How to Make a Christmas Sign

How to Make a Christmas Sign

Last week I showed y’all my cute kitchen shutters and sign I made for Christmas when I told you how much I love   So now I want to share how we made the sign.  You won’t believe how easy it was!

I got 3 fence pickets that are 6′ long.  I happened to have some already, but it would cost around $12 at the hardware store.


My son Jacob helped me so I could take pictures.  But I didn’t need help.  It’s SO easy to do and I’m not afraid of power tools.  We wanted both ends of the boards to be the same, so we held the cut end up and marked where to cut so the angles would match.

Make a sign with fence pickets

While we were at the saw we cut 3 pieces 9″ long from the third picket.

Make a sign with fence pickets

Then we simply used our handy dandy stapler to attach them all together.  Be sure to measure the same from each end so they are even.

That’s it…no sanding or heavy measuring.  Seriously.  10 minutes.

Next it was time to add the words.  Unfortunately, I lost all of the pictures I took while I was doing it, so I will just have to ‘splain.

I cut printed the letters out (see below for the printable) then cut them out.  Then I traced them onto the sign.  I couldn’t do it with carbon paper like I did when I made my address sign because the boards are so rough that it wouldn’t show.  So I just traced the cutout.  It was easy.

Be sure to use painter’s tape to get them all in a straight line.

Then….you won’t believe this…..I filled them all in with a red Sharpie.  Yes, that’s right.  SUPER easy!  I just did it one night while James and I watched “The Amazing Race”.  By the time the last team got eliminated I was finished.

Not bad for a quick, free project and after Christmas I will flip the sign around and show you what I put on the other side….hee hee.  I’m not telling you yet.  Nope, sorry.  You’re going to have to wait.

Here are the printables: PEACRTH

It’s just the letters I used and you will need to cut them out and line them up on your boards.

Now you can make your own sign!


  1. super cute! i bet i have some scrap wood out there. love the sharpie trick!!!

  2. Lisa! I love it! Friend, you ARE talented! To God be the glory!

  3. Very cute! I love it! I’d never guess you did it with a Sharpie!

  4. It’s beautiful!! You always have the best ideas

  5. So simply but beautiful, thanks for the lettering. What a neat neat lady you are !