“Every Day a Blessing” Giveaway

“Every Day a Blessing” Giveaway

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Last week I shared our teen devotional and today I get to tell you about the one we are using for the younger kids.  It’s called “Every Day a Blessing: A Year of God’s Love” and it’s precious.

Each day there is a Bible verse and a small story to read.  Very short and simple.  Then it ends with a prompt like, “What can you pray for today?” or “Which is your favorite ocean animal?” and leads to sweet discussions.  We have had some doozies already!

I hope you’re spending a few minutes each day reading Bible verses with your kids and discussing how they fit into our lives.  It is so, so good for your kids! (and you too!)

Go get yourself a new devotional to get you started!

And I’m giving away one of these to one of you!  Just enter below….

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  1. We read scriptures together after dinner, but we have not started doing a devotional yet. I’ve been thinking that next fall, when all three kids are in school, would be a good time to start.

  2. I have for myself, but this year I am not. Sometimes the kids and I will use a devotional book, but it is hard with their range of ages.

  3. I use a homeschool mom devotional. I’ve been looking for a kids’ devo for my daughters.

  4. I am usually doing a women’s Bible study, so I do that workbook every day and then I am going through my Inductive Study Bible and marking it using the Precept studies.

  5. We don’t generally use Devotionals. The kids do their Morning Bible Devotions with their Favorite Pastor, commentaries. So this would be fun :)

  6. Mary Ann OConnor :

    We have used them but arent presently. This might be good to get my youngest into the habit.

  7. Right now we are using the “Adventure Bible Book of Devotions” and have used “Jesus Calling for Kids” in the past. This would be a wonderful addition to our daily routine for my youngest son. Thank you for the giveaway Lisa!

  8. I have been looking for a new devotional for my grandson. Thanks for this post.

  9. Our “Bible reading” now with the younger kids is their RAD (our Wednesday night kids program) verses. Every day for handwriting practice they copy their verse and then we practice saying them. My parents also do something with the oldest of the youngest. 😉 Every day my mom calls and reads a portion of the Bible with my 10yod. They are working on reading through the entire Bible. Our oldest two have already read through once and are on their second time through. My dad calls daily and asks them questions about what they’ve read. It would be good to do more at home!

  10. This sounds perfect for my kiddos ranging in age from 4 months – 10 yrs!

  11. I love Jesus calling. My 7 yr old just started reading a 5 min a day one. :)

  12. My husband reads a Bible story to my daughter every night. I read Bible stories (smaller books) to her once in a while, too. We have not done a devotional with her yet. I looked around Christmastime but didn’t find any that appealed to me or that was for her age (she will be 4 in just a few days!).

  13. My daughter and I have worked halfway through a princess devotional and have gone 18 days without missing a day!

  14. Yes, we use “Patch the Pirate” devotions! Love them!!!

  15. This looks great for younger kids! We are always on the lookout for devotional material that comes with a recommendation. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Connie Tillman :

    Yes :)

  17. We have a devotional for after dinner and during the day the children and I read from a Bible story book and discuss. It’s interesting to hear what they think and how they interpret things (it’s also a good opportunity to clarify any misunderstood stories)!

  18. alena svetelska :

    I currently looking for a new devotional for my daughter.

  19. I would love to this devotional with our daughter … Looks perfect for a young daughter of the King :)

  20. Michelle Kidwell :

    Yes I do. Actually my friend and I have the same one and we often discuss it. :)