Californy Here I Come

Californy Here I Come

Well,  I’m in California today so it’s gonna be hard to think of anything to say because my recliner is my writing partner and we are missing each other.

I flew out here over the weekend to attend a meeting.  I am a jet setter, didn’t I tell you that?  Yep.  I’m sure it was obvious to the airport security people when they saw my suitcase with one wheel broken that I was dragging behind me.  It’s the small things that can make or break your airport travel experience.

The Pennington Point

I’m also a mild germophobe with that perfect touch of clumsy, making me ideal to be behind in the airport security line.  Shoes off, dirty airport floor, people pushing behind me, it’s the perfect storm.  You don’t need the whole story.  Just believe me when I tell you I understand what it’s like now to be the first domino in a line.

I also don’t care for sitting shoulder to shoulder on a plane with a stranger that is coughing for three hours.  But I’m not one to complain so I just popped in my earbuds and spritzed a little Thieves in his general direction.

Since I’m gone, I thought I’d share an older post that you may have missed if you’re new here.  Sadly, it is one of my most read posts of all time.  It’s about the time my skirt fell off in the parking lot of Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Yes, really.

Enjoy your week!  Wear something green for me!


  1. Your Beverly Hillbilly modified picture just sunk in. My kid thought it was hilarious! Have a wonderful time jet setting and hanging in California!
    Barefoot Hippie Girl´s last blog post ..Blue Butterfly Day

  2. I always wondered why Granny an’ Ellie-Mae was sittin’ so far apart – they was makin’ room for y’all!

  3. Lisa,
    You are simply hilarious!! I have laughed so hard at that pic. I love the Beverly Hillbillies and I feel like that a lot! I don’t know why you say you aren’t a computer tech person. This and all your instagram posts prove you are and have quite a knack for these things. Funny story here too. <3

  4. I laughed even harder at the linked post —the day your skirt fell off. Yes, you have certainly confirmed what I already knew. You are very funny and would be a joy to be around!

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