Engaging Education

Engaging Education

I’m excited to tell you about another favorite school program we use and L-O-V-E!

This is one that I have three of my kids doing right now, Engaging Education.  I wish I could express in words how much this program has blessed us.  My two seniors are getting a fantastic course on literature and my 15 year old is falling in love with grammar.  That’s right.  Grammar. (I am not sure how it happens that a person falls in love with grammar, but I know he wasn’t loving it when I was teaching it to him!)

Engaging Education is an online site where you can take classes….not just a dry lesson but a live class with a teacher and other students all learning together (but they do limit the class size so each student gets personal attention).  They get lessons and quizzes and turn in homework.  They are there each week in front of the computer for the class then they get grades and everything.  This is a whole new concept for my homeschoolers.  And it’s been so good for them!

A great review of an online homeschool course by a mom of 9!  -- The Pennington Point

Engaging Ed also has a great blog with tips for learning….I have been getting plenty of education for myself there!

The courses they offer are: Introduction to Literature, American Literature, British Literature, Modern Western Literature (this is the class my girls are taking), Grammar, Web Development, Basic Latin and Intermediate Latin.

One thing I love is it’s not just a dry course with nothing but reading and quizzes.  They bring it to life with entertaining discussions and acting out scenes and some of the classes have a project at the end of each semester.  My two girls made this graham cracker cathedral for their project last semester after reading “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.


It’s so great to have a course that stimulates my kids and I know they are being watched over and cared for.  The folks at Engaging Ed really do love the kids and that shines through in their courses.

And the great folks at Engaging Ed are giving away an Amazon gift card to help you buy your books for your course!  That’s helpful.  It’s also helpful that they have early bird pricing for a limited time, so go and register now.  So much goes into these classes and I want to testify that they are worth the cost.  You and your child will really enjoy it.

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  1. I have a high school graduaate who took classes with Kirstie Henry and Margaret Knox before they started Engaging Ed. Loved their classes and style of teaching. I now have a 9th grader who takes 2 classes with Engaging Ed, and she loves it and is making straight A’s! I highly recommend Engaging Ed to ANY homeschool family!