A New Door

A New Door

Well, it took two days but we got the junk all out of my bedroom and the kitchen, which is our other nuclear fallout zone.  Not only did we have the boys’ room cleanup to deal with, but as school approaches I am getting in a panic about the house, as if we can never straighten it once we get back to lessons.  I don’t know why, but I feel like I have to clear the entire house of all clutter as if I’m nesting.

The birth of a new school year.

I’m also really happy to have an office for myself.  I took what was our little study room (it used to be Noah’s Lego room until we moved him upstairs) and made it into my own office.  If I am in there with the doors closed it means KEEP OUT.  If I am not in there then the kids can still use it for quiet study.

The reason I couldn’t just use the room the way it was before is it had no door between it and the boys’ bedroom.  That would have made it difficult to concentrate.  So we built a door between the two rooms. When I say “we” I mean I designed it and bought all of the materials, my son built it and my daughters painted it.

Because the room is SO small I didn’t have room for a swinging door.  So this slides along a track we built with a galvanized pipe and hangs from eyes screwed into the top of the door.  It’s a simple 2×2 frame with chalkboard behind it.  The back is a dry erase white board for the boys to draw on.  I decided to make it floor to ceiling to add height to the room.

A great door wheh you have a tight spot!

Open on the Left — Closed on the right

I put stationary casters on the bottom, which makes it super easy to open and close!


And now I have a place to work when I need quiet.  It was either that or drive to an undisclosed location and work in the car with my computer mashed against the steering wheel and the A/C blasting in my face.

I still have a few small messes to deal with, but it’s mostly all back to normal.  By “normal” I mean not normal at all because nothing ever stays the same around here for more than two weeks.

On Sunday I drove an hour and a half to meet my parents for lunch and handed off two of my daughters to help them for the week.  It was a nice Sunday drive (we used to take Sunday drives all of the time when I was a kid, why don’t we do that anymore?!) and great to see my folks.  I had the two youngest boys with me so as we drove home they started asking questions.  “Mom, why would someone want to get married just for the sake of getting married?!” “How do you know if you’re old enough to get a job?” “Why does a church need elders?”  I am not kidding.  These were the questions.  I mostly replied with answers like, “Hey, does anyone want some frozen yogurt?!”

Have a great week!

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  1. Darlene Camren :

    Taffy, taffy would be good for situations like that. It would definitely keep their mouths busy for a bit. 😉

  2. Great project! Great questions! Stellar answer! LOL

  3. Wow! That door looks awesome! We need to build something like that for our sunroom to kitchen doorway. There is no door there at all and I was looking at barn door hardware and it was just so costly. The only problem is that there is no floor under where the door will have to be – just stairs with no landing. Can you share how you built the track and what hardware you used? Do you think it would be as easy to move without the casters?

  4. Cuz gas costs more….??? 🙂

    Great door project, BTW!

  5. I stinking LOVE this door.

  6. Oh, Lisa, I miss you!! I miss doing a project with you! This is so neat. I was just realizing that I could do something like this in my office 🙂 I have no door on my office because it takes up too much space to swing. My brain is now swirling with ideas…my poor husband. Because when I say “we” are going to make something, it’s HIM 🙂

  7. Lisa, you have a flair for design and DIY! I am able to copy someone else’ ideas, but to come up with an original design over and over is your God given talent. So, when I copy you, it really is a compliments lol

  8. Lisa,
    Such a great idea! You have inspired me so many times and thank you for another creative solution …that looks great! Sending many blessings your way!

  9. Lisa, your new door is wonderful! What an inspiration to make it with chalkboard/whiteboard. And the sliding mechanism is brilliant. I think you need to do a tutorial on this one, my friend!