Wrapping is Not My Gift

Wrapping is Not My Gift

Well, I did it.  I finished my Christmas shopping.

On Friday I locked my bedroom door and pulled all I had out of my closet.  I sorted through it, much like Santa does but without the elves to carry everything for me.  Then I made a list of the few things I still needed and set out Saturday morning to finish.  I know I was crazy to go out on a Saturday and believe you me I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t already driving an hour to the city to watch my nephew run in a cross country race.

I just forged ahead, waited in long lines, fought the crowds and gotter done.

10 full stockings – CHECK
10 gifts under the tree – CHECK
wrapping – NOPE

As much as I love the idea of beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree, I am so tired by the time I have everything purchased and carried home that I tend to just throw on some leftover wrapping paper from last year and call it finished.  They are so fragilly (it’s a word-kind of) wrapped that I wait until December 23 to put them under the tree.  “Don’t touch those presents kids! And I will be able to tell because touching them will rip the paper to shreds.”

It’s a landmine of paper and tape.

Sunday was a big day for our family.  My husband, who has been in law school for the past four and a half years, took his very last exam.  Yep.  He’s finished.  I am ready to have my husband back.  And I am sure he is ready to be a regular guy again.  One who isn’t in school full time AND running a business AND raising 9 children AND dealing with a somewhat spoiled wife.

This week I will be just hanging out with the family, wrapping presents and catching up on the latest Hallmark movies.  Of course, one doesn’t really have to catch up on all of them since they all have the same plot, “Boy and girl are forced together even though they can’t stand each other- boy and girl fall in love-the end.”

But I’m a sucker for a love story so I watch them anyway.

Have a great week!



  1. I am so NOT into wrapping. I am still working up the gumption to tackle that task. But, hey! I still have 9 days.=)

  2. the kids could care less about pretty wrapping anyway. i do strive to wrap other people’s things nicely, though. well, i try. not that i started mine yet, but i am done shopping! i braved the milk and bread crowd craziness, too.

  3. I like how you refer to yourself as a “somewhat spoiled wire” as if that is possible as a mother of nine children! LOL. And yes, I know this post is about wrapping paper, but that was the highlight moment for me. There is no way you are spoiled by normal definition of that. And as for the wrapping paper thing… it’s kind of like toilet paper… I say there is not sense wasting unnecessary time or money on it. Whatever gets the job done works for me. Last year I recycled my feedsack bags for the purpose and the kids painted all over the paper.

  4. I’m a last minute wrapper. Thankfully, this year my procrastination paid off. Our house was broken into and all the presents were safely hidden away. Not wrapped and under the tree where they most likely should have been. Chalk one up for the procrastinators!

  5. I must be spoiled too because my hubby and I wrap together every year – it’s a fun tradition – but mostly he’s just saving my bacon because I’ve become a last minute momma!

  6. My grandma used to put everything for each person into their own oversized box…then she just needed to wrap the box!

  7. Too bad I don’t live closer because I LOVE to wrap presents! 🙂

  8. I just buy those large gift bags with pretty Christmas picture on them, and put all the grandkids gifts in their very own bag. A little tissue paper and some tape to keep prying eyes out and voila! I am done 😀

  9. I was locked away in my own room last night wrapping wrapping wrapping. But not for my own children, for all the extended family gift exchanges we have this weekend. For my own household, I made drawstring bags of different sizes years ago – makes wrapping a breeze.