Kitchen Holiday Goodness (but not cooking)

Kitchen Holiday Goodness (but not cooking)

Remember my new shutters for my bedroom? Well I also added some in my kitchen and oh my goodness I love them so much!

No more dusty curtains and strings.  Happiness by shutters.

beautiful holiday kitchen! is my favorite new friend of 2013.  They have been so helpful and so caring, even checking on me about a week after my shutters arrived.  Who does that?!

They were super easy to install, even with my odd sizes and shapes.  Well, not my personal odd shape and size, but my kitchen window.

beautiful holiday kitchen!

To add some old house character to the window, I made a holiday sign to hang over it.  It is so much fun to have something Christmasy in the kitchen.

Make a Christmas sign for the kitchen!

Plus I can just flip the sign around after Christmas and have a whole new look.  And….you’ll love this….it cost me nothing!

Add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen!

Later this week I will show you how I made the sign, but for now I have something better.  The great folks at are letting me give one of you a $100 gift card to get your own new window coverings!

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  1. Those are the blinds I love! They look awesome.

  2. I actually don’t have a kitchen window. My kitchen is in the middle of the house kinda. LOL! BUT I do need some window treatments for our room we are closing in. I have 9 naked windows right now. *smile**

  3. Your kitchen window looks great, Lisa! I LOVE plantation shutters. They’re my all-time favorite window covering. These look absolutely wonderful in your space. And that sign above them? Awesome!

    Thanks for the tip about I’d never heard of this company before you introduced them to me!

  4. Your kitchen looks amazing Lisa – can’t wait to see how you made your sign! I love the little white table too! To answer your question about curtains – I do – well, just valances really, but they were cute once upon a time … It is way past time to replace them – they do get so dusty and faded. I have two odd windows in my 1940’s ranch kitchen and they’d both look amazing with something new from! Thanks so much!

  5. Michelle Thayer :

    I do not have curtains in the kitchen. They collect too much dust and grease.

  6. My kitchen is covered, but my bedroom windows are a sight!

  7. We don’t have anything in the kitchen yet! I could really use this to put blinds all through the new house we are buying!
    I hope I win!

  8. no curtains at all in my house, but i’m starting to think i need some just for the aesthetic!

  9. We have two large windows right now, with no curtains or blinds, but are looking to install blinds on both as it’s almost too bright at different times of the day 🙂

  10. No curtains. Window is tiny, and shaded.

  11. They are beautiful! I have bare windows in my kitchen and would LOVE this look.

  12. SO beautiful!
    I love your style of homemaking! 🙂

  13. I had to make our kitchen curtains because the windows are all different sizes. I just can’t wash them all at the same time or I will never get them back on the right windows!

  14. I have a red flowered valance in the kitchen, but having blinds would keep the neighbors from looking in, yeah baby!

  15. I don’t have curtains in my kitchen. The the window needs something! I think shutters like these would be perfect!

  16. I have a small valance above the kitchen sink. I was just thinking this a.m. that they are probably due for a washing.

  17. Truly southern style!

  18. Joetta Colquette :

    I have a valance with shades,but would love shutters~

  19. I don’t have curtains, but a window topper on the top of my kitchen window.

  20. I would love shutters in my kitchen so I can get rid of my dusty curtains–like you!

  21. sarah sandiford :

    I actually DO NOT have kitchen curtains! My kitchen is a blank canvas right now.

  22. I currently have a valance over my kitchen window, but I am looking for something different 🙂

  23. Cute kitchen! We have nothing in our kitchen window right now!

    Out of curiosity, what does the sign on your microwave say??

  24. Your kitchen looks gorgeous!! I LOVE blinds so thanks so much for the chance to win :).


  25. Love the look of your shutters ! I do not have anything on my kitchen windows. I am considering shutters for my dining room window. It is a large window so I cannot make up my mind. I do have shutters in my office/guest room. I wish you had your Christmas sign in your Etsy shop! Lovely kitchen.

  26. I love your kitchen and shutters. I have nothing on my kitchen windows. I could use some shutters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. So cute! I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I have a small window in my small kitchen. We used to have a big bush just outside the window which helped immensely in shading and cooling that part of the house, but my husband cut it down last spring. I got some curtains to help shade the kitchen. We also got an awning for FREE from Freecycle that will go above that window. My husband just has not had time to put it up, but I hope he does before next summer.

  29. Nothing on my kitchen windows. Love the shutters.

  30. We moved into a rental a few months back. The kitchen window, the dining room big sliding door window, and the living room window are all bare. Ugh.

  31. I have shutters now that came with the house, but they need updating so badly!

  32. We’ve been our house for 6 months and the windows are still waiting for something special.

  33. I just found you! And I’m loving your kitchen. I was checking out the article about how you did your island and countertops. I have put off painting my cabinets because I can’t afford new countertops right now. You just answered my prayers. I love the look. Can’t wait to spend some time checking out your blog and pinterest boards,

  34. We do have handmade curtains that are purty cute. 🙂

  35. Love that table! I have one very similar in my house, although I’m trying to sell it as we don’t have the room for it. Beautiful light in your house!

  36. beautiful!! I don’t have kitchen curtains , but blinds, and a very small window…but how cute. Love,Love,Love the look!! 🙂