From Hot to Cold in 3.7 Seconds

From Hot to Cold in 3.7 Seconds

Friday started off like it normally does….getting up early to walk then straight to the load of school work we do M-F.  I strolled in the house from my quiet walk to hustle and bustle and wished I could go back out for a few more peaceful silence.

When I am 2 miles down the street all by myself no one asks me if I know where their shoes are.

But alas, they had already seen me so I couldn’t sneak out again.  So off I went with the day.  School, meal plans, weekend troubleshooting, etc.  We also had to prep my van for the next day’s big adventure.  I was planning to get up before 5 and head to Round Top for some flea market fun.  I have to get my fix or I start to have flea market withdrawls.

I made it through Friday despite a few hitches.  Is there ever a day without them?  Sometimes the hitches are the best part.  Who plans things like running around the yard to catch the trash that blew away or answering a phone call from a desperate mom who needs encouragement?  The blessings of life!

On Saturday morning I was off for the day with my 17 year old daughter Faith to see what goodness we could find at Round Top.  We always have a fun time together and laughed pretty much the whole way, then more laughs at the flea market until around 11:30 when the unexpected heat in Round Top did a number on me.  I found myself feeling sick and not prepared for the blazing sun.

I found a spot to sit while she continued her quest for junk she can make jewelry with.  Thankfully I had my essential oils with me and I rubbed on some peppermint and Valor while I waited for her.  After a few minutes the oils had helped a lot and I was able to walk around for a little longer.  But there was just no way to really cool off, so about 1:00 we decided to leave.

I’d never make it on The Amazing Race.  Those episodes where they go to India and the heat is over 110° while they have to carry barrels of fish through a crowded marketplace would be my downfall.  I can barely make it through a Texas flea market carrying a rusty old bucket that I bought for $20.

I don’t know why I have such a fascination with buckets.  They are just so perfect.  1. They’re cute, right?  2. They hold things like plants, toys, tools, pretty much anything except the water for which they were originally intended and 3. They are cheap

But my big purchase was something that I have been wanting for so long.  I’d see these, dream of having one, but not be remotely willing to spend the usual $225-275 price.  Really, I am so cheap I wasn’t willing to even try to bargain.  I knew it would be unreasonable to offer $50 anyway.

Then I saw one on Saturday that was marked down to $100 (things were marked down since it was the last day) and so I asked if she’d take less.  This is a vendor I have bought from before and she remembered me (see, I told my husband it pays to be a frequent shopper!) and so she went down another $25 plus threw in a few small things.  So now I am the proud owner of a vintage shopping cart.

She shall live by my front door and I shall call her Hazel.

I know, it’s every girls’ dream.  My life is fulfilled.

I also picked up a few others goodies and will share all of it with you soon, but I couldn’t go another day without showing you my beloved cart.

We made a few stops in the city on our way home and all in all had a nice day.  I fell into bed almost immediately and let the cool air-conditioning and pillow top mattress do their magic.

Then I got the greatest surprise on Sunday morning!  I headed out for my walk at 6:30 and it was c-c-cold!  Like 48°.  From desert to arctic in 12 hours.  I’m a cold lovin’ girl so I considered it a gift from God.  It revved up my energy and I walked an extra mile.

After a little bit of cleaning we had a quiet, restful Sunday.  Some family time, some planning for the week, a little playing outside and poof.  Day over.

Have a great week!



  1. i know wasn’t it amazing!? we spent an 1.5 hrs sitting on our wicker couch with coco (for my son) and coffee (for me oh pumpkin spice creamer how I luv thee!) with out blankets enjoying it. yes my neighbors think i’m crazy as that couch sits facing our main street, altho we moved it to the other side yesterday too (don’t know why I never thot about that before, lol!) then daddy woke up and joined us for about 30 mins. it was absolutely wonderful!

    • oh I forgot! I LUV that basket – and yes it pays to be a frequent shopper, haha. its the perfect setting for all holiday vignettes!

  2. OH MY WORD! I want that cart! Swoon. 😉 If you ever need to get rid of it for any reason, I will drive to TX and get it. Ha!

  3. I LOVE your cart! It looks great with the pumpkins. We also enjoyed the cold front that came through central TX – I actually told my husband at one point that I was cold!!

  4. I love your cart! It’s so perfect for your home decor style – so many possibilities! I think you should make it a regular seasonal feature – showing us how you use it to decorate for spring, summer, winter and fall! I’m glad you survived Round Top and came home with such a treasure!

  5. I am a cold lovin girl too. It has been way too warm for October here in Ohio. In the 80’s even while raining. Weird?!? But, thankfully, today it has cooled off. High’s in the 50’s. It just isn’t October without the chili weather. Your shopping cart (or buggy as my southern heritage reveals itself) is really cute!

  6. I am going through some of the flushes as well. They are not fun, but I must admit that I get a giggle when someone asks me why I’m blushing. 🙂 Though, I love the sun & heat myself, being in the Canadian Prairies, I get my fair share of the harsh bitter cold of winter. I guess it balances out. 😉
    Omigosh! I love, love, love your flea market find! I am now hoping to find one, being a “shopping girl” myself. 🙂