The Invitation

Invitation by email.

“We were wondering if you guys would like to come over for dinner tonight.”

You guys. You guys? What does that mean? Just husband and I? Or the whole gang? It would seem like you guys would mean our family. But our family hasn’t been invited to dinner at someone’s house since…..well….I don’t remember. A long time.

There are eleven of us. There are children. I feed us all every night and I still am not sure how to do it.

But, after I checked and re-checked, she assured me that she wanted us all. All eleven. All. Eleven.

So we went. We forged through the rain and mud and cold and went. We’re like the mailman.

She didn’t seem too stressed when we arrived. She had spaghetti, salad, cake. It was easy and nice. The kids played games. The baby played with some toys she set out for him. The grown-ups talked around the table.

If you know a large family, I hope you’ll bless them by inviting us….er….I mean them over for dinner. Don’t be intimidated by how to cook for them or how to entertain everyone.

If you are a large family, teach your children how to behave at someone else’s house. Then you will be a blessing in return.

I know my friend blessed me tonight.

Thanks friend.

A Night of Christmas Fun!

A Night of Christmas Fun!

We had a few people over for dinner on Sunday night.

It’s a lovely bunch, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s just our family…..

We need those other people back to make us look all Christmas-y. We don’t have enough red in our picture.

These are all of the people that homechurch with us. We usually meet in two different groups, but we all thought that we needed to be all together for Christmas. It made sense until they all got here. Then I started wondering what medication I had been on to think this was a good idea. That RobitussinPM is strong stuff!

The kids played outside. The moms heated up the Mexican food that we each brought. The dads…..hmmmm. I’m not sure what the dads were doing. Why is it you never really know what the dads were doing?

This guy, while he doesn’t belong to me, needed me to take his picture. He is so charming I couldn’t resist.

And forget it if you think I could resist this.

Or this.

After we stuffed ourselves we took the tables out and gathered in the living room and sang carols.

It was delightful until one of the kids begged to sing, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” I won’t say who, but one of the moms tried to cheat and start at the end.

Here’s my guy. He melts my heart. And to the left is my son picking his nose. He gets that from his father.

This is what happens when you have two bloggers in one group. “Hi Grateful! You’re as crazy as I am!”

As I was putting the baby to bed, I could hear all of my friends in the other room singing “Away in a Manger.” It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kinda like RobitussinPM, but without the hangover the next day.

It was a great night. Prayer, friends, Mexican food, Christmas carols, hot chocolate and children everywhere. It’s as it should be.

My Homies

My Homies

These are my peeps.

My homies.

I know they’re all white. They’re still my bros.

Every Sunday night we have a gang in our crib. Fellow Christians that long for deeper relationships. More love from the ‘hood.

I love these people. There’s a whole other group that comes on Wednesday nights….I love them too!

I love everyone! I’m like that….me and Tiny Tim.

Why is my 6 year old pulling his ear?

Is something bothering him? Is the singing off key? Probably. That’s how we roll….off key and proud of it!

What do you think these guys are singing? Ahhhhhh-Ohhhhh-Holy Night!………..

We sing that a lot here in the ghetto. Christmas carols in the fall. Or hymns. Whatevah.

And what’s on the board behind them?

“Natural Law” and “π r²=a”


Did you know π is an irrational number? It fits in perfectly around here.

Oops….I mean…..’sup dawg?

“Mom! When are you coming back to sit with me? And why are you talking like that?”

Sorry kid.

Peace out.

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14 Steps to a Great Adventure

14 Steps to a Great Adventure

If you want to have a big adventure, here’s what you do….

1. Put 8 women in your 15 passenger van and drive them to San Antonio to eat on the Riverwalk for one of their birthdays. (You can use your GPS to find your way).

I don’t recommend The Republic of Texas restaurant

2. Sit by the water and ask the mariachi band to play happy birthday for your friend, not knowing that they would charge you $8 for the 27 second performance.

The guy on the right looks so happy to be there.

3. Do something to keep the cigarette smoke at the next table from bothering you.

The Frito Bandito

4. Order dessert. Don’t skip this step. You’re going to need the comfort later. Just trust me.

5. Take the riverboat tour, which costs considerably more than they advertise on their website.

A lovely bunch….loud, but lovely.

6. Avoid hanging any limbs over the side of the boat. This is to keep from getting your arms broken by the next boat which is trying to pass you because your boat has stalled halfway through the tour.

Our captain pretending to repair the broken motor.

7. Be careful not to fall in the river as you transfer to another boat.

Good-bye cruel world!

8. Wander around San Antonio until you end up at the Alamo.

Texas history right there in front of us.
Could we have a moment of silence?

9. When you’re finished looking at the Alamo, visit some hotel lobbies. Try the elevators in all of them. Use all of their bathrooms. But whatever you do, don’t leave your camera with your friends while you go to use the bathroom.

I didn’t take this picture, but it looks like they are putting on some kind of a play.

10. Leave your friend with sore feet in one of the hotels while you and four others walk back to your van.

Do you think they were wondering if we would really come back to get them? They look worried.

11. Be prepared to stay calm when you discover that your van has been broken into. The driver’s side window is smashed out (leaving the inside covered in shattered glass) and your GPS has been stolen. Resist the urge to slap your hysterical birthday friend. It may seem like it will help, but it probably won’t.

The glass was everywhere!

12. Try to stay out of the way while a policeman 10 feet away from you holds a man to the ground at gunpoint. (unfortunately, not the guy that robbed the van, it was just a drug dealer)

The khaki heap on the ground is the perp in handcuffs.

13. Find something to do with your hair so you can drive home without it whipping you in the face, since you have no window anymore. Don’t count on your GPS to help you out of the city….you don’t have a GPS anymore either.

♫ Sunrise….Sunset….

Be prepared to be deeply touched by the loving sympathy of your dear friends.

14. Give up on the effort to keep your hair from blowing everywhere. Stop at Walmart at nearly midnight and buy what you need to cover the window with plastic.

Scrapbooking skills put to the test.

That’s it! Follow this recipe to the letter and I guarantee you will have an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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The Brendons

The Brendons

I love a full weekend.

It’s especially great when it’s filled with friends and family.

And don’t get me started on how great it is when there is something like this around….

I can’t be left alone with her.

I keep wanting to take a nibble.

She’s too delicious.

She loves being lifted high….a challenge for us moms over 40.

A few of her sibling came too.

The little girls love playing with my 12 year old.

These two can’t be separated.

They just came for a simple visit. Kids played and moms chatted and my older girls happily took care of the meals.

Perfect weather, good friends, more family popping in, brownies….


It’s a dream weekend.

This will be reposted on my second blog.