If You Give a Mom a New Chair…She’s Going to Want to Clean the House

If You Give a Mom a New Chair…She’s Going to Want to Clean the House

I have rarely looked forward to a normal day like I look forward to this one.  We are finally coming out of our flu fog and school is back in swing this week.  Hip hip hooray for simple problems like running out of eggs.

Speaking of eggs….we haven’t been on a full grocery run since before Christmas and we are down to eating rice and bits of mystery meat from the back of the freezer.  There’s only so much soup you can feed teenage boys before you have a mutiny on your hands.  Yesterday I found my 12 year old eating 4 toasted bread heels as a snack.

I may win a mother of the year contest.

So today a trip to the grocery store, after doing a few school lessons, will perk us all up.  If only because there will once again be bacon in the house.

Over the weekend we did a round of deep cleaning and rearranging.  There’s always some new need around here….a kid needs a place to study or my mom gives me a chair she doesn’t want and we have to move furniture to fit it in.

This inevitably turns into my version of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”  It goes something like this:

P.S. I really did build shelves to hold my oils and they are available in our etsy shop!

I think the kids were wondering what happened to “Kind Nurse Mommy” who brought them ice cream and stroked their foreheads.  That’s my alter ego.  My super-hero self.  My true identity is “Let’s Get This House Clean and I Mean NOW Mommy”.

P.S.S. I’m getting super excited about the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit coming up this month.  I will be at both conferences; the first in Oklahoma January 17-18 and in Texas January 24-25.  I hope you will come and hang out with me.  It’s gonna be such a fabulous weekend!

Thanks for stopping by….have a GREAT week!



  1. Oh I can relate to this!

    I need to get on with my day, we are back to school here too, but I hope to get my room back in order today after being the dumping place for things that got moved so we could put our Christmas tree up, etc….

    Have a great day!

  2. I was doing some cleaning this morning in between school subjects and desperately trying to keep warm – but I’m not nearly as productive as you! I think you just might get that Mommy of the Year award – I know it’s not coming my way! I’m glad you are getting out to get groceries – but think of all the money the flu saved you over Christmas – James will have a lovely ‘dip’ in the grocery expenditures curve for December followed by a steep rise for January – better warn him! Maybe make him a bacon burger before you tell him!

  3. Oh, yes! I have so done this. Everyone around us is having a snow day. We are doing school and getting work done. I am ready for routine.

  4. I am glad you are all feeling better!

    Yup. That is pretty much how things go around here, too. I went to put some new (to me) dishes away last week and ended up cleaning out all of my kitchen cupboards and the hutch.

  5. Where is the picture of your new chair!?

    Love this story… story of my life except I don’t end up with a new shelf I built, and I usually end up with more chaos!

  6. I shared your post with my husband last night. He looked at me and said , ” So there are two of you ” ! I laughed and gave him my version of ” If You Gave a Mouse A Cookie”. You are a kindred spirit!