Getting the Deck Ready for Graduation!

Getting the Deck Ready for Graduation!

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A great deck washing tool and a giveaway!

Well, it never stops around here.  The next weekend after we get home from Kansas we will have a graduation celebration for two of our daughters.  Yep, I have advanced to graduating 2 at once.

As we get the yard and house ready for this party, I wanted to get the deck really clean.  Between the chickens pooping on it and leaves staining the deck, it looked pretty bad.

So I handed one of the boys a HomeRight Deck Washer.

Using the HomeRight Deck washer to get the deck super clean!

You attach the hose to it and it keeps a flow of water on the deck while you scrub.  There are 2 settings so we used the zero pressure for my son.  I didn’t need high pressure in this case, but I am definitely thinking of a few other places that I can use that feature!  I was really happy with how well it cleaned.

He thought it was fun!

Cleaning the deck with a HomeRight Deck Washer

He loved the constant flow of water.

Using the HomeRight Deck washer to get the deck super clean!

And my deck is squeaky clean and ready for the party!  Is it wishful thinking that it will stay that way for another week?

Using the HomeRight Deck washer to get the deck super clean!

And, you guessed it, I get to give one away!  Enter below to win your very own Deck Washer…..

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  1. I could so use one of these for our sidewalks and patios! Looks like the kids would have fun and be fooled into working 😉

  2. I could use one of those! We have a lot of trees and birds and it would be a fun way to get the kids to help me clean!

  3. We have chickens, too…ugh!

  4. Amy in Luzianna :

    I would love one of these! We have dirty dogs who leave sand and pond water all over our porch. Our bird feeder sits nearby too and the birds apparently feel the porch is a great place to do their business. Besides the fact that it just looks fun to use!

  5. Misty O'Rourke :

    My back deck needs some work. My husband dropped the fryer full of oil on it.

  6. Melissa M. Clark :

    I so have a deck that needs washing. I use my water hose and broom to wash my deck off now. I would love to win one of these.

  7. We have a deck in desperate need of a washing!

  8. Thank you for the great review on the Deck Washer. If only we could all keep our floors (inside or outside) clean for a week, seems like as soon as they are clean a kids walks through with muddy shoes. Maybe that is only at my house.
    Laura Clark

  9. Free ranging chickens…….

  10. Free ranging chickens call for one of these!

  11. Ooh, that would be perfect. This summers project for me is to refinish the decks surrounding our home. It is a huge project and I am only about. Quarter of the way done . Anything to help speed up this project would be great!

  12. I have a deck and a porch. I could really use this!

  13. I have chickens too, and they don’t go up on our deck but they do leave their treasure on my drive way! This would be great to use to remove it quickly and easily!

  14. yes we have a deck that needs washing

  15. Sherri Howell :

    I would love to use this on our patios! I just can’t get them clean!

  16. I sure could use this. With three dogs, a car and three kids, the decks sure have seen their better days!

  17. Yes, I do! My back porch is moldy and we can’t seem to keep it clean, we have to pressure wash it multiple times during the summer and we have to rent one everytime so I’d love to win this.

  18. We have sidewalks and a patio!

  19. I would LOVE one of those! My deck is a mess!

  20. The concrete slab in our backyard where the boys play basketball could use one of those! Our garage too!!

  21. Looks great and your son does look like he’s having fun. Cheers

  22. Our porch and driveway could really use this!

  23. That’s something I could really use! The deck and the porch are both currently in need of a good scrubbing.

  24. This would be awesome! We have some sidewalks also that could use this as well as our deck and patio.

  25. Mandy Gehman :

    I have a deck and sidewalks I could use it on, but I also would like to try using it on the outside of my house. Living in Arkansas, the bugs and other critters here really do a number on the outside of the house, and I think this tool might work really well for that.

  26. We have a big front porch that is begging for a scrubbing. 🙂 This would be great!

  27. Yes! Two decks!

  28. Oh yes we do – no chicken poop, but plenty of dirty feet and good old Ohio clay soil to scrub away! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. This looks like a fun/fabulous tool! Would love to try it