what He’s doing plans changed and it ended up being my 3 younger girls.

It turned out to be just what this mamma needed.  Worship, uplifting teaching, time with my girls and more worship (did I mention worship?  “Cuz that was some good stuff!).

Since it was assigned seating, we sat behind the same group of ladies both days and one of them really stood out to me.  She was older and seemed tired.  She would sit down during some of the times when everyone was standing and I just decided to pray for her.  There was something about her that kept her in my thoughts.

At the afternoon break on Saturday I was feeling so refreshed.  My girls went off to buy some CDs and I sat there in my seat just chillin’ with no one around me.  The woman came and sat down in her seat and I thought I should talk to her, but then I decided against it.  My mind told me, “She doesn’t want to talk to you.”  But I couldn’t shake the urge, so I leaned forward and introduced myself.  I told her I had been praying for her and I didn’t want to bother her, I just wanted her to know that.

She turned to me and started talking.  She told me her name was Bobbie and I spent the next 10 minutes listening to her story.  She shared with me about the past years of her life, about her daughter’s death and her own cancer diagnosis.  She shared with me about her recent move to a new town and her family.  An she told me all about the women she was with that practically made her come with them to the conference even though she didn’t want to.  I listened and tried to hold back tears.  I smiled as she tried to keep her composure while she talked. I don’t think I said more than 5 words.  I just let her spill it all.

When her friends came and the break was over I leaned back and I thought about how glad I was that I said something to her.  She blessed me.  I will continue to pray for her.

The rest of the conference went on and I worshiped a little deeper and thanked God for His tugging at my heart and asked Him to help me be even more bold…..as if just saying hello to someone is bold.  But for me it was.

Then, just as the conference was ending the whole group of ladies stood up and thousands of women were filing out.  I heard someone call, “Lisa!” and I turned to see that she was reaching back and handing me a note.  I grasped it from her hand as she whisked away down the aisle.  It said……

It ended with her phone number.

She had stepped out in faith too, I have no doubt, to give me that note.  I wonder how long she thought about giving me her phone number.  Now it’s my turn.  I will call her one day soon, when God brings it to my mind.

The conference encouraged me to live more fully for God.  I get caught up in the every day and thinking about Him fades behind the soup on the stove and math that needs to be graded.

As the busyness of the week ahead rushes in and next weekend’s plans are being made, I feel a lightening of spirit.  I want to reach out when called and stop to pray when He leads.

I pray for you all each morning as I walk down my road.  I love you so.  Do you know that?

And better yet, God loves you.  More than I ever could.

Have a wonderful week.

My Palm Springs Weekend

My Palm Springs Weekend

What a weekend!  Living in my little Texas bubble most of the time it blows my mind that on Friday I went to California and by Monday I was home again.  As a kid we took a family vacation to California and it took us 4 days to get there via Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  It was 23 hours in the station wagon with my little brother leaning ever-so-slightly on my side of the imaginary line between us just to annoy me.

Now I can be there and back before my kids notice I am gone.  When I got home last night they were all eating dinner and it was just life as normal.  Isn’t that always weird when you go away on a magical weekend then return home and it’s like nothing ever happened?

The retreat really was wonderful. I mean, do the math….

Palm Springs + a group of beautiful women that I have never met = LOVE

It was a very diverse group of different lifestyles, races, ages, socio-economic groups….really interesting.  Since I usually speak at MOPS groups, homeschool meetings and blogging conferences, this was a new experience for me.  I was really thrilled to see that these women came together as one almost immediately and by the end, as retreats go, we were all madly in love with each other.  I was thinking of each of them this morning and praying for them and I am so grateful that God has infused these ladies into my heart.  What grace He has for us!

The resort where we stayed was so gorgeous.  I couldn’t stop drooling all over the furniture in the conference center.  There were these tall chairs that I was so crazy about that I kept trying to figure out a way to sneak one out of the lobby.  I need this chair. It was 2 different fabrics, one was shimmery, like pearls and the side/back was contemporary green and ecru….my heart soared every time I walked past it.

But I didn’t take the chair.  Even if I got it out of the resort, how would I get it on the plane?   I may have to go back and visit it.

Once I got home it was business as usual.  This morning’s school work is waiting for me and the kids have a zillion questions.  My etsy orders are backed up and the full force of home is upon me.  Welcome home Mom, welcome home.

This upcoming week is filled with a whole lotta nothin’ which is just what I need.  I just want to play games with my kids, cook simple food, slep in my own bed and enjoy some Sonic ice.  Ahhh…the good life.

Have a wonderful week!