Cleaning My Stove with HomeRight Steam Machine

Cleaning My Stove with HomeRight Steam Machine

OK, I am about to show you something gross, I don’t want you to be caught unaware.  Pictures and descriptions will follow.  I can no longer hide my shame.

So brace yourself.

This is what my stovetop looks like.

stove cleaning with my HomeRight Steam Machine

Here’s the way it looks with the grates removed.


In my defense, we have tried and tried to clean it.  This stuff is so baked on that it doesn’t even scratch off with a steel wool pad (which I am sorry to say I did try a few months ago and scratched the finish).

When I read my friend Lyndsay’s post about cleaning her oven glass with the HomeRight Steam MachineI wondered….would it possibly clean my awful, impossible stove?  Could my dream of having a clean stove without using harsh chemicals actually come true?

HomeRight sent me a Steam Machine, so I got everything set up.  Also known as pouring water and plugging it in.  Then I started.  I worked on the front burner and in only about 5 minutes this was the way it looked.


All of the little scratches are from my unfortunate steel wool incident.  I was shocked to see how much came off just using the steam machine.  For the rest, I used a little plastic scraper in combination with the machine.  Steam a little, scrape a little, and so on.  After 30 minutes the front burner was clean.


Dreams really do come true!  Seriously, I could NOT believe it.

I took a break for lunch then I worked on the back burner.  It was tougher and took about an hour.  I just kept steaming and scraping and look…..


Here it is with both sides of the stove showing.  I plan to do the right side next weekend.


Then my fantasy of having a clean stove again will be complete.  It really is a small miracle.

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And….here’s the part where you will be glad you hung all the way through this post and looked at the gross pictures….I get to give away one of these incredible machines!  It does so many things besides clean stoves.  It removes wallpaper, cleans grout (this is my next use for it), sanitizes bathrooms, and so much more!  Come on and try to win it, then your dreams can come true too!

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This post is sponsored by HomeRight. 


  1. Cleaning the grout in the bathroom!!

  2. I am amazed! I would use it on my glass stovetop and I like the comment above about using it on grout!

  3. I would use it for my stove that looks exactly like your before pictures! I have been searching for an effective way to clean it.

  4. I’d use it to clean title & grout, freshen mattresses and to clean drapes

  5. Whitney sanders :

    I would use it to clean everything in my house!!

  6. I would definitely use this on my stovetop and then my bathrooms. I have always wanted one of these.

  7. To clean my Stove Top!!!

  8. I would use this amazing machine on just about every surface in my house! I have lots of slate floors and they are tough on mops….
    Thanks for the chance!

  9. I would blast away the showers with this amazing machine!

  10. Does it work on carpet? If so, that is what I would use it for!

  11. This is amazing!! I struggle with getting my white stove top and the grills clean. It would be so nice to have them clean again. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  12. I would love to have this unit if for nothing else but my bathroom!! Then I would also use it on my oven and my floors….all things that are so difficult to clean with my disability. Thanks for the chance to win this. Have a great day!! :)

  13. Great giveaway and awesome results on your stove!

  14. I would “blast” all the crud from my showers with this nifty steam machine. I have always wanted one!

  15. I would clean the bathroom shower

  16. I would use it on my glass stovetop.

  17. I would definitely tackle my stovetop after seeing your success, but I would also go for the grout in our upstairs bathtub!!

  18. We bought a house that has a that desperately needs that stem machine! Black is definitely not my color choice for appliances but it does hide the cooked on gunk around the burners while I “chip away” at it a little at a time.

  19. Thank you so much for featuring the SteamMachine, it did an amazing job on your stove top.

    Laura Clark

  20. I think for my house it would be what wouldn’t I use it on.

  21. Looks great! I would love to win one and get my stove looking like that!

  22. Well, my stove could use the same steaming and scrubbing! Also my bathroom floor would benefit from a steam clean!!

  23. I need it for my shower and faucets!

  24. I would LOVE this machine because my grandparents want to take down their 30+ year old wallpaper. I would LOVE to gift to them my steaming services and remove their stubborn wallpaper! :) And then I’d love to rip up their carpet and revive their original hardwoods!

  25. My bathroom and the rest of the house

  26. I would love to clean my oven. Also the kids bathroom, which is often a horror.

  27. I was just thinking we were going to have to replace the stovetop! I have soaked and scraped and scrubbed. I even have those unfortunate scratch marks. My land lord would be so happy if we won this little steam cleaner! And I wouldn’t fume ever time I looked at the mess!!!

    Thanks for posting. And showing that stove tops messes happen to the best of us!

  28. Woohoo for small miracles! I had a stove like that once in a rental,and I scrubbed it clean with a small scrub brush and baking soda.

  29. I would clean my bathroom grout!

  30. Wow! That looks great! I have been looking for a steamer to clean my bathroom tile, but now I want to clean my stove top!

  31. I would start in the bathroom.

  32. Oh my! I bet this would work wonders on my windows too! I can see my whole house sparkling after using this wonder machine.

  33. I would use it for my shower and stove top.

  34. We have your 3rd baby on the way and I would love to have a way to disinfect our home without the chemicals. Id start with the bathrooms!!!

  35. Bathroom grout, definitely!

  36. I need to clean my whole house. This would be awesome.

  37. Would love to win this.

  38. I would love to steam clean my oven and my bathroom!

  39. With two small children I would use it just about everywhere! My oven and the bathroom would probably be my first jobs! Thanks :):)

  40. I would us it on my dishwasher and my stove.

  41. I hate cleaning my stove/oven – this would be awesome!

  42. Our whole house is tiled, so I could really use this!

  43. I would use in on my stove and in my bathroom.

  44. All that darn grout in my home makes my head spin. I need this! :)

  45. This would be great would use first around our bathrooms especially the boy room.yuck.

  46. Myfawnwy Stephenson :

    I would start with my stove. Black gunk on black is still yucky. I’ve tried with everything safe. I don’t want to scratch it so there it is. If I don’t win this, I’m going to buy one with income tax.

  47. Wow! I’d love to win one of these if it’ll do for my grungy grout what it did for your stove .

  48. Oh! WOW! I so need this! I’ve been wanting a steamer…so many uses for one!

  49. I have a shower with partial glass enclosure and a black stovetop that need serious cleaning help, rather, that I need help with cleaning. Lol

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