Great Homeschool Conventions!

Great Homeschool Conventions!

If you’re a homeschooler you know it’s not easy figuring out what curriculum to use and how to get it all done.  That’s why I love homeschool conventions so much!  They help me with all of that plus I always meet new friends and get encouraged by the fellowship of other homeschool families!

I am excited to share a new convention that is taking place in Greenville, SC, Cincinatti, OH, Ontario, CA and Ft. Worth, TX.  Great Homeschool Conventions will have speakers, workshops and exhibits….plus a Friday night comedy night.  How fun is that?!

Go check out their website AND you can enter below to win this awesome family prize package!!!

This is so great!  I can’t wait to see who wins!!!

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  1. Marguerite Bonniwell :

    It has been a couple of year since we have been able to make it to a homeschool convention. Our kids are in high school now, and I feel like I need more help than ever!

  2. My whole family would love to attend! Me, my husband and our five children. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I have never been to a homeschool conference and I would love to go to one. I have 4 children and 2 of them have learning issues and I want to learn how to homeschool them better and my other 2 children I want to learn how to make their experience even better.

  4. How exciting! ^_^ My mom has homeschooled all of us, though we’ve never been to a convention. Sounds like fun!

  5. I was just looking at the Great Homeschool Convention website (before I saw your awesome giveaway) and praying about attending the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati this year. We are so excited that Dr, Ben Carson is going to be there and I would love love love to hear Heidi St. John and Dr. Susan Wise Bauer speak! We went once before many years ago and I wasn’t as energetic as I am now, so it was a drain, but it was so much fun!

  6. Wow! What a great give-away! I have never been to a conference and am entertaining the idea this year. This give-away would seal the deal! :)

  7. Sarah Sandiford :

    I have never been to a homeschooling convention, but would love to! The conventions in SC or TX would be closest to us. I have 5 kids 9& under. My oldest has a “unique learning ability” that I’m always trying to learn more about. Would love to win this!

  8. I have homeschooled for almost 13 years and I have never been to a conference! I would love to go!

  9. Either Ontario or Cincinnati. Either would be great.

  10. WOW!! What an amazing prize! I have never been to a HS convention and to be frank …. they sound scary.

  11. Most definitely Ontario!

  12. I desperately want to go to this convention. This is my first year homeschooling and could use a all kinds of help in figuring everything out. However living at least 1,000 miles from any of the sites, it isn’t going to happen unless I win this. Please, please, please lol.

  13. I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been homeschooling for 4 yrs and have never been to a convention. This sounds like a great first time opportunity. :)

  14. I would attend Greenville S.C. conference!

  15. Since the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati is local to us…we can’t miss it!

  16. Gayla Westbrook :

    I’ve never attended a homeschool convention before but I would probably got to the TX one.

  17. I would LOVE to win this trip. :)

  18. Heidi Magehee :

    I would love to win!! My family would want to attend the conference in Ft. Worth, TX!!!

  19. I would love to win a trip to the Cincinatti convevtion!!

  20. We will be going to Cincy in April! I’m sooo excited, it will be my first homeschool convention!

  21. Great article.

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