I Shouldn’t Make Up Slogans

I Shouldn’t Make Up Slogans

This weekend I am going to Alabama for a Young Living 3 day event.  It’s called “Beauty School” and I hope it means I will become beautiful while I’m there.  Maybe a little frankincense for my wrinkles and lemon for my complexion.  Or something exotic to add years to my overall look? They need a slogan like, “Beauty for the not so beautiful”.

Or maybe not.

I am hoping to learn all about the YL beauty products and I am super excited about it!  So that makes me want to be sure you know all about what I am using lately and how to get some free stuff.  Really, it makes me so happy to share about the oils with you.  They have been a blessing to our family and I want to pass that along to you!

Earlier this week I shared on Facebook Live about what oils I use every morning.  I got a lot of interest, so I thought you’d like to know too.  First thing after I wake up I go to the potty then brush my teeth and apply a few oils.  Literally first thing.  It’s so simple to incorporate into your routine if you do a couple of things.

Number one, put the oils where you can see them.  It’s the opposite of out of sight out of mind.  This is in sight in mind?  No, that doesn’t make sense.  But you get my meaning.

Second, Line them up in the order you use them.  This makes it a snap to apply….no thinking necessary.  There’s another slogan for you, “Be brainless.”  No, that doesn’t sound right.

I put on these 4 oils first thing every day:

  1. Endoflex – I put 2-3 drops in my hand (on my fingers actually, not the palm) and rub that over my thyroid (the front of my neck) then rub it over my adrenals (my lower back).
  2. Myrtle – I put a drop of this on my same fingers and rub it over my thyroid too.
  3. Abundance – I roll it on behind my ears (there’s a roller top in your kit and I put in on my bottle of Abundance).  This oil helps me see the abundant blessings in my life, in my relationships, my work, my home, my prayer, my salvation, etc and I want that to be the focus of my day).
  4. Valor or Valor II – This goes on my wrists for strength and courage.  I never go a day without using Valor.

It takes me about 30 seconds to apply them and then I go do my morning exercises.  Of course, I use other oils after I shower and get dressed, but that’s what I do first thing.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s nice, but did you say FREE stuff?”  Why yes, yes I did.  This month you can get all of this for free —> 5ml Clove, 5ml Lavender Vitality, 5ml Palo Santo, Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, Thieves Cleaner, and last-but-not-least a gift set with 4 wool dryer balls and a 5ml Lavender.  Yep, that’s about $110 worth of free stuff and that’s not counting the points you’ll earn toward whatever products you want!

Great deal for October....look at all the free stuff you can get!!!

It’s pretty simple, how much you spend determines how much you get free.  If you order it all on your Essential Rewards order (that’s the YL monthly ordering system which I’d be happy to ‘splain if you need me to….just email me and I’ll send you all the deets) you can get the most.

I keep thinking how this could turn into a bunch of really unique and useful Christmas gifts.  The Thieves Cleaner could be divided up into spray bottles (it’s highly concentrated) and given to teachers, church friends, co-workers.  To the Fruit & Veggie Spray you could add a kitchen towel or the bottle of Clove could go together with a toothbrush cup.  Or what about the dryer ball gift set for Grandma who’s so hard to buy for?!  And it’s all FREE!!!

Not just free gift ideas, but things your friends will love!!!

If you haven’s started using YL yet, what’s holding you back?!  Get your Premium Starter Kit and get going man!  There’s no time like the present to equip yourself to take better care of your family!  Here’s a list of the oils in the kit and how to use them.

What questions do you have?  Hop over to Facebook and share them so we can all help each other out.  Or shoot me an email and I can fill you in.  My brain is your brain.  Wait, no, that’s just weird.

Maybe I should stay away from creating my own sayings and stick with what I know best.  The oils and how God has given them to us as a blessing and sharing them with YOU!

Get started now and get ya some free goodies.

Email me at: [email protected]

Connect with me on Facebook too!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for those of you who have waited too long…

  1. Hickory Farms – You can usually pick up a package of sausage and cheese for someone in the grocery store.
  2. Books – It’s too late to order from Amazon, but the bookstores are still open.  Several of you have messaged me asking where you can get my book….it’s available in Barnes & Noble plus most Christian bookstores have it!
  3. Candy – Look around on Pinterest and there are tons of adorable ideas for ways to present candy as a gift.
  4. Printed image – If you want to order something just print the image of it and roll it into a paper towel tube and wrap it.  In fact, this would be a great way to present a Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  😉
  5. Gift cards – they are everywhere now, even the hardware store and the post office!
  6. Stocking – buy an actual sock and fill it with small goodies.  That’s fun!
  7. Shop your house – If you own a book that you love or a mug that is your fave, give it to someone as a love gift.
  8. Coupons – The old fallback, make a coupon for a movie together (your treat!) or lunch or to do something you know they would love.
  9. A weekend away – If you’re buying for a tired mom, consider gifting her a much needed weekend away at the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit!  (use my code: PENNINGTON10 for $10 off!)
  10. A donation – There is no shortage of needs around the world and making a donation instead of a gift is a blessing all around!

I hope you get everything wrapped up and can stop to enjoy the time with family and friends.  Merry Christmas!

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Have You Finished Your Shopping Yet?

Have You Finished Your Shopping Yet?

The race is on to get Christmas shopping finished up in time to actually enjoy the festivities.  I am down to a few gifts in my Amazon cart…OK 26.  Yes, I have 26 items sitting there while I decide if I want to buy them.  I know I don’t want ALL of them, so I keep sifting through and culling more until I have that perfect stocking for each person.

Last night I sorted through what I already have for my stocking gifts once again, evaluating and making lists of what I need to finish up.  With so many stockings to fill, I have to keep it organized.  I have 5 large elfa mesh baskets in my closet designated for stockings.  These baskets are intended to be used as drawers, but I just set them on the shelf and they are perfect.  I labeled them last week while my friend Becky was here.  I used chalkboard tags from my etsy shop and Chalk Ink markers to put the names on the baskets using wire.  It’s 2 people per basket and I toss the stocking items into the baskets as I buy them.

That makes it easier to keep up with, but I still have to look through it all repeatedly and keep a list on my phone of who I still need a few things for.  I can’t seem to hold that info in my brain anymore.

As I was I looking through it all again (which means using the step ladder to pull each basket out to see what’s in there) I think I can officially say that I am down to needing just a few small things.

Which leads me back to my Amazon list.  That’s the way to go…..no parking lots to drive around in circles looking for a spot to park or inside the store to wait for the world’s slowest cashier, wondering if you should change lines, but you never do, you just stand there.

Yesterday I went into Walmart to pick up a few groceries.  I am a big fan of the self-checkout, no matter how much I am buying.  I like to bag the items myself and watch the prices carefully.  But I was buying gift cards and I wasn’t sure if you could do those in the self-checkout, so I begrudgingly went to a cashier to pay for my things.  It was like torture.  She was slow and careless and uninterested in her job.  I watched her try to scan one of the gift cards over and over and it wasn’t working.  If I am ever captured and someone wants to extract valuable information from me, all they will have to do is threaten to make me go through the checkout at Walmart and I will spill everything I know.

In order to avoid ever doing it again, I thought I would ask the checker if I could buy gift cards in the self-checkout, you know, ‘cuz silly me thought she would know the answer.  But when I asked she literally froze and just stared at me.  No response, no blinking, just staring.  It was like a comedy routine complete with a raspy voiced customer in line behind me yelling, “Hurry up already!”

I couldn’t help but giggle, which really made the scene complete.  I’m laughing, she’s staring blankly and the woman in line behind me is pounding on the conveyer belt telling us to move faster.  The checker finally mumbled something unintelligible and I didn’t press her to clarify.  I just made a metal note to get my gift cards somewhere else.  I will drive to Siberia next time if that is what is necessary to avoid that episode again.  And you can’t drive to Siberia.  At least not from Texas.

I think I will just go ahead and order my last few items from Amazon and be done with it.  There’s really no need to drag this out any longer.  If I get any more crazy ideas to give gift cards I can just give the person money instead because basically a gift card takes money you can spend anywhere and turns it into money you can only spend in one place.

Then I will be finished, although I always have that feeling that I am missing something.  Inevitably, no matter how hard I try, I bring all of the stocking stuff out on Christmas Eve to discover there’s at least one child who has next to nothing and I send James to the grocery store to get whatever he can find.  This is how, many years ago, we ended up giving one of the boys a plastic, fur covered cat that had some kind of battery operated breathing mechanism and when you petted it, its stomach moved up and down like it was taking long, deep breaths.  It was the weirdest thing you ever saw and in a bizarre twist became that child’s favorite Christmas gift of all time.

Thankfully, since we  are only doing stockings for the kids this year, I don’t have to wrap anything.  But if I did I would follow my friend Sara’s tips because she is the gift wrap BOSS!  I will be adding big bows to a few things that don’t quite fit in the stockings (Shhhhh!!!  Do not tell James because that is against the “stocking rules”), but that’s it when it comes to wrapping for me.  2015 will go down as the year I didn’t throw my back out trying to wrap the gifts.

So, how’s your week looking?  Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?  I’d love to hear about you and what you do the last few days before Christmas.  Hop over to Facebook and join in the conversation!

Have a festive week!


Sometimes I Fall Asleep at Target?

Sometimes I Fall Asleep at Target?

Last weekend my friend Becky from Organizing Made Fun came for a visit.  I just LOVE getting to see friends who are like-minded and we can have great conversations and challenge each other.  When I say we are like-minded, I don’t mean we agree on everything.  I mean we agree that the Bible is our guide for life and we can have fruitful conversations that will encourage us both to seek God and not the world.

There’s too much of that these days…. people seeking the world.  Man, oh man, it’s like the planet has shifted on its axis and we all got shook crazy.  I mean, the bashing and hating and being SO willing to criticize other people (almost always without the benefit of hearing their side of a situation) is pure cuckoo.

I can’t even watch the news.  It’s just glorified gossip and slander.

But now it’s Christmas time, so there’s a teeny reprise from the ugliness.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could be this nice all year ’round?  Although here in Texas it’s just too hot in the summer to be nice.  The cooler temps help.  A lot.

I am wrapping up my shopping this week and I will be so, so glad to have that finished.  In the past I shop all year for sales and I am finished before Thanksgiving.  But this year I did ZIP-NADA and now I am paying for it.  Literally.  The sales are OK, but when you’re forced to get it now and you’re too tired to go digging for a better deal, it’ll cost ya.

I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep in a rocking chair in the baby section of Target.  I sat down in a very cozy seat for a sec to look over my list.  With this many stockings to fill, I have a hard time shopping for everyone at once, so I have to divide it into groups of 2 people and just think about those when I walk around.  After I’ve found what I can for them, I go back to my list and head all around the store again with a couple of others in mind.  In between rounds I check and see what I need next.  It’s a complicated and lengthy, but effective system.

In Target there are some very comfy chairs for, I assume, new moms since they’re where they sell diapers and car seats.  These chairs are so snuggly that I like to go sit there and check my phone.  So yesterday I laid my head back for a sec and wham…. next thing I knew I snorted and jerked awake.  It was probably only a few seconds, but long enough for me to have what felt like a sweet dream about Chris Hemsworth.


Speaking of Chris, his new movie coming out about a whale attacking him and him getting lost at sea, etc.  Yeah, I have no desire to see that.  Chris is just too pretty to be killed by a whale.

When I woke up in Target I decided to stand up before someone noticed me sleeping and stole my purse or worse…. took a video of me snoring.  Can’t you see it being shared all around by the haters?  I’ll just end the suspense and tell you upfront, it’s not pretty.

Tomorrow begins the task of me taking the kids out to get their Christmas shopping done.  This is the dreaded portion of the season.  They have better taste than their wallets allow and I am constantly tempted to offer to pay for some of their purchases, which my husband is not a fan of.  I know, I know.  They should stick to their budget and no one really cares what the kids buy them and it is a better lesson for them to get what they can afford than me jumping in and giving them money.  But they’re so adorable with those puppy dog eyes trying to find the perfect thing for their big sister.  I can’t stand it.

Our level of activity right now is much more than I like and certainly more than my sleep patterns prefer.  I’m up really early most mornings with errands to run and out every night to church events, parties or get-togethers.  I think I will be home 2 out of the next 9 evenings.

No wonder I am falling asleep at the store.  When else am I gonna get any rest?!

Have a festive week!

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

This post contains affiliate links.


Let’s face it…. guys are HARD to buy for.  With 5 sons and a husband on my list, I always appreciate some ideas for them.  So I made this list for you of things that we actually own and the guys love.  Here are 20 things that I would buy for my guys if we didn’t already have them!

Fashion —

  1. Suspenders – these are in style for the vintage loving guy.  My 16 year old son wears them every day and it’s a good look!
  2. Wood Watch – this made it to both my men’s and women’s list.  We love our watches from Jord!IMG_6054
  3. Plaid Shirt – plaid is in this year and your guy would look trendy in his favorite color mix.  I got ours at Target.
  4. Nerd Glasses – Not everyone likes the empty frames that kids are wearing these days, but I think they’re super cute and my trendy boys like wearing them.
  5. Bowtie – I got my boys this exact set last Christmas and put one in each stocking.  They wear them all the time.
Travel —
     6.  Toiletry Bag – My guys love having these.  They use them to keep their personal products in even at home.
     7.  Napwrap – This thing is so cool!  It holds your head, your arms, whatever you need to be able to sleep or relax while traveling.
     8.  Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones – These are a splurge that I got when I started traveling a lot and let me tell you… they are amazing!  They block out plane noise, kids crying, whatever and you can relax with music, audiobooks or just plain quiet.
     9.  External Battery – Several of us own these and I don’t know what we did without them.  It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have, this will charge it.
10. Lael Bag – This bag is made by a company who uses the profits to provide meals for the orphaned and homeless worldwide.  We love ours and get lots of compliments in it.


Business —
     11. Command Cord Clips – Command makes some great products and these cord clips are no exception.  They keep your cords tucked away without damaging walls or furniture.  They’d make a great stocking stuffer!
     12.  BookBook phone case – My husband LOVES his wallet phone case (and I have one too that I am crazy about!)
     13.  Do Over by Jon Acuff – I read this book last spring when it came out and loved it.  For the man who wants to improve his work life this book is for him!
     14.  Back Scratcher – My husband has this exact back scratcher and head massager in his office and uses it a lot.  I’m thinking of getting one for myself.
     15. Audible.com – If your guy drives or flies a lot he might love some audiobooks.  I listen to them constantly and there are so many great business books and Biblical encouragement books worth listening to!
Health —
     16. Shutran – This is an essential oil blend that is formulated especially for men.  My son loves it.
17. NingXia Nitro – This is another Young Living product that help clear the mind and enhance mental fitness.  What man doesn’t need that?!  It would make a great stocking stuffer!

     18. Dollar Shave Club Membership – Every month your man could get a fresh quality razor delivered to the door.
     19. Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle – This is my personal favorite bottle.  It holds a lot, fits in a cup holder, is easy to flip open and closed and keeps your drink cold (or hot).
     20. Lock Laces My guys just don’t care for tying their shoes, so these Lock Laces are perfect for them!  They go into your regular shoes and they lock instead of needing to be tied.
Well, I hope this list helps you with some ideas for the guys in your life!  Be sure to also check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Women!
Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Holiday Gift Guide for Women

This post contains affiliate links.


While the ladies on your gift list are easier to buy for than the men, we still need some fresh ideas.  So I thought I’d share with you some things that are favorites around our house.  These are all products that we own and love!

Fashion —

1. OTZ Shoes – These are my number one favorite shoe right now and I own several colors.  They have the trendy look of Toms with a foot bed that offers support.  I wore them all over Disney and Universal Studios and my feet never hurt!
2. Wooden Watch – This watch is on both my men’s and women’s gift list because we absolutely love ours!


3. Plaid Scarf – Help her stay with the trend of plaid this season.  My girls and I love the ones they have at Target right now.
4. Stamped Stacking Ring – I love stacking my rings and having words on them that inspire me.  The 2 rings I have say “abundance” and “valor”.  I was gonna get my kids’ names, but I can’t wear that many rings at once.
5. Rocksbox Subscription – I joined Rocksbox a few months ago and it’s wonderful!  They send me 3 new pieces of jewelry each month then I just send them back (I can keep it if I decide to buy it which I did with one of the necklaces they sent me).  Use my code “penningtonpointxoxo” when you join!

Home —

6. Plaid blanket – OK, so I have bought a few too many things at Target lately.  In addition to the scarf I got a fall colored throw that updated my living room.
7. Marquee Letter – My friend Heidi Swapp created a line at Michael’s of great letters that you can customize to your décor.  I painted mine to look like the old metal letters.


8. Bluetooth Speakers – I added a Bluetooth speaker to my kitchen when I remodeled it so we can play music while we are cooking and cleaning.
9. Instagram Book – If your friend is into Instagram, what about giving her a book of some of her best pictures that she can keep?  There’s a app called Chatbooks.com that can make it for you easy peasy.
10. Anything from Painted Fox Treasures – These items are unique and in every price range!  I own several of their things, but this Live Work Create bag is one of my favorites!  I get a ton of compliments when I use it.

Personal —

11.Mama Needs a Do-Over – I can’t make a gift list without adding my book to it…. the gals in your life will love it!

12. Selfie Stick – It’s the gift everyone needs, but you can’t take it to Disneyworld.
13.Handbag Light – This little gadget has helped me in a lip balm emergency many times.  It’s in the bottom of your purse or tote and when you put your hand near it lights up and helps you see.  Yep, gadget gifts are fun!
14. Yearly Planner – My friend Celia at The Printed Planner makes the best planners and I use mine every day.  It helps me keep up with my business, my kids, my prayers, my fitness…. your gift recipient will love it!
15. Wireless Earbuds – I use these every day on my morning walk.  The wired Earbuds would pull so I got myself a pair of wireless and now it’s so much easier.

Health —

16. Progessence Plus & Yang Ylang – These 2 essential oil products are my best suggestion for women…. they help support all things “girl.”
17. The Premium Starter Kit – Help your friend get started supporting her family’s health and wellness with this amazing kit that has 11 basic oils and a diffuser!

18. Everyday Grain-Free Baking by Kelly Smith – My good friend Kelly wrote this great book and it’s a favorite of our family’s!
19. Chilly Pad  – My friend Sara told me about these and I love mine!  It stays cool for hours and perfect for flea markets, exercising, any day in the summer, etc.
20. NingXia Red – Treat your friend to this dream start to her day.  It comes in a gorgeous bottle and she will feel loved!

Displaying #24-1.jpg

That’s it!  I hope you got some fun ideas!  Be sure to also check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Men!

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A Terrific Idea for Your Holiday Shopping!

A Terrific Idea for Your Holiday Shopping!

This month Young Living has the most amazing promotion and I have been thinking about how to make the best of it.  They have a promo every month which includes free products when you purchase a certain amount.  It starts at 190 PV (1 PV is generally equal to $1) and goes up to 300 PV.

Basically if you spend from $190-$300 you get free stuff.

For October, if you spend 300 you get….. it’s amazing…. a 5ml bottle of clove, 20 Essential Rewards points (which is like credit to buy whatever you want explained HERE by my friend Emily) and a home diffuser!  AND if you place the order through your ER you also get a free 15ml bottle of Thieves!  I am not kidding!!

OK, so $300 is a lot to spend.  I decided to use it to do some of my Christmas shopping and then I could have that all done, have unique gifts AND get the free diffuser and other amazingness.  I put together a list of ideas for gifts for teachers, friends and anyone else you buy for.  I am always looking for something unique to give those people who I need a small token of thanks for being a blessing to us during the year.

10 Unique gifts for under $11!
These 10 items are under $10 each, which makes them great for teachers, mailmen, hairstylist, etc.  Or put a couple of them together to make a bigger gift.  Keep in mind these are based on the wholesale prices and you have to be a member of Young Living to get this price…. (also none of this includes shipping or tax)

  1. Lip Balm – $4.25 each
  2. Thieves Hand Sanitizer – $4.58 each if you buy the 3 pack
  3. 2 Wolfberry Bars – $5.58 per 2 when you buy a pack (what a yummy surprise treat!)
  4. NingXia Red + Ningxia Nitro – $5.79 per set
    This set is made up of one individual travel pack of NingXia Red and one tube of Nitro, making a wonderful boost for the recipient!  You would end up with 28 gifts if you bought the packs….more on that below.
  5. Thieves Spray – $7.92 each if you buy the 3 pack
  6. 2 Oz Thieves toothpaste + Thieves floss – $8.31 each when you buy the sets (it would be cute to add a toothbrush with it)
  7. Thieves or Lavender Foaming Hand Soap – $10.50 each when you buy the 3 pack
  8. Spearmint (5ml) – $10.75 (hooray for essential oils that are under $11!)
  9. Jade lemon (5ml) -$10.75 (this has become one of my new favorites!)
  10. Orange (15ml) – $10.75 (what a deal!)

That’s a lot of options for those people you want to bless but can’t spend a lot on them.

This next list is for the people you want to spend a little more on.  A dozen gift ideas from Young Living that cost between $11-$25 (again, wholesale prices).  I just chose 12, but there are plenty more to choose from.


  1. Lemongrass – $11.25
  2. Cedarwood – $11.25 (this is a common one that people want to get after they get their Premium Starter Kit)
  3. Lime – $12.25 (I carry it with me all the time)
  4. Lavaderm – $13.75 (this is a great family gift)
  5. Wintergreen – $17.75
  6. Envision – $18.75 (this is commonly used as a substitute for the beloved out of stock Valor)
  7. Gentle Baby – $21.25 (not just for babies!!!)
  8. Peppermint – $21.50 (we go through this so quickly that a replacement bottle would be a blessing to anyone, even if they already use YL oils)
  9. V-6 – $21.75 (this would be a fantastic gift for your YL friend, it lasts forever and they will love you for it)
  10. Rose Ointment – $22 (I bought this on a whim and have fallen in love with it, you might want to get some for yourself while you’re at it)
  11. Family – $22.75 (yes, this is an oil blend that is great for moms who need support in raising their family)
  12. Peace & Calming – $24.25 (back in stock…..don’t miss it!)

Now, here’s my idea for you….spend most of the 300 on your Christmas list.  You will have the best gifts and it will be all done in October!  Here’s just one example that I put together for you, but of course it’s fun to play around and get exactly what you want!


To spend 300: 1 box of 30 Ninxia Red samples ($84.50), 2 boxes of NingXia Nitro ($38.75 each), V-6 ($21.75), Peppermint ($21.50), Peace & Calming ($24.25) and I added the gorgeous rollon set that is in the current holiday catalog (above) which has 3 rollons (StressAway, Breathe Again and Deep Relief).  Keep them or split it up for more gift ideas (but I’d go with keep them…these 3 are some that you want to have around).

That is a grand total of $302.75 plus shipping and tax.  And in addition to all of the things I mentioned you will get a free bottle of clove, 20 ER points, a diffuser and (if you order on ER) a bottle of Thieves!  Oh. My. Word.

By breaking up the Ninxia sets and putting one NingXia Red sample and one Nitro together you will have 28 small gifts.  Add those to the 8 medium gifts PLUS the diffuser and you are set for those extra gifts you have to buy this year! Keep the diffuser or give to someone that you want to bless with a $63.75 gift!  That’s not even including the extra ER point and the regular ER points you will get equaling up to 60 more points!  That’s 80 more dollars of credit, yo!  Buy yourself something nice.

Thirty-seven gifts for three hundred dollars and that’s not including the free points!!!  Teachers gifts.  Done!  Secret sister.  Check!  Stocking stuffers.  Yep!

Of there’s always the option to stock up on your favorites, keep it all for yourself and have them on hand when you want them.  🙂

If you haven’t yet joined Young Living, now is the time.  Start HERE and get your Premium Starter Kit! And if all that free stuff from Young Living isn’t enough, I am sending my new members who order the Premium Starter Kit a handmade essential oil shelf to store your oils, some empty roller bottles and few other goodies!

Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m always available over on Facebook for more discussion.

Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track

OK, it’s confession time.

Over the past month my diet plan has slowly slipped and for the past couple of weeks I have felt myself spiral out of control.  I went a year and a half doing great then I had a life crisis and felt myself falling down a rabbit hole so deep that I couldn’t find my way out.  And at the bottom was a bowl of chips and guacamole that said, “Eat Me.”

And I did.

Getting my life back on track

It started early in the month with eating sugar.  I let myself to have a few “treats” over the holidays and I instantly craved more.  And I have felt so low emotionally that I let myself eat more and more.  I noticed my mood getting worse.  I was fussy and grumpy and that led to not wanting to exercise.  So I took a shorter walk in the mornings and then a few days off here and there.

But what’s weird is then I stopped caring about other things.  My money, my sleep patterns, my time with the kids….all started to get less structured until here I am…..feeling defeated.

And that is where God steps in.  He inspires me.  He motivates me.  He reminds me that even though I fail, I can get right back up and back to where I want to be.

Get your life back on track!

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.  So glorify God in your body.”

So I woke up this morning and took my normal, fast-paced, long walk.  I ate my no-carb breakfast and I prepped my food for the rest of the day.  I’ve set aside a time to gather my receipts from the last month and get my money in order, then clean my closet and bathroom to help me feel back to normal.  The messiness of it all weighs me down.

One thing I am not going to do is wait for three more days just because it’s almost the new year.  Why should I wait?  I need to love myself enough to do it right now.

If you’re ready to get going to a new start to wellness and self-control…..join me.  I’d love to walk side-by-side with you as we do this together.  (and let me know if you want to be added to my Facebook group for women who support each other!)

Getting not just diet and exercise back on track....but everything!  Come find support for the healthy life you want!   #gethealthy #youareworthit

1. I’m going back on my strict diet.  I really liked it once I got used to it.  I just have to get through a few hard days then I will be back on track.
2. I am going to push myself with my exercise again.  Run a little harder and do some other core strengthening workouts a few days a week.
3. I will keep my area clean.  Once I get my bathroom straight I will stop using it as a dumping ground.
4. I will keep track of my spending and stick to my budget.
5. I will drink my goal amount of water each day.
6. I will focus on spending quality time with my kids every day (not just meals and chores and school).
7. I will get back to spending at least half an hour (usually at the beginning of my morning walk) in focused prayer.
8. No more “cheats” for the next month.  No sugar.  None.
9. Sleep.  I really need to get some sleep.  So I will focus on using the essential oils that help me and I will make sleep a priority.  Even if that means sacrificing other fun things I want to do.
10. Set specific goals.  Not just “I’ll do better” but “lose 8 pounds this month” and make a plan to get there.

This Alice is going to find her way out of Wonderland and back to reality.

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Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts

Well, here we are.  The shopping days are counting down and if we haven’t already ordered our gifts online it is too late.  We are left with whatever they have at Target or various gift cards.

While I love those things, I wanted to toss out a few other ideas to get you through the last minute gift purchases.

1. Pedicure – for only $25 you can give a friend the gift of beautiful feet and a papering after the holidays.
2. Kindle books – Kindle books are ready to download anytime…..and they are a great price.
3. Subscriptions – a magazine or maybe even fruit of the month club….how fun is it to get a gift all year long!
4. Lunch – take a basket of food for lunch one day that will help someone get through the hustle of the holidays.  Cold cuts (do people call them that anymore?), bread, fruit and Christmas cookies all bundled into a basket and delivered one day before Christmas would be lovely.
5. Essential oils – OK, it is too late to order now and get Young Living Oils before Christmas.  But it’s giving someone the gift of health and wellness for the whole year, so why not order something now and give a card with the promise of what’s coming their way?! (here’s a list of ideas for you)

And I made it easy for you by creating THIS PRINTABLE that you can give….I live to make your life easier.

Young Living Christmas Card

If you want to join Young Living you can click HERE and get yourself signed up.  You get better prices and you will LOVE having them for when the winter bugs hit.  Plus when you sign up order the Premium Starter Kit I will send you a great reference book to help you get started!

Have a great week!

Christmas Workout Playlist

Christmas Workout Playlist

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I can’t stop myself from sharing my favorite holiday tunes with you.  I listen to these when I am working out these days.  It’s not always about the song itself but the artist’s rendition of it that makes it fun and peppy for working out.

You can click on the links to go straight to iTunes and get them for yourself!


1. Light of Christmas by Owl City

2. Marshmallow World by Francesca Batistelli

3. Christmas This Year by Toby Mac

4. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by City Harbor

5. What Christmas Means to Me by Mandisa

6. Holly Jolly Christmas by Group 1 Crew

7. All Creation Sing by Fee

8. Silver Bells by Relient K

9. Christmas Talk by Byron Chambers

10. Jingle Bells by Ayiesha Woods

11. It’s Christmas by Mandisa

12. Christmas Together by Jamie Grace

(special thanks to my daughter Hope for finding all of these songs for me!)