What I’m Wearing for May

What I’m Wearing for May

Now that it’s getting hot, I am in desperate need of warm weather clothes.  Since losing over 80 pounds, when the seasons change I find myself without any clothes that fit.

But first, I got to wear some long sleeves a few times lately since we’ve had a few last chilly days before the Texas heatwave hits.

I even wore a sweater earlier this week!


I wanted to point out that in that picture I am wearing a tank top backwards so it is high enough.  But the problem with that is nowadays tanks have labels printed in the back that you can see from the outside.  So I wear a necklace that lands right over it to keep the label from showing.

I shall miss this next little top….I wear it a lot.


For summer, I have found some skirts at Target that are just past the knee and very lightweight.  I got some t-shirts at Sam’s Club that have sleeves and not the capped kind that no one wants to see me wear.  Long skirts are easy to find right now, so just be sure they are lightweight to keep you cool.  I am also enjoying some linen tops, like the one I wore on my day in Chicago.


I got a bunch of emails asking about this tunic the last time I showed it to you.  It’s made by FLAXDESIGNS and their website has a store locator.  The best part….it has pockets.

I’ll be posting on Facebook when I find cute, modest things for summer, so be sure you’re following me there!


  1. Love the backwards tank tip! Would have never thought of that. You’re looking great these days; thanks for the inspiration. And your eyes? Wow!

  2. Well, as they say, “You look totes adorbs!” And SO slim. Beautiful!

  3. Rachel looked at your fashion pics and said, “She has the cutest clothes”! You are one hip momma if an 18 year old likes your style! 🙂

  4. You look great! Love the rug your standing on in the first pic too!

  5. This isn’t related to fashion but……do you think SAMs is worth shopping? I have five children from newborn to 10 years and the nearest one to me is about an hour and 15 minutes away. Do you find that it’s worth the membership fee vs. your savings?