Using Essential Oils for Your Teen

Using Essential Oils for Your Teen

You may not have noticed, but the teens years can be a little….well…..difficult.

It’s such a rough time in many ways.  New feelings emerging, more responsibility, skin issues, the mystery of the future….really.  I wouldn’t want to go back to that.

In my house we give each other room to grow and learn and make mistakes.  But also, we expect the kids to treat each other with kindness and love.  It’s not always easy when hormones are raging.

First: Bible.  Knowing God’s Word and what it says about how we should treat one another is numero uno in managing teen struggles.  Just because you feel like punching something doesn’t mean you get to be rude to everyone.

Second: Pray.  Praying with and for your teens is crucial.  These years are fragile.  Handle with prayer.

Third: Essential Oils.  We use a variety of oils that we have found to really help when one of us is feeling “off”.  Here are a few that we love with a capitol L.

Using Essential Oils for Your Teen - The Pennington Point

1. Valor –  My personal fave.  It helps when you feel “off” and teenagers feel off a lot.
2. Peace & Calming – Need I say more?
3. Frankincense – This oil is great for skin!  I mix it with V-6 and my teens use it on their face.  And while we’re at it frankincense also helps you feel confident.
4. Lavender – Growing….this is what you need.  Rub it right on their legs and it will help them get good sleep.
5. Joy – Some days your poor teen can really struggle with a lack of joy.  A little of this rubbed over their heart will help them feel better about life.
6. Peppermint – It just lifts your mood plus it’s great for bad breath.  Sometimes teens have that.  I’m not naming names, I’m just sayin’.
7. Dragon Time – OK I said it.  There are certain days of the month when my daughters have more trouble than others.  This oil blend is specifically made for those hormone filled days.
8. Melrose – Let’s face it, teens can occasionally smell bad.  This oil is great for dispelling odors.  But it’s such a good one because it also helps with mental fatigue and difficult emotions.
9. Common Sense – Yep, I keep this one close at hand.  There are just some days when it feels like I need to make a room spray with it and just walk around spritzing it on people.
10. Brain Power – This one is more expensive, but you will love how well it helps your test taking, essay writing, fact memorizing teen focus.

Frankincense, Joy, Lavender and Peppermint are included in the Premium Kit so if you have that you are armed for the job.  The rest I collected over time.  If you have friends with teens, you could split the cost of a bottle and dilute it like I show in this post.  And be sure to teach your teens how and why to use the oils.  They like having control over their choices and this is a great way to help them manage their own needs.

If you are interested in getting started with Young Living Oils just it’s so easy….just start HERE.


  1. This is so great! Lisa I’m the oils have been a major benefit for your family!

  2. Becky – I don’t have a teen yet but I think this is a great post – love it. I know this will help many people. Great job!

  3. GREAT post, Lisa!! :) I love the photo!!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I have been reading your posts for a while now but have never commented. BUT, these Essential Oils really intrigued me and I have a 13 year old daughter who is all over the place, poor love, and so is the rest of the family as a result. I live in Australia and stupidly assumed I could not buy them. However this morning I randomly walked into a Book Shop for a browse and there they were displayed at the front counter. The lady who owns the shop was able to explain them all to me and I went home armed with Stress Away and Deep Relief and the Australian Distributor’s web site details. So, thank you Lisa all the way from very hot Australia for saving the sanity of this mum and her family. I love your blog and it has been very encouraging and informative. Keep it up!

  5. Hi Lisa–
    I’ve been loving Young Living oils these last few months, learning so much and they’re doing great things for our family! One I definitely plan to get for my 18yr old daughter is Dragon Time cuz I’ve read so much about it helping with mood swings, etc. Do you dilute with carrier oil, use it daily and also, where do you find best to apply?

  6. Funny, I was thinking of asking on my YL team FB page if there was an oil for teenage angst – LOL! Found your blog post first! Thanks for the great info!!

  7. Hello,
    I am new to yl oils. Can you post on where/how you use these on your teens.
    Your blogs have been so helpful! My moody teens and I appreciate them :)

  8. I just started using oils and I really needed this post! I homes school 2 teen girls…enough said!

  9. Thanks for the post I have a teenager and preteen. I was thinking of getting the feelings kit will that have the same benefits as what you are oiling?