A Great Christian Workout Playlist

A Great Christian Workout Playlist

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Since I workout every morning (who IS this stranger in my body?!) I listen to a lot of music.  I need some new stuff so last week I asked on Facebook for suggestions for some new workout music and BOY did I get a LOT of ideas!  Hundreds.

It took me a few days, but I sorted through them all and listened to parts of a lot of the songs.  Then I took my favorites, added some I already had, and made myself a new playlist.  It’s got be good to keep me bouncing down the street on these c-c-cold mornings.  I thought I’d share it with you in case you’re looking for some fresh tunes.

I chose a variety of artists, hoping maybe you will explore them and find some new ones that you like.  I also put it in the order I like, but that shuffle feature is fun too….keeps me on my toes.

Playlist for Your Morning Exercise/Worship

1. Good Morning by Mandisa (this is my current FAVE)
2. Something Different by 33 Miles (This song inspires me every time I hear it!)
3. Holy One by Rush of Fools (I like to do two fast then one slow song)
4. Ready to Be Myself by David Dunn
5. Speak Life by TobyMac
6. Maker of the Wind by Big Daddy Weave
7. Gold by Britt Nicole
8. Thank You for Saving Me by Chris Tomlin with Phil Wickham (slowing it down again)
9. Overcomer by Mandisa (let’s face it, you can’t have too much Mandisa)
10. Circles by Anthem Lights (I don’t love the style but it’s growing on me and the message of this song gets me every time)
11. Let Your Light Shine by Bethany Dillon
12. Sandcastles by 4 Proches (I told you how much I love this family band….it’s perfect for what need right before I walk back in the door to my family)

I will be posting a new playlist every month, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Be sure to check out my February and April playlists too!


  1. Thanks for the list! I LOVE so many of those songs! I’m getting ready to start fitness walking and needed a list like this.
    Below is a link to a lip dub video our music ministry put together of the song Good Morning by Mandisa! Enjoy! Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. Hmmm… I love tons of songs. Can’t pick a favorite song, but I do love Daves Highway

  3. Favorite workout song…I haven’t worked out for such a long time, I don’t know but when I clean the kitchen I listen to Audio Adrenaline’s Cd, Underdog.

  4. courtney south :

    You missed one that needs to be in there. Gods great dancefloor by Chris Tomolin. Wow those are all good songs!!!

  5. Excited to hear you’ll be adding playlists monthly! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I usually don’t walk to music. This could be a fun change. Thx for the offer :)

  7. ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire. :)

  8. This is a great list! Another tip … download the KLOVE app on you phone. Great Christian music!

  9. Melissa Haselby :

    My current favorite workout song is “Shake” by MercyMe :)

  10. Great list! Thanks!

  11. Ummm, I’m a newbie at working out, so I’m still trying to find songs.

  12. One of my favorites is “Stars” by Switchfoot.

  13. I’m a huge fan of anything Britt Nicole! That girl makes some amazing & upbeat music!

  14. My favorite is It’s your life by Francesca Battistelli! Get’s you moving!

  15. I have those Mandisa songs on mine, too. Also I have Manafest’s “Avalanche”. And “Eye On It” by TobyMac, and “Lay Down My Pride” by Jeremy Camp.

  16. Thank you for a great playlist! I lost over 50 lbs last year, thank You Lord, but I still need to work on making exercise a part of my life this year.

  17. We love Toby Mac around here!

  18. My favorite workout song is Mandisa’s, Good Morning!

  19. Bah! How terrible is it that I can’t think of my favorite workout song. I mean, it’s like I’ve not worked out in…a long time. Although I do have to say Mandisa is pretty high on my list right now :)

  20. What a great giveaway! Love the playlist!

  21. i’m always searching for great christian running songs. here are some of my faves if you need more:
    Get Up by MaryMary, Move by MercyMe, Take Over Me by Sanctus Real, Fire It Up by Thousand Foot Krutch, Keep Your Eyes Open by NEEDTOBREATHE, Stronger by Mandisa, Beautiful You by Trent Monk, Hello My Name Is by Matthew West….can’t wait to check in and get more ideas from you!

  22. So excited about all the suggestions! I’ve neverheard any of them. I love listening to Kim walker smith! The entire ‘still believe’ album is amazing! !

  23. Good for you!! Keeping at it day after day and month after month is wonderful! I am up and down on the weight–or should I say: Up and Upper. Augh. Need to seriously get back with it. Will go for some of your new music! Thanks.

  24. Barlow Girl has a really fun song, “Hello Sunshine”!

  25. Shake by Mercy Me

  26. Lots of new ones in there for me! I’m excited to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  27. How do we subscribe!?!? I love these songs! I used to be a Zumba instructor, and tried doing almost, if not all my songs from Christian artists!!! Mandisa’s Good Morning was one of my more beloved choreographed songs that the ladies loved!

  28. I LOVE
    “Let us love” by Needtobreathe!!! and “Hello, my name is” by Matthew West. They make such a good day :)
    Or “Gold” by Britt Nicole and “Good Morning” by Jamie Grace.

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