A FUN Christian Workout Playlist!

A FUN Christian Workout Playlist!

I'm always looking for some new, fun music to workout to!  -- The Pennington Point

It’s about time for another workout playlist!  I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the same old songs every morning for an hour.  In other words, I am spoiled.  Can you imagine me complaining about that to the starving children of Africa?

Waaah-Waaah my ipod battery runs low so sometimes I can’t take pictures.

OK, I’m better now.  Perspective check.

Anyway, I do like me some new tunes so here are some upbeat fun ones to add to your workout list.  All of these make me wanna groove to the music.

Here you go!1. Count Your Rainbows by 1 Girl Nation (sometimes I just love a girl song)
2. Every Good Thing by The Afters (it makes you feel good)
3. Focus by Holly Starr (this slows down a little, but it’s a great message)
4. Gold by Owl City (my kids love Owl City, so I have to include it!)
5. Listen by Josh Wilson (this will preach)
6. Outta My Mind by Anthem Lights (it’s a little electric, but fun for working out)
7. The Story of Your Life by Matthew West (he always has a life message)
8. That’s How You Change the World by Newsboys (I heart Newsboys)
9. Walk on the Water by Britt Nicole (she has the sweetest sound)
10. What If We Were Real by Mandisa (My current favorite song)
11. Words by Hawk Nelson (I like to run to this one)
12. You Lead by Jamie Grace (This is a cute song…it leads me to worship)

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  1. Toby Mac “Eye On It” and MercyMe “Shake” are some good ones for keepin it moving too!

  2. Have you ever heard Sidewalk Prophets? “Live Like That” is one of my favorites for working out. I got one of their albums for my teenage brother. If you like Newsboys you will probably like them too.

  3. Those are great!! I would also add that I love 2 songs on Natalie Grants Awaken CD to walk to- they put a pep in my step every time they shuffle through!! Captured and her duet with Wynonna Judd- Bring it all together. I could add so many… I love worshipping while I am working out!! It’s truly giving all of me to Him… and my body seems to be what I hold back on most- silly nibble bites while I paint add up!!

  4. I just got my first smart phone (yes, really!) This technology stuff is way over my head most days. I’ve downloaded 3 songs from iTunes already but each one cost me $1.29. do you pay for all those songs you download? if not, what are you doing?

    • Robin, I wish I knew a cheaper way….but I buy them one at a time like you said. It’s cheaper per song to buy the whole album, but I usually don’t like enough of the songs on one album to make it worth it. Lisa~

  5. Rhapsody! You don’t pay per song only a monthly rate 🙂

  6. Great list. Thanks for all the ideas. I started searching then found christian workout album. For just over 10 bucks, you get about 50 songs.