Courtroom Drama and Body Builders

Courtroom Drama and Body Builders

Most interesting weekend of 2014 so far.

It started on Wednesday when James and I drove to Houston for a court hearing.  This hearing ended a very long battle we have had with the IRS which I won’t say much about because I have a strict policy not to say nasty things about people and frankly that leaves nothing to say about these people from the IRS.

But I will tell you it was stressful and James was very focused so I mostly tried to be quiet and sneak him a Tic Tac every few hours.

While we were there I was determined to still get my morning workout in, so I packed my clothes and on Thursday morning I popped up at 6:00 and headed down to find the hotel’s workout room.  I was in for a bitter disappointment when the desk clerk told me they don’t have one.  BUT there is a gym a few miles away that lets hotel guests workout there for free.

I thought about that, but my husband was so tense about the hearing that I was afraid if I said, “Hey honey, I am going to drive the van to the gym and I will try real hard to be back before we have to leave for court,” he might not have responded well.  So I just dragged myself back to the room and did some stretches that I remembered from my TTapp DVD.

But on Friday morning we had extra time, so I was kind of giddy to try that free gym.  I got up at 6:00 again and went.  Only it wasn’t a family fitness/bring your kids/ladies doing aerobics in the corner type of gym.  It was the kind of place that has a boxing ring in the middle of a cement floor and the only other people there were large black men.

Who were all shaped like Mr. Universe.

My sensible side of my brain told me to back slowly out the door and hope they didn’t notice me.  But I rarely listen to that part of my brain.  So I went in and nervously asked if they had a treadmill.  They did.  I was staying.

And guess what….they were SUPER nice.  They kept checking on me and asking if I needed anything.  And if that’s not crazy enough, two of the guys that work there are now following me on Instagram.

My daughter thought this was so funny she said, “Mom, when people ask about your followers you can say, ‘I have homeschool moms, home decorating people and a bunch of black body builders.'”

Story of my life.

Have a great week!


  1. Yay for body builders!=) I have found that a lot of guys lift weights at our gym in the morning when I go-in the winter.=) They are always encouraging and tease me about not working to hard. I do run circles around most of them on the tread mill though.=)

  2. You are too funny! I’m glad this weekend of adventure ended your battle with the IRS. We’ve been audited several times by both the Canadian and US revenue ‘services’ and thankfully each time it was resolved in our favor and they owed us a little bit of money! Not enough to cover the stress and the hassle of being audited, but better than owing them. I still don’t have many kind words for the IRS!

  3. Do you do Ttapp? I have the video and did it sporadically! I know I should do it! but I just am having a hard time being motivated!

  4. My favorite line “I have a strict policy not to say nasty things about people and frankly that leaves nothing to say about these people from the IRS”. AWESOME!
    Glad your gym time worked out – I think I would have backed out!

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