How I am Changing from Fred to Wilma

How I am Changing from Fred to Wilma

Everywhere I go people look at me with surprise because of my weight loss.  I have had several people, who I know pretty well, not recognize me since I lost weight.

It cracks me up because while I know I look different, I’m still just little ol’ me inside.  I actually forget about it until someone comments.

While I still have quite a bit of weight left to lose, I am starting to work on my shape.  I am still large around the midsection.  I guess having babies did that to me.  So I blame the children.  I will point to my stomach and say, “See this?  You did this.” while talking to my 10 year old son.  He loves it.  Makes his day complete.

I’d like to be shaped less like Fred Flintsone…..


And more like Wilma….


And it’s happening!  Wanna know how?  I’m doing T-Tapp!  It’s a 15 minute workout DVD that I have been doing 3X a week and I can’t believe how much my shape is changing.

What I have is the Basic Workout Plus DVD.  I already had this in my cabinet, waayyyy in the back, when Charlotte Siems reminded me of it while we were hanging out at the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit.  She is my new best friend by the way, although she isn’t completely aware of this occurrence.  It may be more of a friendly-stalker situation.  Tomato-tomahto.  You really should read her testimony, it’s inspiring!

I really think T-Tapp is good for anyone no matter where you are on your health journey or what your limitations are.  The testimonies on the video are amazing.  It opens up the spine and helps your core.  (technical words make me sound so informed)  And you never have to get on the floor or bounce around.  I am surprised every time how good I feel afterward.

And don’t forget your Lift Caps!  They have made so much difference in getting me up and going every morning!

How I changed my body shape though an easy 15 minute workout!  -- The Pennington Point

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  1. I’m going to look into the T-Tapp video. We bought a book on it but it’s not the same trying to follow what to do through the book, a video would be just the thing!

    Thanks for the reminder!


  2. You are too funny!!! I also purchased the video almost 16 years ago. I would pull it out every once in a while, but wasn’t faithful. I have started using it again and it is amazing! This is my second consistent week (at least 3x a wk) and i am seeing results. I also try to use the techniques while I am showering (i am 5 ft 10″) so i tuck in the buns and bend the knees and keep my shoulders back for two reasons: 1) so i can get my head under the shower head 2) toning while showering..killing two birds with one stone 🙂

    THanks Lisa, you look fantastic !!! GO WILMA!!! 🙂

  3. Hey Wilma, what a good tip! I never would have known. Your friend’s before picture looks like me now and this gives me lots of hope as my diet is actually quite good. I really do need to exercise but always find an excuse. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lisa, you are such an inspiration! I am so excited for you. All your hard work and self control is paying off. I already told my husband to put Lift Caps in the budget for next month. I remembered you talking about them and I looked them up the other day, because I am dragging every morning. I know I could change my diet even more. I’m simply tired of being in a funk. I’ll figure it out soon. I so enjoy your morning instagrams through Twitter! 🙂

  5. Thanks for being an inspiration for all of us! Now to get up and get moving!

  6. OK, but I want to see you dye your hair red like Wilma’s, too! JK! 🙂 I know you are really more of a spunky red-head deep down inside! LOL!

  7. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed in the last few months. You really do look like a different person. Being healthy can be tough-at least for me it is. Way to persevere!