I Am a Nursery Rhyme Character

I Am a Nursery Rhyme Character

Some days I feel like a nursery rhyme character….I’m all little old woman and so many children I don’t know what to do, etc., etc.

This week the many children thing has challenged me with making my bedroom a haven for the older kids to come sit and share their thoughts with me.  The little boys are bouncy and the older ones need a quiet place to talk with me and tell me what is going on in their lives.

I’ve been very protective of my bedroom.  The kids must knock before entering and wait to be invited in.  That will help add privacy to our mother/teen discussions.

Making your bedroom a place for your teens to come share their hearts with you

So I have been adding comfortable seating and trying to make it welcoming.  I want them to feel like they are not intruding if they want to come in late at night and talk with me.  I want them to know there’s an empty chair that I put there just for them.

There was problem with the windows.  I have curtains on them, but because of the extra seating, there are big chairs shoved up against the windows and it makes it difficult to open and close those curtains.  I’m a sunlight kind of girl….I want them open in the day and closed at night.  So I have been squeezing myself behind the chairs and doing contortions to get the curtains open and closed.

This was not going to work for long, although it was adding to my daily exercise routine, I can’t be spending 20 minutes each morning just trying to get my curtains open then repeating the whole circus act again at night to close them.

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Last week was the final straw when I leaned over my beloved recliner to open the curtains behind it only to have it eject backwards with me in it, sending me headfirst over the back of the chair.  I was stuck there with my legs sticking up from behind the chair, wedged against the window, torn between crying out for help and letting myself fall the rest of the way so no one would catch me with my Spanx in the air.  Nothing like being hurled headfirst into a dark corner to get the day started.

Then suddenly it hit me!  I knew what I needed to do…..the answer became so clear as I hung upside down with the blood rushing to my head.

I needed shutters!  Beautiful, easy to clean, no strings for the kids to get tangled in, one swoop to open, shutters.

So I contacted the amazingly helpful people at Blinds.com and soon I will be saved from ever falling headfirst behind my recliner again.

And I didn’t have to sacrifice seating to do it.

Now I’m a whole new nursery rhyme character.  I’m Mary and my little lambs can follow me wherever I go.

And here’s where this story gets good for you…..the Blinds.com folks are giving one of you a $100 gift card!  You too can have safe and beautiful window coverings!

Win a $100 gift cards to blinds.com

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I received free products from Blinds.com to review.   I always give my complete opinion and am dedicated to sharing only products I love and would recommend to a friend.


  1. I need blinds in all three bedrooms of my home! My son’s room and my room currently use cardboard in the windows! I had curtains but the children completely destroyed them (not just my son but others that were living with us at the time) and I haven’t replaced them yet.

  2. Oh Lisa – you are too funny! I need blinds in our bedroom – we lost all of our privacy when our neighbors tore out their wonderful cedar hedge because it was scratching their Cadillac SUV! I keep the curtains behind my comfy chair (which was rescued and reupholstered by me) closed but like you, I need sunlight, so it would be awesome to have and easy open easy close window treatment for a bit of privacy there!

  3. I love how serene your bedroom is. I definitely need blinds in my bedroom– all of our windows face the morning sun!

  4. Totally a brilliant idea and I’m going to do the same. I love my sunshine like you, but I’m really not good at wonking over the back of the couches in the den to shut everything down at night.

  5. I totally agree. We have the bungee-style shades… You know, the ones you pull on them and they fly to the top and make that “whup-whup-whup” noise. Half the time they get stuck. Yuck. We totally need to replace them, but I just haven’t got around to it yet.

  6. I just laughed out loud!

  7. Well, since your room just put my space to shame, I think I’d get some new blinds for our bedroom. We still have some sheer white panels hanging that actually came with the house. It’s kind of serving as my natural alarm clock.

  8. Heather Mitchell :

    We are wanting to shutters for a window in our living room!

  9. Probably to buy blinds. 😉

  10. BLINDS! Ha! 😉 But seriously – I have no less than FOUR rooms that I long to have blinds…….so it would be a lottery-style drawing to decide which room is first!

  11. Where was the video camera when we needed it? Even a still shot would have been great! 🙂 I’ve been looking at some blinds, myself. Trying to clean the little metal ones is a pain.

  12. You make me smile 🙂

  13. Id upgrade our drapes!

  14. your room is huge and so calming and i would like to come and sit with you for a while and share my thoughts!

  15. I would buy wood blinds for my bathrooms! When we built our house, I decided against blinds and purchased curtains instead, but I never got around to the bathrooms. It never even crossed my mind until we recently hosted overnight guests, and we ended up having an embarrassing moment!

  16. I would actually get some shutters to for my dining room!

  17. I’m not entering of course, because I’m in Scotland and I doubt they’d send them to me … (unless they’re *really kind 😉 )

    but have to comment to say two things:

    1. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! Oh, it’s a real dream, Lisa

    2. You are HILARIOUS! It’s Saturday night, and I can see myself getting a bit of a giggle fit in church tomorrow because of the mental image I have of you, the chair, and your airborne legs!

  18. I would use the giftcard for some much needed privacy curtains in our townhouse! Thanks!

  19. I need to do something in my dining room, but haven’t decided what I want. Shutters might be the perfect thing to add to the charm, but keep the whole neighborhood from seeing in at night.

  20. Sara Phillips :

    I would probably buy Roman Shades!

  21. I would use it for new brings for my bedroom as well. Our new place has a few windows that could use new blinds especially a few up too high for me to reach easily!

  22. Love shutters! They remind me of the home I grew up in.

  23. My kitchen window is in need of blinds and your room is gorgeous!

  24. for my kitchen

  25. our living room actually is in major need of blinds! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway

  26. I’d use the giftcard for some new blinds for our bedroom! Or maybe my front living room window. hmmm …

  27. I would definitely get shutters for my living room windows.

  28. My daughter just moved into a new house and could really use this! I use to feel like nursery rhyme characters too, Lisa!

  29. sarah sandiford :

    I would love to get new (nice) blinds for my living room!

  30. We need blinds so bad I cannot even tell you! We still have all of the old ones up from the previous owner *so embarrassing*

    Thanks for the giveaway and glad you could find a place for all of your family to enjoy!

  31. My kids are still little….I hadn’t even considered a spot for private conversations! I love that idea. And I desperately want to put blinds in a few of my rooms. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  32. I’m getting ready to build a new house, we’ll need new window coverings throughout!

  33. We are in the process of buying a new house, and will need all the help we can get covering the windows! We are going from 11 windows to 32 – yes, THIRTY TWO windows! The house lets in sooooo much gorgeous light, but only a few of the windows have blinds and it’s going to be a major expense to cover them all. I will be blogging about our new home journey at http://busybfam.blogspot.com/. Can’t wait to get in the new place and get started!

  34. I could use this to update my guest bedroom!

  35. I am trying to restore the house I grew up in to its original order. I have a wall of very odd windows across the entire back of the house that I have NO curtains on at the moment, so winning would help IMMENSELY!

  36. I am in the middle of a bathroom re-do and haven’t purchased new window coverings yet so this would be perfect!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  37. New window coverings for the bedroom! Thanks 🙂

  38. My bedroom needs help! All I have right now is a couple wall hangings- no furniture, curtains or anything! I would love to use the gift card to make our bedroom a little more cozy and pretty!

  39. Lisa that story was hilarious!

    I loved working with Blinds.com…. great service, great product. Whoever wins the $100 is going to be one lucky winner!

  40. We are redoing my daughter’s room. This would help, as right now the maroon window coverings are going out since we are repainting and they will not fit the décor anymore!

  41. What to do what to do??? I think they would help keep out the train noise a bit.

  42. I would love to get some blackout shades for my kids room so they don’t wake up too early

  43. Karen Prueitt :

    I would use the $100 gift card from Blinds.com for my dining room we have a big picture window and I feel like a fish in a fish bowl when we sit down to eat dinner. It’s like hey neighbors look at us we are eating dinner. 😉

  44. Frances Brotherton :

    Excited to start following your blog. I found you randomly on Pinterest… Thanks for the fun contest too! 🙂

  45. I really could use blinds for my master ensuite bath room. My hubby insists we don’t need one as the window is etched glass. I really think a blind would make it look better though.

  46. Getting ready to move into a home that has no window coverings, so would use this to outfit every window!

  47. Thanks for the great giveaway! Most of our windows could use something new, but I would really like new matchstick roman blinds for our family room and kitchen

  48. I love a gift card, because I need to replace the blinds in my former home.

  49. Even though we’re still renting, our east side neighbors leave their outside light on all night and the only 2 windows on that side of our house is in the master. They are very narrow and tall, not at all a standard size. Since the time we’ve moved in (July 2011), I simply hung some room darkening cloth behind the flimsy plastic mini blinds the windows came with, but that means I can’t open the blinds during the day….and boy, do I love me some sunshine/daylight every day!!