This May Not Be My Best Week

This May Not Be My Best Week

I have something I need to get off my chest.

Daylight Savings Time.  Seriously.  Why must we endure this torture?

I do not adjust well to change.  So as you may imagine, Sunday was a long day for me (therefore it was a long day for my family).  I could barely crawl out of bed in the morning.  It was tempting to get that extra sleep instead of walking, but I am determined to get a workout in every morning and I knew I would really be disappointed in myself if I didn’t.  So I arose an hour earlier than I am used to and walked and did my TTapp.

As soon as we got home from church I fell into a deep sleep.  I didn’t even warn the kids.  I just dropped onto my bed and I slept for two whole hours.  It was the deepest nap I’ve had since 1997.

True story.

One day in 1997 after my fifth child was born and I had gone without sleep for two weeks, I was a walking zombie, my mom stopped by my house.  Her plan was just to say hello, see the baby and get back to her job.  But I was so sleep deprived that I handed her the baby and said, “I have to take a nap.”  I never heard her trying to tell me that she had an appointment.  I just walked away…..straight to my bedroom and closed the door and left her with a newborn, a 14 month old, 3 year old, 5 year old and 7 year old.

Even though this may not sound unusual, I seriously think I would have done the same thing to anyone who had the misfortune of knocking on my door that day.  Hello mailman, thanks for the package, here’s my baby, I’m taking a nap.

Four hours later (but it seemed like seconds) I awoke to my mom shaking me.  She had to leave, the baby needed to eat and I had no idea where I was or what was happening.  Baby?  What baby?

Sunday’s nap was like that.  But without the part where I woke up being soaked in milk.

I am hoping not to take my typical 10 days to recover from the time change.  I don’t do well with these kinds of shifts to my sleep schedule.

In other news, I got a lot of work done on my book this weekend.  It’s been a long process since I never have more than 12.5 minutes at a time to work on it.  I have tried to convince James to send me on a cruise so I can get all of my writing done on the lido deck, but he isn’t falling for it.  He’s probably right.  There is the slightest possibility that instead of writing I would spend the whole time asleep in a lounge chair holding onto a tall cup with a tiny umbrella in it.

This coming week some of us will be at the Christian Worldview Film Festival.  There’s still time to get your tickets!  Or just show up….it’s gonna be a great opportunity to be around other families who are interested in wholesome, meaningful entertainment.

If you go and want to find me, I will be the woman dragging myself along yawning.  Or if it’s later in the afternoon, I may be in the car getting a little post-daylight-savings-time shuteye.

This may not be my best week, but I’ll do my best given the difficult circumstances.


  1. My husband and I have had the same ritual for about the last 10 years. When we go away, which is only a couple times a year, usually just for a long weekend; the first thing we do when we get to the hotel is take a couple hour nap. It’s rejuvenating!!

  2. I’ve never adjusted well to the time change either, but we developed a system of doing it gradually over the 4 days before the time change – just 15 minutes earlier to bed and 15 minutes earlier to get up and adjusting meal times too. It was something we had to do to avoid 10 days of meltdowns with our very special ADHD boy, and we’ve just tried to keep it up because it works well for the rest of us too! I hope your improved health and vitality help you make the adjustment more rapidly!

  3. Oh, this might be my favorite time of the year! You see, my kids get messed up by at least 2 hours in the fall. They wake up at 4:30 or so no matter what when the time changes in the fall. I have tried keeping them up until midnight. It didn’t matter. They have adjusted slightly this year, over time, but most of them still wake up very early. I might even be able to drag myself out of bed before the kids now and have some quiet time! Oh, a girl can dream, right? But seriously, a nap sounds awesome. Even if the baby would just take a nap. I am not picky. Good for you, though! Maybe you will be well-rested now to face the rest of the week. 🙂