If You Don’t Mind…..

If You Don’t Mind…..

I may have a problem.  Like I need counseling and possibly shock therapy.  I love books.  I have shelves full of them in every room and when someone offers to send me one to review I simply can’t resist.  #bookaddiction

But I realize I have not told you much about all of the writing that’s happening right under our very roof. #mykids

Besides writing a book myself, my daughter Grace has written 4 books and the first three are available on Amazon.  #true

1. Firmament: Radialloy is about a young woman who lives on a starship.  If your teen or young adult likes sci-fi this is a fun adventure!
2. Firmament: In His Image is the second in this series (with the third coming out very soon!) and follows the same main character.
3. Never is a clean, wholesome, family friendly western with slightly more mature conflicts.

She also has a blog where she reviews books and it’s always nice to find clean books for our kids to read.


My daughter Patience also has a blog that is for budding photographers.  She’s really good at encouraging you to love your family and follow your passion.  Your photo-driven kids would love this.  #itisprecious


And, if you don’t mind me telling you, my oldest son is making an album of songs that he has written.  He has a website that tells about his vision and he is also wrapping up a fundraiser to help get it made.  #hemakesmyheartmelt


Not to be left out, my daughter Hope is writing a graphic novel (kind of like a faith-based comic book) and my other daughter Faith is starting her own jewelry line.  Those are still works in progress. #iamconstantlyamazed

I really don’t mention all of their accomplishments much because I don’t want to be braggy.  But just this once….I had to say it.

Thanks for letting me.  #proudmom

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  1. You should be a proud mom!! You have raised your children well. Praise the Lord for the gifts he has given your children and you. 😉 Well done 🙂

  2. I have Firmament:Radialloy, I’ve read it and I enjoyed it. I’ll have to check out her other books.

    It’s good to be proud and share what they are doing with others. It’s not braggy.

  3. WOW!!! What an amazing family you have. You have god to be a proud MOM!!

  4. No, I don’t mind at all…..!

    It’s all by God’s grace, mercy and faithfulness and He gets all the glory. I, too, am amazed at the talents of my own daughters. I k.n.o.w. their creativity isn’t because I am a living example of it. 🙂 My husband and I enjoy “funding” their pursuits. That brings me true joy, too.

  5. I am enjoying reading your daughters’ blogs! Both of them are good thinkers and post good information!