About Us

James and I had this dreamy idea when we got married 26 years ago that we would have a bunch of kids and raise them in the country.  James would have a little CPA firm and I would homeschool the kids in blessed peace and tranquility.

As naive as that dream was, we pretty much did it!  Yes, we are ridiculously un-talented at raising farm animals and I gave up the garden years ago.  But we found our stride and have made it work using the talents God did give us.

We live with our 9 kids in a 95 year old Texas farmhouse that we have renovated and added onto.  James does have that CPA firm we dreamed of  and is also in his fourth year of law school.  Even though his office is on the back of our property and I can walk over there anytime, we mostly communicate during the week by emails and texts….never imagined THAT 27 years ago!

I, Lisa, homeschool the kids, blog and run an etsy shop, Shop 24.  I try to keep a daily schedule, but it never quite gets done.  I’m definitely a bit OCD, as in if I walk into any room in my house and something has been moved even the tiniest bit, I notice it right away.  It could drive us all crazy, but we make the best of it.  And it does help when we’re redoing a room, which we do quite often, to have that sense of detail.

The kids are in varying stages of growth and maturity.

Grace is 23.  She is a graduate of our little homeschool and she lives here with us.  She works for James and manages a small video business.  She has written 2 books, “Firmament: Radialloy“, and “Never“.  We are so blessed to have her with us until she marries and starts a family of her own.

Jacob is 21.  He graduated from high school in 2010.  He is currently a second year law student at Oak Brook College of Law.  He loves CGI and computer programming for animators.  It’s amazing to see what our offspring can do, despite our own limitations.  Jacob blesses me every day with his respectful attitude and his love for the Lord.

Hope just turned 19 and just graduated from high school.  She is a delightful girl and such a bright light in our family.  Being able to watch her grow into a woman has been one of the great experiences of my life.  She loves to write and draw and help others.  Her attitude of selflessness is such a joy!

Faith is 17 and every bit of it.  She has a strong sense of style and she was the first child to ask if she could learn to drive (we didn’t say yes, but she asked).  She inspires us all with her creativity and ingenuity.  If any of us are getting rid of something we know to ask Faith if she wants it before we toss it out.  She is likely to make something with it or tear it apart and use the pieces to make a funky piece of jewelry.  She was born with an old soul, yet she’s the most playful.

Patience (16) is the ball of energy in our family.  She has an off the charts metabolism which gives her energy to spare, but also makes it a challenge for her to keep weight on.  Her gluten and sugar intolerances have challenged her to find creative ways to eat with the family and gain weight.  She loves photography (which you can see on her Instagram). She is her Daddy’s best helper and her attitude of joy no matter what she’s going through encourages us all to be more joyful.

Noah is 14 and growing way too fast for his Mom’s liking.  He, like the other boys, loves Legos.  After school he works out in the fields or building fences.  He’s quiet, but when he does talk he’s got a lot to say.  He’s a dreamer and sometimes it’s just a little too much when he experiments on things.  He has so many ideas about what he wants to do that he has no real direction, so he just tries everything from making balloon shapes to building with scraps in Mom’s workshop.  He’s a neat kid.

Adam at 12 has always had my heart.  He has had a tough time since he was born, crying constantly for months.  Nothing soothed him and even though it was a hard time, it caused us to become close.  Things have always been a little bit harder for Adam.  He doesn’t get sarcasm at all, which is the language we speak in our home.  He is extremely literal and he’s very smart.  He’s great at school and loves reading.  Every time I spend a few minutes with Adam I think, “This kid’s going to be an amazing man.”

Elijah is the quiet guy around here.  At 10, he is just happy to be putting together science set in his room or drawing a picture.  If I didn’t go looking for him he would just do something by himself all day and not cause a bit of trouble.  At the dinner table he will just sit quietly, not even trying to enter the conversation and from the looks of it, not even listening.  Then all of a sudden he will say one little thing that is so hilarious we will all be in stitches not knowing which is funnier…what he said or realizing that he was listening all along.  ‘

Levi is 6 and the last of the Pennington Bunch.  He started school this year and was already ahead for his age.  He’s spent the past few years sitting next to me while I taught the other kids so he’s got a bit of an attitude, “Mommy, I already know that book.”  I will set the attitude straight then move on to the next book…why teach it to him again?  He is the family entertainment with his little sayings and ideas.  Right now he has plans to build a boat.  I’m not sure why.  We don’t have any water nearby.

The best part of our lives together is that we love the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior and the Holy Spirit is our guide.  We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and we live by its teachings.  It’s not always peace and tranquility, but we get pretty darn close.

I hope you are blessed by visiting our site.  We love having visitors both on the blog and in person!