More Cleaning and Organizing

More Cleaning and Organizing

I just can’t stop!

Friday was quiet.  We have been getting small jobs done around here and prepping for school to start. I got some shelves cleaned off and straightened and the school books all stacked and ready for me to go through.

On Saturday I was planning to get some more work done around the house and help my son get ready to go to Oklahoma for the week.  But then I heard about a barn sale that was full of junk and I couldn’t resist driving an hour to see what they had that I couldn’t live without.

I came home with a broken old fridge, an old metal slide and a few smaller things.  Uh huh.  Because my house isn’t full enough already.

I’m not sure yet what I am going to do with either of those two things but they made my heart skip a beat when I saw them and I knew we were meant to be together.  I’ll figure something out.  True love can’t be denied.

On Saturday night I felt a little cold coming on.  So I decided to skip church on Sunday morning.  I didn’t want to start a sore throat epidemic.  I kept gargling with Thieves and apple cider vinegar and I took Vitamin C and tried to drink lots of water.

But because I am not one to sit still, I told the kids that if they would help me do some cleaning then I would give them the afternoon off to do anything they wanted (at home that is).  They jumped at that and we all pitched in to get some more organizing done.

The 2 girls set about cleaning out some kitchen cabinets while the little boys and I reorganized what used to be the nursery but had become a room with a bed and treadmill.  It’s a tiny room and with the treadmill right in the middle of it we should have renamed it “The Ugly Room.”

So I moved the furniture, cleaned out the cabinet and drawers and by 1:00 it was a whole new space and there were 3 trash bags full of junk to be tossed out.  Really, that always amazes me how much stuff I have that I never use.  It’s kind of shameful.

Here’s a picture, but not because it’s a beautiful room.  I show it to you because I love seeing other people’s houses (really, I would walk through all of your houses and just look around if I could) so here’s my little room.


I made a “wall” with the white cabinet and put the treadmill behind it.  Whoever is treadmilling can look out the window or see the TV (it’s right next to me in the picture so you can’t see it).  We just use this room for working out and as an extra bed (which we seem to need a lot).

Once that was done and all of the trash taken out and my bedroom cleaned up from everything we dumped in there I let the kids do whatever they wanted (I believe they watched movies) and I took the world’s best nap.

This week my guys are gone off to school and I have the place to myself.  Well, if you count being home with 6 kids being by myself.  I like to clean things out while James is gone so he doesn’t get distracted by the messes.  When he gets home it’ll all be back in order and ready to start school next week.

There.  That’s my weekend.  What did you do?


  1. What a lovely room! I threw a birthday party for my newest teen, played a board game with the youngest, then attended a church conference with the three youngest and the DH. We enjoyed it a lot, and visiting with friends was the icing on the cake. The spirit moved us as we prayed and sang and testified. It was awesome!

  2. Hi Lisa,this weekend I had a new chest of drawers delivered. It was the perfect excuse to weed out old clothing and generally work on my clutter.My bedroom feels really light and clear now.

  3. Cute that James can get “distracted” by the messes…Does he try to “rescue” items??? 🙂 Or does he start thinking, “I wonder where the receipts are to those things…?” I’m not really asking for answers. This is what immediately popped into my head when I read the last 2 lines. Just too cute. I, also, like to look at people’s houses (or photos of their abodes.) I blame my dear mom. When I was a youngster and we’d be driving home at night, she’d say, “I like it when people leave their curtains open at night and we can see into their houses as we drive by. It is always SO interesting to see how people decorate.” Thank you for reminding me that I still do this (when I’m the passenger!) 🙂

  4. Thanks Lisa! I just love the room and you are inspiring me to get busy organizing! Thanks and you are such a blessing to me!