What I’m Wearin’ for January

What I’m Wearin’ for January

Even though I’m finished with my modesty series, I will still be sharing what I wear from time to time.  Since I’m losing weight, it’s fun to try to put together something to wear with what I can find in my very sparse closet.  Most of what I have is way too big for me.  I took in a bunch of skirts so they fit better, but they’re still a little large so I have to work to find ways to wear them.

This first look is my no make-up, no hair fix, hanging out at home but I put on a necklace anyway look.

I got the skirt and sweater at Target and the long sleeved tshirt at JCPenney.

This next little number is something I found in a thrift store.  It a vintage style dress which got me so excited!  Especially since it’s a little longer than usual.  It’s sleeveless, so I put a sweater from Target over it (the same one as above but in a different color) and some of my fave colored tights.  I felt so dolled up.

Here’s a cute skirt I got on clearance at Dillard’s.  It’s kind of blankety and it hangs nicely.  The sweater is the same one from above (I wear that thing to death) and the tshirt is JCPenney.  My daughter made me the fabulous necklace.

And here’s a day when I was shopping and having lunch with a friend.  It’s the same black tshirt from above.  The lace vest is 100 years old, like I have no idea where I got it.  The lace overskirt is from Forever 21 a couple of years ago.  I also wear it under things sometimes.  Under that I have on a pair of really full black pants.  They are very skirt looking, but I stood for this picture with my leg bent so you can see that it’s actually pants.  Just something different.

That’s it for my January fashion show.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are ADORABLE! I love that vintage dress on you!

  2. you look amazing!! and the outfits are so cute! did u change how you ate when you started walking? i’m starting and would luv any help, ideas and you are an inspiration! thanks!

  3. You are a disappearing woman! I am so happy for you. You look fabulous!!

  4. You look absolutely amazing!!

  5. Lisa!! Good grief you look so good! I can’t wait to see you again so I can see you in real person and squeeze you! Wow! I’m so impressed with how much weight you’ve lost!!

  6. I love all these outfits, but especially the vintage dress. It is a way different look for you. Very svelte!

  7. You look great and thank you for posting this. I really love seeing what you are wearing. I really helps in ideas.

  8. I love the modesty posts. It’s getting harder to find skirts long enough. My daughter and I also only wear skirts and dresses and it’s sometimes a challenge to find acceptable skirts. You have a gift for piecing outfits.

  9. Oh, my word, could you get any prettier! I love all of these, and you just glow with your new healthier look. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite look – they are all so pretty.

  10. You look so amazing! Such an inspiration. So glad I “met” you! <3

  11. GOOD GRACIOUS!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Okay, I just LOVE that vintage dress outfit!

  13. I have been following you here on your blog and on FB, and love how you mix and match and create new outfits. The vintage dress is lovely! Thank you! And you are beautiful!

  14. love the vintage dress – Your looking great!!!

  15. I LOVE the pearl necklace!! Is it new? If so where did you get it? Black outfit is DARLING!! Seriously in love with it.

  16. Way cute! You look amazing.

  17. My phone wouldn’t show me the pics so I had to wait for some time in front of the “big screen”. LOVE these outfits. You look mahvalous!

  18. You look absolutely terrific, Lisa. What an inspiration!