Moonwalking in Macy’s

Moonwalking in Macy’s

What do you get when you put 4 young women and a mom together with a mall and half a day of nothing to do?

Right.  That’s exactly what I got last Friday.

My girls got wind of some sales going on and asked me if we could go into the city and do some shopping.  I couldn’t say no since they worked their tails off for me the 2 previous weekends for the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit.  So off we went into the world of retail and elevator music.

Speaking of music, in Macy’s they were playing 80’s rock and that can only mean one thing.  Momma’s gonna dance.  I can’t help it.  One bar of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” makes me start moon walking and grabbing my pretend fedora.  I got moves and I can’t hold them in.

My girls have mixed feelings about me trying to break dance in public.  It’s not pretty.

While I was there I picked up a couple of things on the clearance racks.  Oh, and I must tell you that if you’re looking for pretty, long skirts now is the time!  They are everywhere.  The key to having a good wardrobe that’s modest is to buy it when you see it and you will find plenty out there right now.  Rush to the mall and pick up yourself something nice.  Tell your husband I told you to.

On Saturday we filled shop orders and generally poked around at cleaning the house and putting away piles of random things that had accumulated since we recovered from the Great Flu of 2013.  There was a mound in a corner of the living room containing donation clothes, a can of paint, some playing cards and a CD that I have been looking for.  How does this happen?  I haven’t even bought paint recently or painted anything.  Where did the can come from?  And where are the rest of the playing cards?

I’m a thinker.  A thinker and a pile maker.  And a break dancer.

Sunday was looking to be a normal go-to-church-come-home kind of day until our big van wouldn’t work.  In order to get all 11 of us where we need to be, we have to have all vehicles in full running order.  So I skipped my morning walk and drove Jacob to his church (he attends a different church…long story) and then came back to pick up the home crew and we took 2 cars to church, then afterward swung back through town to pick up Jacob.  What did I learn from all of this carting people around you ask?  I learned to take the big van to the mechanic first thing Monday morning, that’s what.

Besides my extreme driving experience it was an uneventful day.  Mostly filled with naps and some afternoon cold temps (which is getting old….this is Texas….home of warm weather).

Have a great week.


  1. I was considering taking my 5 (little) girls to the mall today, but we have SNOW!!! Lots more than they were predicting, too. So, shoes will have to wait. 🙂

    I hope the van is an easy fix! Have a great week!!!

  2. I love you, Lisa! I am a dancer, too. If the music is playing, my body starts to move to the tune, and if it weren’t for those hidden cameras ending up on TV I would be dancing all the time! Rock on!

  3. Oh the shopping trip sounds like wonderful fun! Did you get yourself any new skirts? I was shocked that I could not find any longer skirts around here… okay to be honest I was told that the Macy’s down in Indy had them but when I called they were sold out of pretty much everything but the tiniest of sizes! (at my tiniest i was NEVER that tiny and will never be… the width of my hips under all of their padding is still wider than those skirts. however the girl who is a size 2 is going to make out like a bandit!!)

    Ugh more snow in our future!!! on top of the 5 inches we got on Saturday. will it EVER stop?! We have a winter storm warning for tomorrow… a possible 11 inches. 17 inches the beginning of january, followed by 4 inches, another 3, 2 inches, a dusting, 5 inches, and now another 11. really? Okay we have had a snow/melt cycle going but the melting isn’t happening as quickly as the accumulation. and its COLD! like not had this kind of snow/cold in decades type cold! Ok, I’m whined and pity partied long enough. It looks simply gorgeous out though!! and projects are being accomplished! and all kinds of new dishes tried. I simply LOVE quinoa! and now more of my family are starting to like it as well. 🙂

    Have a truly wonderful day, my dear! I hope you van is working again!!!

  4. I can identify with the need to move when you hear the music! I’m too afraid to do it in public, though; I have a deathly fear of someone seeing, taking pictures, and winding up on YouTube. My uncoordinated dance moves are NOT how I want to spend my 15 minutes of fame!

  5. I so wish I could go get some new clothes! I’ve sworn off shopping until we get into our new house. The sale just went through and closing in on the 28th, so maybe next month. 😉

    As for the cold, I feel your pain… but I’d take TX version of cold any day!! We’ve got wind chill warnings again tonight/tomorrow for -25 to -34. It’s been a LONG, COLD winter here. At this point I’d take temps around freezing!!

    And the van. I had an incident the other day with lost keys for our big van. We missed an appointment with one kid. Thankfully hubby had a spare and left it when he came home for lunch. The missing key was found the next day — in eldest sons boot. How does THAT happen?! LOL

    Hope your van fix wasn’t too spendy…

  6. Do your over 16 year old kids have drivers’ licenses to kind of give you a break on the driving?

  7. Do your older kids have driver’s licenses to help out with all the driving you do.