How to Always Find the Scissors

How to Always Find the Scissors

Do you spend too much time looking for a pair of scissors?!

If I told you to go get a pair of scissor right now, how long would it take you?  Or how much time do you think you spend going to the junk drawer for the scissors when you need them from another room then putting them back again, or worse….not being able to find them because you didn’t put them away?!

I have solved that problem in my house.  It was so simple that I can’t believe it took me so long to figure it out.  Now you, my brilliant friends, have probable already done this and will be feeling sorry for not telling me sooner.  It’s OK.  I won’t hold it against you.

I went to the store, bought a bunch of cheap scissors (even some of those kid scissors that are on sale right now will work!).  Then I came home and put them in every spot in the house where I might need scissors.  I no longer look for scissors or hurt my teeth trying to avoid going to get scissors or spend any time fussing at people for taking my scissors.  I am sure if I counted up the amount of time I have saved through the end of my life I would have enough to take a nice long vacation.

Here are the places we now keep a pair of scissors:

1. In a kitchen drawer

2. In my makeup drawer
3. With my first aid supplies
4. In my sewing/ironing area


5. In my purse
6. In the car
7. With my essential oils/mailing supplies


8. By my computer
9. With my school tools
10. In my workshop/garage

Sometimes I keep them in a drawer, sometimes I can hang them (like in the workshop).  But they are right at arm’s length in every room.

The key to the success of this plan is to leave the scissors where they belong.  Just use them and put them right back.  No need to carry them off anywhere.  You could even use tape around the handles to label where they belong.

Happy time saving!

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  1. Overheard recently:

    Husband says to the wife who is sewing her daughter a cow costume for Cow Appreciation Day, “You have four pairs of scissors on this table!”

    Wife thinks, “So?” and says, “Yes, and you can’t have any of them!” A little snarky, but she has learned to be a little protective of her scissors.

    They were: office scissors which belonged in the computer desk drawer, pinking shears, large scissors for cutting fabric, and small scissors for cutting threads.

  2. Recently I discovered it is useful to have scissors in my clothes closet for cutting loose threads, cutting off annoying tags or snipping the price tags off a new item.

  3. I guard my scissors with a vengeance. 2 pairs of kitchen scissors that can go through the dishwasher since they can be used for cutting open packages or cutting up food (buy them at Dollar Tree), 1 pair of paper cutting scissors in my pencil cup on my school bookshelf (don’t use my paper cutting scissors for anything that is not paper!), pinking shears/fabric scissors/small thread snips in my sewing box, small thread snips in my crochet needle pouch. I had a cheap pair of kids scissors in the laundry room that doubles as our office supply storage, but I think they grew legs and wandered off to a hiding place 🙂 I love that someone else keeps scissors in multiple places in the house. I’m not so weird after all.

  4. genius!

  5. lol I have to laugh .. my mother was a hobbyist seamstress … that lady could make ANYTHING! But, she’d give us “what for” if we used her “good shears” to cut PAPER. The KITCHEN shears (not scissors) were for paper.. “don’t you DARE use my ‘good shears’ or pinking shears” (who remembers pinking shears!) lol. I think she had some sort of ESP…

  6. I have always kept a pair of scissors, pen or two, and a paper in every room of the house. Even the bathroom. In some rooms its in the front of a drawer and in other rooms it may be a pretty mug or cup. My family, and guests, appreciate it. Nothing worse than having a thought and not being able to remember it later. Write it down NOW. Remember all those half-used notebooks your kids have? How about all that (with no personal info) paper you toss. I neatly trim those unused portions into fourths and use them as scrap paper. Voile!