My Modest Workout Clothes

My Modest Workout Clothes

Weight loss is great, but it has its bad side, like my britches falling down every time I go for my morning walk.  And I’m not going to even mention the underwear situation.

So I went on a hunt for something new to wear when I exercise.  I had a specific vision and I searched high and low.  I found exactly what I wanted, putting things together from several different stores.  I must warm you, these things weren’t cheap.  In fact, it may be the most expensive everyday outfit I’ve ever had if you put it all together.

But I felt like since I will wear it constantly plus when I travel, I decided to just get what I needed and not worry about the price.

I apologize in advance for the pictures….we took them right after I did my morning workout.  Sweat, bad hair and no make-up.

Modest Workout Clothes

Even though I bought them in all kinds of different places, I found them for you on Amazon.  I am all about making it easy for you.

Pants -Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Stay Warm Relay Capri Running Pants (I wanted capris to cover my legs but still be pretty cool in summer)
Shirt – Nike Women’s Legend V-Neck Night Factor (this isn’t the same shirt, but similar)
Skirt – prAna Daphne Skirt (this was my find of the season.  It’s very light and I love it.  I even got one in taupe for just summer wearing because it’s so comfy!)
Bra – Natori Womens Power Yogi Bra (I would normally not talk about undergarments but this has been a great thing and it holds everything right where it should. It’s not cheap, but check every color because the price varies a LOT)

Modest workout clothes

My shoes are New Balance and the socks are also made for running (I don’t remember the brand).

Great ideas for modest workout clothes -- including where to buy them! -- The Pennington Point

I really want to say thanks so, so much for all of your support through my health journey!  Your emails and messages have been a huge encouragement to me.


  1. I must agree…my workout clothes are the most expensive I own. Some things have been given to me as gifts, some I’ve bought second hand. But the undergirdings and the shoes are the most expensive, the most worthwhile and the one thing that you have to buy for yourself.

  2. I wish I looked that cute after I worked out! Thanks for these links

  3. Appreciate your modest example Lisa… even when excersising! :) Blessings!

  4. Check out these bras when you need to get more for exercising. They are crazy expensive, but I only buy my exercise bras from here and only one at a time…who can afford more than one at a time? Depending upon your workout intensity/sport they should have one that will work for most everyone. I am not affiliated with this company…I finally found one that I like and want to help others do the same.

  5. Lisa,
    You look absolutely fabulous! You’re such an inspiration. I just wish I was young enough & in good enough health to keep up with you. I’m so proud for you. You’ve done what I’ve wanted & tried to do for years, but with no success. Keep up the good work! :-)

  6. Wow, you are looking so wonderful. I wish I could ge a bit more motivation to follow your lead.

  7. Looking good! I wear a similar style outfit for teaching gym to my first and second graders.

  8. Love this! I love all your modesty posts! On a non workout related subject, I can’t help but think of you every time I put on a pair of my colorful tights! :)

  9. You are looking good! nice and fit!

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