Embracing Modesty, No 40

Embracing Modesty, No 40

So many of you have let us know that your girls are reading this and being encouraged to look for fun, youthful ways to dress modestly.  So I thought we’d show you some more of what my girls have been wearing lately.  With the changing seasons, they are enjoying some longer sleeves and boots.

What’s better than a pretty pair of boots on a cool day?  Nothing I can think of.

In this first picture Hope (age 19) is still feeling summery in her silver sandals and pink top.  But the little bit of layers helped her feel warm enough on the cooler mornings.

The combination of hot pink and white really brings out her complexion.  It’s good to know what color combinations look good on you.

Next we will warm it up a bit with Grace’s (age 23) denim jacket.  We all love a denim jacket for the fall.  It’s just right for the Texas weather.  And her black boots are so darling!

Faith (age 17), my little trend setter, looks so pretty in this lavender plaid top with rolled up sleeves.  The skirt was a bit too short, so she cut a strip off of an old skirt and sliced it into fringe then sewed it onto the bottom.  It made the skirt long enough and frilly-fun.

Her necklace is one she made with a clothespin.  She drilled a hole in it, write a Bible verse on it and strung a dog tag chain through it.

In this last picture Grace is wearing the same lightweight brown skirt as above.  But this time she put it together with some stripes.  I’m a big fan of stripes.  They are so playful.  And who doesn’t love a pair of metallic flats?

Thanks for joining us for our modesty series.  Be sure to check out our gallery of posts to catch up on everything!

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  1. Your girls are all so pretty and look as if they are just as beautiful inside! My Emma would LOVE Faith’s oxfords. She is on the lookout for some for fall. And I’m right with you on the metallic flats. They are my favorite because they go with everything!

  2. love the clothespin – I might have to make one!!!

  3. Beautiful outfits! I have been inspired by these posts, and by your exercise commitment!

  4. Awesome outfits! Beautiful young ladies!!!

  5. Oh! I love the added fringe idea – I have a skirt that is just a bit too short and I’m trying to think about what to do with it! If only I were 25 years younger I could copy her fringe! LOL! I actually found a dark grey wool skirt while thrifting this week that has a fringe that I am cutting off to ‘properly’ hem – it is a ‘tall’ and quite straight, so the fringe doesn’t really work on it. Your girls always look lovely and modest!