A Great Men’s Gift Giveaway and Fun Wrapping Idea!

A Great Men’s Gift Giveaway and Fun Wrapping Idea!

This post is sponsored by HomeRight.

Who’s the hardest person on your Christmas list to buy for?

For me that would be my dad.  He’s retired and has everything he needs.  It’s my annual challenge.

So when the HomeRight people told me they were starting a new site called AutoRight with products for taking care of your car….I knew this was something my dad would love!  He likes to piddle and clean things.  Their Easy-Wash Stick and their Auto-Wash Stick would be a great gift for him and they are right in my price range!

A great gift for that hard to buy for guy in your life!

But how do you discreetly wrap a long, thin wand with a brush on the end of it?  I figured out a darling way and thought I’d share it with you!

I used disposable pans for the tops.  They are easy to cut with scissors, so I was able to cut an opening for the wand to stick out.

For the Auto-Wash Stick (with a polishing top) I used pie pans.  After cutting the opening for the wand I duck taped two pans together (I stuffed them with tissue first) and wrapped wrapping paper around the wand.  Be sure to tape it to the wand so it won’t slip off.  Then I twisted ribbon around the wand and taped it to the top.  It doesn’t have to look nice at the top because it will get covered.

Next I draped 4 pieces of tissue paper on the round pans, like a lollipop.  I finished it all off with a big bow.

A cute gift wrap idea for things that are long and thin

For the Easy-Wash Stick (with a brush top) I used rectangle cake pans.  It wasn’t easy to cover the pans.  I wrapped them the best I could and in the end I hot glued wide ribbon around the edges to cover up the ugliness of the tape and extra cuts.

A cute way to wrap a long, thin gift

I also glued some little felt snowflakes to the bow to cover up some of the messiness.  Then I printed out a sign for the rectangle and a tag for the round.  At the bottom of this post I have shared a printable for the sign….in case you want to make one!

A great men's gift giveaway and fun wrapping idea!

I love them so much I may have to make more next year just for my Christmas decorations.

A great men's gift giveaway and fun gift wrap idea!

And two of you can win one of these auto washing wands!  Give it to your hard-to-buy-for person….or keep it for yourself!

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A Great giveaway and fun gift wrap idea!

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Click Here to get the Merry Christmas sign printable!


  1. This is a great idea! Love how you came up with the fun wrap♥

  2. I always have a hard time buying for my dad.

  3. What a great wrapping idea! I am sure that this will come in handy as our Christmas season approaches!
    Thanks! 🙂

  4. What a great wrapping suggestion. Things like this usually have me stumped.

  5. Lisa, you are so creative! These remind me of when I was in school and my teacher made Christmas candy decor using styrofoam bowls and colored plastic wrap.

  6. My mister is definitely the most difficult to shop for! Thank you so much for offering such a great giveaway and for sharing your fantastic wrapping ideas.

  7. My husband is terrible to buy for!

  8. my in-laws are the hardest to buy for, hands down.

    love your wrapping. my bil got a funny shaped package with a branch sticking out of it one year… it was pruners!

  9. Perfect gift for my son-in-law ! Love your blog!

  10. My husband is the hardest person on my list to buy for!

  11. Lisa, your creativity never ends. LOVE it! My dad is the hardest to shop for but now you have me thinking! 🙂

  12. I love how creative you were with the gift-wrap!

    And this is the perfect gift for a guy 🙂

  13. BRILLIANT!! I love the wrapping job!

  14. My parents are always the hardest people to buy for.

  15. My husband is the hardest person to shop for.

  16. My Dad! 🙂 Then one of my teen brothers.

  17. Lisa, you are brilliant! What a clever way to wrap these!! And the HomeRight people make great products, don’t they?

    My dad is also the hardest person for me to buy for. I can always think of a little something, but that’s about it! Thanks for the idea!

  18. It’s hard to shop for my dad. He always says he does not want a thing so I end up making him lots of homemade goodies since I know he loves those at least (and seems to inhale them, especially if it’s chocolate!)

  19. My husband is hard to buy for, but I think he would like these! I love your creative wrapping!

  20. Men…all the men in my life. …dad, hubby, f-i-l

  21. This gift wrapping miracle opens wide the doors for wrapping all sorts of oddly shaped toys, too! You’ve got my brain working over time now!

  22. So cute! Those would be a great gift for my impossible guy (hubby)

  23. My grandfather- at 82 and having been married for 61 years, he has everything!

  24. Our budget is so tight this year that my husband is going to be difficult to buy for while trying not to spend too much.

  25. Great gift ideas!

  26. My father-in-law would be the hardest person on my list.

  27. The hardest person to buy for is my brother-in-law. I love how you wrapped these gifts. Cute!

  28. Carolyn Mickel :

    How creative! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!

  29. You wrapped them so cute and festive. The hardest person to buy for is the hubby.

  30. My husband – the worst ever!

  31. Very clever packaging….lol….and great presents too.