If You Really Loved It Then It Wouldn’t Be on the Floor

If You Really Loved It Then It Wouldn’t Be on the Floor

I have apparently gotten some kind of bug.  Not the sneezing or stomach ache kind, but the kind that drives your family insane from your a constant need to organize and clean.

Today, unfortunately for my younger boys, I will be cracking the whip on the Lego situation.  I have had it up.to.here as we say in the south.  You don’t need to even show where “here” is.  It’s understood to be too high to even reach anyway.

Last week we emptied their loft bedroom of everything except the beds and gave the room a fresh coat of paint.  Then we built shelves to hold the Legos and I picked up some storage boxes at IKEA while I was in Houston.  The boys tried to convince me that it would take way too long to organize all of the Legos, but they are out of their league when it comes to convincing.  Once I get a notion in my brain to straighten something it can’t be unconvinced no matter how many car washes you offer me.  Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.

I think they don’t want me in their room because they know that I can get a little aggressive with the trash bag.  I would never throw away a Lego (mainly because they cost more than all of my jewelry combined) but I wouldn’t think twice about tossing the cereal boxes they like to save to build tiny forts with or any craft projects.  One of my boys has a thing for using pencils that no one else wants because they are too short to go in the sharpener.  So he sharpens it with his pocket knife and does his schoolwork with these nubs.

But my motto is, “If you really loved it then it wouldn’t be on the floor.”  #TRASH

Cleaning the Lego room -- The Pennington Point

After I get that done I plan to keep the momentum going by cleaning out what used to be a study room for the kids and making it into an office for myself.  I’m not trying to hog the space, but they really never study in there. Instead they sprawl across the couch or front porch to do their work.  I can’t let a perfectly good 6’x10′ space go to waste.  Especially when I am working from a recliner in my bedroom with no desk or flat surface of any kind.  I just balance my computer on my knees while typing.  It works OK, but a desk and real chair are appealing.

Plus, if I had an office I might actually get something done besides sitting down to work then instead Googling everything that pops into my head.  I wonder about things….like the age of various celebrities or where to buy baby chicks.  I am hoping that being in a big-girl space will encourage me to focus like a real business woman.  Or at least enough to get over this cleaning bug.  Before my family has had it up.to.here with me.

Well, back to work.  Have a great weekend!


  1. lego can drive a person insane – the news is the rainbow loom elastics.

  2. I am with you. sister! Just wait until I read this to my kids. They will realize there are other crazy cleaning women like their mother out in the wide world.=) I also never throw away legos. (everyone I talk to agrees on that point.) But, I have grounded them from them. My lego rule is that the loose legos get picked up off the floor every night before bed.
    And what is with the actual hoarding of trash? My kids do that too! Cray-zy!

  3. Been there done that and have the sore back to prove it. I literally helped my boys sort their legos last year into color and brick types. I’m.not.kidding. I am that OCD! I’ll tag you in a picture to show you where we are now 🙂 My 10 year old has a really bad habit of putting legos in his mouth. They get thrown away. Period. I’m trying to break this habit!! Glad I’m not the only one that battles this!

  4. I can sympathize with just about every word in this post! We’ve been tackling legos … and cardboard all weekend and just as soon as I get back to town I am cleaning out our downstairs play area and making room for ME! I’ve also been getting by with nothing but my lap and I think we both deserve something better than that! We should brainstorm together 🙂

  5. I’m chuckling as I read, only because, I never mind clutter – if it’s my own! I hate anybody else’s mess, but never mind my own. That being said, if your motto was implemented in my home, all the things I love would be taken away! 🙂