Summer Home Tour 2014

Summer Home Tour 2014

I just fixed up my porch for the summer, which inspired me to fluff up the rest of the place.  I’ve been so excited for you to come for a visit.

A gorgeous patriotic front porch!

I painted a houndstooth rug to make guests feel welcome, and so we could easily wash the chicken messes off.  Chickens are soooo charming, until they poop on your porch.

A painted rug on the porch! Cool!

Come on through the screen door and sit a spell…..

A beautiful front porch for summer! -- The Pennington Point
With 9 kids, we need a lot of seating and there’s not much space.  It’s not easy to do in this little bitty house, but there’s always an extra seat for you!

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

I made the coffee table with a furniture dolly I found at a flea market, some galvanized pipes and the glass top from my old coffee table!  It’s happiness disguised as wood and metal.

A Coffee table made with an old furniture dolly and some galvanized pipes.

I think I’m in love.

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

It’s always nice to see things from another angle.

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

My painted piano is one of my favorite pieces in the house.

A gorgeous summer home tour! I love this painted piano -- The Pennington Point

This summer I went with an outdoor theme….birds and bugs and butterflies.  I was going for a look of “kids exploring the summer season”.

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

I carried that theme into my dining room/homeschool room, which is open to the living room through 2 wide doorways.

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

One of my girls found a speed limit sign at a resale shop and snatched it up for me.  She knows just what I like!

A gorgeous summer home tour! This speed limit sign on the mantle is great! -- The Pennington Point

A turn to the left and you see my chalkboard wall.  We change it out seasonally. (And in case you’re wondering….the table is a ping pong table with a vinyl tablecloth over it.)

A gorgeous summer home tour! Love this ping pong table as a dining room table. -- The Pennington Point

I recently added the gorgeous shutters to the dining room from and I love them with a passion.  We added trim to them, like we did in my bedroom.  Come back soon ‘cuz I’m gonna show you how we did it!

The long desk is where my kids use their computers (that’s what the little cabinet below holds) and do schoolwork.  It doubles as a buffet when we have parties or holiday meals.

A beautiful chalkboard wall in this summer home tour.

Oh!  And did you see the lights we made?!

Make lights from wire baskets

The chalkboard wall is full of painted jars and leaves and things the kids might bring in from their outside adventures.  I spray painted the mason jars….eeee!  Cute!

A gorgeous summer home tour! Love this kids' summer decorating theme.... painted mason jars and outdoor touches
The other side of the room is where we do school lessons.

A gorgeous summer home tour! This is the homeschool room, very organized. -- The Pennington Point

I keep all of our school supplies in these baskets.  It’s great to have everything right there when we need it.

A gorgeous summer home tour! And organized homeschool space. -- The Pennington Point

Back in the living room you may have noticed a ladder…..lots of people ask what’s up there.

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

It’s a loft where 2 of my boys sleep.  But even more importantly, it’s where we keep the Legos.  5 boys and many years worth of teeny, tiny, overpriced, messy….oops…..sorry….I’m getting off track.

There’s a bed on each end of the room with storage in between.  I actually got quite a bit of storage in there considering the room has serious limitations.

A boy's loft and Lego room. Small space with big ideas!

The loft has only one real wall, so we built shelves to fit along the entire thing and boxes to fit on the shelves and voila!  Lego storage.

A boy's loft and Lego room. Small space with big ideas!

The wood on the floor is the door… fun!  And there’s a little round window in the wall.  It’s a really cute room.

I used these fabulous metal cabinets from IKEA across the other side of the room so each boy has one for his personal stuff.  On each end we built a shelf that faces the bed so they have a place for their nighttime needs like clocks and books and pieces of trash.

A boy's loft and Lego room. Small space with big ideas!

Then we built a shelf in the center to hold all of the manuals and instructions that my boys insist on keeping.  The whole thing makes one long surface on which the boys can create Lego masterpieces.

A boy's loft and Lego room. Small space with big ideas!

Through the kitchen and out the door, you get to the luxurious poolside lounge.  Last year’s cushions didn’t survive the Texas weather, so I had to change it all up.  I have some plans to improve it even more, but this is what it looks like right now….come back in a couple of weeks for an update on the cushions and throw pillows!

A gorgeous summer home tour! This backyard deck decorated with junk is a favorite! -- The Pennington Point

I found these turbines in my neighbor’s trash one morning when I was walking.  You can bet I grabbed them up and carried them home!

A gorgeous summer home tour! This backyard deck decorated with junk is a favorite! -- The Pennington Point

It’s such a great place to hide from the kids….oh, um….I mean relax.

A gorgeous summer home tour! This backyard deck decorated with junk is a favorite! -- The Pennington Point

On the opposite side of the yard is my husband’s office.  The kids and I surprised him in February with a front office makeover while he was out of town.

A gorgeous summer home tour! Outdoor office makeover. -- The Pennington Point

The last space I want to show you is my little office.  It used to be my son’s Lego room, but as you saw, we moved all of that to their loft bedroom.  Then it was a place where the kids could study, but they didn’t really use it much.  Now it’s my office.  Things change quickly around here.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss something.

The chest under my desk-table is filled with special things for the boys to play with when they are hanging out in there with me.

A gorgeous summer home tour! Love this small office space. -- The Pennington Point

It’s where I sit and try to think of something eloquent to say.

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

Well that’s all folks!  Thanks for stopping by!

A gorgeous summer home tour! -- The Pennington Point

You can see last year’s tour featuring other rooms in my house HERE.



  1. I love your house. Hope I can visit in person someday.=) We have the same screen door too. See, I have some decor sense. Not a lot, but some.=) Your home is welcoming and gorgeous and practical too.
    Oh, and my favorite part is whenever you post pics of yourself. They always make me laugh because your personality comes through and you don’t take the whole process too seriously.
    Love you, Lisa!

  2. Your home is beautiful! I love that loft area, and the piano is gorgeous! I’d love to paint ours (but I’m scared my mom would kill me because it’s a family heirloom. Maybe pics of your’s will help).

  3. I am not sure where you are in Texas…but I’d love to be your neighbor!! Your house is so inviting… Love all the spaces. amazing idea with the ping pong table!! That is awesome!!

  4. Hi Lisa,I’m loving the look of your house. The loft bedroom for the boy catches my attention with the red accents.I have enjoyed following you all the way from Barbados.What a big fun family you seem to be. Keep sharing.

  5. I love it! Chock full of so much inspiration for home decorating and organizing, too!

  6. Dear Lisa, it’s so nice that we may take a look into your home, thank you!
    I love it! I love that you change your decorations with the seasons, I have been following you from Holland and Portugal! You’re turning into an internationally celebrity ;).

  7. Your home is so welcoming and inviting. I love your creativity! Wish I could bring you to my house to help me decorate. 🙂

  8. Oh how I wish I could come and sit a spell on your beautiful porch with you Lisa! Not only is your home absolutely fantastic, it is so obviously filled with love! 🙂

  9. Lisa, your home gets prettier with every scroll and every click. I love all of the different kinds of work / relax spaces you have inside and out!

  10. Your house is amazing. Everything is so pretty and creative, yet still cozy enough for the family. Love it.

  11. Lisa, I adored your tour. Your gorgeous front porch with that slamming screen door (with a view) gets me EVERY. TIME.

    And I want a ladder in the middle of my livingroom beside my sofa. Just because. “Take a walk up to my cottage cheese ceiling… you’re welcome!” Maybe with a faux trap door…

    Beautiful tour!

  12. Soooo beautiful! I love your home and how eclectic and bright it is!!

  13. LOVE! Love! LOVE! I want to come and stay. (But, I might not want to leave…)
    I love that your heart shines through your home full of love, creativity and being hospitable, just like our Lord. You rocked it my friend. When we move close to Canton, want to come and help me? Free room and board! 😉

  14. It’s AWESOME, Lisa! Everything looks so beautiful. It’s funny–I don’t think of your house as small at all; you live so large in it!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  15. Everything is absolutely gorgeous!! What do you do with everyone’s shoes?? We have 5 boys. (9 people in the house altogether) I can’t seem to find a good place/way to keep shoes (the ones the boys wear all the time). Sorry if you mentioned this before… 🙂

  16. OMG, your house is gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

  17. Your home is fabulous! That coffe table is so amazing! Love it.

  18. Your home is beautiful. You are definitely talented and gifted!

  19. Your home looks lovely , as always. Would you be willing to show more of how you organize in a small home with so many people living there? And what happened to the 2 tables in the dining room?

  20. You’re so cute! I love it all!

  21. Love seeing your Texas home! I don’t know how you have time to be so creative and build furniture while homeschooling 9 precious kids. It’s awesome in my eyes. I love your style.

  22. Oh, Lisa… I love your home! Yes, that shot of your front porch and screen door. I just want to BE THERE! And I love the looooong desk that doubles as a buffet. Awesome!

  23. Love it Lisa! Your front porch has me swooning! So excited to be part of the home tour with you!


  24. I LOVE your home! I love the way you’ve maximized the space and I love that it just has your style all the way through. What a warm and inviting place … makes me want to stop by. 🙂

  25. Lisa, I love your home… it so warm and inviting! I especially LOVE the long desk/counter/buffet idea! I’m sure that area gets put to good use all the time! (While looking so pretty at the same time!)

  26. Your home is gorgeous! I love all the detail and I really enjoyed this tour!

  27. Just beautiful, Lisa! Your home is so warm and welcoming, casual and peaceful, which is quite an accomplishment with your big family. I love how you layer and create such a warm environment and the country setting is just the best. Thank you for stopping by to see me! Loved being on this tour with all of you.

  28. I love your darling home!
    Especially the outdoor spaces and your homeschool space!
    Where did you get those patriotic banners on your porch?

  29. I would like to sit on your front porch…it looks so comfortable….. but the rest of your house is wonderful too. Enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I never get tired of touring your home…I’m still jealous of your dining/school room. (Jealous in a godly way, of course 😉

  31. Your home is so warm and welcoming! I admire your ability to create so much storage space in small areas. Would you please come and help me? 🙂 Love the photos of you too!


  32. Love lives in the details and you, my friend, are very detail oriented. 🙂

  33. Neat, Lisa! I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I still saw some things that were new to me! My favorite pics were the ones of your in your little office!

  34. Love your house lisa. It’s so warm and inviting looking. And that coffee table is awesome!

  35. Beautiful, sweet friend!!!! Your porch always enchants me, and I love your little office nook. Let’s catch up SO soon!!!

  36. Wow Lisa, I’m really impressed and inspired. Maybe a little envious. I’ve never been to your blog before but you can bet I’ll be back for more ideas, inspiration, and beautiful eye candy. Thanks for your honesty – I love the ping pong table! If you can do it, I can, too.

  37. Can you please come to NH for a vacation and help me fix up my house? 🙂 (Everything looks lovely!)

  38. I just adore your sense of style and bravery to see it through. I have three boys living the country life and all that white PLUS a glass table is way…..way….. brave! I will stop in for inspiration as needed.

  39. How beautiful! I think your boys’ loft room and LEGO storage area is genius!

    I’m a little homesick now for Texas, too!

  40. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! What size vinyl tablecloth did you use for the ping pong table? Amazing idea 🙂

  41. Nice architects design and interior designing!

  42. Come live with me for a few weeks and decorate my home. PLEASE 🙂

  43. Lovely home! I was curious what brand slipcovers you use on your couches? I’m looking to purchase some but am hesitant since so many brands look sloppy. Yours look so nice!

    • Jennifer, I am sorry to tell you that I made the slipcovers. I agree, they are hard to find that don’t look sloppy. Thanks for asking! Lisa~

  44. Screendoorgirl 3 :

    Hi! Just found you through your curling wand video. I have a wand that I tried & tried , and your tip about holding the pointy end down was my light bulb moment. Just need to switch hands. Thanks! Your home is lovely, too. Nine kids and white sofas. Whaaaa? Love the painted piano, too. Thanks for sharing it all!

  45. So. About that chest of goodies for the boys to play with in your office… what do you keep in it? I’m looking for ideas for future reference. (seeing as now I have a 2.5 year old boy and a newborn boy, I want more ideas for boy toys!)

  46. Diane Peterson :

    After viewing the photos of your home–I think you are a genius! Brilliant solutions to maximize space and storage. Warm and inviting…God gave you lots of gifts!