The Annual Wet Swimsuit Battle Has Begun

The Annual Wet Swimsuit Battle Has Begun

The summer is heating up around here.  We got the pool clear enough to swim and the boys have turned into fish.  Swimming, swimming day and night.  I can only get them out for food.

That means it’s also time for the annual, “Don’t leave your wet swimsuit on the floor,” battle.  Every. Single. Year.  I have a whole setup for the wet suits, but for some reason the boys act like it’s the first time they have ever heard that a wet pile of clothes behind the bathroom door is a bad idea.

We built a clothesline in the side of the yard where I ask them to hang the wet swim suits and towels.  But for some reason it takes them a month every summer to figure that out.  I look out my kitchen window to see the deck railings lined with wadded up shorts and t-shirts.  I know I should appreciate the signs of children living here, but I would rather embrace it with a view of clothes neatly on the line blowing in the wind.

Last Friday my daughter and I spent the day recovering all of our outdoor pillows.  We also made an easy dust ruffle for the bench by the pool.  It is looking great thanks to the gorgeous outdoor fabrics I got at Online Fabric Store.  It’s a breath of fresh air after how bad it looked last year.  I also made a spot in our storage building to keep the pillows after the summer swim season is over.  I’m getting wise in my old age.  Ruining a set of cushions that took you a solid week to make will teach you to put them away.

pool bench

On Saturday another large family came and spent the day with us.  We all had a blast playing games and, what else, swimming.  I think the boys were in the water most of the afternoon.  The other mom and I lounged on the newly covered bench and talked and watched the kids play.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was filled with Father’s day, church and our 28th anniversary.  We decided to put off the anniversary celebrating for another day.  We may do something overnight later in the summer.  I wanted to focus on Father’s Day and give the kids a chance to do stuff with Dad.

That man is so hard to buy for.  To show you how difficult it is….the kids gave him a Star Trek Barbie set.   I have no idea what he will do with it.  Probably put it up in his closet next to the duct tape wallet they gave him last year.

This week we have family visiting all week, so we’ll be playing a lot and of course, swimming.  Which brings me full circle to the wet suits on the floor battle.

There are definitely worse problems to have.  Like what to do with a Star Trek Barbie set.


  1. A Star Trek barbie set? I have GOT to see this! I never knew they made such a thing! What on earth was the kids logic for buying it?

  2. I have one of those Barbie Star Trek sets…. It is awesome.

  3. Meres thought the essential oils in your side bar were bubbles. She was impressed by your bubbles.

  4. I need a mentor to teach me how to do those cushions!! I have the cushions… just need directions on how to recover them 🙂 Maybe you should start a Mentoring Moms show for homemaking!

  5. I almost hate to say it, but as a mother of 9 kids myself, I know that the logical and natural solution to the wet swimsuit problem, is, of course, quite simple, albeit painful (for them AND probably also for you): Whichever swimsuits are not hanging on the line are simply taken away by you, and that person doesn’t swim the next time. It’s very effective.

  6. I am sure the kids were giving Dad a valuable collectible, that someday will pay off in large ways on E-Bay 😀