4 Proches (and a giveway!)

4 Proches (and a giveway!)

I’ve got another great giveaway for you today!  This one is personal to me because it’s from a precious family that we have known for years and we love them!!!

Introducing 4 Proches!

Beautiful family band!

This is a sibling group that is so talented it kind of makes you sick, in a good way of course.  Their songs are part flashback to the old folksy songs from my childhood and part current family togetherness.  They even write some of their own songs, making it more special.

They have just released an album, “Wayfaring Stranger”.  If you like to listen to talented people and if your own kids need a little boost of inspiration AND if you are on the lookout for good, wholesome music….you want this CD!

I went to hear them play last weekend and they were wonderful!  I am giving their CD to some friends for Christmas (if you’re my friends forget you read that).  It would make a perfect gift, but you’ve got to order quick to get it in time!

I even have a discount code for you….yippee!  If you use the code ‘PENNSHIP’ you will get 15% off your order.  Not bad, huh?

And I get to give away a signed CD to two of you!  Whoop!  It’s like a party every day around here.

Sweet family band CD giveaway just in time for Christmas!

Just enter below and be sure to sign up for their newsletter, which is one of the entries.  You will be richly blessed by this family band.

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  1. Love some bluegrass!

  2. Awesome – so wonderful to see gifted children use their gifts for the God who created them – He will bless that!

  3. I love this song so much! They are wonderful! 🙂
    Thanks so much!

  4. wow, so love this

  5. Beautiful song, beautiful voices!! It melted my heart to see and hear these siblings sing!

  6. Lisa,
    I signed up for their newsletter and I have to say thank you for introducing us to them! I LOVE their sound and the fact that they are a family.

  7. Love this, Lisa! (just take my name out if you don’t want to post abroad … if you’re happy too, you can leave me in 😉 )

  8. Ooooo this is my type of music. I signed up for their newsletter.

  9. Sounds like a great group!

  10. Thank You for this chance.

  11. Love the sound of their music.

  12. They’re so good!!! What talent!

  13. Beautiful singing – love the outfits and vintage look to the video. 🙂