The Old Woman and the Shutters

The Old Woman and the Shutters

This is what happens when you realize you are a nursery rhyme character and need new bedroom window coverings:

There once was a woman who was always on a diet

She really enjoyed when her whole house was quiet

Her 9 precious kids made finding silence hard

She sometimes thought about moving them to the yard

But this mom knew the importance of sharing

And made sure her kids were aware of her caring

She fixed up her bedroom so her teens would come share

Their hopes, their dreams and problems with their hair

This mom rearranged, shifted and built

Extra seating to fit everyone with no guilt

She made it look pretty and invited them in

to her combination master bedroom and den

old woman, new shutters

The issue she had with this great new arrangement

was letting in light from the window estrangement

the room was too small for so many seats

so the windows were blocked and couldn’t be reached

she’d wedge behind her comfy recliner

to struggle with curtain, strings, rod and liner

then one day she got a brilliant notion

She could add shutters to open with one motion

The Old Woman and the new Shutters

now she can sit in the sunshine with ease

and special moments with the kids she can seize

when the daylight fades she can close her shutters tight

and let the teens come sit and talk all night

Then when they’re finished she prays for their heart

and slips into bed, for tomorrow’s new start.

 The Old Woman and the Shutters

(Be sure to come back next week when I show you how I added trim to the beautiful shutters to add height to the room!)

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  1. Lovely! And the poem was great too 🙂

  2. Beautiful shutters! And I like that poem, too!
    Just wondering though, aren’t those shutters a pain to dust?

  3. Love it all…the poem, the shutters, the room, but most of all your heart for your kids!

  4. Oh my, oh my! I love the shutters, the poem and the whole idea of making such a beautiful and comfortable safe haven within your home to reach the hearts of your teens!

  5. I love the warm inviting room you have created. It is so pretty, and the shutters are great!

  6. I’m on the hunt for leather chairs like the ones you have, the only ones I can find are overstuffed. Love the shutters!!

  7. I like your poem! How wonderful that you’ve changed things around in your haven to invite your children in. Always inspired by your home style, Lisa.