6 Reasons I Won’t Miss the Summit

6 Reasons I Won’t Miss the Summit

I realized that I have talked a lot about the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit but I haven’t told you why I love it so much.

6 Reasons I Won't Miss the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit

1. Renewing my strength:  As a homeschool mom (although this really applies to any moms and all are welcome!) I find myself needing a time of renewal about January.  School is back in full swing after a really busy season, finances are tight, it’s cold outside and there’s still half the year to go.  A little adult time and being taken care of for a couple of days is just what this mamma needs!

2. Feeling loved:  I felt so loved at last year’s Summit….so cared for…..so wrapped in God’s arms.  I can’t tell you how it washed over my soul.  He was right there loving me through the women at the Summit.  He met me there and every woman I talked to had a similar experience. (I later found out that every attendee is prayed for by name…..and you can feel it!)

3. It wasn’t scary:  I’m an introvert; I do not like large groups or crowds or having to make small talk.  I just don’t.  I am not good at those things.   But the Summit felt like a welcome group of friends almost immediately.  I don’t know how they did it, but it’s true.  I never felt uncomfortable.

4. The lessons:  The sessions and speakers are wonderful!  I learned so much that I am still chewing on and inspired by.  This next January I am honored to be added to that list.  I will be doing a session on finding time for yourself.  It’s a subject near and dear to my heart.  I will be at both events, Oklahoma and Texas…..and I would really love to see you there!

5. Hanging with my peeps:  At the last Summit the refreshing time kept going even after the sessions were over.  We had a big group of gals hanging out in my room at night and this year I would love for you to be there too.  If it’s too many, we can move it from the room to the gorgeous Embassy Suites lobby.  In other words, there can’t be too many!  Plus there are meals together and plenty of time for sharing hearts and joy and pressures and victories.  It was just delightful!

6. It’s really FUN!   The whole weekend was fun, but especially Saturday night.  It was playful and silly and a grand night together.  We have some stuff planned for January’s Summit that will make you laugh so hard we may need to have some Depends ready.  Nothing brightens a cold, hard season like laughing with your friends. 

Just a few of the amazing ladies you could come hang with at the Homschool Mom's Winter Summit!

Just a few of the amazing ladies you could come hang with at the Homschool Mom’s Winter Summit!

I’ve had several people ask me if they would like the Summit even though their kids are not school age yet.  My answer is YES!  You will be encouraged in your faith, your marriage, your resolve to stay the course with this mothering thing.

I really, really hope you will consider coming to the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit this January.  It would be a great Christmas present.  And the hotel rooms are so big that it would be easy to share with 3 other moms….making it affordable.  I want you to stay both Friday and Saturday night so you don’t miss a moment.

I did a little math and if you share a room for both nights with 3 other gals, the cost of the registration plus room (not including tax) is $143.50….that’s a great price for an amazing weekend!  It includes breakfast and Saturday lunch, so all you need in addition to that is gas and dinner on Saturday!

Come on friends….come join me for a fabulous weekend!