I Shoulda Looked for a Watering Hole

I Shoulda Looked for a Watering Hole

In case you missed it last year (or the year before that) this is when I start to complain about the heat.  You would think that I have an affection for it after living in Texas my whole life, but no.  I despise it with a passion.  Them’s strong words but it’s how I feel.

Last Thursday James whisked me away for a romantic getaway.  And when I say romantic I mean 2 days with 5,000 other homeschoolers and a guest bed at my aunt’s house.  It was more about keeping up with a full schedule and less about roses with candlelight dinners.  But we do have the 4 hour car ride to look back on with fondness, if you like long, intense discussions about how we can be better parents and what to do about making a budget for next year.

One thing I have to manage with when I travel in the summer is staying hydrated.  I try to be careful, but there’s something about it that throws me off and by the time we were back home on Saturday night my old-lady bladder was unhappy.

Getting dehydrated is no laughing matter (even though this blog post is funny!)

This is not my first experience with needing to really give support to my bladder.  It happens to me several times every summer.  I know what you’re thinking, “Why doesn’t she just drink enough water?!”  I really wish I knew the answer to this question.

I expected my usual few days of difficulty, so I flipped through my essential oils reference book to see if I there was an oil I might try.  Turned out that I had several of the oils suggested….just one of the many advantages of having a good stock.  I put one drop each of lemongrass, Thieves, spearmint and chamomile into a carrier oil and rubbed it over my bladder. Then I rubbed EndoFlex over my kidneys and drank 1/2 cup of NingXia Red followed by 8 oz. of water.  I felt great very soon after….no kidding!  I did the whole thing again before I went to bed.  It’s always good to follow up when your really needing to give strong support, even when you feel great.

Since then I have learned about Young Living’s product called K & B.  I can add a dropper of that to my water and it has been an incredible help in keeping my bladder and kidneys healthy!  I won’t go through a summer without it now.

It really is a blessing to have these products.  When small things come up I always see if I have an oil that can help me.  I also made sure I drank enough water.

Today is the fifth morning in a row that I have to get up and go out early.  It’s been a challenge to find time for exercise.  On Thursday I went for an evening walk instead of morning and on Friday I dropped James off at the convention we were attending and I went for a jog around the mall next door.  This morning I did a quick TTapp DVD and I will try to go for a bike ride later.  I have learned that there is always something I can do, even if it’s just jogging in place for 10 minutes or crunches on the floor.

If I, the laziest person in Texas, can do it then so can you!  I am rooting you on from my air-conditioned bedroom with a tall glass of Sonic ice in my hand.

Have a great week & stay cool!


  1. Sonic ice is hands down the best…and I am so glad you are feeling better. Nothing worse than dehydration and knowing the heat is out there to knock you back down. However, I might have to break up with you over Texas but hoping since we worked out the olive issue, we can work this one out too 😉

  2. Oh lisa you crack me up. Your husband sounds just like mine. Glad you are feeling better. Cheers