I Finally Found My Superpower

I Finally Found My Superpower

I may have accidentally discovered my superpower this weekend…..doing 12 things at once and still not having anything to show for it.  Maybe all of those colored tights I love will come in handy!

This past weekend was filled to the brim with activity, yet I can’t think of anything to talk about.  It’s a contrast to my usual riveting report of weekend adventures of house cleaning and excessive napping.

On Friday I spent the whole day celebrating love and avoiding candy.  Before I went on my early morning walk I left piles of goodies at each child’s place at the dining room table complete with teeny boxes of Nerds that were supposed to be stuck through a little card with playful Valentine’s Day saying on them.  The Nerds and cards were sold together with pictures on the package of the little box adorably slid through a pre-punched slit in the card.  Cute, right?  Um, no.  I ripped so many of those dumb cards trying to force the box of Nerds through that I ended up leaving 9 ripped cards loosely wrapped around the candy boxes.  I eventually had to walk away.  This, my friends, is not my superpower.

On Saturday I worked on Shop24 orders then in the afternoon I had a funeral to go to.  My friend Sara lost her precious mother-in-law and it was a sad day.  After I got home Adam was waiting for me at the door, “Want to go for a bike ride with me?!”  Despite being worn out, I couldn’t say no to that hopeful little face, so I hopped on my bike and we rode for a while.

He talked all about his ideas for making a bike track in our field and maybe could he go fishing sometime and he wondered if there were any family members in our genealogy that liked biking or fishing.  I just rode and listened and thought about how much I love him.  Tired-schmired.  It was fun.

Sunday was my big party at Michael’s.  Several friends stopped by and we had a blast chatting and doing chalkboard lettering.  Crafting with other women is so inspiring.  Thanks Faith, Colleen, Stacy, Jenn and Sara for being my special guests!

This week is another opportunity to use my powers of getting 12 things done at one time.  James is preparing to take the Bar Exam next week which puts my loving-wife skills to the test.  I will be sliding trays of food under his office door and diffusing essential oils in his office to help him magically absorb law facts and hold them in his brain.

Yes, now you know the whole truth.  He is the one in our family with super powers.  I just bounce around his awesomeness.

Have a great week!

Come Join Me for a Pinterest Party!

Come Join Me for a Pinterest Party!

I’ve been in a crafty mood lately.  It must be the cold weather mixed with my lack of time for getting whole rooms remodeled.  But I felt a need to get my craft on.

So I made a few things, just simple stuff really.  And the fun part is I am going to be at a local Michael’s this Sunday from 1-3 to show how I made them.  And to hang out with those of you who stop by!  I am joining Hometalk and Michael’s for a party all over the country.  If you can’t come to mine, I’ll bet there’s one near you!


Juts look at the cuteness hanging over my couch!  It was so easy to make I am almost embarrassed to be doing it at the party.


I may have to redecorate my whole living room around these lovelies!


It just makes me happy.


And because I can’t stop with just one thing, I also made this little bunting.


I love the combination of decorating and inspiring.


And if you follow Michael’s on Hometalk  you could win one of five $100 gift cards!  Go, Go!  I will wait while you go do it.

Follow to win!!!

Thanks for coming by and letting me show you my crafts.  And if you want you can follow me on Hometalk too.  (but I won’t give you a gift card for it)


See you there!

Get Your Tank Filled

Get Your Tank Filled

What an incredible weekend!!!  The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit in Oklahoma was everything I expected it to be and more!

Here’s a recap, which I am incredibly proud of because my daughter took every single one of these beautiful pictures, so I see her heart of love for these women in the images…..

On Friday we drove the 9 hours to Oklahoma and I only had to make 6 potty stops.  This may be a new record….I usually need more.  We arrived just in time to change clothes and head for the opening of the Summit.  From the first second…..I was blessed.  Every moment was rich with the love of God for those gorgeous, tired, sometimes overwhelmed, moms.

Saturday was abundant with meeting new people and sitting in corners with new friends talking about motherhood and marriage and struggles and victories.  Then we got up and drove home on Sunday.

And now I get to do it all again this weekend, only without the long drive ‘cuz we’ll be in Texas y’all!  Please, if you’re on the fence about going…..get off that thing and go register.  It’s the most beautiful weekend and you will love it.  And do stay through Saturday night so you don’t miss the most incredible wisdom from the panel of older women who are finished homeschooling and still alive to tell about it.

And bring a friend!  Bring lots of friends.

See you Friday!

A Day in the Life of an Oiler

A Day in the Life of an Oiler

Hello to all of you who are visiting from over at Myra’s!  Welcome!

I grew up in Houston and if you had told me when I was 13 that I would grow up to become an Oiler the shock would have caused me to spit out my Mr. Pibb.  But it turns out that years after the team of my youth has gone to football heaven, the term is now being used for people who use essential oils regularly.  Who knew?!

Being an oiler myself now, I have lots to say on the subject.  I have told y’all so much already about how I use my Young Living oils, but today I’m joining some other bloggers to just get to the nitty gritty and share how we use them every day.

One thing I want to stress is that I didn’t just go out and buy these oils all at once.  First you get the kit, then you fall in love with those so you get a couple of other oils.  It makes you so happy that you get one for your husband’s foot fungus and then HE loves them.  Then you all live happily ever after.

Here’s a rundown from an average day in my life.

First thing when I get up I go do my morning walk/jog .  I need something besides my Lift Caps to kick off my morning so I use these….

PanAway: I rub on my right knee.  I fell a few years ago and that knee has never been the same.  It has some pain that PanAway takes care of and it never bothers me during my morning walk!
Thieves:  On the bottom of my feet to get my body ready for the day.
Valor: My favorite oil.  I put it on my wrists to help me focus and it just makes me feel empowered to take on the day.
Mint: I mix peppermint and spearmint in my little rollon bottle and rub it in my palms and a little under my chin.  It really wakes me up and makes me feel alive!

Once I get home from my walk, I take a quick shower then put on more oils.  Have you seen the little shelf in my bathroom where I keep them?  We sell these in our shop because they are so, so handy!  Plus having them in full view makes it so much easier to remember to use them.

After I dry off I use these…..

Thieves:  On the bottom of my feet (you will notice a pattern)
Valor:  Again….LOVE!
Endoflex:  I use this for my thyroid and adrenal issues.  I rub it across my lower back several times a day.  It works for me to just do it whenever I go to the bathroom.
Myrtle:  This is a great oil for thyroid (It’s really good for a BUNCH of things!) so I rub it on my neck over my thyroid several times a day.

Each day holds its own set of challenges, so I try to use some oils specific for the needs of that day.  On a normal stay-at-home day of homeschooling, managing life with 9 kids and just generally trying to get everything done, I would use something like these….

Clarity:  I’d use this to keep my thoughts clear and help me remember what is really important.  I would rub it over my temples and the back of my neck.
Peace & Calming:  The name speaks for itself.  I would put this over my heart or on the bottom of my feet.  Just play with where you get the most benefit.

Those two oils I would also put in the diffuser in the living room or school room.  If I don’t have something like this in the diffuser, I would start the day with Thieves in there.  I diffuse something almost every morning.  It just helps get off to a great start!

Also, I use a great oil blend to help me with my weight loss….

Slique:  I put several drops in my water all day long.  It helps cut down my cravings and it has a really great flavor!

And to end the day I always use these 2 oils right before bed….

Peace & Calming:  I rub it across my forehead
Lavender: I put a squirt of unscented lotion in my hand and 2 drops of lavender.  Then I rub it all over my hands and arms and if any of the kids happen to be standing nearby I rub it on them too.

I feel so good from all of my oils I may just start playing some football after all!

If you are looking for a way to get some of these oils for yourself, click here and sign up! Be sure not to change the box checked as independent distributor….you want that!  It allows you to get the discounted price.  Don’t worry; you never have to sell or distribute anything!

Thanks for stopping by!  Head over to visit Christine and see how she uses her oils every day!  And be sure to check out the other bloggers as their posts go up each morning!  I will share them at the bottom of this post each day to make it easy for you to find them.

A day on the life with essential oils!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook where I share more about my oils!!

$500 Holiday Cash Giveaway!

$500 Holiday Cash Giveaway!

Hey guess what!  I have a whopper of a giveaway for y’all.

I’m joining together with some of my favorite gals to give someone $500 for Christmas.  That sure would make a dent in my holiday shopping expenses.

These gals have some awesome blogs you really should check out!

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There are plenty of ways to enter, so jump on in and get your name in there.

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Holiday Preparations Are In Full Swing

Holiday Preparations Are In Full Swing

I made a quick run to Dallas this past weekend.  Sure it’s a 6 hour drive, but in Texas time that’s practically your next door neighbor.  Just a simple country jaunt.

I went to visit my friends Connie and Brandy.  We were working on some secret projects for the upcoming Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit in Texas.  Oh!  Did I tell you that two people will win their registrations?!  If you register by December 31 you will be entered to win back the money for your registration….go register I tell you!  You don’t want to miss this.

And if my post from last week wasn’t enough to persuade you, here’s one from Connie saying why she loves it so much.  Y’all have to watch her video….it makes me cry!

I got home on Saturday afternoon and started filling shop orders.  The Christmas stocking orders are rolling in along with lots of orders for jars and lids.  Wouldn’t this be a fun stocking stuffer or secret santa present?

Adorable Christmas gift for under $10!

Not to brag, but we have a bunch of cute things in our shop that would make great, unique gifts.  And some fun decorations too!

This week we’re getting the house ready for a big Thanksgiving feast.  We will have a houseful and it’s gonna be cold.  Our old farmhouse isn’t well insulated and doesn’t get warm, so usually we just wrap up in blankets.  But I doubt that our guests will be interested in wearing quilts and footie pajamas, so I am scrambling to find ways to warm it up.  Do you think they will notice if we sit really close to them at the table?  Body heat is very helpful in 30° weather.

I’ve already done the grocery shopping and have no plans to go back before Thanksgiving.  Whatever we are out of we will just have to skip.  I can’t take the grocery store crowds during the holidays.  It makes me wish for alcohol and I don’t drink.

But I will have to go shopping at all manner of other kinds of stores on Tuesday.  My daughter’s birthday means shopping and nothing I say or do will change her mind.  I tried bribing her with promises of candy and soda if she would stay home instead, but when you’re 18 a full PEZ dispenser really doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.  So shopping it is.

I guess if I can go to Dallas and back in a day I can handle the holiday crowds with my favorite 18 year old.

Have a great week!


How I Use the Essential Oils in the Young Living Oils Kit

How I Use the Essential Oils in the Young Living Oils Kit

I shared this post a while ago about some of the ways we stay healthy.  Since then I have gotten a lot of questions about essential oils and how we use them.  It can be overwhelming to start with natural remedies you have never used, but that’s one of the things I love about essential oils.  They are pretty simple.

If you have started buying the oils and you got a premium kit (and if you haven’t you can sign up here and please keep it checked on “Wholesale” so you get the discount prices!) you got a great start.  You will fall in love with them!

So I’m going to go through them here and share with you how we use each of these oils.  I promise, it’s painless.

Tips for using the essential oils in the Young Living Premium Kit! -- The Pennington Poin

First of all, some of the oils are potent and should be diluted.  If I’m using them topically I dilute them in a carrier oil (I use NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil because it’s cheap).  This not only dilutes them, but helps your essential oils last longer.  If I am ingesting them or putting them in my mouth, I prefer to just dilute them in the water.  A teaspoon of water with a drop of your favorite essential oil is an easy way.  If it needs to be diluted I will mark it with an “**” (I’m fancy like that).


1. Peppermint** – this oil has so many uses I can’t possibly name them all without writing a novel.  The 2 main things I use peppermint for are headaches and digestive problems.

If I have a headache I use it in water and press some into the top of my mouth (by just dipping my thumb into the water with peppermint).  You can also just smell it from the bottle and/or add it to the water you’re drinking.  I will also rub some on the back of my neck.

If I have digestive problems I will rub some right over the place where I am having the problem (stomach, lower belly, etc.) and then also put some on my wrists. I would also put some on the bottom of my feet if I were feeling really sick.  Even a stomach ache from overeating is helped by using peppermint!

When I was on a plane recently the man next to me smelled terrible!  So I got out my peppermint oil and rubbed some on my hands.  I could just keep my hands near my face when it got really bad and not smell him.  Whew!

2. Pan-Away – this oil is great for inflammation and pain.  I rub it on when I have sore muscles or if someone gets hurt.  It’s great for bumps and bruises. I have also used it on my boys’ legs when they get those awful growing pains.

When I walk extra far in the morning my legs will sometimes get sore, but I can’t slow down with a houseful of kids.  So I rub Pan-Away on and it helps the soreness go away quickly.  It helps me avoid looking & feeling like a crippled little old lady every time I get up out of a chair. 

3. Purification – this oil is amazing for insect bites!  Just put it on (I dilute it, but you don’t have to) the affected area.

It’s also great for neutralizing odors.  If you burned dinner you can diffuse it and it really helps with the bad smell (trust me, I am an expert on burning dinner).  Or if you have a sickness in the house and it needs airing out, pet smells, etc.  Just diffuse it (the Premium Kit comes with a diffuser).

I keep a small spray bottle of Purification and peppermint (about 8 drops each) mixed with water by the door during the summer and spray my kids with it anytime they go outside.  It helps with those terrible Texas-sized mosquitoes.

4. Valor – my favorite oil!  Oh how I love thee, Valor.  I need to write a poem in its honor.

I use Valor every.single.day.  Every morning after my shower I put some on my wrists and on the back of my neck.  It helps me when I am feeling a little “off”.  It calms my kids.  It keeps me centered.

It’s also really good for the spine.  Recently I was at a conference where I had to turn my head in an awkward position to see the speaker on stage.  My neck started aching, so I put Valor on it every hour or so and my pain was relieved.

There’s just something really special about it.  I love it.  Did I say that already?

5. Lemon – you probably already know the many uses for lemon.  This is just a pure, concentrated version.

You can even clean with it!  Just add about 20 drops to a small spray bottle of water and wipe down your whole house with it….it smells amazing!

I use it in my water for a pick me up.  I put it on the back of my neck in the mornings if I am dragging. 

My friend Myra wrote a great post on ways to use this wonderful oil!

6. Frankincense – oh my heaven this oil is amazing!  And it’s expensive, so getting it in your kit is a real blessing!  We’ve all heard of the wise men bringing it to Christ as a gift and now I see why! I dilute it mostly to help stretch it out as far as I can.  But you don’t have to.

It’s a great mood balancer, helps sooth a fussy child and helps with inflammation.  I use it for our skin.  With so many teens in the house, we use it on their skin to help with breakouts.  And I use it myself to keep my skin looking fresh.

We also put it on cuts.  It is a wonderful oil!

7.  Thieves – oh wonderful Thieves!  This was the first oil I ever tried years ago when we started using them.  A friend told me it would help us when we got the flu.  So I got a bottle and have loved it ever since.  I put it on the bottoms of everyone’s feet during the winter and I diffuse it if there’s even a sign of the sniffles.  I dilute it in a spray bottle and clean the doorknobs with it.  I put drops in the sheets if we’re sick.

I carry a little bottle of spray Thieves with me and spray the handle of the shopping carts.  I even diffuse it in the car during the winter!

If you just want to try oils but not invest in a whole kit, start with Thieves, peppermint and lavender.

8. Peace and Calming – what can I say?  The name says it all.  I diffuse this when there’s fussiness in the house.  I also carry it with me because, believe it or not, I can get irritated sometimes.

When I get in the checkout line at Walmart, for example, I need to put on some Peace and Calming.

9. Lavender** – another well known oil that is worth its weight in GOLD!

It’s another one that’s great for acne.  I mix lavender and frankincense in jojoba oil (jojoba is also great for the skin!) and give it to my teens when they are dealing with a skin problem.

It’s incredible for burns.  I have used it on minor burns and sunburns with great success.  I have also heard a lot of incredible stories from people who have been badly burned having relief from lavender.

I also use it every night to help me sleep and it’s wonderful for little ones.

Every night I put a squirt of unscented lotion in my hand, add a drop of lavender and rub it all over my hands and arms.  Oh the delight!  And I sleep like a baby.

10. Joy – this is a bonus oil that you get in the Premium Kit.  I love this oil.  It’s refreshing and uplifting.  I like to rub it right over my heart when I am struggling with finding joy.  It and Valor make a nice perfume too.

I use it anytime I am going into a situation where I will be around difficult people.  I put it on the back of my neck, on my chest and on my wrists.  It has been a great help to me during times of family crisis.

These are just some of the basic ways our family uses oils.  There are many other uses for all of them, but this should help to get you started with your new kit.  And this is just the beginning.  There are a lot of other oils that I use regularly.  But I wanted you to have a keen grip on the kit that you will get when you sign up.

If you have more questions about signing up with Young Living Oils you can read here.

And you can always ask me questions here and I will do my best to help you find an answer.

Click here to print my handy Quick Reference for Basic Essential Oils to keep with your oils!

A $250 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway!!!

A $250 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway!!!

I am joining in with some great etsy shops today to bring you a handmade gift shopping spree!  Buy handmade gifts from Etsy this holiday season with a $250 gift card to spend any way you choose.  Sounds great right?
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I Just Go Where I’m Told

I Just Go Where I’m Told

After 5 adventurous and emotion-filled days, I am finally back home where I belong.

Last Thursday I headed to Greenville, SC to attend the Allume conference.  I had heard so many great things about this conference and I was excited to go, despite having to get up at 3:45AM to catch my flight.  I don’t know why I think I can do these thing 3 months in advance when I book the ticket.  You’d think I would know myself better by now.

I barely made it.  As in I was running onto the plane as they were closing the door.  Talk about getting your heart going first thing in the morning!

The whole weekend was Christ filled and I found it to be the least competitive one I have been to.  It was very loving and generous.  I will definitely consider going next year.

I got up every morning and walked the charming streets of Greenville and through Falls Park with my friend Bernadette.  If you’ve never been to Greenville let me tell you it is beautiful!  I want to go there again with my husband….it would be a great couple’s getaway.  Do you think I can convince him to make next year’s conference a couple’s retreat too?  Right.  I didn’t think so.

Beautiful Greenville, SC

Unfortunately, the conference was interrupted for me on Friday when I got a call that my grandfather had passed away.  It was unexpected and I immediately broke down weeping.  My sweet roommate Amanda, who is a good friend of mine, took care of me and she even gladly missed the dinner session to take me out and she listened and let me tell her all about my grandfather and she was a balm to my hurting heart.

I wanted to leave and head back home, but everything I tried wouldn’t work.  It became clear after a while that God just wanted me to stay and so I stopped trying.  I actually considered getting in my little rental car and just driving home.  18 hours.  My husband said no way.

I am so grateful to have people around me who care about me.  I do get pretty ditzy in situations like that.

So I stayed and since Allume was so worshipful and uplifting it was a good place for me to be.

I got home on Monday and immediately started preparing to go to my grandfather’s funeral the next day.  Finding clothes for all the boys and being ready to leave home before 6:30 in the morning is no small task.  But we’ve already established that I can get up at 3:45, so it’s all good.  Who needs sleep anyway?

Once the funeral is behind us I plan to spend the rest of the week under the covers in my own bed with the lights out.

Then it’s off on another adventure next weekend.  It will be my last travel weekend and I am SO ready to be home for a while.  I’m getting so worn out at this point that I just go where I’m told.


Summit Planning Weekend

Summit Planning Weekend

Week 3 of my “Lisa is too busy” weekend extravaganza is behind me.

I hosted a group of women here for a planning retreat for the upcoming Homeschool Mom’s Winter Summit in Texas!   These amazing women, including Connie and Brandy, are planning such an amazing event and I hope to see a BUNCH of y’all there!

We laughed, we ate, we planned and shared…..it was a small taste of what the Winter Summit will be like and I am thrilled!  Really moms, if you can possibly be there you need to do it.  You will be refreshed, renewed and energized.  And you can still get the early bird prices! (it’s not just for Texas moms…..anyone can come and it will be worth a bit of travel!)

After the retreat was over I took a long, and I mean LONG, nap.  No wait.  First I hugged all of my babies THEN I took a nap.

It was one of those naps that you can’t really wake up from and even though you know you slept too long all you really want to do is go back and take a second nap right after the first one.

But I made myself drag into the living room to visit with my kiddos.  They had all been so helpful for the Summit retreat weekend and I wanted to hear what they had been doing while I was Summitting.  Turns out they basically played computer games and ate candy.  Great.

After they come down from the sugar high we will get some school done for the next 3 days.  Then I whisk away to South Carolina for the Allume Conference this weekend.

Or as I like to call it, “Just getting more tired every day.”

Whatcha got going on this week?