Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers Around

Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers Around

This week for homeschool month I want to share some ideas for you moms trying to juggle teaching older kids when you have babies and toddlers around.  It sure is a challenge….but you can do it!!!

Tips for homeschooling when you have babies and toddlers around!  PLUS a giveaway!

Babies: When I had a new baby (which I did for almost 2 decades!), I always kept a rocking chair in the room where we did our school.  That way I could comfortably hold baby and teach at the same time.  I also would take school into my bedroom or the nursery when necessary.  This season is really about being flexible.  Take 20 minute breaks while you nurse.  Relax and enjoy your baby.

Toddlers: Once they are big enough to move around and play a little, it’s a whole new situation.  This time takes training and work and patience.  Here are a few things I did while I was homeschooling and raising toddlers.

1. Teach them to play alone in small increments.  Depending on their age, they can play in one spot with just a few toys for 10 minutes or so.  I’d keep a special set of toys that are a favorite set aside for this time.  I’d spread a blanket or create a spot where they have to stay, give them the toys and tell them to stay there until the timer goes off.
2. Fifteen minutes of sibling time.  Yes, an older sibling can play with a toddler for 15 minutes while you work with other kids.  It should be time with a purpose that is teaching the toddler and keeping them safe.  This time is not for the older child’s enjoyment, but for them to serve. (I used a timer a lot during these years to remind myself not to expect them to be still and quiet for too long)
3. Work during nap time.  Toddlers tend to have regular nap times that you can count on, so why not use a little of that time to get some school work done?
4. Tactile activities.  Toddler respond really well to doing things with their hands.  A 9X13 pan filled with rice or a sink with water and bubbles can entertain a child for 10-15 minutes.
5. Videos.  Yep, I’m just gonna say it.  There are some days when I needed to really occupy the littles to get a big chunk of school done.  I tried not to do this more than twice a month.  So if I was going to use electronics, I just tried to be sure it was “educational.”  Here are a few fun ones:
*I Will Trust God (a sweet, simple message about trusting God)
*My First Signs (learning sign language)
*What’s in the Bible? (a really cute series)
*Creation Proclaims: Climbers & Creepers (a little older, but great lessons about creation!)

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  1. We really love the magic school bus series!

  2. I’m going to try to use these as a new WAHM. Unfortunately my kids toys are kind of disorganized as are our closets at the moment. But, I’m going to try and set aside a few special toys and activities since I’m pretty sure that’s what they need. I depend on the tv way too much. I honestly don’t know how people do it bit, will just take one baby step at a time. Thanks for sharing your experience! ❤️

  3. I have three boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. Now that I’m officially homeschooling two of them, the other one finds things to do…not always productive. Very helpful information here. Thanks!

  4. Favorite kid’s DVD is the What’s in the Bible series. 🙂

  5. Jessica Aherin :

    My 3 year old loves the sing-along veggie tales and The Incredibles 🙂

  6. My kids favorite DVD series is VeggieTales.

  7. I’m about to start homeschooling in a few years and just have 1 babe. We love Veggie Tales to instill values in a fun way. It would be nice to win and start stocking up on homeschool stuff!

  8. I like the VeggieTales DVDs better than most.

  9. cathie orozco :

    I used to see this on the shelf at Mardel when i worked there. thanks for your wealth of information. would love to add this the grandchildren’s collection since #4 is on her way!!

  10. My kids like magic school bus.

  11. I have always loved the LeapFrog “Letter Factory” for my toddlers. They learned their letters and sounds faster through that DVD than I ever could have taught them myself!

  12. My little ones enjoy Signing Time on Netflix

  13. We love the “Hermie” series!

  14. Lindsey in AL :

    My favorite DVDs for littles are the BBC Beatrix Potter ones. They’re quiet and almost straight from the books including many of the drawings. They are really lovely.